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Bits: Virgin Azuma trains named, 0% on balance transfers and no fee with Post Office credit card

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Virgin names its new trains Azuma

Virgin has announced the name of its new train fleet for the East Coast line – Azuma.

And here is a pretty picture of one:


Currently being assembled by Hitachi in County Durham, they are due to come into service from 2018.  The trains will have the same 1-2 seating layout in First Class, pictured below, as the existing fleet.  The top speed will remain at 120 mph until line upgrades are completed, albeit that improved acceleration is expected to reduce London to Edinburgh journey times by 20 minutes.

A variant of these trains will debut first, in 2017, on the Great Western line.

Azuma First Class

0% fee and 0% interest for 18 months on Post Office Money Platinum MasterCard

There are a handful of credit cards which are both FREE and have no foreign exchange fees on purchases abroad – Nationwide, Halifax Clarity etc – plus the Post Office Money Platinum MasterCard.

Whilst the Halifax Clarity card is marginally better than the Post Office one – because Clarity also has no FX fees on overseas cash withdrawals – there is a new reason to take a look at the Post Office card at the moment.

For a limited period, it is offering:

0% interest for 18 months on balance transfers, and

0% fee on your balance transfer

This means that you can move an existing balance from any other credit card, fee free, to the Post Office card and pay no interest until Autumn 2017.  You should definitely clear your balance at that point, however, as the representative APR is 17.8% variable.  This is NOT a card where you want to be paying interest.

More details of the Post Office Platinum card and this offer can be found here.

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Comments (27)

  • Alexey says:

    I hope this site will keep being focused on one specific topic – which is miles , hotel points etc , sometimes “less” is “more” so it is probably better not to post news at all when there is no real travel related news than to try be a site about “everything” which just would be a road to become many of the useless travel blogs around the web

    • Radiata says:

      HfP a pleasure to read. Insightful, illuminating and rather fun.

      Perhaps that any “deviation” from that thought to be good form met with sharp riposte a sign of love..

      Mildly OT, albeit on the cc front, Barclaycard today insist one can have both the HHonors and IHG cards simultaneously when I rang to try to switch to the latter..

      • Nick M says:

        Please let us know once you actually receive confirmation that your account is open – I’d like to go for the IHG premium but was turned down in Oct/Nov due to already holding the Hilton card

      • Rob says:

        Website says you can’t!

    • Fenny says:

      Long term 0% interest cards are entirely on topic. Last summer, I bought a new car. I took out 2 airline cards and split the £4k deposit between them to earn the elevated sign up bonuses, then immediately switched the balance to a 33 month 0% interest card, as soon as the points hit.

  • Raman says:

    I think a deal such as the PO cc advertised is apt for the site. We achieve points using credit cards, some readers may not as they should pay off their full balance each month, therefore this card would be a no brainer for those who have accrued a large balance be it from some normal shopping as well as for accruing points, this on the basis however that they pay off the full balance by the end of the 0% term and learn their lesson! It is also quite rare to get cc’s with no BT fees and 0% interest for a period of time!

    • Nick M says:

      I usually pay all my cards in full but applied for a 0%/0 fee balance transfer in Jan – spent as heavily as possible on my usual cards and transferred the balance rather than paying the statements for a couple of months… Now have 5k earning a bit of interest in the background… £200 or so – which seems reasonable for a sign up bonus.

      My credit score did drop off… If it seems to have a major impact/doesn’t recover then I can just pay the balance and see it as a lesson learnt, but my understanding was that it was good to use a proportion of your available credit?

      • Emma says:

        I do this too, my credit score shows as improving when I set up a standing order for £1 in addition to the minimum direct debit payment – as it doesn’t flag as ‘only making minimum payment’.

        The PO card is relevant for travellers due to the lack of fees for currency exchange, the 0% offer is worth noting IMO, especially if you have a couple of spending targets on at the same time and are buying vouchers/prepay cards to hit the targets so need some cashflow for the balance.

        Seconded that PO/Bank of Ireland customer service is terrible. When I had this card the only thing you could do online was apply – couldn’t even check a balance or get a statement.

  • signol says:

    Apparently Azuma is Japanese for East…

    • Genghis says:

      Yes, same kanji but different reading for the usual word for ‘east’, ‘higashi’

  • Neil says:

    I have had the PO card and service was dreadful..I have no idea why the Post Office associates itself with BoI – must have got a good deal I guess.

    • Rob says:

      The online service IS dreadful – you cannot pay your bill via the website and the transaction data is ‘thin’ to put it mildly. As long as you go with paper statements and direct debit payments you’re fine though. My wife has had one of these for a couple of years.