The ‘other’ Avios redemption chart you never knew about – and which never devalued

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99% of British Airways Avios collectors do not know that BA also has a second redemption chart.

I bet that most of you have never seen this chart before (click to enlarge):

OneWorld Avios redemption chart

You can see the original by clicking here to and scrolling down to click on ‘Partner Airlines’ and then ‘Avios costs for booking on two or more oneworld airlines’.

This is the reward chart that British Airways uses to price redemptions which include two or more oneworld partner airlines, excluding British Airways.

If, for example, you flew from London to Dubai on Qantas and then caught a Qatar Airways flight to Doha, it would be priced using the chart above.

The chart is for economy travel.  Multiply by two for business class and by three for first class.  If you mix classes, I think that BA pro-ratas the price based on the length of each flight (at least, that is how Iberia Plus does it).

This chart never devalued!

This chart was generally seen as poor value for your points, which is another reason why it was generally ignored by most Avios collectors.

Post the April 2015 Avios devaluation, however, we may need to revisit this.  For a start, the multipliers used on this chart did not change.  A standard Avios redemption in Business Class now costs 3 x the price of an Economy Class redemption.  Using this chart, it still only costs 2 x.

It is possible that, in some circumstances, this chart could now end up being cheaper than the normal Avios reward chart.

Unlike the general Avios redemption chart, the multi-partner chart is not segment based.  It is based on a price for your entire trip (outbound and return if booking a return) however many flights it involves – that is why it goes up to 50,000 miles.

Let’s say you want to fly to Edinburgh to Tokyo, return, in Business Class:

You could book, on one ticket, Finnair from Edinburgh to Helsinki and then a connection on Japan Airlines from Helsinki to Tokyo, and return.  That would be 11,800 flown miles so – using the ‘two partner chart’ above – 180,000 Avios points in Business Class (2x).

Booked as individual flights, it is the same price coincidentally.  A return flight from Edinburgh to Helsinki in Business Class is 30,000 Avios whilst a return from Helsinki to Tokyo is 150,000 Avios.  This is priced from the usual Avios pricing chart.  The total, again, is 180,000 Avios points.

However …. using the oneworld partner chart gives you more flexibility for the same cost.  You can fly up to 14,000 miles without using any additional Avios.  As Edinburgh – Helsinki – Tokyo is only 11,800 miles return, you could add on extra trips – such as 2,200 miles-worth of Japanese domestic flights – for free.

(You could, of course, also fly from the UK to Japan on BA via Heathrow – which makes more sense at just 150,000 Avios return in Business Class – but I am trying to show an example where you would use two or more oneworld airline partners.)

The number of times you will use this reward table are few and far between.  It is worth remembering it exists, however, especially when planning complex multi-stop trips in premium classes.

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  1. Is this chart only for oneworld partners or for other partners like Alaska and Aer Lingus?

    • Good question, not sure

      • BA website states *oneworld partners*

        “For flights with two or more oneworld partners, or British Airways plus two or more oneworld partners, use our table to find out what you need to pay.

        Table: Avios costs for booking with two or more oneworld airlines”

    • pauldb says:

      I think it’s one world only as practically applied too. If I price up one way SOU-VIE I get flybe combinations with AB and Niki which come out as 9000 avios, ie they price as two 4500 avios legs rather than a 30k reward per this chart. Probably a good thing overall.

  2. AA used to have a similar award chart. We used it flying from Brazil and included two flights UK to USA. Due to departing Brazil, there were no fuel surcharges on any legs. We flew to Brazil via Madrid, on a separate ticket. It was excellent value.

  3. Also missing the direct link in the e-mail to comment.

    Is this a bug, or will we always have to use a webpage to comment?

    • Mikeact says:

      I noticed that too, bit of a pain to have to keep going to the web page.

    • It was a DIY job because inserting that link when putting together an email manually is very tricky!

      Let me bore you with the IT bug. When you set a time for an article to go out, WordPress appears to hard-code the time in GMT. It does NOT adjust that timing when the clocks go back.

      The reason the Hoppa email went out was that I moved it forward a day and so the time stamp reflected BST. The other two articles were put in place before Sunday night and were GMT so the time stamps on them were not accurate.

  4. Mikeact says:

    Where do I find the mileage chart used by BA, in order to try and maximise the different mileage bands shown?

    • pauldb says:

      If you mean working out the distance flown, the simplest way is
      I’m not sure it will be 100% accurate to BA’s number though. You might use the avios-earing calculator as a double check (and pick the 1x result to get BA’s distance – but there’s no guarantee BA’s redemption distance is the same as it’s earning distance).
      It appears BA’s calculator doesn’t distinguish being same-city airports (i.e. you earn the same for LHR-MXP and LHR-LIN) so if you use gcmap, better to put in city codes not airport codes (i.e. LON-MIL).

  5. might be a silly qn but how do we redeem avios via one world alliance partner? can’t find it on ba or avios website. thanks

    • search for reward bookings as normal, oneworld partner options will show in results if available

      • Thanks Alan. So, I want to redeem it on Qatar airways from EDI to SIN – but it only gives me a BA option. Does that mean Qatar (which is a one world partner) is not available?

        • It could be that or just the usual dodgy BA IT. It’s especially bad on connections and on that route is probably trying to route you on BA via London. Better to search sector by sector, so EDI-DOH then DOH-SIN.

        • Axel Heyst says:

          For what it helps I did EDI-SIN last night and QAtar flights came up although I had to heavily scroll down to find them.

          They cane up with BA Codes and logos but I knew from the times they were QA

          • Would doing sector by sector incur more points? Axel, There wasn’t a qatar option on my dates. boo.

  6. Nick M says:

    Thanks for posting this – very useful to know!

    Is there any way to calculate the taxes that might be due for different route combinations? – Purely hypothetical at this moment in time but would be nice to play around with!

    • pauldb says: and price a multicity route. When you get to the results and the cost breakdown deduct the actual fare components from the total cost to leave only the extras.
      (Enter the legs with airline code eg. “From: HKG :: QR” To: “DOH”, You can only have 6 distinct legs but you can group-up legs without a stopover eg. “From: PEK :: CX HKG QR DOH QR” To: “DXB”).
      I wonder if it would be worth starting a long trip like this in HKG to get the whole thing YQ-free. You could have multiple trips on one ticket if you are able to forward plan.

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