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Time to make final plans to hit your IHG ‘Accelerate’ targets

If you are working towards your IHG Accelerate target – and this is probably the most generous hotel promotion you will see this quarteryou have only three weeks left to complete all of your tasks.

As the cheaper Advance Purchase rates tend to disappear about a week before the stay date, you should be planning any final stays now, especially if you are going to end up doing a ‘mattress run’ and booking a room where you don’t stay, only check in.

You can check your progress towards your targets here.

How did we do?

My wife has successfully completed 4 of her 5 tasks and earned 43,200 points.

She could still earn an extra 10,000 points by doing another three nights before the end of April but that is highly unlikely.

The two stays were both ‘necessary’ and so the points were genuinely free.

I am in a trickier position.

I have currently earned 12,600 of a possible 58,200 points.

However, I should have earned another 35,600.  IHG is not accepting that a particular stay was booked via the IHG app, which is a condition I need to trigger to receive the remaining points.  I cannot prove it either way – the confirmation email I got from IHG does not show how I booked.

The issue now is whether I should do a mattress run – as I don’t need a hotel room before the end of the month – to guarantee unlocking the 35,600 points.  As they are worth around £150 it makes economic sense to spend £50 on a room, except for the fact that I believe IHG owes me the points anyway!

IHG Rewards Club 350

Here are some tips to help you hit specific targets:.

IHG has launched a targetted bonus for buying IHG Rewards Club points

Until 15th April, IHG Rewards Club is offering a bonus of up to 75% if you buy points.

Both my wife and I have an Accelerate target which is ‘buy some IHG points’.  If you got that too, now is your best chance to do it as you will receive a 30% bonus on a 1,000 point purchase.

To see if you are targetted for a bonus, visit the IHG ‘buy points’ page here.  You will initially see the normal pricing but the special offer will appear once you are logged in, if you qualify.

‘Earn When You Redeem’ – option 1

Many people have a challenge which involves making a points redemption.

This triggers on making the booking and NOT on completing the stay, it seems.  If you have this challenge, make a hotel booking for a few months down the line – beyond the 30th April promo closing date for safety.  You can always cancel later.

‘Earn When You Redeem’ – option 2

Alternatively, there are some digital downloads available in the IHG rewards catalogue.  The  Language Translator Software is FREE.

A reader downloaded this and it triggered the ‘earn when you redeem’ bonus, albeit it took a month to show up on his Accelerate home page.  Easy!

Warnings when doing a booking for someone else via the app

If you need to make a booking via the IHG app to hit your target, but someone else will be checking in who is not the named person on the account, BE CAREFUL.

You cannot add a ‘second guest’ name via an app booking.  You need to book via the app and then amend the booking via to add the 2nd name.

However, this is what happened when I did this on my wifes account:

My name replaced my wifes name as the first guest (this disqualifies her from getting points)

Bizarrely, my wifes name became the ‘company name’ attached to the booking

Her IHG Rewards Club number was wiped from the booking

Luckily, I spotted this at check-out at the hotel.  The property was happy to put her name back as lead guest and add back her IHG number.  The stay tracked OK as an app booking even though it had been modified online.

This is not an issue for desktop bookings because you can add the 2nd guests name (ie the name of the person checking in) during the booking process.  It is only an issue with app bookings.

I’d recommend taking a couple of minutes to visit this page, see how far down the line you are to hitting your targets and then deciding if it makes sense to pursue them or not.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Danksy says:

    My wife and I are both spire elite, but following my miscalculated bookings we were both 1 stay away from our stay 5 nights challenge, plus I had the additional challenge to stay at 3 brands.

    I thought we had achieved the challenge, but looking back I realised I had made a mistake on two earlier bookings meaning that we had an overlapping night (one person booking two rooms for the same period of time) which rendered my carefully laid plans meaningless.

    So a lesson to be learned for all

    For the measly price of £35.00 each we bagged a room at the Holiday Inn Express at Cardiff Airport; it was realistically the most viable prospect for us achieving the targets since our other stays in April were already committed and unchangeable!

    Luckily Cardiff for me isn’t too far so I arrived and checked myself into one room and the wife into her room (they were confused why she wasn’t with me!). I then went to the bar and grabbed my and my wife’s free drinks and snack using the IHG vouchers. After taking two large glasses of merlot and two packets of dry roasted nuts back to the room I set about ruffling the bed, running the shower and making a coffee to make the rooms look lived in. Within 10 minutes I had decanted the wine into leakproof containers and was setting off for home, safe in the knowledge I’d achieved our accelerate bonus targets.

    So for £35.00 I received 10,000 for the 5 night challenge, 5,000 for the 3 brand challenge, plus 22,700 bonus points!
    For her £35.00 the wife got wife got 5,000 for the 5 night challenge and a huge 32,000 bonus.

    For value for money I think that takes some beating!

    Just a word of caution on the APP – I have had problems with the app tracking as being used for some of my bookings (I have a 30% success rate!)

    Slightly O/T – I picked up 10,000 rewards points as a goodwill gesture since I’ve stayed at Intercontinentals 3 times since I applied for ambassador on 2nd Jan and still haven’t had my pack – which has meant I haven’t been able to use my AMB free night voucher!

    • The Ambassador team arranged for the hotel to not require the certificate and posted the 5000 points I would have got through my letter code. When exactly are you expecting your pack? I’ve given up on mine.

      • Danksy says:

        They said that the printed materials had to be updated for Spire Elite members who were also Ambassadors (Spire Amabassador) and therefore it had been delayed. I’ve been promised it within 7 weeks.

        • What a rubbish excuse! I’ve been Spire since it started. Can’t see what you get apart from an elevated few points earned on stays. Best thing I got out of Spire was Hilton Diamond! They actually told me I’d been sent my pack. I have emailed again but no response. They are shockingly bad.

      • Same here that they arranged for the hotel not to require the certificate. However apparently they will post it direc to them. Not recieved the 5k voucher though. But did get 20k for complaining so overall not too bad.

  2. Robert says:

    ‘Earn When You Redeem’ – option 2 – I spent 350 points on an MP3 to earn 1000 point bonus. Seemed like a good deal, but not as good as the free app!

    • Danksy says:

      Beware – I tried a few of the free redemptions and nothing tracked until I redeemed for an MP3.

  3. Craig Vassie says:

    Can I suggest that:
    1. If stays booked via the App haven’t credited to Accelerate then complain.
    2. If like me you’re missing the 2015 Ambassador pack then again complain. i’ve asked for free membership next year because of the “no free weekend voucher” farce.
    If enough of us complain then they might actually wake up?
    Cheers to all

    • Danksy says:

      I asked for a free year and got 10k points… I’ll see what happens if my pack hasn’t turned up in 7 weeks!

    • I think the AMB team have abandoned ship…

  4. BlueHorizonUK says:

    Slightly OT but If I want to transfer points from my Virgin account to my wife IHG Account, would this be ok?

  5. Funtime says:

    Just done my first mattress run at East Midlands airport to complete my tasks. 42000 points in the bag. Just finishing my pint of Stella before I leave, lol

  6. Kiran says:

    Frustratingly just short due to some difficult tasks (stay in 2 foreign countries, spend $370 on food/drink). As I’m based in the US for the first half of the year, I’ve got one foreign country, but the $370 on food/drink isn’t going to happen. Perhaps if the promo is extended for a few months I can get in a roadtrip to Canada…
    All of my App bookings have tracked. One strategy I have (inadvertently) used for number of app bookings is to book one trip as several bookings – so far caused by separating a trip into work/leisure bookings and wanting to extend a stay.

  7. Slightly OT ….last year IHG ran two half price redemptions on the affiliated Las Vegas hotels…does anyone have any thoughts on the likelihood of them running this again soon?

  8. Chris says:

    Has anyone else had a notification about a 72 hour flash summer sale – only available on the app?

    And if so, can anyone actually get it to work? The ‘book now’ button just leads to a dead url on my app.

  9. So its until July?
    Will complete mine by end of April for 129K
    Book 2 stays Via App..Done3.2K
    Stay W/E Done 6K
    Stay 4 nights Done 6K
    Stay 26 nights 22 Done, 4 booked before 19th April 52K
    Stay 3 Different Countries..2 Done Have Vietnam and Korea booked This week. 24K
    Stay Jan 5K
    Do all 32K

    Never though it was possible, but had some luck with work in Asia longer stays.
    Cant wait to see what target next time, Before I have had Stay 60 Nights, 5 brands and 4 countries. Only every 3rd promotion seems good for me, after making this they will screw me

  10. North says:

    I have one target which is to stay 2 weekend nights. I have a stay at the O2 IC which is using the Ambassador voucher on a Saturday and Sunday night. Should that count as my 2 weekend nights? Think it should post as 2 qualifying nights?

  11. Just a quick one on the App bookings. I have to make two. I have done one using an iPhone. How long does it take to show up on the dashboard or do you have to complete the stay first?

    • You need to complete the stay, or else you could simply wait for it to track & then cancel the booking and keep the Accelerate points!

      • OK – an element of risk then. My booking was at the end of the month so I’ll have to wait and see!

    • AndyS says:

      stays usually track about a week afterwards. cash and point stay (for that particular task only as they don’t count as stays otherwise) take 8 weeks to track, I was badgering the helpline after 4 until they told me it was 8. I’ve only just seen stays from feb and march count for accelerate purposes.

  12. AndyS says:

    Regarding Accelerate ending, this *IS* still the end of April – I’m seeing “23 days” remaining now when I “track my progress” (but I did see 99 this morning).

  13. AndyR says:

    All these issues with tracking is why I wouldn’t bother doing a mattress run for an IHG promotion anymore, it’s just not worth the stress to me. Especially as the prizes are no longer as generous as Into The Nights was.

  14. The email confirmation does not show how you book. However, your bill should. Top left there is a line that says “travel agent”. Next to that it should say “ihg iPhone app non commission”- there’s your proof.

  15. Anyone able to fine the language translator software thats mentioned in the original post?

    I cant see it anywhere on the digital rewards section of the redeem pages, all I can see is the ios app download from apple app store but I cant see how that could trigger by getting it from there?

    Also tried to download one music track for 350 points from the redeem pages and keep getting an error message – tried it on two pc’s and a table but same message 🙁

  16. I stayed in a hotel on Saturday night and with the small amount of food spending that I had whilst there this should have completed my 40 dollars food spend target and be enough to trigger my big bonus. Problem is my food spend has not appeared on the invoice that has been submitted by the hotel. I’ve asked the hotel to rectify this but I’m quite concerned that the spending won’t trigger and I will be left about 34,000 points worse off in the end.