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Bits: £15 off £200 Opodo flight, new UK KLM destinations, Radisson & Park Inn Nordic sale

News in brief:

New Opodo discount code launched

Until the 29th (Friday), Opodo is offering a £15 saving when you book a flight for £200 or more.  You need to be careful about any fees they add which may reduce the value of the bonus but you should still come out ahead.

The code is 6AQHD3AQ and you can book here.


KLM launching flights from Southampton and Inverness

I get the odd email from HFP readers who would like to see more coverage of Flying Blue, the KLM / Air France programme.  I see their point, because outside London there is a hard core of flyers who prefer to fly long-haul via Amsterdam than transfer in Heathrow to a British Airways flight.

From mid May, those numbers will be increasing further as two new routes are added to the KLM route map.

Flights from Southampton launch on 16th May.  There will be two flights per day midweek and one per day at weekends.

A day later, flights also start from Inverness.  There will be one daily flight to Amsterdam.

More details and flights times can be found on the KLM website here.

Radisson Blu SkyCity Stockholm Arlanda review

Radisson and Park Inn Nordic sale (Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Sweden)

Radisson and Park Inn are running a UK-focussed sale focussing on hotels in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.  These are notoriously expensive places to stay so any ability to get a discount is welcome.  Radisson also has excellent coverage in Scandinavia due to its earlier ownership by the airline SAS – my review of Stockholm Airport’s SkyCity hotel is here, above is the view from their restaurant!

You can book for dates in June, July and August.  The Radisson Blu offer is here, the Park Inn offer is here.  Book by 8th May.

The British Airways 'On Business' programme explained (Part 2, 2016 edition)
Need a UK Bank Holiday hotel? Accor Happy Mondays (£25+) available Fri-Tue and bookable now
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  1. James A says:

    Shame flying blue is such a poor scheme overall. What I would like to know is which is the best star alliance scheme to collect with (mainly non flying) in order to redeem for Lufthansa first. I am working my way through the miles collector bucket list and LH first class experience (who doesn’t like a limo from the private terminal to the plane?!) is one to check off!

  2. Concerto says:

    Flying Blue has got some pluses, though. There’s no advance purchase deadline on booking awards, such as 3 or 7 days, in advance. You can book up to an hour before departure, which was helpful once in an emergency. Different Skyteam airline partners show up in the award ticket search engine (unlike M&M). Mileage earnings can be pretty generous in the business cabin plus elite bonuses are high (easily achievable Gold gives you 75% extra miles). And the Sky Priority concept works pretty seamlessly across all Skyteam partners, meaning no embarrassing rejections when trying to enter lounges.

    • BrianDT says:

      Plus Monthly Award discounts around the world, usually 25 /50 % off usual price, but still with heavy taxes, hence start from AMS or CDG. It’s not perfect or to everybody’s liking,but which FFP scheme is this day and age ?

  3. Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

    I have had pretty good luck finding availability for the Club Carlson 2-4-1 and 4-4-2 weekends in the Nordic countries. This probably offers an even stronger discount if you’re staying at the weekend.

  4. Further details on the clubcard website, including what’s in & what’s out, and future changes to the clubcard scheme:-

    What you need to know about the next Boost at Tesco event?

    The next event runs from 16th May until 26th June and your vouchers will be with you from mid-May.

    This event will be our last event where you can double your vouchers in store and online with Tesco. So to help you make the most of it you can see what departments are included from the link below. You can turn every £5 worth of vouchers into £10 of tokens to spend in these departments.

    Clubcard Boost at Tesco FAQs
    What’s changing with Boost at Tesco?

    We’re making changes to our Tesco Clubcard scheme so that you can get more value out of Clubcard all year round, when and where you want.

    Therefore, our Boost at Tesco event this May will be the last where you can double your voucher value in store and online.

    In the coming months, we’ll be doing more to help you get the most out of the scheme, such as double points events to help grow your points balance faster and improving our Boost Partners offer, where you can already get up to four times the value of your vouchers. We’ll update you with more details on this soon.

    Why is Boost at Tesco ending?

    We’ve listened to what customers want from the scheme and heard that it needs to be simpler to understand and easier to use. Ending Boost at Tesco means that we can focus on a simpler approach that’s appealing to everyone and which customers can benefit from when they want, not just at certain times of the year.

    What will Boost at Tesco be replaced with?

    We want you to get the best out of your vouchers throughout the whole year, not just at certain times so we are reinvesting in more ways to earn points, like double points events, and making our Boost Partners offer even better. You can already get up to four times the value of your vouchers when you boost them with our Partners online, at a time that suits you.

    • I’ve never used Boost but I like the idea of earning more points !

      • Likewise, but I imagine it will be far less interesting that we might hope, eg double points on Tesco Wines, double points on Toys etc

      • James A says:

        There was a large shopper thoughts survey this week garnering opinions on the clubcard changes. It spelled out what the changes would be; no more boost but adding the ability to redeem points instantly for money off in store (no more waiting for vouchers!) as you can with nectar etc. Didn’t mention anything about earning.

        Changes like this will mean nothing for most of us here.

  5. Dynamo says:

    Need to call BA to add the return part to my avios 2-4-1 booking. Which number so I need to call? I’m Bronze and my wife is Silver if that makes a difference? Thanks

  6. Another one for Anika – 500 points (= 1200 Avios) and a £20 code make this TV q cheap £179
    code for £20 is TDX-HYW3

  7. OT Curve – looks like a few more significant problems getting reported on FT today

    • Andrew* says:

      Were Curve Ts and Cs always so explicit re “cash recycling” (their term, see 6.1.5):

      • Genghis says:

        I don’t think they were that explicit prior to their Fair Use Policy revision released on Friday.

        I’ve not yet received my card but I am seriously considering cancelling. With all the chat about declined transactions, only £200 a month cash withdrawals on credit card (including use abroad) and some not being able to use it to pay council tax (where Amex not accepted), I’m keen to hear others’ views on what they would actually use the Curve card for?

  8. rams1981 says:

    My curve has not arrived yet and nor I have received an email to say it’s on its way. I have emailed them to say I want to downgrade to the £35 card But now wondering if I should just cancel the whole thing.

  9. My curve card arrived today. First transaction in sainsburys declined but charge showing on linked Amex. Not a great start.

    • I got mine on Saturday – flash packaging I didn’t quite see the point of. I’ve not tried to use it yet. I only got it to make hitting spending targets on any new Amex I might apply for a bit easier – can still get £600 at ATM towards the Amex Gold for example.

      • You can (theoretically) get more than £600 @ Atm but you’ll pay through the nose after the first £200

        • Andrew* says:

          Worked in Tesco, worked at cash machine… So far so good…

        • As in £200 pcm from ATM over 3 months period to hit Gold Amex target. No point paying the extra.

  10. Simon Spanswick says:

    Thanks for the tip on the Radisson/Park Inn sale, Rob. I’d booked the Hilton at CPH airport as part of an ex-EU summer trip to the West Coast with my son in July, but this deal has reduced the stay by about £60 in exchange for two stops on the Metro. Breakfast is included as well – although the hotel may not be quite as swish as the Hilton at CPH, for one night before our long haul flight it’ll be fine. And we’ve got £60 to spend on something else… Add that to the £30 I persuaded the AA to reduce my car insurance renewal by this morning and it’s turning into not a bad day.

  11. I got my Curve card on Saturday. Used it a few times ok. Tried to book Virgin East Coast train tickets online for £18 and it was declined. Amex card charged twice. Used it on Sunday and was declined for £11 in supermarket but charged my Amex three times!! Phoned the helpline that is on the card in the presentation pack but this is only for blocking lost cards. Emailed the support team but all I got back was that they are very busy issuing cards.

  12. Important Curve update: transaction declines
    This weekend we identified a bug with one of our partner systems that is causing declines on CNP (Card Not Present) transactions – when you try and use Curve online or over the phone. This is also leading to declines on spend that totals more than £200 in a day across all types of transactions.

    Our partner is working really hard to resolve the issue, but in the meantime, please do not use Curve for online or over the phone payments, and be aware that you may have issues with higher spend amounts.

    We’ve been assured a fix will be in place by Wednesday 27th April but will keep you updated. Please be reassured that any declines that have not been immediately refunded will be queried with the merchant directly. The refund will then be automatically processed – please note this can take the merchant up to two weeks to complete.

    We’re really sorry for any inconvenience caused – thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this.

    Team Curve

    • I suggest you give the Curve people a couple months to sort out the teething problems, ie put the card in the drawer & use real Amex instead. This is a beta (except they forgot to tell you) so it looks very amateurish, painful – and no wonder Amex are running scared of being associated with these clueless start-ups.

      Might be worth using in 10 weeks’ time or so – especially for your Lidl shopping; and abroad if you don’t have Clarity.

      • Harry the Lego Man

        It is not in beta (secondary testing) as Curve are charging for the card/product. Its arguably in gold or full production mode.

        Its a financial product and as you suggest will take a lot of time to establish itself within the security checks the financial world makes with plenty of likely false alarms.

        I’ve been using Curve Card for 10 weeks with varying success. But with over £3k of ATM withdrawls i’m willing to be patient and expect changes to the terms of use created by a fairly naive new company.

        You clearly have a dislike to Curve, maybe you could concentrate on commenting on those really useful lego purchases.

        • heh heh, I’ll shut up as posted too much today

          but your £3K of ATM withdrawals – nobody getting Curve from now on can do that, all you got was a quick 3000/ 6000 MR points & queered it for the later adopters (well done, that man! no particular problem with being selfish, egocentric & greedy – you’re our own Wolfman of the Waffles threads lol)

          So your positives are –
          – you screwed them for £3K @ ATM
          – they are naïve & might get better
          – varying success means sometimes it works but generally it doesn’t
          – you are patient

          I’ll go back to me Lego

        • whiskerxx says:

          … per most days….

    • Genghis says:

      I think the whole launch has been a bit of a shambles. I’ve decided to cancel my card now. I’ve lost confidence in the product as what is now offered is a completely different product to the one I signed up to (for use at ATM withdrawals abroad and to earn points).

      • You might as well wait a few days, they might make getting a refund of your card fee a lot easier – or even resolve a few issues.

        But I can’t see that it would NOW be that easy to justify £75 per annum – that implies switching £7500 of spend onto a 1 point/£ Amex card, where you couldn’t otherwise use Amex. Or saving 3% in overseas fees, I guess.

  13. Johnnycl says:

    OT – IHG hve just released the latest points break list (less than inspiring for Europe unfortunately).

  14. Good point about KLM, my father lives up by Loch Lomond and uses KLM from Glasgow the majority of the time as the transfer at AMS is much easier than LHR. KLM now serve an impressive number of regional airports in the UK, for more than BA. This is one of the arguments for a 3rd runway at LHR.