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Up to 35,000 Avios for NEW Marriott Rewards members

British Airways and Marriott Rewards have teamed up to offer a potentially attractive Avios promotion to anyone who is not already a Marriott Rewards member.

(I accept that this is not necessarily a lot of HFP members, but if you are travelling with your partner perhaps you could sign them up?)

The offer started on 1st April and has no closing date.

The bonus runs for 90 days from the date you join Marriott Rewards so do NOT join until just before your first stay!

You must set your Marriott Rewards account to earn miles, not points, and choose BA as your preferred partner.

You will earn:

1,000 bonus Avios on your first stay

1,500 bonus Avios on your second stay

2,000 bonus Avios on subsequent stays, up to a cap of 35,000 Avios within 90 days

These Avios are on top of the standard earning rate at most brands of 2 Avios per $1.

Marriott Rewards 35,000 miles

This could work out nicely if you doing a lot of short stays over the next three months.  The bonus would max out at 19 stays over 90 days so, if you are staying in 2-3 hotels per week, the full 35,000 Avios may be achievable.

If you value an Avios point at 1p, you are getting the equivalent of £20 of value per stay from your 3rd stay which is a good return.

You must sign up via this special link.  No other enrolment pages will qualify.

Note that this offer also applies to Air Canada, Asia Miles, Copa, Emirates, Iberia, Jet, Singapore Airlines and South African Airways.  You can select your preferred airline on the registration page.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)
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  1. Surely you need 19 stays to hit the 35,000 cap:
    1st stay: 1,000
    2nd stay: +1,500 = 2,500
    3rd-18th stay: +16*2,000 = 34,500
    19th stay: Hit the 35,000 cap
    Either way, that’s a lot of stays in 90 days!

    • Good point 🙂

      If you were in a place with 2 Marriotts and little luggage, judicious hotel hopping may pay off.

  2. I don’t have a partner. :’-(

  3. krys_k says:

    Totally O/T (bar the link to gaining Avios). I got my Curve card today and see that I can only withdraw £200 per month from an ATM. I’m pretty sure that when I took out the card terms were far more generous, something like £500 per day. Do the new rules apply, or are the rules at time of taking card out applicable?

    • You have £200/month limit? Mine says £200/day, which is almost equivalent to the £5,000/month they had in their original T&C.

      • Colin MacKinnon says:

        My Curve:

        Maximum daily withdrawal of £200 at an ATM
        Maximum daily spend of £2000
        Maximum monthly spend of £5000


        Fair use policy states:

        Using your American Express for ATM cash withdrawals with Curve is free for £200 (or equivalent) each calendar month after which there is a 2% charge. This is due to third party fees which we are working to bring down.

        • Is the £200 free limit only when linked to your Amex – can you link it to your Hilton Visa and get free ATM withdrawals

        • It’s £200 for any credit card (total across any you may have added). You can then switch the link on the app to a debit card I guess, but only for up to 10 withdrawals per month (again total including any on ccard) otherwise you start to get charged for withdrawals. This was always likely to happen I guess, the annoying part of it is foreign ATMs where I do actually tend to need the cash.

        • I can only see it shown as a charge under the Amex section if you use your Amex card. Under the FAQ section on withdrawing cash it doesn’t mention a 2% charge after the first £200 withdrawal. I have sent them a query on FB.

        • They have replied and confirmed all credit cards. They need to change their FAQ section as it is misleading.

        • This is not being imposed however – my recent withdrawals have no charge attached.

        • Foreign ATM’s have a £2 charge irrespective of whether the withdrawal is within your £200 ATM withdrawal limit. This is disappointing as £200 withdrawal is not a lot in some developing countries where CC use is very rare but the Lloyds Avios charges 3% (min £3) for ATM withdrawals (Curve has 1% FX spread but you need to pay off Lloyds Amex same day else interest will start accruing)

        • JamesW says:

          I suspect this will be one of those situations where the “rules” are not actually rules but guidelines. In other words, Joe Bloggs spends £100 a month on his Curve card online/in shops but takes £500 a week out in cash via ATMs. He gets charged. Fred Bloggs spends £2,000 a month on his Curve card online/in shops but only takes £250 a week out in cash. He doesn’t get charged. It costs Curve money to provide a cash withdrawal facility so they don’t want people taking the p*ss but equally they want heavy spenders to keep using their card, for obvious reasons, so there is a balance to be struck.

        • I have a different question about curve. How does it work with fraud. I am in the US at the moment and one of my cards has been cloned yet again (seems to happen 50% of my trips to US no matter how careful I am). The Curve T&C say you are protected from the moment you notify them implying you are not covered for any fraud already occurred. Would I still be able to claim from my CC provider or is it better to use it only on chip and pin devices and not let the card out of my sight? I am almost regretting signing up to curve with the £200 cash limit and higher risk in case of fraud. Doesn’t seem worth it to me.

  4. Every quarter people moan it’s a bad list, but every quarter all the obvious ones are snapped up in hours, and every quarter pretty much nothing is left by the end. In Europe at least, most of the out of the way places are a short hop on a metro or tram to the interesting stuff

  5. gtthree says:

    Can anyone confirm is it calendar month or rolling/statement month limit on the £200 fee free?

  6. Nick Burch says:

    OT, and another Curve one… Anyone know when the referral bonuses should hit? I was referred by someone, and referred someone else. I was charged the full £35 for the card, and now I have it and have used it, there’s no credits for either showing in the transaction list. Does it magically happen at some point later? Or do I need to go grumble about that to them?

    • I was told that they will appear with the next app update and that it will deduct the referral bonus from your next transaction.

  7. Stuart says:

    Another OT – Credit card advice

    I have a car finance balloon payment coming up of circa £6k. They accept credit cards (yay) but not any form of Amex (boo). Trying to work out where best to charge it to. Curve card wouldn’t arrive in time. Currently hold IHG Platinum, so 6K is a good chunk towards the 10K free night voucher (literally at the beginning of my year). Other option as I see it is Virgin Black (25K signup bonus, plus 6k spend at 1point/£1).

    Any others?

    • Matt W says:

      VIrgin Black is 2 points per £ but may take a couple of weeks to come. I am approved but was told early May last week.

    • Scallder says:

      If possible can you take out a couple of cards and split it over them to hit sign up bonuses?

      • Stuart says:

        I could, but only visa/mc signup bonus around right now is virgin, right?

        Already have Barclay card, so can’t get Hilton…

    • Johnnycl says:

      I’m in a similar situation and planning to hit targets on Virgin White and SPG (via Curve it it arrives/works) and maybe Lloyds Avios CC for the remainder (again on the Amex via Curve if I can, or with the MC to get 0.5 Avois per £ and towards the target for flight upgrade).

  8. Matt W says:

    Sorry … Asleep. You mean the Black Visa. Still may not arrive though.

  9. Do consecutive nights count as additional stays?