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My review of the Cathay Pacific (and BA) lounge at Paris Charles de Gaulle

Rather than take the train back to West London from Southend Airport last Monday, I decided to fly!  I took an easyJet flight to Paris and then came back on British Airways.

This is my review of the Cathay Pacific lounge at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.  It was my second visit there this year and I am impressed by it.  I still haven’t been in the American Airlines lounge next door for comparison.

There is no longer a BA branded lounge but that is no great loss given what Cathay offers.  According to Flyertalk:

“BA have a relatively new branded check-in area located at Door 9 at basement level, in the connector building between T2A and T2C. There is a small seating area reserved for premium passengers, which has no privacy whatsoever and features some rather sorry looking faux-leather seats. The sentiment is good, but the execution is poor.”  

I have never seen this area since I was connecting through CDG on my two visits recently but it doesn’t seem that I missed much.

British Airways flights operate out of Terminal 2A in Paris.  There is a lounge ‘complex’ above the departure gates which houses Emirates, Etihad, American Airlines and Cathay Pacific.

Your first impression is not hugely impressive.  It is a big space, square, and with seating laid out in fairly regimented rows.  It has a very serious feel to it with none of the creativity that went into the BA Galleries lounges at Heathrow for example. See:

Cathay Pacific lounge Paris CDG review


Cathay Pacific lounge Paris CDG review

When you start to look more closely, you realise that this is actually a decent place to hang out.  There is a good selection of reading material.  The photo below is only about a quarter of the newspaper and magazine selection:

Cathay Pacific lounge Paris CDG review

There is a good business centre:

Cathay Pacific lounge Paris CDG review

And, most importantly, there is a very impressive selection of food.  I was there about 4pm and the hot food menu was offering:

  • Sweet and sour chicken with pineapple
  • Cod Bordelaise
  • Pork with bamboo shoots and black mushrooms
  • Provencal vegetable tian
  • Roasted potatoes
  • Thai rice

There is also a noodle chef who can knock up something for you on request plus, of course, a variety of cold dishes.

I took a mix and match plate:

Cathay Pacific lounge Paris CDG review

They also have Piper-Heidsieck champagne openly available.

The lounge was not particularly busy either last week or on my earlier visit.  The daily Cathay Pacific flight leaves at 1pm so it is relatively quiet after that.  It makes taking a British Airways plane rather than Eurostar a little more appealing.

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  1. Worzel says:

    Rob, what was going through your mind when you squeezed the spuds on to your plate?

    Looks good otherwise-cutlery issue aside! 🙂 .

    • Brian says:

      Probably the same thing that was going through his mind when he decided to fly! 🙂

  2. Nick says:

    I have used the Cathay Pacific lounge in Paris a lot recently as Eurostar repeated delays and the chaotic pre-boarding area at St Pancras have led me to decide that flying between Paris and London is a more straightforward and reliable experience. St Pancras is a really hopeless station – the effort and design has gone into creating an impressive shopping complex at the expense of the security and pre-boarding area which is too cramped and woefully inadequate. My preference is the last flight out of CDG in the evening and I arrive 90 to 120 min early and have a really excellent supper in the Cathay loung with a couple of drinks prior to boarding. This long is so much better and has a more high class and exclusive feel and better catering than the Galleries at T5. There is a row of rather funky and cleverly designed pods to sit in which overlook one of the runways – you can see the back of the pods in the top photo – they are very cool and comfortable too and great for a single traveller.

  3. This the only place my Cathy Pacific gold card was used for
    I liked the noodle bar, and the quietness after a hectic weekend in Paris.
    It was a better experience for me than the Galleries on the way out.

  4. C Y S Yuen says:

    This lounge is fantastic — it’s small but rhere were only two people in total who were there and the food selection is really good.

    If i got it right it has showers as well!

  5. WehoEuro says:

    I just visited the Cathay Pacific/BA lounge at CDG two days ago. I have visited the adjacent AA lounge a couple of times during breakfast time and it was very good. I deceded to check out the CX lounge because we had a noon flight. We arrived at 9:30. The breakfast was still well-stocked and the quality was very good.
    But at 10:00 the noodle bar opened and the food transitioned to lunch. What a difference a few minutes makes! We tried the Wonton noodles which was delicious and refreshing. The Piper-Heidsieck was perfect with the Wonton. A few minutes later, they brought out an amazing array of hot dishes, salads and dessert. Truly impressive. I wanted to try the hot dishes but I had already had breakfast and noodles! Next time, I will pass on breakfast and wait for lunch!
    The staff was meticulous about cleaning and removing dishes and glasses.
    Next time, we will return to the CX lounge without hesitation. This is a great lounge.
    An aside: Finding the BA check-in is definitely confusing. I rememberd it was downstairs which helped. The lack of sinage is ridiculous. You are almost in the next terminal before stumbling across BA.

  6. Majunga says:

    Great lounge indeed. The pods are fantastic, a great place to see the Emirates a380 land and dock immediately on the left of the lounge.

    I have always managed to find last minute availability on RFS, which makes it all in all a superior alternative to Eurostar.

    Uber also has a flat fee service to Paris (€45 from CDG, slightly cheaper from ORY).

  7. Chris says:

    Great review and comments. I have not visited the CX lounge in Paris but I was in the CX Lounge in BKK recently (the new one) which was very similar from the comments made. Great food, great seating, not overcrowded, excellent staff. One thing I don’t understand – it makes sense for BA to use the CX lounge at BKK as BA only have one flight a day and Cathay have several – but in Paris BA must have several flights a day and Rob says Cathay only have one – how does that work????? Anyone got any insight?

    • Cathay needs to attract high spending long haul pax so sees it is a good investment. A few £ from BA helps to pay the bills.

    • I think they have at least two flights per day…

      unless the paris attacks in november has decreased the number of passengers.

  8. Clive says:

    Had to do a run to keep my FB miles alive last year so did an AF out with BA back on an RFS. Tried the CX lounge and thoroughly enjoyed sitting in a pod watching the traffic movements whilst slurping on Dan Dan noodles and Piper.

  9. John says:

    CX has 2 daily flights actually, the second departing at 2100

    • Anne Marie says:

      Was just in this lounge on Thursday morning and was quite impressed myself. I just missed the noodle bar offerings as they began at 10am but breakfast was in full swing and the selection was very good indeed. The previous posts about freshness and care are spot on. The Champagne bucket with its chilled Piper looked very inviting but as I had just come off the AA overnight flight from PHL it just didn’t feel like the thing to do at the time (I know. I’ve let the side down.).

      Ken Om was in the lounge then also (and on my BA flight into LHR).

  10. Matt says:

    I found the BA check-in area to be located in a very odd location, but quiet once I got down there. The upside is having a security entrance just a few metres away once you have your boarding pass. Not having spent much time in CDG, I was surprised how few departure boards there were to find where to check-in.

    • I had that problem too after arriving in 2D and struggling to find which sub- terminal my BA flight was at.

  11. Is there a dedicated first/gold card area? Or is this the lounge? Looks great either way

  12. Will says:

    This lounge really is an example of how to offer a great lounge without the gimmicks.

    My guess is that the sunk cost of furniture and fittings be was not nearly as high as other lounges and yet it’s really functional, comfortable and the food is fantastic.

    I’ve only been through once but it blew me away as it was so unexpected.

  13. David says:

    Probably the best lounge shower I’ve had.

  14. Irons1980 says:

    Shockingly of the two, I think prefer the AA lounge… I personally thought the F&B choice was better (unlike virtually every other AAdmirals Lounge anywhere else in the world!)

  15. Matt says:

    This is a brilliant lounge. If all BA lounges shut down and were replaced by Cathay lounges then the world would be a much better place! The Cathay lounges in HK are even better than this.

    Overall I do not CDG as an airport – it is somewhat bizarre and badly laid out, with often unfriendly staff, however the staff in the CX lounge are great.

  16. Richmond says:

    Spent morning in CX lounge yesterday, my second visit there. Started with shower which was well stocked. Between 7.00am and 9.00am I was the only customer in the lounge. Hot food was “refreshed” quite often even though no one was there. I don’t know if they prepared it fresh or just re-heat it.

    Seating area by the window is excellent. You can watch planes taking off and landing and moving around the airport. A lot of A380s and other interesting planes and airlines.

    I wasn’t sure about AA, whether BAEC members can use it, so didn’t try it. However I visited adjacent Etihad lounge a few days before and was disappointed. Minimal buffet offering, everything else to orded but no menu, you have to ask for everything.

    I had no problem finding BA check-in area on my previous visit.