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Breaking news: Travelex Supercard now live for new applications and is still free

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As of 10am this morning, the Travelex Supercard website is back up, a new app appeared in the app stores and it began to accept new applications.

If you want to get one, click here to download the app and apply.

I would move quickly as the company has told me that it expects a backlog to build up due to the physical constraints on producing the cards.  I imagine that will give it a big push tomorrow as they have promoted it in the past and their Wednesday newsletter goes to 10m people ……

Note that, if you were on the pilot programme, you must still make a fresh application via the app.

I will do a full article on Supercard tomorrow.  It is, in essence, a Curve-style product which allows you to make purchases which are recharged to an underlying Visa or Mastercard.

Supercard is aimed primarily at overseas use.  It allows you to bypass the 3% foreign exchange fee on almost all UK credit and debit cards.

You pay with your Supercard, the transaction is converted to £ by Travelex using the standard Mastercard wholesale rate, and it is recharged to your underlying Visa or Mastercard.


Here is a summary of the card benefits and how it differs from the pilot programme:

Supercard remains totally free.  Free to apply, free to use – although it requires a smartphone to operate.  I must be honest, I expected them to start charging but I was wrong.

It is a Mastercard.  This is a change from the pilot programme which operated on Visa.  As Mastercard FX rates are generally better than Visa, this is to your advantage.

There are NO FEES when using the card for purchases abroad.

There is a 2.99% fee for ATM withdrawals abroad.  This is a change from the pilot programme where ATM withdrawals were free.  Halifax Clarity, Creation Everyday and MBNA Everyday Plus are, I think, the only UK credit or debit cards which allows fee-free global ATM withdrawals.

Supercard is not a credit card so there is no credit check.  They will take steps to verify your identify to comply with general money laundering and compliance rules.

Whilst UK use is not banned, purchases or ATM withdrawals will incur a £1 plus 1% fee which makes them relatively pointless.  The only exception would be if you had a generous card like my old ‘2.5 Avios per £1’ bmi Mastercard – I could withdraw £200, pay £3 in fees and earn 500 Avios.

Transaction limits are generous – £500 cash per day, £50000 in total annual spend and various daily / monthly caps

I will write more tomorrow, but you have nothing to lose by heading to the website to check out the full details and then clicking here to download the app to order a free Supercard.  Even if you already have a ‘no FX fees’ credit card, Supercard could still be a better deal if you link it to a Visa or Mastercard which has richer rewards.

Don’t ask me how Travelex makes any money on Supercard because I don’t know.  There is probably an arbitrage on the interchange fees and some data mining opportunities.  The pilot programme must have convinced them that it does have serious long term potential.

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  • del says:

    Can someone help as I am a bit thick with mobile apps – Had to use my wife’s ipad as none of my android devices would download the google app. All went well until the final screen which says “You’re so close” and at the bottom “I’ve got the e-mail. Log in” – No sign of an e-mail, does this arrive after they process the application or is there something else I need to do?

    Thanks for any advice

    • RichT says:

      This should arrive after they’ve completed their identity verification/money laundering checks 🙂

  • barafear799 says:

    I have to say – the 2.99% ATM fee will probably mean I will not bother.
    Personally I don’t have any of the “free” options (not able to get Clarity card or Flexaccount or similar) so have tried to use these types of cards to “improve” my exchange rate.
    First card I got was a Travelex Cash Passport (Visa) card – this charged 1.49% for both purchases and transactions – which they then upped to 2.49% a couple of years later – but only for new customers.
    I switched to the Kalixa card – which was a MasterCard (so generally a better rate) – I got it fee-free – and its rates were 0% for purchases, but a fixed fee of £2.25 for foreign ATM – with a max withdrawal per 24 hours of £300 – so I tried to use that only when I needed large amounts of foreign currency – and therefore the charged worked out at around 0.75%.

    However, Kalixa have recently pulled out of this “market” and so I need to look elsewhere.

    I got the supercard (Pilot) last year and have been using that alongside the Kalixa card – generally when I needed only small ATM withdrawals – my main whinge with that (when compared to Kalixa) was that the Visa exchange rate always seemed to be worse than MasterCard – so when I read here this morning that the new Supercard was a MasterCard – I was jumping for joy (well almost) – and then I got to the 2.99% – and I wasn’t.
    Generally I book my hotels in advance – and pay in GBP – so no good for me.
    But I can understand its advantages for people who make lots of purchases whilst abroad – but for me, generally speaking ATM withdrawals far outweigh my purchases, therefore, I might need to look to Revolut.

  • Prakash Kachhala says:

    I linked it to my Tesco MasterCard and tried using it several time abroad in two trips – both times failed. Customer services were rubbish and finally told that it wouldn’t work with tesco bank as its “isn’t a proper bank” – whatever that means!!

    • Joe says:

      Interesting that they happily provide Tesco Bank with their travel money.

      “Don’t ask me how Travelex makes money” I asked my boss this question (works for Travelex) during the pilot and the answer was effectively “We don’t. It’s a case of getting the customer base and then figuring out to make profit” so I’m not expecting it to stay free for all that long.

  • NA says:

    Isn’t the best combination having super card (purchases) and then have Revol for cash withdrawals? Revolut charges 2% on withdrawals >£500. Assuming people use this for “normal” purposes, I would imagine the chances of using more than £1,000 in cash is unlikely – you spend the rest on the super card. If that’s the case, you essentially pay MasterCard + 1%. That’s the same you would pay with Curve for its purchases (not atm) withdrawals. True you don’t get points on cash withdrawals this way – but you wouldn’t if you used a debit card as well.

    • NA says:

      To add….old Super card was Visa rates – which if you do the comparison is essentially 1% worse than MasterCard rates. So using Super Card + Revolut combo should be a decent option (barring the fact that you don’t get miles on cash withdrawals)…

  • rams1981 says:

    If you don’t have the legacy bmi card is it correct to assume that the new HSBC premier card is the best way to earn points with supercard?

  • Mr Dee says:

    Continuing my issues with Curve they have now decided to ask for verification and ID fair enough but asking me to pose with my ID like some picture for facebook must be the companies director’s way of laughing at the customers that send the photos in.

    I predict the demise of Curve within 1 year, they will barely be able to pay anybody there with no real features of the card now and I am sure barely anyone using it, never mind the customer service and severe random charging bugs.

    • PG says:

      I was asked for a “picture of my live face” along with my ID which I thought was very strange. This was after I was accused of cash recycling due to buying SPG points on my Curve even though the terms don’t prohibit this. Tempted to cancel now.

      • Alan says:

        A much more sensible (and cooler!) method used when opening Number26 is a live video call from within their app – you show them your ID, then check it for security features using the phone flashlight and then they switch camera to your face to see you and speak to you – saves having to send in any paperwork at all and all done within a couple of minutes in a call!

      • Mr Dee says:

        After receiving the request for a selfie with my ID because I made more than 1 transaction at the same retailer, I have had enough and sent the wallet back today.

        I contacted them airing my issues with pre authorisations being charged twice and they completely ignored the issue. They seem to think they are offering something of value, well they are not and I don’t seem them being able to pay salaries after a few months.

        If you have the wallet version send it back straight away as there is no hope in saving £75 with them, I was planning to spend £1k with them but the card is hopeless and have been charged for declines constantly that take 10 days to refund. Their answer is to ignore the question, I made a list of issue and they ignored my email and sent a generic cancelation email.

        Don’t be a dancing monkey for these people their ship has sunk. Get your refund while you can as you are extremely unlikely to be able to save/make anymore money than the refund with the Curve card as it barely works at all.

    • Jonboy73 says:

      I Could not quite believe it when they asked me to do this, how ridiculous a way for them to go on, I am not posing like some idiot for their amusement. When I advised them that I was considering cancelling anyway over the Amex debacle they said I could but as I was now being investigated they would refund me for 6 months. Anyhow, I went ahead and clicked cancel via he email and my refund was back on my Amex card in a couple of days. I don’t think they’ll survive long if this is how they treat customers.

      • Mr Dee says:

        Yes exactly, why should we be dancing monkeys for this company who moves the goal posts every time they don’t like something showing no respect to the customer. Who do they think they are demanding you pose for them when banks or credit cards don’t do this as its clearly an unprofessional request, all this just to use their pointless card which now only charges back to the visa/mastercard when you can your cards direct and they don’t get blocked or double charged like Curve

        They seem to think they are smarter than the banks and credit card companies based on their business model which is flawed and I wouldn’t be surprised if their charging facilities are terminated soon.

    • Nick Burch says:

      Curve have asked me for ID Verification, but all they wanted was a scan or decent camera photo of some ID and a recent bank statement / utility bill / etc. No need for it to be a certified copy or anything like that, so much easier than with most online banks!

      • Mr Dee says:

        No but they will probably want a selfie of you for their amusement!

  • Rum says:

    I just got the email inviting me to join. I wasn’t on the beta but I did leave them my email address at a later date.
    That said as a Lloyds and Halifax Clarity card holder, I see no point in joining either Supercard or Curve (which I recently cancelled). What’s the point of either card if there is no charge back to Amex? Not all of us have BMI legacy cards or HSBC Premier rewards…

  • David says:

    Am i correct in concluding that there is no x-rate or fees advantage to this if you already use the Lloyds Avois Mastercard for overseas transactions (accepting the £40 fee on that card)?

    • The_Real_A says:

      The Llyods mastercard has a pitiful AVIOS earnings rate (1 for every £8 i think), so you could recharge via supercard to a more lucrative card of your choosing. However from a charge perspective there is no advantage.

      • AndyGWP says:

        1.25 Avios per £1 for Amex
        1.25 Avios per £5 for Mastercard

        • the_real_a says:

          Thanks, i never use it because of the earnings rate! I was thinking about the Tesco debit

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