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Warsaw to Sydney £1275 in Emirates business AND earn BA tier points

I don’t normally run fare ‘mistakes’ (if this is a mistake) on HFP but this one is worth a look.

Via Flyertalk, Emirates has filed a promotional fare of £1,275 in Business Class between Warsaw and Sydney or other Australasian destinations.

Emirates A380

This books onto the Qantas codeshares – your flight will have a Qantas flight number but you will fly Emirates.  This means that you will earn BA tier points and Avios.  (A search on HFP will pull up older articles explaining why this works.)

You need to book on Expedia or Opodo or similar to get the Qantas codeshares.  The Emirates site shows Emirates-coded options which do not earn Avios or tier points.

To see the fare you need to depart Warsaw between 30th June and 15th October.

As always with fares like this, it could go away at any point.  The airline may also cancel your ticket in a couple of days – do NOT make any ancilliary bookings until you are sure you are flying.  All part of the fun …..

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  1. AndyR says:

    If I didn’t have a QR ex-EU booked in October I would have been all over this. Fare rules say stopovers allowed too, 1 free and 2 at £35 each in each direction.


    Great fare, hope some get to enjoy it.

    • Mr Dee says:

      I take it the only way to add in stopovers is to phone up expedia/opodo as can’t get it to work online at all?

      • Any travel should be able to do it but odd ticket rules may, in practice, make it tricky. Amex Travel can be good if you get the right agent.

        • Mr Dee says:


        • Radiata says:

          Mildly OT: on the AMEX Travel front, with a Plat, is the debacle of BA no longer interlining avoidable by asking AMEX Travel (or Plat Concierge?) to book an ITA itinerary (e.g. ex-EU) along with a positioning flight and guarantee done within a single PNR?

          If not, is Propeller et al. the solution?

          I read on Flyertalk that pax encountering refusals to interline even on LX (on *A..) with the resident lurker saying that such interlining “a courtesy”.. Hope bad habits not spreading.

        • If all on one ticket you’d be protected however you would then be liable for the UK long haul premium rate APD and wouldn’t be eligible for the same ex-EU fare basis.

          I normally position via another carrier anyway direct from EDI and make it part of the trip with a night or weekend away 🙂 Amex Plat with Priority Pass is excellent for this too – I had a lovely shower at the lounge in BRU on the way home after not having time in LHR after major delays at security and with rubbish shower availability at Galleries South!

        • Radiata says:

          Thank you Alan.

          Overlooked the APD issue – had hoped a Corp TA/AMEX Travel could simply “marry” the two itineraries on a single PNR. Utility would extend also to being able to use full long-haul J baggage allowance across itinerary. Will have to see what various TAs can offer.

  2. Mr Iain Ponton says:

    Looking at dates on Expedia during sept. Even better fares..£1160 return. Wow..wish i could book these What would the TPs be for this flight.

    • AndyR says:

      Depends on the routing but could be up to 840TP’s to Oz and 920TP’s to NZ.

      • James A says:

        Max seems to be 1120 TP

        • AndyR says:

          Which route is that?

        • Technically it would be 3 stopovers in each direction with at least 2000 miles between each stop. No idea on emirates/qantas routes but I imagine that could be an impossibility.

        • Most I can hook up is 3 stops on way out (3 legs >2000 and 1 2000) for £1260 which is 880TP’s. Certainly a bona fide TP run which is very rare to aus.

        • James A says:

          WAW-DXB-SIN-PER-SYD and back. Prices fine on matrix, I didn’t try further as I’m not going to ticket it. Swapping SYD & PER works too.

        • David says:

          Sorry if this is a dumb question, but how do you get more than 560 TPs (4x LH flights in J) on this route?

        • 4 sectors outbound & 4 sectors inbound.

  3. Dave H says:

    may be over just checked a flight to brisbane and it has doubled during the process

    • Dave H says:

      or maybe not just tried another destination and the price has come up as £1100pp

  4. Just booked through Opodo for £1,275. Booked at 8:50pm and got a confirmation email and QF booking number about 15 mins after evenbeen able to chose my seats. On the return I chose SYD – DXB via BKK does that mean I get an extra leg of TPs and avios ?

    • Planeflyer says:

      Only if it’s two separate flight numbers. I think this is a through service DXB-BKK-SYD-CHC, so only one set of TPs and Avios. And it think it’s operated by the 777 rather than the A380 on directs, so no onboard bar or direct aisle acess for all J seats.

  5. Thanks Raffles … appreciate it – if it comes through! Have booked WAW-AKL (via DXB and MEL), MEL-DXB and DXB-WAW. Hopefully doesn’t get cancelled. On the Melbourne leg, I had the choice of Qantas Business Class or Emirates Business Class (still a QF ticket). I presume in your opinion the Emirates product is superior?

    • Never done Qantas but Emirates has a better reputation.

    • We flew Qantas J MEL-SIN recently and it was better than the Emirates business class we flew on an earlier leg… Both were excellent though, you can’t lose with that choice!

      • Thanks Bob. Hopefully I will be able feedback in October as outward is Qantas J and return is Emirates J (both DXB – MEL).

  6. AndyGWP says:

    Thanks Rob. Is there a tech reason that you can’t send out emails for these later / unplanned posts? 🙂

    • I think there are lots of tech issues as I used to get the daily emails and they stopped 2 weeks ago. So I reregistered and got the confirm subscription email, clicked on the confirm subscription link and I still don’t get the emails!

      • Hmm. Drop me an email and I can take a look.

        Mass emails are hugely problematic. Your ISP can decide at any point that a sender is spam and you cannot reverse it. I can no longer receive MSE newsletters or the Royal Academy (of all things) via my primary email address.

    • It would probably annoy people! Technically it is possible albeit fiddly.

      Getting the 7,000 email readers to pop by the main site occasionally to see if they missed anything is also no bad thing.

  7. The fare appears to have been withdrawn over night………no great surprise.

    • Richmond says:

      It’s still avialable via Expedia and probably other OTAs.

      • Dave H says:

        Yes it is still available via Expedia as I have just bitten the bullet, WAW-DBX-MEL-CNS-MEL-DBX-WAW for £1275, we were looking at a TP/mileage run to HNL anyway, but I much prefer to go Down Under.

  8. flyforfun says:

    Damn! Just saw this and can’t get any dates or routes to price up at that fare! Grrr

  9. Booked mine yesterday morning for me & my brother waw-dxb-kul-mel—-mel-sin-dxb-waw for £1150 each (mid August). Netting in 840 tier points is a bonus….
    Thanks @raffles for posting this one.

    • If this was a mistake fare has anyone had their booking cancelled?

      • I booked and have no issues…..airline didn’t cancel anything, even spoke to emirates on the phone!!!