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Bits: Avios / Tesco competition, 1200 free Avios with PayQwiq, Etihad ‘all A380’ from Heathrow

News in brief: launches its own Tesco conversion competition

We have already seen the competition launched by British Airways to encourage Avios transfers to British Airways Executive Club this quarter.  One person will win 1,000,000 Avios whilst 10 will win 10,000 points. has now launched its own competition.

This competition looks more generous so you may want to transfer your Clubcard vouchers into this quarter and move them across to BA via ‘Combine My Avios’.

Between 1st and 14th August, 10 people PER DAY will win 18,000 Avios points.  This means that there are 13 x more winners than with the BA competition.

You receive one entry for every £2.50 you exchange into Avios points via  The link to convert is here.

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Earn 1,200 Avios via Tesco with PayQwiq

If you are based in London or Edinburgh, you can earn 1,200 Avios points by signing up to the PayQwiq app and using it to make five purchases at Tesco before 16th October.

Full details are in this Shopper Points article from yesterday.   If you live elsewhere in the country then you miss out, but Tesco is hoping to launch PayQwiq nationwide soon.

Etihad A380

Etihad to go ‘all A380’ this Autumn from Heathrow

According to this Business Traveller report, 20 of the 21 weekly Etihad flights a week from Heathrow will be operated by an A380 from 18th November.

This is presumably to bring the airline in line with Emirates which has a 100% A380 Heathrow service.

As I wrote, the Business Class Studio on the Etihad A380 is, in my view, the best business class seat out there.  Whilst I found the First Class Apartment to be too large (!) when I flew it, it also remains an amazing product to try.

As well as using Etihad Guest miles – they have a UK credit card and it is an American Express Membership Rewards and Heathrow Rewards partner – you can also book Etihad redemptions using American Airlines miles.

My plan for the Winter is to do an Emirates First Class / Etihad First Class comparison trip (yeah, I know, tough life) which would also let me visit the new Etihad First Class Lounge in Abu Dhabi.

Big airberlin US expansion means LOTS of new low-tax Avios redemptions
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  1. I got the original 500 bonus points for payqwiq but I also got an extra 200 points this month, so it may be worth continuing to use it where possible if they’re gonna continue to give random extra clubcard points.

    Other than that I don’t see any real benefit to using it. By the time you’ve opened your phone, found the app, opened it, entered your PIN, then scanned the barcode, you could scan your plastic clubcard and pay contactless/pay chip and PIN. (The reason I’ve used it mainly is to buy a drink from tesco while out jogging and still get the clubcard points)

    Saying that, I still don’t get the obsession with using Apple/android pay. Until everywhere accepts it for all payments and you can guarantee you’ll not run out of battery, you still need to carry the physical card as well.

    • I’ve used it a few times since this article was posted and i agree its too fiddly. Unlock phone, find app, open app, enter pin/finger print. Too many steps. They need to disable the step with the password or better yet create a passbook/wallet shortcut.

    • Stuart says:

      Wasn’t persuaded before now with these payment apps on phone, but using it during running (no cards to lose en-route) alone is a winner for me! And bonus miles too 🙂

  2. I used PayQwiq in Norther Ireland yesterday. The supervisor told me it had just lauched so it may be available elsewhere. The logo was on the till. No mention of the bonus points

    • I used PayQwiq in Wales in April. I can’t rember if there were any stickers on the till or not – the cashier wasn’t surprised so I can only assume i wasn’t the first customer to use it in that store.

    • Cuchlainn says:

      Hi – which store in Northern Ireland did you use PayQwig in ?

  3. oliver anderson says:

    I am a bit confused about the avios to BA switch. The link in the first article takes you through to a former post on Tesco to avios competition (not avios to BA) and I cannot find any information on the avios to BA switch. Does the avios to BA switch (via combine my avios) have to be in conjunction with a Tesco switch? I have lots of avios that I could convert to BA but theyare from credit cards, durveys etc. Also, is there anything stopping a user switching all points to BA and then back again (to avios) then switching back again to (to BA) to enter the competition again?

    • You can switch Avios points between and BA Exec Club as often and as much as you want, Oliver. What Rob is highlighting here is that Tesco are now running a competition for converting Clubcard points to, the previous competition was for converting to BA Exec Club.

    • in my experience I could not transfer back.
      So I had to use Iberia
      Eg. Avios to BA
      BA to Iberia
      Iberia to Avios

  4. “Starting 18NOV16, the airline’s 20 out of 21 weekly flights will be operated by A380, an increase from previously planned 19”

    Nothing really changed with A380, they just swapped 77W with 346 on Tuesday, but will see if last minute equipment changes continue.

    Last two A380s will operate JFK route

  5. OT
    For my Accelerate target I need one ‘Points and Cash’ stay and to ‘Stay Once’.
    Am I correct in thinking that the ‘points and cash’ stay also counts as the ‘stay once’ please?

    • No. Points stays don’t count as eligible stays for the Accelerate promotion, other than to achieve specific points stay targets. I did a points and cash stay a couple of weeks ago and it posted yesterday, but only the points and cash stay offer has been updated on the Accelerate website.

  6. Derek Holdrup says:

    We have around 140000 Avios earned on Tesco. Would it be worthwhile transferring these to BAEC as we are purely leisure travellers and only use the Tesco earned Avios for leisure flights? Any comments gratefully received.

    • @mkcol says:

      It really makes no difference where you “hold” your Avios as you can switch them to the other spending sites (eg: BA, Iberia…) as & when you need to use them.

    • Consider virgin for more flexibility and 20% bonus 😉
      I have the same dilemma but had a, shall we say, not perfect virgin experience to Orlando last year from Manchester in UC.
      But virgin also has hotel flexibility! Hilton and IHG.
      I may split my tesco vouchers, I need approx 400k avios annually which means 180k from tesco to top my BA up and then 300k to virgin.

  7. Off topic, but Amazon seems to be running a promo for topping up your gift card balance at the moment. 3GBP extra if you top 60+. 5% isn’t much but its better than a kick in the n*ts. Llink should be in newly-introduced summary bar on the front page.

  8. Because the competition is 10 people a day with the clubcard points conversion, is it worth converting some everyday between now and the 14th?

    • Logically no, because you still get the same number of entries overall.

      However …. some days will see fewer conversions than other days. If you take a guess as to which days will have the fewest conversions then that would increase your chance of winning. I get a feeling that people convert fairly quickly fter receiving their vouchers though and we don’t know over how many days Tesco mails them out.

      • But if your conversion only counts towards those one of the 10 people on that day, if you blow them all in one day, then you don’t go towards the 10 the next day? Or do you get entered to be one of the ten everyday, just from one conversion?

        If I have a £10 voucher on Tescos and I convert just £2.50 to Avios a day, will they credit the other £7.50 back as vouchers?

        • Genghis says:

          My reading is that you get one entry into that day’s competition per £2.50 exchanged so if you have a set amount you want to exchange, you get the same entries overall. If you convert them all on one day, then obviously you’ll have more chance of winning on that particular day (but no chance of winning on other days). By spreading out your conversions, you have less a chance of winning on every day. What I would do would be to convert all just before the end of the period (I think the busiest times would be right at the start of the period and at the very end). But then maybe everyone has this idea…

          What is for certain though is that any unused portion of vouchers are returned as points – ie you spend £2.50 of a £10 voucher and 750 points are refunded – which are then converted again into vouchers next Quarter (early Nov 16).

        • Thanks Genghis

  9. OT: if you convert erewards to IHG do you have to wait 30, 60 or 90 days before you can convert again – I know Hilton is 90 days ? Does anyone know?

  10. Why is it 1200 points for payQwik? The article says 5 x 100 points?

  11. OT
    My purchase of a Moneycard is now on my Amex Platinum account and has earned points and no surcharge, so I assume is a purchase.

  12. oliver anderson says:

    Thanks for your response Alan.

    I’ve got my clubcard account set up to transfer points to avios automatically. Is that a no no amongst travel hackers? I’ve noticed there being additional points for converting in the past and now there is a competition. Am I losing out by doing this? I have a BA and avios account so it would be no problem to wait (i.e. not have the automatic convertion) and convert the vouchers when there is an offer or competition.

    • Stephen says:

      The consensus I think would probably be to leave them with Tesco and that way you have options of using them in other (non-avios) ways if there’s a particular offer that’s good for you with Tesco or saving them in the hope of a transfer bonus at some point in the future. Personally I think I earn too few with Tesco to bother so have it set to autoconvert to BA.

      • Hi Oliver – I’d agree with Stephen’s assessment above, probably better to not autoconvert (apart from switching it on and off to get VS bonuses) and instead pick and choose offers/deals as they suit.

  13. Cuchlainn says:

    Query to the knowledgeable HfPs as BAEC and Avios don’t like their Northern Irish cousins in these 2 Tesco conversion competitions – £50 to convert from Tesco vouchers – BAEC or Avios ?
    (Bearing in mind I have household accounts for both BAEC and Avios)

    • IMO there is no difference, except that you enter your BAEC account number whereas for Avios they try to match name, address etc. which is fine after the first time.

  14. Gin and Tonic Please says:

    I received an email from Tesco today promoting the PayQwiq offer. Will forward it on to you, Rob.

  15. More importantly: has anyone won yet? 🙂

  16. How quickly do folk normally find transfers from Tesco to credit? I did one yesterday, followed a few minutes later by a VS transfer. The latter is already showing today (complete with 20% bonus), but nothing on Given they have a tendency to create new Avios accounts rather than match to existing ones I thought I should check the normal timescale for the transfer to take place.

  17. Has anyone heard anything about winning a prize on the avios competition yet?