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Bits: £20 for TripAdvisor hotel booking, Clubcard bonus on kids games ending, corrected Etihad codes

News in brief:

£20 in Amazon vouchers with a TripAdvisor hotel booking

TripAdvisor is offering a £20 Amazon voucher when you book a hotel via their UK site for £150 or more.  Details are here.

It is a little fiddly but the deal seems decent enough:

Book a hotel via for at least £150 before taxes (Marriott-owned hotels are excluded)

Review the hotel on TripAdvisor

Receive a £20 Amazon gift card by email

You need to book your hotel by 3rd October and complete your stay and submit your review by 14th November.

Full rules and exclusions can be found on the TripAdvisor site here.  There is a limit of one £20 voucher per person.

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Tesco deals round-up

I wanted to do a quick summary of a few Tesco Clubcard offers currently available as these are easy ways of generating Avios or Virgin Flying Club miles.

Today (Sunday) is the last day to get 500 Clubcard points (1,200 Avios or 1,250 Virgin miles) for spending £30 on Hasbro board and kids games.  Details in this Shopper Points article.

There are also bonus points currently available on HP printer ink and photo paper (article) and Canon printer ink (article).  All give 100 Clubcard points (240 Avios, 250 Virgin miles) per product.

You can also pick up 1,500 Clubcard points (3,600 Avios, 3,750 Virgin miles) with a £109 Samsung soundbar (article).

Etihad discount code

Correct Etihad discount codes

Sorry.  The Etihad ‘30% off ‘ discount codes I ran yesterday were wrong.  I went back to the document I was sent by Etihad to see whose fault it was and, erm, it was mine.

These codes valid for flights from the UK booked before Monday evening.  These give a 30% discount on fares before taxes.

STFBUS will get you 30% off the base fare on flights with outbound travel before 23rd November and return travel before 30th November.  There are no black out dates.

STFECO gives a similar discount on economy tickets, although the saving is less impressive because the base fare is a far smaller percentage of the total cost in this cabin.

You can book on the Etihad website here.

British Airways 'to sell M&S food on short-haul'
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  1. Several of my pilot friends at Etihad have been giving out these same 2 codes to friends for a few years – it’s supposed to be a friends & family discount for staff I believe, hence the “STF” (staff) in the code! It’s been the same code for the last 3 years but varies between 15-30% discount, and normally the booking window opens around 5-6 times a year, for a few days each time. Expect the codes to work again sometime around the second week of December… 🙂

  2. Does the connect an AMEX to trip advisor, post a review and get £5 statement credit still work?

  3. Is it me or have the number of points needed for a redemption just gone up or the rewards chat miles changed or something? I thought Singapore was 120k miles return business when I checked last Dec but checking yesterday it 175k.

    • The rewards chart and mileage bands I mean.

      • It went up in May/June 2015 🙁

        • I wonder what Peter has been doing for the last 18 months to miss that 🙂

          For benefit of anybody looking to book flights for next autumn, yesterday T-355 went off-peak again for the end of summer.

        • I know about that of course but it seems to have changed since December 2015. Maybe I just made a mistake then..?

  4. Whilst I’m sure the fact that the Etihad discount code ends “BUS” and the economy one ends “ECO” shows what fares they can be used with, I think it’d be just worth clarifying that it cannot be used with first class.

  5. For the Amazon voucher to be triggered you need to make sure that the booking is processed through TripAdvisor ans not a 3rd party system, or you will receive no voucher.

  6. just bumping the story found by A.N.Other this morning British Airways to sell Marks and Spencers food on short haul

    ‘At present British Airways is trialling a new website (Beta). If you make a booking for next year using the existing site, then for a booking in economy you are told that your flight includes “complimentary onboard food and bar service”. If you make your booking using the new Beta site, that information is not included.

    Of course for those who have already made bookings, where food and wine was included, presumably British Airways must continue to offer food and drink. For those who booked after a certain date (or used the new website to do so), then the new conditions will apply.’

  7. OT:

    When does the Airberlin / Etihad promo of 1,000 points per Mates’ email address supplied ? It was capped at 12 or 15 I believe.

    Anyone got a link to the promo ?


    • I don’t know about Etihad, but if you’re talking about the Air Berlin promo where if ten of your mates signed up, you’d get 1000 points, that has long since been pulled. Too many people were doing it.

  8. O/T update on the MTX Connect deal for 6000 Miles & More points. Yesterday it looked like the ddeal had been around for ages and we’d missed the boat. I emailed MTX yesterday, and they’ve informed me today:

    “We sure that you are one of the first 1000 people. Award miles are usually credited within a few days, but can take up to 4 weeks.”

    So it looks like MTX tracked all the people who registered for a SIM card with their Miles and More number, and then the first 1000 people who topped up their balance by 20 Euros will get the points. That’s how I read it anyway. I’ll let everyone know when the points start to show up.

  9. Missed out on the Tesco sound bar points offer last time. Just ordered one with the £42 Samsung bluray player using code TDX-HTNK to get £25 off £150 spend.

    Spent a total of £126 for both items plus 1626 cc points/3902 avios – valuing the avios at 1p each, that’s £87 for the player and sound bar.

    Happy with that 🙂 Thanks for the tip off Rob!

  10. I find myself increasingly disliking TripAdvisor. When they first came along it seemed great, but now I feel it has lost its value. There are too many dubious reviews, the rankings often don’t bear any reality with what are the best places in a given city, they treat operators with disdain. All the reviewers are providing the content for TripAdvisor to profit from and they get very little back for all the time they have invested. TripAdvisor desperately try to gamify the review process by trying to convince reviewers that their individual reviews actually mean something, rather than it is their way of keeping people providing content.

    A £20 gift card is not nearly enough for me to want to participate! Rant over!

    • You get quite a lot back – a website with millions of reviews on it. It’s no different to contributing to this site.

  11. £14 on BA booking process to reserve your tickets for 24 hrs – wasn’t it less than that in the past?