Is easyJet Plus worth the money to you? Save 10% if it is!

easyJet has recently started to roll out a loyalty scheme, Flight Club, to selected flyers, but it is strictly ‘invite only’ at the moment which is why I haven’t focussed on it.  If you meet the following criteria:

  • You have booked and flown on 20 easyJet flights or more in the past 12 months, or
  • You have booked and flown on 10 flights or more, and spent £1500 or other currency equivalent in the past 12 months, or
  • You have booked and flown on an average 10 flights or more for 10 years, with at least one flight every year

then an invitation will eventually make its way to you.  easyJet Plus is the nearest thing that easyJet has to a loyalty scheme for the rest of us.

The scheme has been around for a few years now and clearly seems to be working.  It offers a number of benefits:

Free seat selection – this is a genuine cash saving given the usual fees of up to £15.99 per flight.  This ONLY applies to the member and NOT to other people travelling on the same booking.  It appears to include premium seats, ie the front and exit rows.

Free speedy boarding – although this is less important if you have a seat selected

Fast track security at selected airports

Access to ‘fast bag drop’ desks at selected airports

There is one extra benefit – a bigger luggage allowance.

With easyJet Plus, it is ‘a bigger luggage allowance’ with a twist.  You don’t get any flexibility on weight but you are allowed a physically larger bag!

Since July 2013, easyJet is no longer guaranteeing to accept bags exceeding 50cm x 40cm x 20cm as cabin baggage. The easyJet cabin baggage limit is actually 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, but bags of this size will now be specially tagged and will be removed from the cabin on full flights. Passengers will need to collect them from the luggage belt as usual on arrival.

This rule will not apply to easyJet Plus members, who can continue to bring on bags of 56 x 45 x 25 with no fear of them being popped into the hold at the last minute! The rest of us will need to bring smaller cases if we want to be certain of keeping them with us.

easyJet Plus

The fee to join easyJet Plus is now £170 per year – it has been increasing substantially above inflation in recent years – so for the regular easyJet traveller who wants the main benefit of free seat selection it is a simple matter of working out if £170 saves you money or not.

Additional cards for adults ordered at the same time are £149.  Cards for children are £99.

There is currently a 10% discount code available.  If you enter the code CF6SPROMO in the promotional code box on the easyJet Plus site you will save £17.

Full details on easyJet Plus can be found on their website here.

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  1. I like that it’s called ‘Flight Club’ – with all the alcohol fuelled and other incidents on that airline that make the headlines, it is fitting that it sounds like ‘Fight Club’.

  2. What is the second rule of flight club? I bet it is something to do with cabin baggage size.

  3. EasyJet have one of the most nuanced set of cabin baggage rules of any airline – no doubt informed by experience their ceaseless drive for efficiency. All passengers are allowed a cabin bag of 56 cm x 45cm x 25 cm – some 43% more volume than the likes of Ryanair and charter airlines. In addition there no no weight limit which technically makes it the most generous of any airline.

    Then, easyJet Plus members, those on full ‘Flexi fare’ tickets, and those who paid extra for ‘Upfront’ or extra legroom seating are guaranteed to be allowed this size bag in the cabin AND have an second cabin bag allowance of 45 xm x 36 cm x 20 cm, again without weight limit. Other passengers MAY have any bag over 55 cm x 40 cm x 20cm taken off them at the gate and stored in the hold, FREE OF CHARGE, if there is insufficient space in the cabin.

    In my practical experience, the cost of extra legroom seats is less than that of hold luggage and means I can check-in online, arrive at the airport less than an hour before the flight have fast-track security and all the luggage I need no matter how long the trip, more comfort on board and be first out of the destination airport doors.

    EasyJet gets it right in so many ways.

    • Completely agree. I’ve been an easyJet Plus card holder for a few years now precisely for those reasons. I also have to say, earlier this year when my father passed away they were different class. They fully refunded four separate flights for my partner and I that we had to miss. I actually called to just notify them we couldn’t fly and they were the ones who suggested they would provide a refund.

  4. FIRSTclstraveller says:

    I have been considering this. If one member holds an easyjet plus card and all members are on the same PNR, can they select seats for the whole party?

  5. P.S. Raffles, I think when ‘easyJet’ appears at the start of a sentence it should have a capital leading ‘E’. Discuss …. 🙂

    P.P.S. In all the years I have flown with easyJet they have consistently impressed me, from when they flew from a single base in the World – Luton.

    Long before the EU compensation directive existed, easyJet used to hand out a printed instructions to disembarking passengers on any flight departing an hour or more late to claim a full refund of their fare.

    The cabin crew never ‘draw their curtain’ and chinwag during the flight. No doubt motivated by commission on sales, they are on their feet constantly providing a service level only to dream of on traditional ‘full-service’ airlines.

    If I can get that consistent, reliable level of service, I can budget for spending the same as my airfare on food and drinks on board and EJ are still an outrageous bargain.

    Many airlines could learn much from easyJet.

    • No, easyJet is a small ‘e’. InterContinental and MasterCard have capital letters in the middle, as does SkyTeam.

      This is the only site where you will find all these words spelt correctly.

      Shopper Points does have Fisher Price unhyphenated today but Tesco spells it like that half the time so I let it go …..!

  6. O/T – apologies for this O/T post.
    I heard recently that BA was closing its Newcastle Call Centre and moving it abroad.
    Does anyone on HFP know if this is true?
    I must emphasise that this is only a rumour I heard and not sure of validity – if any.

  7. More on that EasyJet M&A story

    TUIfly has denied suggestions that the German airline is planning to link up with Britain’s easyJet (EZJ.L) but declined to comment directly on a report that another European airline was interested in buying the airline.

  8. Easyjet lost my small amount of business because of their fee’s to carry my sporting equipement.
    £60 each way for a £20 flight!
    Cheap for me to book a seat for my sporting gear, but they wont allow it

  9. “No, easyJet is a small ‘e’.”

    The corporate marketing team may make you think so. Language conventions take precedence over marketing.


    • have to take issue with this

      brand names are a law unto themselves

      iPhone, iPad etc are much weaker as IPhone/ Iphone or IPad/ Ipad – nonsensical, even


      just don’t start a sentence with their name 🙂

  10. I just about made easyJet Plus work for me, when I applied for it with the Amex discount.

    It was slightly annoying though when easyJet Plus charged me to use my Amex….

    Does anyone know if easyJet Plus still charges an additional charge when paying by AMEX?

    Hence I now buy the flexi ticket, which works out better for me. (no Amex card charge and extra hold luggage),

    I would urge you all to double check your sums even with the above code. Especially when comparing a flexi ticket with the additional possible add-ons onto a standard ticket.

    This can often make a standard ticket more expensive than a flexi.


    • 1%

      • If you live somewhere near Liverpool and Manchester and you enjoy European holidays the Easyjet plus is great value. When combined with lounge access via priority pass it makes everything very “easy” 6 return flights is break even and any more is a win win situation. If you can travel with only 2 pieces of hand luggage there is no easier way of flying shorthaul

      • Thank you Harry