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Tesco replaces its Avios-earning gift card promo with …. the same thing (and a Tesco deal round-up)

If you didn’t see Shopper Points yesterday, you won’t know that Tesco has been acting oddly!

We mentioned last week that Sunday was the last day to earn 150 Clubcard points when spending £50 on gift cards at Tesco.

This very generous deal – which allowed you to pay for a lot of your non-Tesco spending using gift cards bought in Tesco – was rarely promoted and had run for around three years.  Given that these transferred into 360 Avios or 375 Virgin Flying Club miles, it was a good opportunity to pick up some miles.  Then, out of the blue, Tesco added an expiry date to the gift card promotion.

Cue a lot of panic buying of gift cards ….

And what did Tesco replace the offer with?

“Get 75 Clubcard points when spending £25 on gift cards.”

However this offer is for a three week period only!

gift cards 15 off 24th april

The offer is cumulative.  This means you earn 75 Clubcard points when spending £25, 150 Clubcard points when spending £50, 225 Clubcard points when spending £75 and so on.

This offer ends on 16th October – but you never know, Tesco might just extend it or change the amount of Clubcard points yet again ……

Other Avios / Virgin via Clubcard deals still running

There a number of interesting Tesco promotions running at the moment which allow you to earn bonus Clubcard points and thus additional Avios or Virgin miles.

The links below take to the relevant Shopper Points article.

4,800 Avios or 5,000 Virgin miles (via 2,000 Clubcard points) with selected Tesco Gift Experiences

2,400 Avios or 2,500 Virgin miles (via 1,000 Clubcard points) for spending £50 on Fisher-Price toys

240 Avios or 250 Virgin miles (via 100 Clubcard points) for FREE for giving Tesco Bank your insurance renewal dates

240 Avios or 250 Virgin miles (via 100 Clubcard points) for every Epson printer ink cartridge you buy (ends tomorrow)

240 Avios or 250 Virgin miles (via 100 Clubcard points) with 25 prints from Tesco Photo

240 Avios or 250 Virgin miles (via 100 Clubcard points) for every HP printer ink cartridge or pack of photo paper (ends tomorrow)

240 Avios or 250 Virgin miles (via 100 Clubcard points) for every Canon printer ink cartridge you buy (ends tomorrow)

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. So basically a ploy to get lots of HFPers to buy gift cards. Tesco should have paid Raffles something to come up with this.

    • This! I’ve got £400 of B&Q vouchers to spend after the weekend.

    • Agree, but we should have known they are not going to be giving this up as I am sure it makes them revenue indirectly at least.

  2. Erico1875 says:

    Its for once. an improvement. You can now earn CC points for spending in multiples of only £25

    • and don’t forget Tesco stores now sell Amazon giftcards

      • Great, thank you.

      • Erico1875 says:

        Really?. I spend a lot on Amazon. Haven’t seen any in Edinburgh.

        • Amazon gcs only seem to have started appearing in Tesco this weekend – none in Truro yesterday

          gcs are replenished by a 3rd party contractor so will get stocked in ‘your’ particular Tesco as & when – but worth a look now to take advantage of the points promo

        • They will show up, seen them in a few Tescos around central Scotland already, even on the small end displays. Various denominations too. I seem to spend a small fortune with Amazon so this is an actual improvement!

        • how does the math stack up if you have a £4 off £40? (as I do!)

          buy £50 (for £46) = 150 T points = 360 Avios = £3.60
          Amex MR points = 50 = 50p
          Total discount = £8.10
          = 16.2% discount on your Amazon purchases/ or equiv = 1620 Avios @ 1p

        • For anyone in central Scotland, the big 24hr Tesco at the Faraday park in Coatbridge has every denomination of card you could need for every branded retailer possible. I was in yesterday and they now have Amazon ones in £10, £15, £25 and £50.

          Spent a fortune last weekend stocking up on M&S and Next, looks like I’ll be back now for a load of Amazon ones now they have appeared.

        • Harry, if its the Tesco vouchers that come in the little booklet and provide one that can be used each week, I’m pretty sure the T&C’s state they cannot be used against gift cards and the other usual things like cigarettes, lottery etc. No harm trying though but worth checking the back of the voucher.

          If its not these ones and they are valid against gift cards……do share where you got it from 🙂

        • they are valid against gcs – yes & no – till says yes – T&Cs say no – young lad/ lass says yes – old trout says no

          nae problemo using mine this morning, just saying

          indeed never had any problems using them against gcs over the last few years

        • Gotcha, I’ll give it a try using this weeks voucher. I shall avoid the old trouts and head for the spotty 16 year olds on your advice! Thanks.

        • You can always say that you asked customer services and they said it was not supposed to be used on the Tesco own gift cards but these are ok

      • I’m going on the hunt when back in Blighty…

      • And Netflix and Spotify, so you can get Clubcard points by loading up your account with them too

        • Strange you can get Netflix gift cards since they work with subscriptions and direct debits. I saw them at our local Tesco.

          Can you add gift card to your account and subscription money is simply taken off the gift card!?

        • You add the £50 gift card to your account. The £6.99 fee or whatever is then debited from this amount each month until month 8 where they’ll take the remaining gift card balance and the remaining monthly fee from your debit/credit card

        • Yes, there’s no issue using Netflix ones for your subscription

    • Travel Yoda says:

      Online doesn’t take Amex. I store does.

  3. RE the Giftcards, Guessing when they do promos like 15-20% off, they no longer want to give away 3pts/£ as well!

    • The scheme is simply a way for Tesco to inflate their sales figures to keep their investors happy. No way do they make money giving away so many points.

      • Gift card sales are never included in retailer’s published sales figures. It does not meet accounting rules for what should be classified as a sale.
        Tesco will get commission for the sale and this will be reported in other income in their accounts.
        The commission for gift cards is usually very low, only a couple of percent. It’ll almost be certainly wiped out by the clubcard points given on the offer, plus other costs, which will be at Tesco’s expense.
        The incentive for retailers to sell these is purely to get customers through the door, so they can buy other things while they are there.

        • Some of the retailers whose gift cards appear in Tesco actually have schemes where commission margins paid to Tesco are actually much higher than 2-3%. This is especially true for some of the higher margin retailers (and moreso service providers) who have cards in Tesco.

          It allows these retailers to massively increase their potential footfall from a source that takes 28% of the entire grocery market share. It’s a fairly cost-effective way to drive new customers

        • You don’t account for your OWN gift card sales, I agree. But why would you not account for THIRD PARTY gift card sales? That makes no sense.

          The only logic for doing that, in the electronic age, is that Tesco is not buying stock in the usual sense of the word.

        • It is to do with the exchange of goods and who the contract of sale is with (IAS 18).
          Take a Next gift card. When it is sold in Tesco, no exchange of goods has taken place (as the gift card had zero value in the first place, un-activated). The transaction has created a contract between Next and the customer (not with Tesco). Tesco have just provided a service to complete the transaction and obtain the cash on Next’s behalf.

        • Depute the lack of impact on the P&L, I reckon the giftcard takings fall into the Kantar till read share data. This alone would be reason to want (need) to push them through to get a few bpts benefit.

        • Londonbus says:

          Remember that somewhere around 25% of gift cards are never redeemed. This “breakage” figure is guarded but makes gift cards very profitable.

          If you look at the Companies House reports for British Midland Airways after Diamond Club closed to all but credit cards BMI Limited booked a £12m windfall from breakage of points not redeemed. I suspect the numbers on gift cards are tasty too.

    • You do still get the points, but on the amount after the discount.

  4. Starbucks’ T&Cs states “Any amount on your Starbucks Card may be redeemed for cash”. Am I right that if you buy multiples of £25 cards to maximise Tesco points (e.g., 10 x £25) I could then reclaim the cash by calling Starbucks listed number?

    • I’ve seen that before. It does seem to be the case, I agree.

      • Thanks, certainly worth exploring; or I could just drink loads of coffee!

        • Dave Williams says:

          Never thought of cashing them back in as I inhale starbucks but if I were you add them to the app and then try and get that refunded then its one refund rather than 10 (although Ive only seen £10 cards in store) – obviously check you can cash app credit for cash before you do this….

    • Singing Dwarf says:

      Only applies before Brexit kicks in!

      Amounts loaded on your Starbucks Card in the EU, may be redeemed by calling 0845 270 3310 and no fee is payable. You may be asked to provide proper documentation of your identity, such as your address, a driver’s licence, passport, etc, and your bank account details. Upon verification of your identity and receipt of your bank details, a refund will be made within 7 business days directly into your bank account. Amounts loaded on your Starbucks Card outside of the EU are subject to the redemption and cash back regulations of the country where the funds were loaded.”

  5. found some Amazons this morning – used my MOCs nae problem, nice young lad

    various denominations mean you can accommodate most spend requirements – £15, £25, 3x£10, £50, £100

    • prepare for some fun 🙂

      these are new style cards – there’s no difference (or so it seems) between ‘8’ and ‘B’ or between ‘2’ & ‘Z’

      you do seem to get unlimited attempts at redeeming

      • Do you need some glasses in your old age, Harry? In the interim, you could try like my Dad used to do before he realised he needed glasses and hold the gift card further away from your eyes until about at arms length then you might be able to make out the letters and numbers 🙂

        • nope that’s with reading glasses & a strong torch beam

          I’ve put previous Amazon vouchers in with never a problem but with the new style cards, 2/4 this morning required several attempts!

          the difference in particular between 8 & B is so minimal that if you get a couple in one code you can go round in circles 🙂

        • I’m visually impaired and glad I don’t have all these problems…now if only I could hit the right key on the keyboard!

    • Will be shifting my Amazon purchases to Tesco if they are stocking them now for a better return than Morrisons 2.5%

  6. Peter Taysum says:

    Does it still work for online gift card purchase? I’ve read the T&Cs but my feeble brain can’t make head nor tail of it…

  7. Will Squires says:

    John Lewis gift cards in the Rugeley branch too, and Starbucks ones are back after a long absense, £20 value this time round.

    • If JL / Waitrose turn up then I’m laughing!

      • Can JL be used in Waitrose?

        • yes

          actually I wonder if Tesco have found an elegant way around selling gcs branded ‘Waitrose’? It doesn’t matter so much with M&S (ie clothes as well) but Waitrose is nothing but a rival supermarket.

          Maybe the gcs just say ‘John Lewis’ but all the cards I have seen elsewhere say both names.

      • Will Squires says:

        Definitely just John Lewis branded.

        Argos/Homebase used to do a joint giftcard (when they were both part of Home Retail Group) but Argos couldn’t take Homebase solus ones and vice versa.

        I guess we’ll only know for sure when someone gives it a try…!

      • Just bought a Tesco JL gift card – took it home so I could get a magnifying glass to read T&C’s – and guess what; can be used at Waitrose or JL

  8. A word of caution for people … I have to purchase a new fridge/freezer and washing machine … got £1,200 worth of Currys gift cards from Tesco (£50 per card) – placed an order online via BA 365 shop … only to discover that Currys web site will only accept a total of 5 gift cards per transaction! Net result is that I had to go to my nearest store and place the order there as the items I wanted couldn’t be reserved for collection from store (so that I could pay in store). Still, at least I got the Clubcard points plus 1.5 Avios for using Amex to purchase them! In retrospect I think I could have got a digital card for the total amount – not sure how that works though!

    • TGLoyalty says:

      just to clarify i don’t mean 3 per trip just the SA needs to load 3x the GC at a time on to the new gift card

    • Alternatively buying something expensive and then asking them to refund, it will go onto 1 gift card

    • I’m sure I mentioned this just the other day…

    • I had the same problem at Currys. They informed me I could only use 3 gift cards per purchase. It doesn’t state that anywhere on the gift card t&cs I could see. Luckily the sales assistant knew how to get around it – i.e. Buy a new gift card with three existing, then buy another combining the first new card with 2 other, etc, etc, until all my £25s were combined into 3 cards that could then be used to make the purchase!!

  9. Chelseafi says:

    Does anyone know if the Spotify GC work on accounts, my son pays (or should I say I do) £5 a month with half price students Spotify premium, could I load the account with £25 to cover next 5 monthly DD?

    • Yes you can do that. I loaded my account with £50 and it just moves your subscription end date back a month.

    • No it doesn’t work for student discounted subscriptions only people paying the full price.

  10. I can presumably buy £25 GCs for £23.75 using my TSB contactless debit cards (if I buy them one at a time)?

  11. anyone know if it’s possible to pay an hmrc tax bill with my tesco credit card AND get clubcard points from Tesco?

    Problem is that I am not buying a good or service, which may be the criteria required for clubcard points.

    • I would assume yes!

    • I think HMRC is NOT treated as financial services.

      • thanks Raffles.

        paying HMRC like paying a debt, so not a purchase, so (maybe) no clubcard points. I can’t find any definite answer through online searches. I did phone Tesco Bank. they were vague but eventually said paying HMRC wouldn’t qualify.

        I’m guessing they don’t have any firm rules about it. might just have to try it and see what happens. or test it out by paying a small amount of the tax first.

  12. sure

  13. Sorry but O:T. Harry, do you know of any holiday extra’s tricks around at the moment? I need to book meet and greet for Birmingham airport for mid Oct. I know you have had tricks before.


    • you have until 2 Oct to register for the Amex HEX 15% statement credit

      this combines with any other discount you can find

      best I got was moneysavingexpert com /travel /cheap-airport-parking

      2 weeks, ACE M&G, B’ham mid Oct, 20% discount, £82 – but you could leave it hanging for an hour, go back with same search & see if discount increases to 30% (as it often does with HEX)

      use the MSE link, go to payments, don’t pay, drop your booking into Amex link, same price, pay, you get discounted price & the 15% statement credit

      • Thanks harry111. You’ve changed your name again????

        • not really – some other dude was posting as harry – then WordPress was playing up

          but if that other guy wants harry I can be harry1 for now

        • I did see something on another post so I did have some idea. harry1 sounds good to me. Thanks for your help.

        • Even if you were both called harry, I think we could tell you apart by your discernible writing style.

  14. O/T another £7 Amazon credit when you buy a £30 gc /b?ie=UTF8&node= 11301518031&tag=ho01f-21 [take out spaces]

    worth a check – not supposed to work on a/cs that recently sent a gc but worked on my son’s

  15. Your image has a BHS card in it- you may want to find a new one.

  16. Chris Wakefield says:

    This is probably a stupid question, but I’ve clicked through the link above and added £50 of Spotify GCs to my cart. I then went through checkout but I can’t see where to add the clubcard number. I had to register on the tesco gift card site as my clubcard site login details weren’t working. I didn’t complete the order as yet as I want to make sure I get the points. I can always go in store if this can’t be done.

  17. I noticed that people were complaining that some Tesco checkout staff were limiting the number of cards people could buy. I’ve just found this on the Tesco website under their FAQ….

    Is there a limit to how many gift cards I can buy?
    All transactions are limited to £100 per transaction.

    So it’s not the individual staff members being awkward it is actually Tesco policy. Presumably those buying more are being served by staff members unaware of the policy

    • Genghis says:

      So you just split your £600 of gift cards into 6 transactions? Legit per the policy.

    • Genghis says:

      I was also thinking: what’s the source of this info? Does this not just relate to buying Tesco gift cards through

      • As I said, its from their FAQ on their website
        Scroll down to “General”.

        I understand that splitting the transaction would probably work. I wasn’t saying it was an issue for me I was just pointing out Tesco policy as others were getting a bit antsy about some checkout staff saying they couldn’t have more than £100 worth. Just letting people know that it wasn’t the individual making up an arbitrary limit just enforcing Tesco’s own rules.

        Should I point out at this point that I have no connection to Tesco and I don’t really care one way or another, but do like passing on information if I ever have anything useful (which is rare!)

    • I got 200 of John Lewis today, no problem in one transaction…

  18. Amy Anderson says:


    If I buy, for example, a £30 and a £20 Boots voucher, will I still get 150 points? The reason I ask is that last week I bought a £20 Costa Card and a £30 Boots one and only got 75 points. I’m assuming this is because they were from two different retailers and one was ‘under £25’, even though I spent £50 on gift cards overall?

    I thought you got the points with £50 gift cards, regardless of if this was split between two retailers

    • Yes Amy, you should have got the 150 pts. Have done many mix and matches this week to stock up, GCs we will use next few weeks, and all of them had the correct pts on the receipt. Go back to customer services in the store and they will add them for you. Or call up clubcard.
      Here’s hoping thy extend it again!