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Win 18,000 Avios in a new British Airways free draw

If you want to add 18,000 Avios to your balance (and who wouldn’t), there is a new competition over on the British Airways website this week.

In association with British Airways partner Avis – although the exact link to Avis is not clear – 100 Executive Club members can each win 18,000 Avios points.

British Airways Avios competition

To enter all you need to do is visit this page of the British Airways website and enter your name, Executive Club Membership Number and your email address by 11th October.

You can enter once per day so technically starting today you can enter 8 times in total.  As the T&Cs state that it’s one entry per person per day, I assume you can get additional entries if there are more than one Executive Club members living in your household.

The winners will be notified by email by 1st November and the Avios rewarded within 8 weeks.

The full terms and conditions can be found here.  Good luck.  Let’s see how many winners we can get from the HFP readership …..

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  1. Bl***y typical …. I booked my Avis car via BA only last week. I cannot believe (although given what I’ve read about BA here recently, I actually can) that BA charge a flat £5, even for using their own branded credit cards! As far as I know, book via the Avis site and there is no charge for CC’s, but obviously no bonus Avios.

    To be honest, I’m not sure why we (Joe Public) keep BA in business anymore?

    • In fact, I just noticed this article doesn’t even mention the 1,000 bonus Avios (shown in the same email trumpeting the prize draw) for all car bookings made before 31st October for rentals before 15th December, so a minimum of 1,700 Avios for 3 days or more.

      • And if you haven’t earned via a car rental partner in the last year you’ll earn another 1,000 bonus Avios on top of that – so 2,700 for 3 days rental. See next HfP article for details.

      • Richmond says:

        It took me more than 6 months to get these 1000 avios extra in last year’s promotion. It included chasing BAEC for 3 months before they were awarded and I had to send T&C myself and finally got points as discretionary credit.

      • Raffles says:

        We never saw any email. The competition was advertised on Facebook, hence the reference to FB in the rules.

    • I always book my Avis car hire over the phone at Their over the phone price has been cheaper for us the past 2 years and they sometimes offer you an additional discount if you ask nicely. You earn 3pts /£1 and there is no credit card fee.

    • I don’t think there’s any charge if you book via and they give a free additional driver too. Also give them your Avis Preferred card at desk for an upgrade

    • Maybe “move” to Ukraine to avoid BA credit card charges…

      • Is there any comeback on making this error, I have a balance on BA holidays to pay and my finger might also slip when selecting my country..

        • No, been doing it for years. Does BA Hols charge though?

        • You only pay the card fee once with BA holidays 🙂

        • I stand corrected – you do only pay the card fee once i.e. for the deposit, I changed the country to Ukraine before checking to see if I was going to be charged if I left the country as UK. 🙂

        • I thought the cc fee was only when paying the deposit with BA Holidays?

  2. As usual … UK residents only.

  3. rossmacd says:

    Submits form:


    We regret to advise that this section of the site is temporarily unavailable. 413

    You couldn’t make it up…..

    • vindaloo says:

      Any browser other than Chrome should be okay. I’ve started using IE for since it stopped working on Chrome last month.

      • I get the same error on IE. has been extremely flaky over the last few weeks, presumably as they try out the new stuff…

    • +1

    • works in safari and chrome mobile, but i got the same result for chrome desktop

  4. Tony Hogben says:

    The BA web site is awful! I use google chrome and it hasn’t worked correctly for weeks in chrone, Better in Safari but who uses that!

  5. Peter K says:

    Thanks Rob. I hadn’t noticed you could enter every day 🙂

  6. Is anyone else having a problem accessing pages on the BA website from a Mac? This promotion is ‘down’ and many other BA pages seem down although the home page is fine.

    • had this issue yes. someone suggest I clear the cache for BA site. that seemed to fix it.

    • Yes, I have the problem on Mac and on work PC using Chrome as mentioned above. Safari on my Mac works OK. Try a different browser?

  7. Ref Avis car hire,

    Had the most horrendous experience at Denver airport in the summer, complained to BA holidays as it was booked through them. Took three weeks to get any reply Avis would not acknowledge any responsibility and in the end BA refunded our costs. So unfortunately would never book with Avis again.

    It was a long story but the manager at the depot threw my BA paperwork back in my face saying it was not worth the paper it was written on. Linda

    • Linda – I would be interested in the long story (if you care to share here) as I am considering an Avis rental via BA for my US holidays and may switch to another company if you had a horror – thanks

      • I don’t know what Linda’s issues were, but at Atlanta in 2014 they did not accept the BA pre-paid voucher for Avis at the desk. It wasn’t until the Avis manager at Atlanta was called, that the paperwork was accepted. Took 45 minutes to resolve, so a pain rather than a major problem.

      • Also interested…my first J redemption next year to DEN…car hire yet to be organised. Thanks in advance.

    • After shoddy practices at AVIS’s LIS desk this summer I will not book AVIS again. They have already lost 4 rentals from me since August. BTW be warned, a prepaid voucher with AVIS for x days car rental is not a pre-paid voucher for x days rental if the rental is in another country – it’s a voucher towards the cost and at a laughably poor exchange rate.

      • In general I’ve really not had any issues with Hertz apart from points not posting for prepaid bookings, always quickly resolved by their Twitter team.

        • Agreed – Hertz is now my first stop for car hire – Enterprise have always been good too but they’re less common around here – Hertz especially good with the Accor/President’s circle.

      • If it is a BA avis booking, they will refund the difference as it should be fully prepaid even though Avis say it isn’t.

  8. Scottydogg says:

    Ive entered for both me and my partners BA accounts today , might do it everyday this week . Its about time I won something

  9. The problem with Avis (Denver), we have rented with them several times Vegas, Calgary and Vancouver all excellent I may say. We only have two cars left in the category you requested medium SUV, went out to the first one absolutely filthy dirty you could not even see out of the windscreen and inside nearly as bad. Second car covered in I dare not begin to think it stank to high heaven, wheel arches so thick with mud.

    So after traipsing back with all our bags twice to the check in desks after a ten hour flight at nine o’clock in the evening to be told take it or leave it, we asked for the manager he we went away and found us a very old worn out Subaru, considering we were about to embark on a very long touring holiday of 12 days in Colorado and Utah did not fill us with much encouragement.

    Then the icing on the cake was you do not have any roadside assistance, so I produced my paperwork which said we had, the box has not been ticked on my computer so it says no, if you want roadside assistance, ( thats when he threw my paperwork back at me ) you will have to pay another $150 so we begrudgingly paid as we could not go off on our road trip without any as we were going up mountain passes not very wide and some completely off road.

    We did try the BA holiday emergencies number and we were on hold for over 20 minutes so decided as it was costing us a fortune in phone call to agree.

    ON return the BA rep said there were only a few staff on overnight so we could have waited over an hour to have received a reply, (good to know).

    Avis said it was our word against the agents, so BA in a gesture of goodwill refunded the $150 dollar payment. IN all the other locations we have had exemplary service and cars with only a few miles on them and nearly new, by the way they also wanted $25 dollars to put the BAEC number on our booking which they also said was missing, plus another $150 dollars to switch Sirius on, we have always got that included elsewhere.

    We have gone with Virgin Holidays for our next rental as they were cheaper and it specifically states we have everything included, roadside etc.

    Sorry for the long post, plus we are in our 60’s so no fools and have been travelling to the states for over 20 years and this was the worst customer service we had ever encountered. Linda

    • Hi Linda. Even with proper 4WD you typical break the T&Cs of the rental when you go off road. Even like the organised route through say Monument Valley is technically off road as far as the rental companies are concerned. In my experience its not the company but the location and random chance. Have had crap experiences with Hertz, Thrifty and Dollar. Also had the best cars from Hertz and generally good experiences.

  10. Really, Linda, I would charge this manager like the guy in this newspaper

  11. Lawrence Millington says:

    I have rented cars with both Virgin Holidays (all was fine except the bonus 1000 miles never posted) and also…EasyCar! I paid something like £330 for 10 days car hire, picking up in Miami (not the airport) and dropping at Orlando airport, got a free upgrade to a Ford Explorer upon collection and that price covered Sat Nav, all insurances, breakdowns, etc…The rep at the Budget desk didn’t even try to sell any extras. Great service and would recommend to all.

    • Amex Plat rates can be good too -just sorted 5 days SUV hire from my folks, pick-up LAX, drop-off SFO – £115! 🙂

  12. Competition site offline this morning (over a period of at least 30 mins – so not a short glitch).

  13. David Faichney says:

    Any winners?

  14. I’ve been unable to submit my entry all day today (413 error) …

  15. The site is down for me today. It’s been OK for the past few days

  16. Woho!
    Just heard I won 18k Avois, thanks Anika and Rob.

  17. Paul Richards says:

    Happy days!
    I got my 18,000 avios win confirmed last night