Qatar Airways business class to Adelaide (ex Zurich) for £1,086

(EDIT:  Fare is now dead, it seems)

I dropped this in as an interesting extra article as these tickets will disappear fast.

Qatar Airways has launched a £1,086 (CHF 1,312) business class fare from Zurich to Adelaide.

You have until 16th October to book but the handful of seats available won’t last long.  You must fly out between 14th October and 10th December and return by 31st January 2017.  There seems little about once you get past November though.

Qatar A350

Availability is definitely there.  I just found the fare for 7th November out / 25th November return for example, although only 1 seat was showing.

You are getting a Boeing 787 and an Airbus A350, so you will have the latest Qatar Airways business product all the way.  I reviewed the 787 in business class here.

Remember that Qatar Airways flights can be credited to British Airways Executive Club and earn Avios and BA tier points.

The Qatar homepage is here if you want to have a dig around.  This is NOT a fare error – it is listed on their Swiss offers page here.

Hat-tip to Flyertalk.

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  1. Ooh, had a little play around, and can’t return to UK, or see to other destinations.

    BUT it is a mistake fare, and will be pulled soon. The cheapest prices are auto-pulled through onto their regional websites. So take a snapshot, I’m sure they will honour it as it was advertised…

  2. Excellent deal, say on FT as well as many other blogs.
    The exchange rate is not too helpful though.

  3. Bargain!

    OT/ish anybody found any decent fares to the US west coast recently? Want to visit LA/Vegas/San Diageo next year….

    Haven’t seen any US fares for ages!

  4. With this you also earn about 24k Avios and 600 TP meaning BA Silver in one return trip.

  5. Absolutely not a mistake fare. QR has recently had lots of good promos (including Sydney from Oslo for GBP 1,100). This is just one of them.

  6. looks like fare is dead.

    cant see any dates

  7. Thanks Rob!

    Had missed this on flyertalk. Still managed to book 4-11 Nov (short layover) at 10pm last night through a third-party. (Confirmed and shows up in the Qatar MMB).

  8. Sorry Mec, this was a mistake fare, and was removed as soon as QR Rev Management found out. The fare was incorrectly loaded – when you have humans manually loading gazillions of fares out of India it’s easy to miss a zero, enter an incorrect fare code, or even currency indicator. Happens all the time – there are lots of amazing J Class incorrectly loaded fares out there at any one time, just most of them go unnoticed. The best thing about this is that QR have amazing similar priced offers from European destinations, and their websites highlighted the error automatically by advertising as a ‘sale fare’ so it is impossible for them to show it was a genuine error. Happy flying everyone who is inboard!

  9. interesting, deal has been pulled from the Qatar promo page altogether

    would say this was probably an error fare on that basis, unlikely that they would have already updated a promo page simply cause availability is gone,

    rob, do u think this was an error?

    • I am tempted to believe the comment above, which says that the prices on the promo page are pulled in automatically. This would allow it to be a mistake despite being ‘officially’ listed.

      Who knows though? We know that Zurich to Doha is probably running a bit empty and Doha to Adelaide is probably running a bit empty, so why not kill two birds with one stone with deals like this? You won’t see London to Adelaide at a super low price, however badly Doha to Adelaide performs, because Qatar won’t want to cannibalise revenue on London-Doha.

      • Sorry Guys, I saw this thread last night, it fitted perfectly with my travel plans to Oz.
        Tried to book via Qatar website, no joy, GBP 3,800+
        Looked on Expedia, it was still there with the usual ” 1 seat left warning” .
        Put my details in, booked it, and have the confirmation. £1,088 for the return trip.
        I am really looking forward to the Qatar experience, 787 and the new A350. cannot wait.
        Personally I am a big BA fan (Gold) but I have to say it is an aged product, old aircraft and now they have downgraded the champers in the 1st class lounge and also on-board.
        The Middle East carriers are streets ahead of BA now…. and they need to respond.
        We flew to Cape Town on a 747 in April on a 21 year old aircraft (all be it upstairs, still my favorite cabin) and it looked aged and haggard. Not sure how long BA can get away with this, they need to up their game.

        • Congrats on the QR booking!

          Seems availability was v limited. BA will keep going with the ancient seats and aircraft as they seem to fill them fairly easily. I’m on an old 747 from Bos in Y next month and not looking fwd to it. A rtn to Bos in Y is pricing at over £800 now on BA. A joke.