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HfP competition – Win a luxury weekend for two in Worcester

We’ve mentioned quite a few third party competitions on Head for Points recently, but today we have something which is exclusive to our readers.

This weekend we are running a competition with the Worcester Whitehouse Hotel to win a luxury weekend break.

Some readers might remember me mentioning a hotel in Worcester I stayed at a few months ago.

Whilst it is not part of the major chains we usually feature on Head for Points, I wrote up a short review as I really enjoyed my stay.

The hotel got in touch with us and now the Worcester Whitehouse Hotel is giving away an impressive weekend package to one of our readers.

whitehouse hotel worcester entrance hall

A bit about the Worcester Whitehouse Hotel

The Worcester Whitehouse Hotel is an independently owned hotel located in the heart of Worcester close to all of the major shops and restaurants.

For those of you who have not yet had the chance to visit this vibrant and historical city, this competition is an ideal opportunity.


Besides the restaurant and a Starbucks, the Worcester Whitehouse Hotel has a gym with an impressive pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room.


The hotel website is here if you want to find out more.

What can you win?

The Worcester Whitehouse is offering one reader a luxury weekend break with some extra touches included.

The hotel has put together a comprehensive package to fill your weekend.  Included in the prize is:

  • two nights in one of their spacious four poster rooms located in the original historical wing of the building (either Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday subject to availability)
  • breakfast for up to two people on both mornings
  • two course dinner for up to two people on one of the evenings
  • welcome gift bottle of prosecco on arrival (or to be had with dinner)
  • late check out at 2pm


Entrants must be 18 or over and UK residents.

You can take your prize at any point over the next six months.  Worcester Whitehouse Hotel reserves the right to reject potential dates at its discretion, although it will do its best to accommodate you on your preferred choice.

How do you win?

It’s super simple.

All you need to do is complete the automated form at the bottom of this article. That’s it!

(On mobile, click the link under ‘Good luck’ below to be taken to a separate entry page.)

The deadline for entries is midnight on Sunday 16th October. The winner will be announced on Head for Points next week.  This competition is also running on our sister site Shopper Points.

You can only enter if you are a UK resident. You are limited to one entry per person and the winner MUST be one of the guests.

The other rules

Please read this before you enter. The full rules, which take precedence over this summary, can be found by clicking ‘Terms & Conditions’ in the entry widget.

Entrants must be aged 18 years or over and a UK resident.

The competition will launch at 5.45am on Saturday 15th October and close at midnight UK time on Sunday 16th October.

Please ensure that you put a valid email address on the entry form.

The winner will be picked at random by the software which collates the entries.

There is no cash alternative to the prize.

The prize is not transferable. The winner must be one of the two guests.

It is the responsibility of the winner to co-ordinates the date of the stay with Worcester Whitehouse Hotel.

The hotel may block any other dates at its absolute discretion.

The prize is valid for 6 months (until 16th April 2017).

Travel and all other costs, apart from two nights accommodation, breakfast and one dinner are the responsibility of the winner.

Entries are limited to one per person.

Your email details will not be used by Head for Points for any other purpose and will not be shared with Worcester Whitehouse Hotel (unless you win!).

Under UK law we are obliged to make the name of the winner available upon request.

The joint promoters of the competition are Head for Points and Worcester Whitehouse Hotel, contact details available on request.

Good luck to everyone.

Win a romantic weekend for two in Worcester

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Sam wardill says:

    Not quite so easy to enter if you’ve used the email address for a previous competition

    • Genghis says:

      I didn’t have such problems. I simply entered Name and Email (on my mobile) and then entered.
      Try clearing cache perhaps?

    • Add a +___ to your email to get a “fresh” email for everyone you give your email to.

      For example, if your email is [email protected], enter [email protected] for this competition.

      This also tells you whether something you signed up to has given your email to spammers, provided that they haven’t figured out to just strip everything beyond the + (which doesn’t seem to have happened yet).

      • While the + signs is a valid character for an email address (prior to the @ – it would not be supported in the domain name side) the handling of mail in that fashion (whereby it gets considered a ‘tag’) is not part of the standard.

        While I understand gmail delivers email in that fashion (i.e. if their systems receive messages addressed to “[email protected]” that would be delivered to “[email protected]” – and the same would be true for any other domains being email hosted by google gmail system) but many other mail systems do not handle mail like that.

  2. I’m away in France for work and it’s telling me “Sorry, this promotion is not available in your area”. Any chance that can be changed or if we’re away do we just have to live with it? Cheers 🙂

  3. Web page wants me to log into gleam with a twitter account

  4. Hmm get back to the uk at 11pm on Sunday night so will do a last minute entry!

  5. Johnnycl says:

    OT some new Amex offers have appeared this morning. Interestingly they appear to differ between cards, I have 10% back at Caffè Nero on my Nectar Amex and 2% back at The Trainline on my Gold Credit Card.

    Get 8% back
    Save to Card to get a 8% statement credit on spend at participating Caffè Nero locations by 4 January 2017. Valid every time. Terms and payment restrictions apply.
    Please read the Offer Terms
    Save to Card By saving to Card, you agree to the Offer Terms

    Spend £150 or more and get £50 back
    Save to Card to get a £50 statement credit on an eligible transaction of £150 or more in-store at participating Hugo Boss stores by 25 November 2016. Valid once per Card. Terms, locations and payment restrictions apply.
    Please read the Offer Terms
    Save to Card By saving to Card, you agree to the Offer Terms

    Get 1% back every time
    Save to Card to get a 1% statement credit on an eligible transaction at Trainline by 4 January 2017. Valid every time. Terms, exclusions and payment restrictions apply.
    Please read the Offer Terms
    Save to Card By saving to Card, you agree to the Offer Terms

    Spend £150 or more, get 5% back
    Save to Card to get a 5% statement credit on a transaction of £150+ in-store at H.Samuel by 04/01/2017. Valid every time. Terms & payment restrictions apply.
    Please read the Offer Terms
    Save to Card By saving to Card, you agree to the Offer Terms

    Spend £300 or more, get 5% back
    Save to Card to get a 5% statement credit on a transaction of £300+ in-store at Ernest Jones by 04/01/2017. Valid every time. Terms & payment restrictions apply.
    Please read the Offer Terms
    Save to Card By saving to Card, you agree to the Offer Terms

    • Genghis says:

      Remember to combine the Caffè Nero offer with the Virgin Red 241

    • The Amex offers sound good at first, but aren’t actually that special on reflection – at least, not the Trainline and Caffe Nero ones. You can get Caffe Nero gift cards in Tesco, so you’re getting about 6-7% back in Avios anyway, though this offer saves you the hassle of buying the cards first. And the Trainline offer merely wipes out some (but probably not all) of the credit card and booking fees for using Trainline – once you factor in the Nectar points etc that you can get by booking direct with train companies, it’s pointless.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      10% on Cafe Nero and 2% on trainline on my Platinum and 8% and 1% on the BAPP

      Could have done with the Hugo Boss one but on neither

      Interesting that it’s a slightly different deal on some cards but don’t understand why AMEX don’t to higher bonuses/for the higher fee cards anyway as a bit more incentive to go Platinum vs Gold or BAPP vs BA etc

  6. fingers crossed ! thanks for the competition!

  7. Greenpen says:

    I cannot get this to work. When I press the enter button then I get a page to enter my name and email. When I then try and enter I get a message telling me I am logged into Gleam and have to enter through my Twitter account. But I don’t have a Twitter account!

  8. Rather annoyed to be told by the intermediary marketing site meant to take my details that the promotion is “not available in your region” just because I am currently out in Spain but returning home on Friday

    Seems one is expected to have jump all kinds of hoops with proxy servers or VPNs to enter for the many HFP readers likely to currently be out of the country.

    No doubt an unintentional screw up but likely to antagonise rather than please your newdlettsubscribers

    • Sorry that should be your newsletter subscribers. Unfortunately there is no Edit button for comments already posted…………

      • Peter K says:

        Hi Rob. Can you please take down this article/competition as there is a man here who is in Spain and can’t enter. Or rather, he can but does not want to put any effort in to do so. Anyway, in future please make sure that all competitions are available to all readers, including those in space (think of the miles you’d get for that trip) and those not born yet and would otherwise miss out and for babies who otherwise might spit their dummy out!
        Peter K

  9. What does this hotel have to do with points collection? I can’t see any reference to it being part of a points scheme so why is it featuring on the normally excellent Head for Points website? The only benefit to me of the article is that I now know the hotel incorporates a Starbucks which is enough for me to add it to my little black book of establishments to avoid. May I suggest HFP sticks to articles which are relevant to establishments where points can be collected.

    • It’s connection is Rob stayed there and he seems to have thought they were offering him something for nothing.

      In reality I suspect the hotel gets a nice little earner from the data mining company we are all asked to provide our details to for purposes unknown. Or also for free hotel promotion on Twitter it would appear for those not responding from the wrong “Region” (proving the UK is already not in Europe it seems as I am only in Spain!)

      They get all this for just one double room that in all probability would have been standing empty anyway noting the hotel’s right to specify unlimited blackout dates when it is not available………

      • Oops sorry it seems it’s connection is that Anika rather than Rob stayed there. Unless both Rob & Anima stayed there together?

        • it’s connection? Anima? Newdlettsubscribers? You ought to spend more time thinking about what you write and less time complaining. It’s an independent hotel that is likely to have little appeal for the broader European market, so it makes sense to limit entries to the competition to UK residents.

          You don’t have to jump through hoops to enter – just don’t enter and drink another sangria instead. More chance for the rest of us who aren’t stuck in Spain for the week…

        • Raffles says:

          Let’s not go there 🙂

        • Genghis says:

          What happens on a mattress run stays on a mattress run… 🙂

        • Lol, terrific Genghis! 🙂

      • *sigh* note to self: once I’ve finished checking the teeth in this gift horse I must cancel that newdlettsubscription I’m getting such poor value for…

      • A name and email address is hardly “data mining”. If you don’t like it, don’t enter.

    • Peter K says:

      I can see your point of it were not a free competition, but as it is, plus a weekend article, then surely the relevance is less important. Plus, going a bit left field here, independent hotels can be booked on and their reward scheme.

      • Raffles says:

        The hotel offered us the prize so why turn it down? Anika tells me it is a genuinely nice place, you get breakfast and a dinner and some booze so no need to spend a penny of your own money if you win.

        And, as mentioned, it is running over a weekend when we often do more casual stuff.

        The hotel does NOT get your email address as the rules make clear. Obviously we see it, but we don’t use it.

    • Jamie P says:

      You are cheery this morning. Am sure your opinion is highly valued and suggest that on the back of the above comment you probably just don’t enter the competition and move on.

    • I understand that when you cancel your subscription to this newsletter they refund 100% of the fee that you paid, so no need to suffer the annoyance.

      • Seems obvious this place is full of lots of Type A psychopath marketing men who don’t welcome criticism and analysis. For heaven’s sake all of these points schemes nominally offer something for nothing but all have an ulterior motive of distorting your choice when you make your next purchase.

        And no Rob and Anika (just seen my Android auto spelling corrector made that error and not me) are not some kind of hobbyist flight enthusiasts doing all of this for philanthropic reasons but business people who no doubt derive significant click thru and other undisclosed income and benefits on all the many flight and other promotions they run here

        And nearly all other internet discussion forums let you correct your posts so why can’t this one?

        I now await a Lord of The Flies style kicking from Rob’s 16 other forum identities.

        • Never one to pass up an opportunity to quote Jed Bartlett – “Oh, good grief!”

        • Stephen says:


        • Slightly OT, I am very surprised how popular this competition has been, even allowing for cross promotion on Shopper Points. None of the big comping websites have picked it up but the number of entries has been substantial. Food for thought for the future.

        • Genghis says:

          Of course Rob is in this game (not initially I guess) for financial gain. I think most understand that and Rob does a decent job of disclosure. But this is a free to use site that provides invaluable advice, analysis and criticism (from Rob, Anika and other commentators) which results in (usually but not always) a rich discussion on various topics. One person’s way of thinking does not always match another person’s and here you feel wronged that a competition open to U.K. residents is not open to you because you are currently based abroad. Just through the hoops or don’t enter.

        • Genghis says:

          Now my autocorrect is playing up. *jump through the hoops…

        • Raffles says:

          I have been on Flyertalk since 2004 which is 8 years before I started HFP. I consider myself very lucky that I can make a living from my hobby, but the hobby came first.

        • Fairplay to you Rob, crack on.

        • Dave Barron says:

          Keep up the good work and don’t let the buggers get you down I say!

        • Brian W says:

          You seem like an absolute barrel of laughs Julian. I’d bet on you having a lengthy queue of friends waiting to take you out for a pint.

        • You must be riot down the pub mate

  10. I can confirm that Worcester is an interesting place surrounded by beautiful countryside.
    Since I live 15 miles away I would not normally enter this competition, but I will in this case to give my name and address and earn Rob 1/100000000 of a penny (allegedly).

  11. OT. I am working my way through the Amex preferred reward Gold Card opening offer spend and there is a countdown on my online account saying how much I still need to spend before the required date. But this required amount NEVER ties up with what I have already spent. In other people’s experience, how long after the actual spend appears on your account does the countdown account for it?


    • Once the transaction is showing up on your MR points balance page then it should be included in that target amount.

      • OK cheers. I noticed that the points balance runs behind the statement also. Not quite sure why there is a lag between the 2 though, I would have thought it would all be automatically updated at the same time.

        • It seems common across all Amex cards – first transaction shows up as pending, then as substantive, then on points statement.

          I agree it’s a shame it takes a few days, but on the upside having the pending transactions is nice and transparent (you can also see when pre-authorisations fall off the account) plus getting a per-transaction breakdown is good – unlike MBNA or Creation where you just get a total on the monthly statement!

        • Natalia S says:

          I preferred MBNA in this aspect – it seems fairer to me to have total statement amount rounded, rather than each transaction individually ( and I think it’s rounding down on each?)

        • Genghis says:

          It’s rounding to the nearest point. E.g a 34p transaction on BAPP -> 0.51 fictitious points -> 1 avios.

        • Sorry I was just meaning in respect of transparency when it came to tracking points that were being awarded, not the calculation method 😉

        • Yes, rounding down. Has a huge impact if you charge lots of small stuff.

        • Natalia S says:

          Genghis, that’s good to know, thank you.

        • Natalia S says:

          Some points are lagging behind your actual spend, but it’s not only that.

          It seems that the system enrolls you into 20,000 points bonus program later than you start spending. Thus some of the first Amex transactions do not automatically count toward £2000 spending target. I had this discrepancy with Amex when my first three statements added up to £2000+, but the website was still saying I had to spend £150 more. Amex customer service replied that yes, I can stop spending as I had already qualified (and disregard this “Spend more” reminder). However I needed to drop them additional message at the end of the 90 days to get the bonus points added manually.

        • OK thanks. I’ll keep an eye on it. The only reason I’m watching it so closely is that I want to get the spend out the way so I can go for the Nectar 40,000 points offer which I think ends at the end of the month.

    • Do you not find it a hassle going to the many independent stores and restaurants who do not in fact take Amex but who’s staff are entirely ignorant of that fact and display no card acceptance signs of any brand?.

      There then follows a long game of will their card machines accept my Amex card or not while wondering why can’t those machines display a clear message when Amex non acceptance is the reason for the refusal.

      While out here in Spain with my new Lloyd’s Duo Amex and MasterCard (both exchange rate fee fee) I have found only petrol stations, Eroski supermarkets and McDonald’s seem to take Amex. And at one petrol station they had to use three different card machines before one gave an option to sign after they used the magnetic strip swipe instead of the non recognised chip. When I went back to this same independent petrol station another time I had to use MasterCard as the woman there then refused to try the magnetic swipe and I was in a hurry to catch a flight.

      • Genghis says:

        I didn’t realise you were in Spain?

      • No, I don’t find it a hassle. If they don’t take Amex, I use another card or cash. If the reason for going to that store was to use Amex, then I won’t go again.

        And you can’t blame misspelling “whose” on your phone this time 🙂

      • Its not such an issue in the UK. The Big 4 supermarkets all take them as do all their fuel outlets. Most of the major restaurant chains take them too. I don’t really spend too much at small retailers, but if I do and I don’t see an Amex card sign then I pay by Visa/Mastercard. Most assistants I have encountered in the UK are aware as to whether they take the card or not.

      • Julian – are you in Spain ? you should have mentioned it earlier

      • Ah Julian I just noticed your in Spain, just a quick heads up as you may have some issues entering the competition linked above. A simple proxy should sort that out if you want to enter? I could fly over and do it for you if your too busy though just let me know.

      • I find petrol stations to be a bit flaky for the Lloyds card in Cyprus, especially on Sundays, maybe it’s a Southern European thing? Clarity works fine, while it’s a shame to miss out on points, it’s always a good fallback position.

  12. Got an email for a Thistle Hotels 25% off / Free Breakfast offer for the remainder of October. Combined with the Amex £50 off £100, the Kensington hotel for £124 net £74 seems a decent deal if you need a visit.

  13. Nate1309 says:

    What is wrong with everybody today?! So grumpy! Cheer up all its the weekend and Rob has organised a nice competition for a small group so the chances are pretty good of winning!

    • I’m happy. Nice competition and a weekend seeing my (separate) parental units. I’d just prefer not to have laryngitis.

  14. Really liked the sound of this but I’m outside of the UK this weekend altho I’m a UK resident. I just get a notice telling me this isn’t available in my area. Bit of a disappointment as I’d liked to have entered.

  15. Greenpen says:


    I cannot enter this competition. When I fill in the entry form it tells me I am already logged into Gleam and I have to enter through my Twitter account. I don’t have one!

    I use an iPad to enter.


  16. Just wanted to say thanks for;

    1) Rob & Anika for running this competition.
    2) Julian’s (s)Pain-ful comments and basic lack of knowledge about VPNs.
    3) The rest of the humorous replies to Julian.

  17. Anon – I just wanted to say “Thanks” for saying “Thanks”