Accor Super Sale – up to 30% off and free breakfast

Yesterday was the start of the new Accor Super Sale, featuring discounts at 2,800 hotels worldwide

Le Club AccorHotels members have already been able to book rooms for the last few days.  This week non members can also take advantage of cheaper room rates and free breakfast.

(However I’d recommend non members to just sign up for Le Club anyway …. you can read more about Le Club AccorHotels here.)

Le Club AccorHotels logo

Until 21st October guests can save up to 30% on most Accor brands and will get free breakfast.

For example one night at the Sofitel Hotel Heathrow in a Classic Room with queen-size bed on 3rd February costs £133.30 in the Super Sale instead of £170.10.  Note that the higher price is the non member smart rate and that this rate is also cancellable under 72 hours before arrival.


The offer is only valid for stays between 16th December 2016 and 5th March 2017.  Formule 1 properties are excluded.

If you change your settings from earning points to miles you will earn at least 7 Avios per Euro with any booking completed by 31st December as long as you credit to Iberia and not to BA.  Rob wrote about this promotion here.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. James A says:

    Isn’t 16 December when everyone’s Accor platinum runs out? Suspicious

    • Genghis says:

      My current card is valid to Dec 2017

    • Mine is Dec 17 now as well – looks like they gave everyone an extra year?

      • It’s not that. All year ends will be December from 2017 so they need to align them. Mine, oddly, still shows a random year end date – hopefully it updates itself.

        • Mine *was* April 2017 (mid-year Amex play request) but got extended to December 2017 when they announced changes to Le Club rules. They updated my account but didn’t send a new card. Logging in and requesting a replacement card got me one that states 12/17.

        • I take it your account shows December too, not just the card?

        • Mine is May 2017 🙁

  2. Cheshire Pete says:

    I was late re applying for my Platinum to extend it when Amex did the pull and it extended from Dec 2016 and currently showing 04/2017. However I thought all cards were supposed to be end of the year when they did the realignment. Perhaps it will extend come January.

  3. I’ve had this sale on email for over a week now. At first I thought it was a good deal until I added the original price of a cheapest luxury room at LHR versus a sale price with free breakfast and found only a few pounds differences. With lounge access and therefore a smaller breakfast in that room type I certainly didn’t see a 30% difference! More like a free breakfast thrown in

  4. To be fair the T5 Sofitel breakfast is pretty good and I would be happy to pay £130 for my wife , sprog and me; followed by an upgraded room and lounge access for Platinum members, it not bad if flying from T5.

  5. I’m still chasing points from a stay since early Sept, contacting them every week, what a FAFF!

  6. Jovanna says:

    My card shows 12/2016.

    • RussellH says:

      My last card said 09/2016. It did not update to 12/2017 until late on 1 October, which was a pain trying to book online on 1 October – all attempts to book errored out with “incorrect membership data” errors. I had to book by phone.

      I also discovered that sometimes certain rates will not combine with the €40 discount for 2000 points – I had to book a flexible rate rather than a discounted rate to get the €40 off. First time this has happened to me.

      pS – I have statred calling myself RussellH since there is at least one other Russell on here!

  7. Waribai says:

    Slightly related. I’m on auto convert to Iberia from Accor points. Any idea how long it should take for points to move across. There was movement out 7 days ago but nothing has hit the iberia account yet. I know it says 6 weeks but does it really take that long?

  8. OK. Just trying plaza premium in T 2 atm. Very pleasant. Been here since 09.00. Breakfast saved my day…really pleasant surprise to find it. Was heading to Costa!

  9. Anyone else had any issues / oddities with Accor points posting in last month? – AwardWallet flashed up 2 days back that my Accor balance had gone up quite a lot (& to a suspiciously round number of 20,000 pts) but when I signed in to Accor to verify if this was the missing points from a mid September stay that I’d recently chased up on, the (website & app) points history were unavailable. Now that they are available again there’s in fact still no new transactions since early Sept. Any experience with similar ‘ghost’ transactions? thx

    • Janeyferr says:

      I’ve had this twice in the last month. Whilst it was present the account information on AwardWallet showed as my LeClub number as “Account Number” and 0123456789 as “Login”.

      I had this as well a few months (maybe a year?) ago as well and an old and told me it happens sometimes, just wait and it will go.

      I had a more exciting one last month when 43760 Best Western points spent a few minutes in an account I have never used.

      • Thanks Janeyferr – maybe it’s just an AwardWallet glitch then and nothing to do with Accor themselves – now you mention it I did wonder why there was an “Account” field with my no. and an “Account Number” that wasn’t but I only saw **6789…. Shame those BW points didn’t hang around though!

      • Genghis says:

        I had this perhaps 6 months ago with Accor. Noticed it on Awardwallet as the alert popped up but when I logged into my Accor account, I had 20k points and only had Silver status with an account number 123456789. It corrected back to Platinum the day after.

    • Yes, I had something like this happened at my account just recently. I did not actually notice my account was credited with of 20,000 pts, but noticed when AW showed that my account was down by 20,000 pts, it was very strange, as the balance was correct, so I just thought it was a glitch and ignored it.

    • Thx Genghis & YL – funny that they all involve the 20k amount, either up or down…
      I contacted AwardWallet who assured me that it is an Accor glitch not an AW one…
      Sounds like none of us would have known if it weren’t for AW which seemingly gets notified instantly of Accor changes (unlike for most other schemes, for me anyway), so I wonder if it’s just a regular system test or similar that Accor does and members wouldn’t otherwise notice as the system is taken down for a short time at an unpopular hour (in my case this Sunday am I think) so ordinarily you can’t check your balance so wouldn’t see it. ..
      I was also concerned that it wasn’t to do with some fraudulent access attempt. Hopefully not.

  10. James67 says:

    Another ‘sale’, another huge dose of salt required. This time I was checking Bangkok rates for which I am very familiar. Every sale rate comparable to or higher than pre-sale rates, sometimes substantially so. While there may be some bargains, I am convinced that on the whole the majority of travel industry sales are bordering on scams.

    • I do agree with you, but (much to my own surprise) my experience last year was the opposite and I had waited on this seasonal ‘sale’ I would have obtained a decent discount compared to what I had already prepaid (non-refundable) for some Accor bookings in Austria and Germany.

      As much I liked having Platinum status with Accor and Spire with IHG both have been ditched this year in favour of Hilton Diamond status and every stay has been enjoyable (room upgrades, free breakfasts, lounge access, random free stuff (jelly beans) and drinks vouchers), although late check out requests has required a bit of negotiation. Looking ahead I have just made my first ever booking with Marriot (!) using leftover SPG points and bagging 2 nights in Saigon which will include lounge access with breakfast etc. and perhaps an upgrade, this was after the IC wanted to charge $25 dollars per person for breakfast on a points redemption, compared to a cash stay where breakfast could be added for $18 for 2 people!

      • James67 says:

        Replied earlier today, I guess my comment lost somewhere in HFP space. Agree with all this, so much so I’ll manage only 2 paid nights at IHG this year. I tend though to avoid the old horror hiltons in favour of newer hotels, DT, GI and Hamptons. With diamond, its worked out great. Quite farcical for IHG that the best thing about spire was the hilton status match.

        • I stayed in the edi Hilton Grosvenor last weekend, which has a bad reputation, however I had a great stay! Upgraded to a suite, drinks vouchers and breakfast. Cost £32 and 12000 points!

        • James67 says:

          Good to hear, that was the hilton that finished me many years back after a horrendous stay. I had a friend stsy there last year though and they were positive about it too.

    • Lady London says:

      + 1 for the destinations I need to book and checked in this Accor sale as soon as I got their email.

      None of them any lower, whatsoever.

      • My folks just booked a night in Glasgow at the Novotel there (€200 worth of Accor points that are due to expire in December so worth resetting the expiry date!) – comparing with the week before when the sale isn’t on the rates were vastly cheaper for all room types, even moreso when adding in breakfast so in some situations it can be a genuinely decent deal!

  11. I agree with one comment where this is, in reality, a breakfast thrown in for free (or a small supplement). Still a good deal but the 30% off seems a bit wide of the mark as far as I can tell.

    Lastly, I had a non cancellable booking already in an Accor. The price on this deal was a smidge more that my existing price. contacted the hotel directly and they were happy to charge the little more and amend the booking to bed and breakfast.

    • Good to know that can be done – thanks, Steve

    • Thanks. Not just me then?!

      I find if I book a room ring the Sofitel Heathrow ask how much parking is then the cost to upgrade to a luxury room often gets me cheaper parking than the website stay and fly, and my room has twice been upgraded for free( I’m only silver by the way).

      Finally booked a happy Mondays last week for a stay at the Mercure York £40 absolute bargain despite being 3 miles out. Grim 80’s throwback comes to mind but got a free drinks voucher as silver. Do I get any points for the stat? One email says no I don’t the other from hotel said credit for any points in 7 days? Not sure on a HM deal.

  12. OT- Any ideas on how I can earn approx 150 Accor points to be upgraded to higher tier without spending money. I signed up for e-Rewards using Accor, but still awaiting points to be credited.

    hope get the 300 points to get my higher status.

    • James67 says:

      Could be wrong but in back of my mind I think you can do MR-Finnair-accor but if that’s true it’s probably very expensive. Best just get a happy monday night for somebody else if not yourself.

    • Axel Heyst says:

      Did you sign up for accor places?, you should get 200- 500 points after 3 – 4 stays, stayl registrations can be backdated a number of months but take a while to post.

      e-Rewards take about 2 weeks to post to accor

      • DTLW201 says:

        What are accor places? Im new to the scheme to scrape out as many avios as I can quickly….

        • It is an app. If you ‘check in’ to the app whilst staying in an Accor hotel, or within a certain period of time afterwards, you get some bonus points. Which may or may not ever arrive.

        • DTLW201 says:

          sounds about right for club accor…. Ill give it a go for my last few stays…

          Thanks for the heads up Axel…

  13. Thanks guys.
    I managed to transfer some e-rewards points to Accor.
    Once its credited I will enjoy my Gold Status with them.