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£100 back on £500 BA spend (should include Avios taxes) with new Amex offer

For the first time I can remember, British Airways has launched a cashback deal with American Express.  It is surprisingly generous and set at just the right level for anyone planning a Club World redemption booking.

Some – but not all, I don’t have it – British Airways American Express cardholders have the following offer showing on their online statements:

Spend £500 or more, get £100 back 

Save to Card to get a £100 statement credit when you spend £500+ at by 24/11/16.  UK departure flights only. Valid once per Card for the first 20,000 UK Cardmembers to save. Terms and restrictions apply.

BA Premium Plus Amex

Here is the small print:


Only one £100 statement credit per UK Card for the first 20,000 Cardmembers to save.

UK departure flights only. Travel insurance purchases are excluded. 

Offer only available when you spend £500 or more at by 24th November 2016 with the British Airways American Express® Card to which the offer is saved and on transactions made in Great British Pounds (GBP). 

The offer does not apply to spend on other Cards you might hold and on transactions made via payment wallets or payment aggregators including, but not limited to, PayPal.

An awarded credit can be reversed if qualifying transactions are refunded or cancelled. 

Credit should appear on your billing statement within five days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from 24th November 2016. 

ANY spending on which shows as British Airways on your Amex statement and which is denominated in £ should trigger the bonus.

This means, importantly, that the taxes on an Avios redemption booking will do it.

£500, by coincidence, is pretty much what you will pay in taxes and charges for a Club World redemption seat.  If you have this offer on your British Airways American Express card, you can look at it as a 20% discount on the additional charges!

You MUST save this offer to your card – it is not automatic cashback.  I think that Amex will hit the cap of 20,000 registrations for this deal so I strongly recommend going over to and – assuming you are targetted – saving it to your personal offers list ASAP.

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  1. Would purchasing Avios points on the BA Exec Club website trigger this cash back ?

  2. Wanting to book using companion voucher but returning from different airport so have to book on phone. Is this only for spend on the website? Ta

    • Genghis says:

      My most recent 241 open jaw booked on phone came through on credit card as BRITISH AIRWAYS MOTO ( STANSTED. So not sure

  3. Craig M says:

    I went into my Premium BA Amex card and saved the offer today. Spent over £500 last week on for a BA holiday from the UK using my card. So it looks like as I have spent over £500 between the offer date starting and the offer date ending, I will get the £100 back. Thanks!

    • the real harry says:

      did you get the success email?

      • If activated after the spend I think you’d almost certainly have to plead your case with Amex CS…

        • Craig M says:

          Should be fine: Only one £100 statement credit per UK British Airways American Express Card for the first 20,000 Cardmembers to save this offer. Offer only available where the Eligible Participant spends an accumulative total of £500 or more at or via the BA mobile app between 00:01 BST on 10 October 2016 and 23:59 GMT on 24 November 2016 (the ‘Promotional Period’) with the UK British Airways American Express Card to which the offer is saved and on transactions made in Great British Pounds (GBP).

        • I still can’t see it posting automatically if you haven’t activated it and would imagine you’d need to speak to Amex.

        • Craig M says:

          Will do. Thanks

        • the real harry says:

          we’re trying to help you here

          you won’t get it unless you ask Amex to allow it, retrospectively 🙂

          even then, you probably won’t get it

  4. Hi when booking on the phone with BA, do you think it is possible to pay using two different cards when booking 241 voucher flights? E.g. two chunks of £500?

    I was thinking not but thought it worth an ask? Thanks

    • Travel agents can handle multiple payment cards for one PNR so BA should be able to, of course it might be a case of YMMV when it comes to an individual agent.

  5. mr alexandre le blanc says:

    Just called amex .they called ba who told them that the 2000 limit had already been reached

  6. andrew young says:

    Chance would be a fine thing to be able to use a 241 voucher.
    I have tried for the past year to use mine. Runs out the beginning of December.
    6 flights a day to JFK plus the AA ones and haven’t been able for the past year to find availability in J or F.
    I have nearly half a million Adios and am now just using them for hotels.
    Will start collecting AAdvantage miles because you can find availability on almost every flight.

  7. Hi guys,

    Made a booking on using BA card for family holiday earlier this week and spent approx £7k. Decided to pay all off as trying to trigger spend for 2-4-1 voucher on my card.

    The following day I received BA holiday offer on both my Amex and wife’s supplementary and saved offer. Will call AMEX today but do you think they will apply credit retrospectively? Wish I had now only made part payment but hindsight eh

    • Doesn’t hurt to ask, as BA is funding this Amex may not care.

    • According to the people I spoke to yesterday it was targeted, however they did offer to send me another offer that was targeted for extra Avios for spending over 5k, again targeted, but I declined as I wasn’t spending that much on the flights…..worth asking.

    • Craig M says:

      Hi Nate, how did you get on? Similar to yourself, I booked my holiday last week too and then saved this offer two days after booking and paying on my BA amex.

      I still haven’t called up. Will they honour it? I hope they will. According to the T&Cs we should be fine.

      • Hi Craig,

        Unfortunately no luck. They advised they were not allowed to add credit retrospectively. I will ask my wife to try once tomorrow but don’t think they will budge.

  8. Same here, sent a secure message and they kindly added the offer for me. Did the same previously for the trailfinders offer on my gold card which was initially declined but they then changed their mind!

  9. the real harry says:

    people who moan about no availability presumably can’t/ won’t book flights T-355

  10. Kim Carpenter says:

    I’ve just logged into my Amex account and was able to add the offer to my card…good excuse for an extra break!

  11. Just booked flights to Lima for next May. Hopefully if it works a nice little saving, without touching too many points. Thanks

  12. Emailed Amex via secure message last night and they replied to say they have added offer to my card and its there so worth a try !

    • rams1981 says:

      thanks for that. I did the same and likewese it has now been added to my account

  13. I too didn’t get the BA offer. Inspired by HFPers above, I contacted AmEx online and now have the offer on both my Gold PRC and BAPP.

    Thank you fellow HFPers! 🙂

    Checking my accounts just now, I see the ShopSmall spend £10 to get £5 credit offer is back.

  14. Boffinboy says:

    Noobie question – can this offer be triggered once per main card or can my supplementary cardholder also get it, allowing us to do it twice?

    • Genghis says:

      If your supplementary card holder has registered the card for an amex online account, have a look there and this offer may be listed. If so, pay 1x£500 with your card and 1 x £500 with your supp’s card for 2 x £100 back. All supps should do this in case such offers come along.

    • If it shows on the supps account, assuming you registered it, then probably OK but I would not make a purchase purely because I expected it.

      • Boffinboy says:

        Thanks both, don’t think they have the offer – but will check earlier in future

  15. John Gallagher says:

    I managed to get this offer added to my card by Amex too (thanks to the advice above).

    However, Anex now tell me “I would like to inform you that you are required to make a one-time charge of £500 or more with British Airways to qualify for the offer credit. Therefore, credit will not be triggered on this British Airways charge.”

    Is that how others interpret the T&Cs:

    “Offer only available when you spend £500 or more at by 24th November 2016 with the British Airways American Express® Card to which the offer is saved and on transactions made in Great British Pounds (GBP).”

    • This is not how I had interpreted the T&Cs.

      ‘spending £500 or more at by 24th November’ doesn’t to me suggest it has to be a single transaction, and the T&Cs don’t say this elsewhere.

      I was planning to split the £500 over a couple of bookings. Does anyone else have any evidence to suggest if this will work or not?

      • In general with these promos, you should assume it is 1 transaction unless stated otherwise. However, it is fair to say that sometimes they pay out on cumulative transactions when you don’t expect it. That doesn’t really help I know ….

        • Thanks for the advice. I need to make those sub-£500 bookings anyway so I’ll go ahead and see if I get lucky with a cumulative total.

  16. Hi, just been reading all the comments from people saying AMEX gave you the offer after you contacted them. I did not have this is my offers and have since booked flights/holidays on 2 separate occasions spending over £500 on both. If they did add it now, would those 2 transactions trigger it?

  17. Chris Cannon says:

    Nope. Not got the offer on my card either. Shame

  18. Chris Cannon says:

    Amex wont load this as they said the promo ran 10/10 – 10/11 and not 24/11 as reported here 🙁