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More Avios redemptions going – Flybe in Scotland and Disneyland Paris tickets

There are two stories here, with the tenuous link that both have reduced the options you have for redeeming your Avios points.

Flybe and Loganair end franchise deal in Scotland

Loganair operates flights to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, primarily from Glasgow, Inverness and Edinburgh.  It is probably best known for its service from Glasgow to Barra, where the plane lands on the beach and the flight times are adjusted to the tide table (photo below).

Between 1993 and 2007, Loganair operated as a British Airways franchise.  In 2007, it switched to being a Flybe franchise.  It remained a British Airways codeshare partner, however, and because Flybe is a BA and partner you have been able to redeem Avios for these services.

Loganair and Flybe are ending their franchise agreement on 1st September 2017.  From the date flights will operate under the Loganair brand.

It is reported that the British Airways codeshare will remain in place allowing you to book through tickets from, say, Heathrow to Sumburgh in Shetland via Edinburgh.  Unless Loganair signs up as an Avios partner, you will not be able to redeem Avios any longer on these routes.  You WILL be able to continue to earn Avios and British Airways tier points as long as you book revenue tickets under a BA flight code.

More information on this story and other goings on in Orkney can be found here.

I have always been intrigued by the Barra flight and I may try to give it a go next year whilst I can still redeem.


Disneyland Paris park tickets disappeared as an Avios redemption option

I have written a couple of pieces recently about the ending of Avios earning on package holiday bookings and the end of the ability to spend Avios on Eurostar tickets.

Both of these changes take effect from 1st January.  However, it seems that another change was quietly slipped through recently with immediate effect.

It appears that you can no longer redeem Avios for Disneyland Paris park tickets.  We did this a couple of years ago – it was reasonable value although I lived to regret it in the end.  Avios do not send you tickets – they send you a voucher which you have to exchange for a ticket.  And the queue to exchange the voucher for a ticket was 45 minutes long …..

You can still earn and spend Avios on Disneyland Paris hotel breaks until the end of 2016 via this page.

If you spot any other redemptions missing from, please let me know.

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  1. Scottiebhoy says:

    You can experience the beach landing on a day trip from Glasgow for £79 return. Details on their website here:

  2. Graham Scholefield says:

    As someone who has just moved to Dundee and booked their first DND-STN redemption, this hurts!

  3. Have used Avios many times for MAN-INV on flybe branded loganair planes. Going to miss the ability to redeem an awful lot.

  4. I have looked at this a few times but actually the cash fares have been reasonable and only ever 2 redemption per plane (perhaps not surprising given plane capacity..!)

  5. For various reasons I would expect that an independent Loganair would want to be a full member if avios. Let’s hope so.

  6. Can’t comment too much as I actually work for Loganair and they have quite a strict policy on employees talking about the company online, but I’ll certainly be asking the higher management about Avios and which direction they will go. Its probably quite far back on the priority list given the amount of work that needs to be done by 1st Sept but it doesn’t hurt to ask and let them know people ate thinking about it.

    • Thanks, when you are at it please suggest a highlands and islands airpass, ideally as both a standalone option within Scotland, and with connecting to/from points outside Scotland on their network.

    • If they are doing a BA codeshare – so you’d get Avios booking on the BA code – why bother with an Avios deal for everyone else (who are a captive market anyway)?

      • Deenesh says:

        You can only use the BA flight number when connecting onwards on the BA network. You cant simply book a KOI-GLA flight using the BA codeshare flight number. As such, and with flights being expensive from Kirkwall some sort of points system will have to be employed.

  7. I’ve been to Barra in 2008 and Loganair was still wearing BA colours and tickets were sold by and check-in on-line worked just fine on too. Barra is great for a day trip on days when you’ve got morning and afternoon flights – there’s a bus service from the airport to the Castlebay – I had 4 hours, more than enough to explore it 🙂

    • I did a GLA-BRR-GLA flight last year, spending one night in Castlebay where incidentally I found NO Vodafone signal. I’d always wanted to land on the beach so this is definitely something to do once in your life, Rob.

      • Brighton Belle says:


        I used the buses and ferries to fly into Barra out of Stornaway. Memorable trip..but I was lucky with the weather. Yes mobile phone service is pitiful. I was on Three and it only worked in Castlebay for half a mile, and not until Benbecula did emails arrive…again. But Calmac has free wifi.

    • I was there 5 days and would go back, still more to see….

  8. Did they jump or were they pushed? Loganair is a much-loved brand but its reputation is terrible at the moment – there were questions about it in Parliament, no less. I don’t know how reliability figures are calculated when it’s a franchise arrangement, but if Loganair is included in Flybe’s total then it must drag them down.

    • This is true. However, it’s not exactly comparing like with like to compare a service with small planes landing on remote islands with Squeezyjet services between Edinburgh and Stansted.

      I’m rather hoping that Loganair will now go for the planned EDI-OXF route. Was very good when Minoan operated it.

    • Deenesh says:

      Loganair chose not to renew the franchise agreement that Flybe proposed for various reasons which I can’t go in to. The issues raised in Holyrood were were rightly about reliability and OTP but we were the most punctual airline in the most recent figures released by the CAA for May (or were, last month) so things are certainly improving. We have a very hands-on Chief Exec who is really turning things around.

  9. the real harry says:

    also great flying into Islay when you see Laphroaig, Lagavulin & Ardbeg distilleries – all with the name painted on the maturing warehouses – come into view

    provided you like a decent single malt whisky (is it 8 distilleries?) & golf of course!

    Islay is also rich in Neolithic remains

  10. Logan Air have improved a lot in the past few months in my opinion…

  11. OT: Amex Plat AXA Travel Insurance.
    I might need to miss my flight home due to an inner ear infection. My booked flight is in business class (Qatar), will the flight they arrange for me home be business class and on Qatar ? (I’m assuming they arrange it or would I need to & pay then retroclaim ?)

    Also can they (do they) use any airline and/or any class if it them themselves who arrange my return flight ?
    My fare is a very restricted R class fare so no changes permitted I believe.

    Also to make matters more complicated, I am scheduled to be back in Blighty only a few days before flying out somewhere else again (Qatar business class restricted R again). If I miss my outward flight due to this infection (as not in London !) Will they cover another (business class) flight out for that trip ? And I presume the return leg too as QR will cancel the inbound if I miss the outbound !

    Don’t know how this works.
    Help !?!

    • HfPers are fountains of knowledge but I think in this case you’re more likely to get a correct answer by calling AXA and can then act accordingly.

    • Afraid I’ve no personal experience of this sort of situation. Hope you get better soon and good luck with the insurers – would be interested in hearing what they say though.