Which 30 airlines can I use my Avios points on?

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(This article was updated in January 2017)

Now that AerClub is up and running as the new Avios-based Aer Lingus frequent flyer scheme, I thought it was worth updating my list of all Avios airlines, ie airlines which let you redeem Avios points for their flights.

You won’t find this information in one place on any of the Avios websites.

There are 30 airlines which let you use Avios for some or all of their flights.

Oneworld members

Remember that you can transfer Avios points between the main Avios schemes using the ‘Combine My Avios’ function in whichever programme you are using.

To transfer to or from an Iberia Plus account, the Iberia account must have been open for 90 days and have ‘earned’ at least 1 Avios. The easiest way to ‘earn’ an Avios in Iberia Plus is to transfer 1,000 Amex Membership Rewards points.

Full list of airlines where you can redeem Avios:

This list is alphabetical. In brackets, I have added the programmes which let you redeem Avios for that airline – BA for British Airways Executive Club, IB for Iberia Plus and AC for avios.com / AerClub.

Some partners can only be booked by telephone via the service centre of the relevant programme, eg Avianca. You cannot necessarily book all routes operated by a particular airline – for example, the Air Malta deal with avios.com is only for flights departing the UK.

Aer Lingus (AC – online and BA – telephone)

Air Nostrum / Iberia Regional (IB)

Alaska Airlines (BA)

American Airlines (AC, BA, IB)

Avianca (IB)

Binter Canarias (IB)

British Airways (AC, BA, IB)

Cathay Dragon (BA, IB)

Cathay Pacific (BA, IB)

Comair (BA, Southern Africa franchise)

Finnair (BA, IB)

Flybe (AC, BA)

Iberia (AC, BA, IB)

Iberia Express (IB)

Japan Airlines (BA, IB)



Malaysia Airlines (BA, IB)

Meridiana (IB, BA – telephone booking only)

Open Skies (BA)

Qantas (BA, IB)

Qatar Airways (BA, IB)

Royal Air Maroc (IB)

Royal Jordanian (BA, IB)

SriLankan Airlines (BA, IB)

SUN-AIR of Scandinavia (BA)

S7 Airlines (BA, IB)

Taca (IB)


Vueling (IB)

Please post below if I have forgotten anyone! I have purposely excluded partners which do not allow redemption but which do let you earn Avios, such as the Bangkok Airways codeshare.  I have also excluded partners to the Avios South Africa and Meridiana schemes as you cannot move Avios into those programmes via ‘Combine My Avios’.

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  1. Hingeless says:

    Lan & Tam are now one airline – LATAM

  2. Thanks for the list Rob.
    I recently booked a flight from Seattle to Vancouver BC on Alaska for 7,500 Avios + £4.60.
    BA were only able to book on two out of the 6 or 7 flights per day. These were at 1045 or 2310; neither convenient for getting out of the hotel at one end and into a hotel at the other. I booked at 1045 which was changed a few days later to 0945 so even worser. It was probably significant that the other flights that BA could not book were operated by Horizon Air in Alaska livery rather than Alaska metal which is quite common for short flights in small aircraft.
    A couple of weeks ago Rob or a commenter mentioned that spgflights.com could book flights. I had a look and found that for 10,000 SPG points I could book on any flight. My wife had just got an SPG card (for Shop Small) and we had a convenient large purchase to make so I am now waiting for the points to move across from Amex to SPG to make the booking (when I may find a snag).
    Normally SPG points are considered more valuable than Avios, but I consider being able to fly at 1500 after having a leisurely lunch in the Centurion Studio worth the difference.

    • But note that SPG bookings are not refundable!

    • Is flying the best way to get from Seattle to Vancouver?

      • It does seem like overkill, but the trains are at 0745 or 1850 and take four hours which would be fine at a more convenient time with the mountain views. Their are buses, but having arrived in Seattle and leaving from Vancouver BC that seems inappropriate.

      • As a Vancouver resident, I’d consider looking into one way car rentals. Even with insurance it can seasonally be done for under 200 USD, and maybe 3 hours drive. The math obviously changes if you are solo or if a family of four carpooling

  3. In the example above of SEA-YVR there was an interesting anomaly in cash pricing. First class (Alaska metal – 737-900 – only) was only $23 more than coach.You may wonder why anyone would want to fly First (business really) on a 120 mile flight. First gives you two pieces of luggage in the hold whereas in coach each piece costs $25.
    Booking First class costs four times as many Avios as coach, so you need to check the cash fares.

    • Mark, very useful info there, for SEA YVR, we looked at train connections, , massively expensive with luggage, so that F fare might be the better option. The ferry is nice too. Agree a nice lounge lunch and lid of day flight far easier on the body and mind!

      • Hi Polly,
        I found the train to be cheaper but an even more inconvenient time; better views of course. Less problem with luggage than Canadian trains!
        So we are going to spend a day going to the other Vancouver (WA) a hundred miles or so south of Seattle on the Coast Starlight train (about $60 return) to see the views and a day trip up into the mountains.

        • Mark, that sounds gorgeous, that trip was on our to do listing also. My OH did the train a few years ago on a biz trip, and said its nothing short of stunning. Can’t wait to get there!
          Enjoy! Think you are our HFP knowledge man for that area !

        • We took the Coast Starlight from San Francisco to Portland – it was great! Amtrak trains can often run several hours late, so a good way to travel if in no rush

  4. Will NIKI drop out of this list after the acquisition by Etihad?

  5. Nate1309 says:

    O/T any idea how long the bonus 10000 MR take to post after a member ship year and spending £15000?

  6. I just booked 4 business class flights on Qantas 3 in Australia 1 in NZ. I was not only amazed as to how cheap they were in terms of points, but the Taxes were peanuts.

    • I found several business class domestic QF flight redemptions were cheaper (in Avios) choosing an indirect routing, rather than non-stop.

      • goglobalnz says:

        I’ve been looking into this now for a trip early next year.
        For info – flights operated by Jetconnect don’t pop up when doing a search on BA.com, only QF mainline ones do. Rob has an article about this you can search for.
        They can be booked by the phone, and searched for on AA website or Qantas.

        Greg, Mkcol – did you have to pay phone charges when booking?

        • Yep, low taxes are fantastic on QF! As well as Jetconnect (to NZ), there are also QantasLink flights to smaller destinations (e.g. flights to Hobart) where again you cannot book them online but they’re bookable over the phone.

          I also found QF very reasonable re. same-day changes – esp on MEL-SYD route where there is a very high frequency of flights!

  7. Craig Vassie says:

    Is GOL no longer available via IB?

    • Hi, I’m new to Avios and still getting my head round the ‘combining avios’ so this might be a stupid question: How do I collect avios on Sri Lankan. I booked a business class flight to Colombo before I signed up for avios but have not flown yet. Do I need to sign up with Sri Lankan? Naively I thought points would just go to my avios account!

      • Genghis says:

        Go to the Sri Lankan manage my booking equivalent and add BAEC no.

        • Thanks Genghis, Finally found it under Modify Passengers 🙂

        • goglobalnz says:

          You can also use the Finnair website to change these details, for flights on any Oneworld airline, if you have the booking reference

  8. Completely O/T but I have a deliberation. Lon-Hav next year I have two options:
    1. Air France via Paris in Premium Economy
    2. Iberia via Madrid in Economy out and Business back
    Outbound is a day flight, return is a night flight. Both are the same price. Which one would you choose?

    I’ve read a fair amount about AF PE being poor seats due to lack of recline and stiffness. However I’m weighing that up with economy for a 10hr+ flight from Mad-Hav. Also no lounge access for the outbound journey

    • Should have added I have no status with Flying Blue but Bronze with BA and will probably make silver with this trip and another work trip being planned.

    • PE doesn’t do an awful lot for me – not different enough from Economy. Lying flat on the way home on Iberia however…..

    • Virgin?

    • Hi – i did AF PE to CAPE TOWN and back (Birmingham via Paris) paid for with my own money.I was perfectly happy with an aisle PE seat both ways – felt it money well spent. The seats recline within their own mechanism (see AF web site for a better description) so you don’t end up with the person in front reclining into your space. AF permitted me to enter the AF lounge at CDG ( I had a 4 hour layover) for a fee a(can’t remember how much circa Euro 30) as I was travelling PE (I have no AF status) and access to the lounge in CDG was free on return from CAPE TOWN on route to BHam. Reason i flew PE was i couldn’t face economy and couldn’t afford Business. I assessed it to be much much better than BA PE which I can’ face paying for and slightly better than virgin PE. I have done lots of BA Club and some first (twice) and clearly PE doesn’t compare but i was happy enough with AF PE for my journey and would do it again. Hope that helps

    • Might be an unpopular view on here… but 10h+ in economy is more than survivable… especially as you will have business on the way back to look forward to!

  9. Re Bangkok airways and BA code share. Does that mean if we buy BA J to BKK on route to HKT, does our luggage then transfer? I mean as a through ticket? Wonder if they would allow use of a 241 voucher in that total routing, or would it be valid to BKK only? Anyone have any idea? Def worth a look at. I know 241 valid on BA metal only, just a thought.

    • Daftboy says:

      Any use of a 2-4-1 can only have segments on BA metal, you couldn’t tack on any other codeshares on Bangkok Airways or any other airlines (but you obviously could if paying cash). Not sure about through checking or if it’s compulsory to pick up bags in BKK (I would guess the former).

      • Thanks Daftboy, on reflection, l realised of course they wouldn’t through ticket it on my BA 241. It’s just a shorter journey than us going vis HKG, as KULand SIN sometimes hard to get into F. But def would consider doing BKK in the next QR J sale, then jumping on an avios BKK airways flight into HKT.

  10. I’ve struggled with this in the past when redeeming points for Sri Lankan. Do the flights need to be booked via BA or by calling Sri Lankans loyalty scheme? Thought it was the former.

    • Daftboy says:

      Redeem points via the scheme/programme you hold the points in – so for BA Exec Club, you would search online for a route Sri Lankan flies and if there is availability it should show up in the results.

    • Genghis says:

      If paying in Avios you can only redeem on BA as Sri Lankan do not use Avios as the currency.

    • Thank you both

  11. Looking to book a return trip to NZ leaving in the next two weeks and back January, as long as I go via Istanbull I can get it for around 1,000 I expected it to be double this time of year, bargain That’s economy but still bargain !

  12. Just a shame that to get from Florida to California you only have AA to use. So not many reward options.

    Although I assume I can now look at United or AA and get Avios?

  13. What’s the story with Qatar Q points? Is one able to convert from Q to Avios? I’ve a friend who travels East and we’d like to go a nice holiday to States. I have 250k Avios, he’s earning lots of Q with commuting.

    • You can now to do it via Accor at 3:1 (4500 Qmiles = 1500 Accor points = 1500 Avios in Iberia – don’t do it to BA or you only get 750 Avios).

      However, as Qatar has access to the same reward availability as ba.com, this is only really sensible if:

      a) the BA redemption chart is cheaper than the Qatar one
      b) you want to redeem for European flights where Reward Flight Saver saves on taxes
      c) you have too few Qmiles to redeem for anything
      d) you want to use a BA Amex 241 which greatly inflates the value of your Avios vs Qmiles

      Why isn’t your friend sending his flights to BA in the first place – unless he is chasing Qatar status?

  14. O/T I have booked an Avis car to pick up on Saturday morning but worried it may not qualify based on below from T&C’s? Is the 10th included as pick up?

    Qualifying rentals must be booked between 21st November and 10th December 2016, to be picked up between 8th and 10th December 2016, and returned on or after 11th December 2016.

  15. OT: Just tried to use the Amex small shop and found they do not take Amex!

    Highly embarrassing…….

    • happens a lot – you need to let Amex know and they will manually adjust it.

    • Same happened to me in ChinaTown. It even had the ‘Open’ sign as Amex Shop Small but when the bill came they asked if I had a different card…!

  16. Ive read elsewhere that the uber airport code for 2 free rides with amex does not work anymore if so this is dissapointing was going to use it in 2 weeks time .

    Does anyone have any more knowledge of this ?

  17. I just added the code to my Uber app and was accepted can someone tell me if it will defiantly work With a UK based Amex card ?

  18. OT, just picked up my Avios er…. I mean Avis car rental (took me ages to find the blinking hand brake!).

  19. the real harry says:
  20. Apologies in advance if this is a silly question, but how do you book flights on BA which don’t start in the UK? I want to try to book a flight using Avios from Rovaniemi to Helsinki with Finair but when I try and do it on BA, I only get the UK airports as my starting point. Am I missing something?

    • You should be able to pick any airport. Are you doing it from within your BAEC account?

      • Hi Alan, I wasn’t, but when I logged in and tried again, it let me select the airports but then said it couldn’t display the flights (no idea why). I may just give up and call them – I hate the BA webside anyway – it’s awful! Do you happen to know how many Avios would be required for sucha flight though one way? Trying to maximise our time in Rov and so considering flying back to Hel on the same day as our flight back to the UK, rather than getting the overnight train the night before and then hanging around for hours for our flight.

        • Sorry I don’t know off the top of my head. There is a mileage checker on the BA site that lets you check though, under the Exec Club page.

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