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Did you win 100,000 Avios with Bink?

Last week we ran a fantastic and exclusive competition for our readers in association with the new loyalty app Bink:

One Head for Points reader was to win 100,000 Avios!

And we have got a winner:

Congratulations, Robert Nelson!

Bink has confirmed that Robert successfully completed the various tasks required to validate his entry so we are delighted to name him as the winner.  Please do share with us what you are going to use the 100,000 Avios for.


If you haven’t downloaded Bink yet ….

….. you should take a look at it.

You won’t win 100,000 Avios unfortunately.  However,  you can still collect Avios on your day to day High Street spending at participating retailers.

All you do is pay with one of your normal payment cards (registered with Bink) and Bink will ensure that Avios are added to your account based on what you have spent.

PizzaExpress is the first retailer to be launched – earning 3-6 Avios points per £1 you spend – and more retailers are on the way.

We published a separate article explaining in detail how the Bink app works which you can find here.

You can download the Apple Store Bink app here. You can download the Android store Bink app here.

PS.  Confusingly, has just launched its own direct ‘collect Avios by registering your credit card number’ programme via the e-store.  More on this next week. 

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  1. Congrats Robert, enjoy your trip!

    • Rob Nelson says:

      Thanks very much Tony and many thanks to Rob and Anika for organising such a great competition (plus HFP in general)! I’m very surprised and pleased to win considering there were so many entries!

  2. If the curve card is linked to bink and any payment card is used in background. Does that mean one can potentially double dip on Bink Rewards and upcoming Curve Rewards earnings?

  3. The Bink app gives the company behind Bink access to sensitive information on your spending habits and enables Bink to share and sell this information. I was very concerned that as a result of signing up to Bink I would start to receive large amounts of Spam Marketing information from third party companies. It is well worth reading the Bink Privacy Policy which seems highly onerous. Under that policy, you will see that you can contact Bink at [email protected] and request that you Account and Personal Information are deleted. I signed up to the app due to the HFP competition but after doing so read the Privacy Policy. I have now deleted the account having read the Privacy Policy. Other readers may choose to do the same.

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      That seems unfair – as I read it, they require those permissions to provide the service as described. I haven’t signed up with the app, but reading the privacy policy suggests that consent for third party marketing is on an explicit opt-in basis.

      • Andrew, It does indeed say that but it also says “Please note that by registering for the Service you have consented to our sharing your information”. Does this not mean that by using the app you are deemed to have explicitly opted in?

        • Thanks Nick, I did the same but as the app didn’t actually recognise my visit to Pizza Express and after constant emails to Bink with no reply I’m going to do the same. For me it’s just not worth the hassle. I’ve already removed my card but how quickly did they get back to you to confirm?

        • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

          The way I read the policy led me to believe there were two different elements: sharing your information with third parties to provide the service (e.g. Avios, Pizza Express) that happens when you sign up, and sharing your information for marketing purposes that requires ‘your express permission’ which I would not expect to be an automatic ‘soft opt-in’. Hopefully someone from Bink is reading and can clarify.

        • That is also how I read it…

          I am, however, becoming increasingly suspicious of firm’s data-sharing practices – although I am a relentless complainer when it comes to targetted marketing without my consent.

          NewDay and Capital One Bank both have a staggering disregard for marketing preferences. Capital One recently made a unilateral decision to credit-score me – even though I have never had, nor would ever consider having an account with a sub-prime lender… They refuse to disclose why, although have agreed to delete the enquiry.

          Dixons-CarphoneWarehouse are in my sights at the moment with a complaint to the ICO. DCW are refusing to investigate my complaint regarding the sharing of marketing data unless I pay them a fee!

  4. no i didnt win because it was UK only and I couldn’t be bothered to faff about with VPNs and location changers

    • Are you saying if you it wasn’t UK only you would have won?

      • If you use Chrome, sign up for Tunnelbear which can be added as a Chrome extension.

        Turning on a VPN is then as simply as clicking the tiny bear icon which sits in the Chrome toolbar.

  5. Didn’t bother with this one due to privacy concerns as mentioned above

  6. O/T Where’s the IHG Iggy?

    Middle, down a bit.

    98500 points
    DENBY 199040950 HALO 16 PCE DINNER SET

  7. Congratulations Robert.

  8. Congrats Robert – Enjoy !

  9. What about the real transfer prize? I could do with that one!

  10. OT (a little) (although it does concern Avios and privacy):
    Today I noticed when logged in to my account that the email and postal address were not mine. They are for an unknown woman in Scotland. I spoke to Avios who have no idea what’s going on so they’ve frozen my account.
    You might be advised to check your own accounts.

    • Well I know Liz was missing some Avios, perhaps she’s gone all vigilante… 😛

      • Ha! Alan – after I read Paul’s note I checked our 3 Avios accounts and they are all ok. I’m still missing points of hubby’s BAEC account though!

  11. Wasn’t sure it had recognised my visit to Pizza Express on Monday night but just checked my Avios account and found 592 avios added… Nice.