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How to earn Avios with your Caffe Nero coffee and other High Street retailers

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Avios wants you to hit the high street and earn Avios from your in-store purchases.

Sounds familiar? We were also confused by Avios’ announcement. Do they not have a partnership with Bink to do exactly the same thing?

Two weeks ago we ran a competition with Bink to promote their new app which lets you earn Avios points when shopping at Pizza Express, with more retailers and companies soon(ish).

Now Avios has launched their own in-store loyalty initiative, an addition to their e-store, with nine shops included so far.   If you have signed up with Bink you still need to register separately for this new Avios initiative – and vice versa.

Avios banner

The idea is simple:

  1. register your payment card on the Avios website
  2. shop in specific stores, paying with your registered card
  3. have Avios deposited directly into your account, based on what you spent

The retailers where you can earn Avios in store are:

American Golf (5 Avios/£1 in store – and 3 Avios/£1 online via e-store)

Barrhead Travel (2 Avios/£1 in store only)

Blue Inc (5 Avios/£1 in store – and 4 Avios/£1 online via e-store)

Caffe Nero (10 Avios/£1 in store only – obviously!)

Ernest Jones (3 Avios/£1 in store – and 7 Avios/£1 online via e-store)

H. Samuel (3 Avios/£1 in store – and 7 Avios/£1 online via e-store)

Habitat (5 Avios/£1 in store – and 2 Avios/£1 online via e-store)

Heal’s (2 Avios/£1 in store – 6 Avios/£1 online via e-store)

Officers Club (5 Avios/£1 in store only)

Did you notice the amount of Avios awarded?

I would have thought that those retailers that are on the e-store as well as taking part in the in-store programme would award at least the same amount of Avios to promote this new offer. Looking at H. Samuel, Ernest Jones and Heal’s this is not the case.

Given that the in-store rate is weak, compared to purchasing online, at H. Samuel, Ernest Jones and Heal’s, the most valuable partner seems to be Caffe Nero.

After all 10 Avios for every £1 spent can substantially improve the mileage account of a coffee addict ……

If you do want to collect Avios in-store with those retailers, you need to register your payment card and wait 24 hours before making your first purchase.

Once you have bought something, your Avios will show as ‘pending’ in the e-store within 7 days.  Purchases will be approved within 35 days and once approved will show in your account within 24 hours.

The best thing about these offers is that you can register your cards at the Avios site and then forget about it.  If you end up buying a coffee at Nero in three months time, when you have totally forgotten that this deal exists, you will still get the Avios.

Overall though, I’m not sure what the Avios agenda is here, given that they are providing competition for their existing partner Bink ……

Comments (46)

  • flyforfun says:

    The Costa one would be very attractive if only there coffee was better!

    I hope this is the start of a similar thing to idine in the US. Be nice to get points without having to go through websites or show particular apps.

    • Rob says:

      Makes sense that there would be less Avoid in store as 1) You don’t need to do anything to collect so how do they prove if a visit is incremental and 2) online your competitors are only a few clicks away but in store you need to actually move.

    • Rob says:

      Cafe Nero, not Costa. I wish it was Costa as they are everywhere.

  • Andrew says:

    Stacking with the 5% back on spends over £5 and 8% back on everything offers some of have on our Amex cards re. Caffe Nero and this could be very handy indeed. Gift card top-up anyone?

  • Concerto says:

    Costa is awful, like drinking acid. I can just about do Nero, but it’s so British and about as classy as the cheap flights they originally went on to wherever which showed them how beyond dreadful British coffee was until fairly recently.

    • Ro says:

      Nero/costa/starbucks…. they are all the equivalent of drinking malaena. Horrific.

      • Lady London says:

        Starbucks isn’t even coffee.
        Good to pop in there in the US if you need wifi in a hurry, though

        • the_real_a says:

          Ground and brewed forest woodbark isn’t it?

          • mark2 says:

            I read once that in order to get the same taste throughout the world they over-roast (burn) it. I was recently ‘forced’ to use them in a motorway services and it did taste like it. Going to Seattle in June so I may risk one cup while there.

  • vol says:

    The menfolk in my household like Blue Inc, so this is a good one for me. Sadly Blue Inc doesn’t accept Amex, but the extra 1 Avios in store makes up for that.

  • bill says:

    OT: Is anyone else still waiting for the £20 credit from the Moneycopr card offer

    • n says:

      I got mine a while ago. I chased via email 89 days after I’d registered.

      Also, top tip for clearing the card out – Any Moneycorp desk/branch can give you all the cash left on it, with no fees.

  • n says:

    OT: Thoughts on BA OB points value vs Avios?

    I have ~10k OB points, and 80k Avios in the bank.

    For a TXL-LHR flight, would I be better off paying 1600 OB to fly ET or 7,750 avios to fly CE? (fees are £25.20 with OB, or £25 with Avios)

    Still not got my head around what OB points are really worth….

    • n says:

      What I’ve currently done is booked the OB flight (100% refundable), with an EF alert set up for ET availability on the flight I want…

    • Rob says:

      OB has better availability than Avios. This means that I NEVER use OB if Avios is available (unless they are expiring) because one day you will need a specific flight, Avios will be sold out and OB will save your bacon.

      • n says:

        That’s sort of what’s happening here, there’s OB ET availability and Avios CE availability. Ideally I’m after ET Avios!

        I’ve done this before and it worked out ok – two ET RFA seats opened up a few days before my flight and I cancelled the OB ET seats.

        But this time I’m trying to decide between OB ET or RFS CE!

    • Alan says:

      They’re OK but massively devalued when they re-did the system. Theoretically slightly better availability than Avios but nowhere near as much as it used to be. Higher taxes than Avios in Europe (no RFS). Looking at a CE return they were ludicrously more expensive for a redemption.

  • Jo says:

    So if I register my airline AMEX card which gets me 2 miles per £1 on purchases, will I receive the avios in addition to these miles?

  • planesailing38 says:

    Cafe Nero drinking could become profitable using a rewards credit card and stacking with Heathrow Reward points at work!!