Register now – TRIPLE AVIOS on all BA flights, all classes, is back!

So, how bad are British Airways forward bookings at the moment?  I was surprised that the current British Airways sale (covered here) was so underwhelming.  I couldn’t even bring myself to write a full article on it.

However, now we have a very serious statement of intent – BA has brought back its offer of triple base Avios on all British Airways flights, irrespective of ticket class or price.

If you are travelling to North America from Europe, flights on Finnair, Iberia and American Airlines are also included if you credit them to your British Airways account.

You MUST register in advance by clicking here.

It is not yet clear if members of the On Business small business scheme will also receive triple OB points – they did when this offer ran last Autumn.

British Airways triple avios promotion

Let’s look at an example of how good this could be.

Berlin to Hong Kong on British Airways, Club World

Avios earned as a Blue member (a status member would get more):

Calculated at this web page as (869 + 8969 + 8969 + 869) + a bonus of (579 + 5979 + 5979 + 579) + (579 + 5979 + 5979 + 579) = 45,908

That is a VERY generous incentive and, if you manage to pick up a cheap business class deal, a substantial rebate on the cost of the flight itself.

I expected this promotion to come with a catch (ie excluding non-refundable fares) but there isn’t one.  The only rule is that your flight must be BOOKED and flown between the start date – which is not named in the rules – and 31st March 2017.

There is some risk here if you are looking to book a BA flight today.  Who knows what the official start date of this promotion is?  Whilst the website is live, BA has not yet emailed anyone about the offer.

The registration page is also buggy at present.  This is what I got:

Thank you, you are now registered for this offer.

Your registration has been unsuccessful, unfortunately you are not eligible for this offer.

For clarity, EVERYONE can register for this offer, irrespective of what country their BAEC account is in.

Here are the other rules:

You get the bonus on up to EIGHT segments (ie four return flights or eight one-way flights) – this means, weirdly, that you may want to keep your BAEC number out of some short haul bookings so you can get triple Avios on later long haul flights

You MUST register via this page of

All cabins and all ticket types are included

Only base Avios are tripled, not any cabin or status bonus

American, Iberia and Finnair flights will count if they are for travel between the EU, Norway, Switzerland and North America, Mexico and Puerto Rico or an OpenSkies service from Paris Orly to Newark or New York JFK

Unlike the September version of this offer, Comair flights in South Africa ARE included this time

SUN-AIR franchise flights are excluded as are BA numbered codeshare flights on other airlines

I strongly recommend that you register now by clicking here.  You will also find full details on this page.  You could easily forget if you end up not having any qualifying flights until nearer the end of the offer in March.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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How to find a British Airways office open at any time (eg midnight for 241 bookings!)
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  1. Can someone give me a definitive answer please… I have quite a few flights already booked with BA up until March 31st, INCLUDING a trip departing at 7.55am on Thursday, the day this triple-Avios promotion now begins. Will I get them on those trips (if I register at, say, 5am on Thursday) or is it only on bookings made subsequently. Many thanks…

    • If it works in the same way as the equivalent promo at the end of 2016, no, you won’t get the bonus on any existing bookings.

      • Damn! OK, thanks Dave.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Though lots of people who did buy their tickets before the promo started did get the triple Avios

        look at the mess today don’t think BA IT is that good. either way worth registering as what do you have to lose

        • Corporate travel agents tend not to ticket until very close to the date of travel, so it is possible you could have booked (and got a PNR) for a ticket which has not actually been ticketed – and therefore it did count.

          Tickets bought via third parties tended to count IIRC, presumably because the original purchase date is obfuscated.

          I thought, in general, people who bought pre-paid tickets directly from BA before the promo start date did not get the bonus? There is a long Flyertalk thread on this from last time.

        • Barry cutters says:

          My flight to Hawaii , bought in the American sale in the summer (on gave me tripple avios on the LAX leg. And so did a BA flight to Johannesburg. Both in club/business

      • Indeed, the exception seemed to be when ticketing was on different stock (eg 001 AA rather than 125 BA).

  2. Just tried registering for this… I receive a message stating:
    “Your registration has been unsuccessful, unfortunately you are not eligible for this offer.”. Is that what was meant by the webpage being buggy? Anyone else had trouble? Thanks.

    • Just re-read the article… should have gone to spec savers 😉

      • I’ve read it 3 times and am non the wiser!

        • barry cutters says:

          Everyone is getting the error message
          the error message happened last time but people still were registered
          you are probably registered if you get the error message
          promotion officially starts on 5th jan
          try again after 5th jan
          probably you will still get the error message

    • It is still doing this at 16:00…

  3. James67 says:

    OT: Just got an email from saying to watch out for something big coming soon. U guess it might just be this triple avios promotion.

  4. Nick Weaver says:

    Looks like UK&I BAEC accounts can register from the 5th Jan. There’s a new start date section in the t&cs

    • Yep, Rob’s edited the article to include this. Another nicely illogical move by BA!

  5. I’m planning to book a March holiday (flight plus hotel) with BA. Does anyone know if the triple avios will be paid for flights booked as part of a BA holiday booking?

    • Nick, looks like a no… “Triple Avios will be awarded before any cabin or tier bonuses, on all tickets except reward flights, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers (for instance inclusive BA holidays, or bookings made using shareholder vouchers).”

      • barry cutters says:

        Its very likely it will still award though.
        as you say you are planning to book, you should register anyway.
        i doubt BA’s It will be able to work out the difference.
        After all the booking code is normally independent of wether you book as a holiday or a flight only.
        In the last one (autumn) my friend was awarded it for a flight and holiday package to IST.

      • I can’t see where the exclusion of BA holiday bookings is stated. The section I’m seeing just says “Triple Avios will be awarded before any cabin or tier bonuses on all tickets except reward flights.” Has this changed or am I missing something ?

  6. Registration now actually seems open

    • Sorry I just read these can someone tell me about this triple point or what’s happening in regards the Amex, avois ba …. what have I been missing?

  7. I’m not sure wjhy there is all the fuss with the triple Avios promotion. The official launch date is tomorrow 5th Janaury and someone found a non-publicised link before then and poste dit, Then a flurry of complains thta people cannot register! Bah!

  8. Can you combine this with the 15k avios birthday offer?

  9. Will Aer lingus booked on BA count? Will have BA code share…

  10. I’ve just registered okay so would assume the offer is now on.

  11. If you try to register a child BA account it says yes, you are registered and then says sorry you are not eligible for the promotion.

    Poor UAT there.

  12. I don’t understand Rob’s calculation (nor can I get TXL-HKG on the link he provided):
    Can anyone tell me what I would earn for LHR-MIA one way for a Gold in CW? Thanks!

  13. Charlie175 says:

    Recently travelled to the US on the December offer of triple avios. Bookings made threw BA holidays are excluded! The offer is only valid on flight only bookings.

  14. I go on the LHR-BKK route so would get around 3x8000x2 Avios rounded to 50k Avios.

    If you value those at 1p, then they are worth £500.

    However, BA’s product on that route is rubbish, it costs at least £500 over the ME3 and there are no chauffeurs.

    Net net, I don’t think I will be partaking at £2000. Drop it to £1250 and give me triple points and then we’re talking.

  15. AviosNewbie says:

    Do the flights need to be booked on the website only? I am traveling to Jo’burg next week on work, and the travel agent will book the flights.

  16. Just an update on this. Having got the same contradictory message as everyone else i contacted BA via an online contact form specifying my issues when trying to register. I also asked (which maybe of interest to everyone else on here) whether it had registered my account or not to which i received the following message…

    ‘Thank you for writing to the Club about availing the Triple Avios offer.

    Our record indicates that you are not registered for the Triple Avios offer. To discuss it further, I would request you to contact your dedicated Service Centre where one of our agents will be able to assist you. Their telephone numbers, addresses and opening times can be found at:

    Please let us know if we can help you with anything else.

    I hope they resolve this swiftly for you.

    Kind regards
    British Airways Executive Club ‘

    i then obviously called the service centre who after putting me on hold a couple of times just told me to try again from time to time and if it still doesn’t work to call them back!

    Get the feeling that this is never going to be resolved! Sigh!

    • Did you only try on the first day (before it was launched) or did you also do it after launch and receive the normal confirmation?

      • Hi Alan,

        Have been trying continuously… before the 5th and after the 5th. Tried yesterday and this morning. Even opened a further two BA accounts and tried with those but still get the same…

        “British Airways offer registration
        Thank you, Mr John ??????, you are now registered for this offer.
        Your registration has been unsuccessful, unfortunately you are not eligible for this offer.”


        • Damn 🙁 That’s weird – I must say once it launched I had no issue with fully registration (without error message). The BA lurker on FT might be worth contacting, they’re generally much more switched on that the call centre (and no need to stay on a phone queue!)

        • Thanks for you help Alan!

        • Ha! Not wanting to sound like a maniac obsessive, although i am sounding very much like one, i also tried in different browsers and also on my phone to see if it worked through them, but still get the same message!

  17. I’m a BA Gold member and got excited about this offer…until calling them today to clarify. The triple miles are only for BASE MILES OF THE LOWEST BLUE TIER LEVEL. So I was thinking I would get three times the 4,590 base miles I would earn as a Gold for a return to Washington DC, but it’s only triple the 918 “base” miles for an O class WT ticket. Better than a kick in the face but not enough to prompt a mileage run IMHO.

  18. “If you are travelling to North America from Europe, flights on Finnair, Iberia and American Airlines are also included if you credit them to your British Airways account.”

    <-seems straightforward on first reading, but just to check, do flights have to be booked as BA code? i.e. will an AA flight to US from LHR booked as AA count? (incidentally, I will have internal USA AA on same booking, I assume this one will *not* count regardless)

    • No, doesn’t need to be a BA code for transatlantic flights.

      And, yes, nothing for your AA internals.