How to get 3,000 Virgin Flying Club miles from Virgin Wines

Looking at the latest batch of Flying Club deals, I was reminded of this long-running offer of 3,000 Flying Club miles for your first wine order from Virgin Wines.

Virgin Wines used to be part of Laithwaites, which runs most of the mail-order wine clubs under different brands, including the British Airways Wine Club, but was sold in a £14m management buyout a few years ago.

Mixed cases start at £65 for six bottles as you can see if you scroll down this page.

Alternatively, you can join their ‘Discovery’ wine club and buy a half-price case of wine for £59.  12 bottles of wine and 3,000 Flying Club miles is not a bad deal for £59!

Virgin Wines

There is no obligation to make further purchases, although you will receive 750 miles per case if you do.

If you join the Discovery Club, you will need to cancel your membership after the first case has arrived or they will try to sell you further cases on a regular basis.

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  1. Mr(s) Entitled says:

    Are the wines palatable?

    • the real harry1 says:

      Generally top quality in terms of bang for your buck.

      Don’t forget a couple of things:

      – you can generally double dip on any other Virgin Wines offer you can find, eg VW regularly pop up on the Amex statement deals, you’d get the 3000/ 750 points as well

      – you do need to cancel your membership of Discovery Club or they’ll keep sending you more wine @ higher prices

  2. Wally1976 says:

    I managed to get the 3000 points with a Virgin Wines Groupon offer – think I paid less than £40 for 12 bottles including delivery. Had to fill in a missing points form but the points arrived eventually.

  3. I’ve never collected Virgin miles is it worth a bash?

    • Depends how much you visit the US as very US focused network now.

    • the real harry1 says:

      I’m collecting for the long term – keeping alive a 100K stash from an old corporate Amex card – should be able to redeem them eventually on long haul, maybe in 6-7 years’ time! – always a slim chance that Virgin miles get redeemable in Europe, you never know what partnerships or takeovers will evolve over the next few years…

    • It can also be a good way to get Hilton or IHG miles but probably not at the expense of Avios.

  4. the real harry1 says:

    O/T bit quiet!

    So I ran into an expected problem claiming my next 4x 1000 Avios for removal of F&B on European tickets purchased before this decision was taken.

    I even got my son to make this claim as he is an adult in his own right and first-named on the manifest. Ie a bit different to our first claim in my name, 4 of us got 4000 Avios fine.

    They still worked out they had given us 1000 Avios each already & said so, not exactly saying ‘so we’re not giving you another 1000 each’ (they haven’t given us anything) but sort of leaving the door open for a protest at shoddy treatment.

    Bit obvious, really – every fare sold which was advertised as including free B&B should get 1000 Avios compo. I don’t really care if BA are doing it this way and depriving (say) 75+% of people of their rightful Avios compensation, as long as I get mine.

    Luckily BA have been utterly incompetent & I got 2 answers/ emails for the same query, 1 asking for more details. So I’ll pursue that.

    I will start slowly & quietly before I fire a few big guns such as MCOL.

    I have screenshots of several pages from BA advertising the free F&B.

    It might work out well, ie MCOL means I will claim my time @ £25/ hr as well.

    Not going to invoke the publicity angle just yet, but BA better be aware that it only takes a few emails to people such as Simon Calder (always pays his own way, always desperate for a story) interested in BA ripping off common people like us

    • +1 TRH, BA should of just automatically compensated people that already had made bookings. Again, another backward step. I reckon the lounges are going to get hammered for a few months!

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Hope you are fairly compensated Harry, BA are taking advantage if they think they can offer 1000 Avios per person irrespective of number of flights booked.

      Way I see it 1000 Avios each way is the absolute minimum!

      • the real harry1 says:

        thanks – I’ll grudgingly accept 1000 per flight even though that’s rubbish vs 3 G&Ts @ £18 new style

        I am certainly not going to lie down

        In the past I got good results by contacting the CEO direct, they just – same as most of us in senior positions would do – assessed the situation on its merits & told somebody else eg CS Director to sort it out & go away.

        Dismissed by CEO in 1 minute. Get the Avios.

        So I’ll try that, not sure if he’s any good, though.

    • For the less enlightened among us – what is MCOL please?

      I need to progress a BA claim of my own from “ask” to “tell” so this could potentially be useful for me (and others)…

    • Go all out and request everything and then at least you know where the hurdles are to overcome.

  5. Wife just registered and done her first wine order with Virgin(possibly first of many – oops shouldn’t have said that) however she got a £50 coupon in her account plus the saving on 12 bottles of Chateau Mathiot Bordeaux AOC 2015 which came to a total of £57.88 not bad for 12 bottles