British Airways to launch Manchester weekend flights to Europe

According to reports on Flyertalk, and whilst these flights are NOT yet available for booking at, it appears that Manchester Airport prematurely announced that British Airways will be running weekend services from the airport this Summer.

The details now appear to have disappeared from the airport website but the timings are below.

This will be a similar model to the London Stansted weekend services.  Aircraft which would otherwise be flying from London City – which is closed from noon on Saturday to noon on Sunday – are being used to operate regional services.

These are apparently the new services from Manchester.  With just one flight per week on most routes, they won’t be a lot of use unless you are planning a 7-night holiday.

Alicante – 20 May – 30 September (Saturdays)
Depart Manchester 0550, arrive Alicante 0940
Depart Alicante  1025, arrive Manchester 1220

London City – 21 May – 1 October
Depart Manchester 1955, arrive London City 2055 (Sundays)
Depart London City 1945, arrive Manchester 2045 (Thursdays)

Ibiza – 18 May – 1 October
Depart Manchester 2125, arrive Ibiza 0115 (Thursdays)
Depart Manchester 1930, arrive Ibiza 2330 (Saturdays)
Depart Manchester 1250, arrive Ibiza 1640 (Sundays)
Depart Ibiza 0155, arrive Manchester 0330 (Fridays)
Depart Ibiza 0005, arrive Manchester 0150 (Sundays)
Depart Ibiza 1725, arrive Manchester 1910 (Sundays)

British Airways Vickers Viscount

Malaga – 19 May – 29 September (Fridays)
Depart Manchester 0535, arrive Malaga 0935
Depart Malaga 1020, arrive Manchester 1225

Mykonos – 19 May – 29 September (Fridays)
Depart Manchester 1310, arrive Mykonos 1910
Depart Mykonos 1955, arrive Manchester 2205

Palma – 21 May – 1 October (Sundays)
Depart Manchester 0550, arrive Palma 0935
Depart Palma 1020, arrive Manchester 1205

Nice – 20 May – 30 September (Saturdays)
Depart Manchester 1305, arrive Nice 1625
Depart Nice 1710, arrive Manchester 1835

Remember that these flights cannot be booked yet but should open up on in the next few days once the official announcement is made.  The usual 2 Club Europe and 4 Euro Traveller seats will be available on each service so you may want to have a think now about what you might want to book.

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  1. Excellent, weekend flights to Europe on a Vickers Viscount? Probably about a 38″ seat pitch and a full meal service on every flight …. if only those days of glamour flying would return!

    • I assume that there will be some sort of sandwich at first until BOB gets introduced on LCY fleet

    • BigDave says:

      Ahhh the drone of the 4 Rolls-Royce Turbo props over the French alps….

  2. The 1955 LCY on a Sunday might be useful for those that work darn sarf. Everything else is bucket & spade stuff already served by a multitude of LCCs. I suppose it brings the RFS back into play but we’re a refined bunch up here and I’m not sure if Alicante & Ibiza is all that enticing…

    • To be fair, there’s nothing wrong with the North East of Ibiza, and Altea, about 40 mins North of Alicante is OK too …. plenty of refinement to be had away from the stereotypical Beefa and Benidorm crowds 🙂

    • Not a lot over overlap between (family, at least) holidaymakers and those wanting a 5am start from MAN surely?

      That short on slots?

  3. Alice Kaerast says:

    Finally a way to use up my last few remaining Avios! Maybe. I otherwise mostly stick to the more affordable KLM and budget airline options from Leeds (or Manchester if I have to) these days.

  4. Chris H says:

    Shame there aren’t any Thurs to Sun/Mon in there. Would’ve been perfect for Avios. But a week definitely wouldn’t work for me in those destinations.

  5. James A says:

    0535? The airport doesn’t usually allow departures before 0600! That’s a bit of a killer departure time isn’t it?! 🙂

    • Trickster says:

      Probably won’t take off on time!

      • You might be right. The schedule looks ambitious with the single aircraft operating this entire rotation basically working non-stop from 0700 on Thursday until 2200 on Friday with more or less 40 minute turnarounds at each airport.

        Though it does have 2 hours before the AGP flight at 0535, having returned from IBZ at 0330. Unless there was a >60 minute delay over the continent on Thursday it should be ok.

  6. I can barely contain my excitement! I recently booked Man-Bremen also and am looking forward to not having to fly via Heathrow (and pay an extra 9000 avios for the priviledge)!

  7. The MAN – ALC flight would be perfect for me this Summer and allow me to cancel (much more inconvenient) flights I’ve booked from LHR to Murcia.
    Is there a way I can set an alert that lets me know as soon as these flights are loaded on to Thanks

  8. Well, routes are already very well served (jet2, Ryanair, Vueling, easyjet in the case of ALC) if I remember correctly, but this is welcome news to see BA branch out a little to us northerners again!

  9. Welcome back to Britain British Airways!

    MAN – Kalamata would have been appreciated.

  10. Eli Goldberg says:

    How I’d love some Manchester options.
    It’s an avios killer to always have to connect via Heathrow.
    Nothing to Geneva or Lyon?

  11. Glorious news. Not sure how Galleries MAN will cope with extra pax on top of the regular LHR shuttle lot. A scramble for a slice of cheese will likely become a fully fledged fight.

    • Planeflyer says:

      These flights are operated by an E190, so not the largest aircraft, and I imagine not exactly status heavy. I’m sure the lounge can cope with an extra ~10-20 people on these once weekly summer flights.

  12. Any ideas on pricing? I assume they are looking to compete with low cost carriers.

  13. Relatively OT – looking to book LCY – Berlin in July and was a little confused by BoB… do you still receive food/drink on flights to/from City?

    The return may need to be in CE to use Avios so would this still be catered as normal in any event? I assume that I’d also get access to the recently reviewed lounge in Berlin if flying back CE too?

    • You get free food and drink today but the switchover should happen before July.

      CE is real food and, yes, you’d get lounge access.

  14. the_real_a says:

    Give an additional one way option. In or out on avios and then LCC the other way.

  15. The IBZ flights will be packed

  16. FIRSTclstraveller says:

    Nice to see that lovely pic, which I’m not mistaken, was taken in Jersey 🙂

  17. Sorry have I missed the date this is happening? TIA

  18. Is there any updaye on this Raffles? Just tested the MAN-NCE on several end-of-season dates and there is no direct availability but much indirect.

  19. Is there any update on this Raffles? Just tested the MAN-NCE on several end-of-season dates and there is no direct availability but much indirect.

    • No, nothing official yet. The seats will be made available for sale on the same day as the announcement.