Bits: BA launches new USA Club World ‘flight and hotel’ deals; new Finnair deals

News in brief:

New BA Holidays offers to the USA

British Airways has launched a new round of ‘flight and hotel’ deals to the USA, partnered with Club World flights.

These deals are nowhere near as good as the £1,100 deals we saw to New York before Christmas, but you will get far better weather with these trips than you would from a January weekend on the East Coast!

The current offers are bookable until 14th February.   You must travel in July or August 2017.

The headline saving is ‘up to £1,100 per person’.  What this means is:

Club World + 3 nights in Miami from £1,686 per person

Club World + 5 nights in Fort Lauderdale from £1,854 per person

Club World + 5 nights in New Orleans from £1,922 per person

Deals are also available to Oakland in California but BA is not advertising any ‘from’ pricing.

Full details can be found on this special page of the BA Holidays website.

New Finnair seat

New Finnair deals

Until 21st February, Finnair is offering some excellent fares to Asia.  You can see the deals on their site here.

These prices are for flights from London, Manchester or Edinburgh via Helsinki.  Here is my review of Finnair’s excellent new A350 business class product.

Remember that, as a oneworld alliance member, you will earn Avios and British Airways tier points on these fares.

The headline prices are:

  • Beijing £1,335
  • Chongqing £1,249
  • Guangzhou £1,339
  • Seoul £1,395
  • Shanghai £1,335
  • Singapore £1,475
  • Xi’an £1,225

If you wanted to get to Hong Kong, it should be easy enough to use Avios to get a Cathay Pacific connection from any of the Chinese destinations.

Travel dates are:

Beijing and Shanghai, 4 February – 30 June 2017
Chongqing and Guangzhou, 1 May – 30 June 2017
Seoul, 1 March – 30 April 2017
Singapore and Xi’an, 1 March – 30 June 2017

You can find our more on the Finnair special offers page here.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Not that great an offer. However, having just booked a hotel in Miami (Easter) the club world Miami fare, including hotel isn’t too bad. Depends very much on the location and quality of the hotel. Decent Hotels in Miami are extremely expensive, many over £250 per night.

  2. Slightly OT Rob. I thought you would have covered the Qatar Valentines 2 for 1 deals or have I missed it? Some good deals around till Dec 2017 for 2 people booking together.
    Just booked CPH-AKL-OSL for £1385 per person including the “longest flight in the world” on AKL-DOH!!!

  3. TravellerFrequently says:

    Unfortunately, AY now requires stays of at least 4/5 days to qualify for the lowest fares.

    Not good for TP runs!

  4. Andrew H says:

    O/T: have brought back the Avios purchase offer. The 2k avios is a better price than last time – 19 euros (rather than 24 euros I think).

    Also 10 avios per euro for spending through IberiaPluStore, so 2000 avios + 190 bonus cost me £16.85 (when paying through Paypal).

    For those unfamiliar with the process of redeeming the coupon:

    Once you have purchased the Avios, go to the purchase list in your Groupon account. Click the ‘Print Coupon’ button on the left and a pdf file will appear. At the top left, there are two codes you will need (not the reference number, which is below them). In the blurb in the first window, there should be a link to click which will take you to a page asking you to enter the two codes. Enter them, and your email address. It may not work first time and will ask you to enter the codes again. Repeat until it accepts them. This is normal. You’ll be taken to a new page to enter your Iberia Plus number (again, it might not work, so keep trying). You should get a Congratulations message at the end.

    If you’re using Chrome, remember you can right click on the page and select ‘Translate to English’.

    I’ve done this process a few times in the last couple of years so it’s becoming much easier. 🙂

    • the real harry1 says:

      just seen this – surprised people are not more excited!

      0.774p/ avios

      • Andrew H says:

        I’m also surprised at the lack of interest. I was refreshing this page for an hour after I’d posted wondering where all the replies were.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        0.66p with the code – good deal for 2000, shame it is only 2000 though

    • Just done this myself. Use code CUPON20 for a further 20% off if comes back to e15.20.
      There is also some other code / glitch which discounts it down to e13.00 which I got on my first transaction. I couldn’t replicate this on my wife’s account so went looking for a code and found the one above which works.

      • the real harry1 says:

        you probably need new a/cs to use the discount codes?

        when I checked LY there were several decent discounts, I’ll have a trawl later (just watching Arsenal-Hull free on Sky Sports Mix!)

        • Andrew H says:

          I was too quick off the mark! Oh well. Someone on Flyertalk said it’s only for first time users or has limited use, so maybe wouldn’t have worked for me anyway.

        • Should work for everyone. This is our fourth lot of Avios from the offers. All I’ve seen is that the code only works once per person.

        • Half term, everyone’s off!

        • Code worked for me (not first time user) and paying with Supercard so the cost was £12.95 plus hopefully 150 extra Avios for going through the Iberia shopping portal.

        • the real harry1 says:

          I was collecting an oak corner cupboard (snow flurries), getting son ready for swimming, forcing daughter to read a bit more (she’ll thank me), researching RBS shareholder action group too late too join & probably cost me a few quid, watching the fitba (free Premier League today) lol

          brilliant deal from Andrew H, nobody has said if the next amount up stacks up but I’ll wait for comments/ hfp

        • the real harry1 says:

          (Danny) that makes it 5.9p/ avios

        • Or 0.59ppa?

        • the real harry1 says:

          damn! 🙂

        • Andrew H says:

          OK. I’m not too fussed about 4 euros. It’s an ace deal, though!

        • the real harry1 says:

          yep good spot (yet again!) 🙂

        • I guessed it was that so thanks for confirming Harry 🙂

    • lee moss says:

      bought added codes tried about 10 times and just keeps saying code not valid ?

      any ideas ?

      • Andrew H says:

        Keep trying. People have been having this problem ever since Groupon started running this promo a couple of years ago.

      • the real harry1 says:

        and we hope you used PayPal! (for easy resolution)

    • Andrew M says:

      Does it make sense to buy any of the larger amounts or is 2000 the only one that is a decent price?

      • 8000 cost about 0.75ppa (with the code) if the extra avios comes through. At worst you pay 0.84ppa which is probably not a bad price for some.

        • Andrew M says:

          Thanks for that. I’ve bought 2000 with the CUPON20 code and I’m pondering whether to go for a further 8000 or not. Is there another code that takes the price lower or is CUPON20 the only one?

        • seems to be one per account
          I used the code to buy 8000 and then 2000 at 19 euros
          in the end paying 0.75ppa for 11180 avios

        • rams1981 says:

          I did the same as you Yan. Used the discount code for the 8k to give biggest discount (max 20 euro discount) and bought 2k as a standalone. Nice easy 10k

  5. AY has an ex-TLL sale (dunno when it ends) if you want to maximise TPs.

    Combining with the BA £232 to TLL codeshare on AY, LHR-HEL-TLL-HEL-BKK-HEL-TLL-HEL-LHR would be possible for £1400 although it looks like you can only book this to travel when Tallinn is dark and freezing; however other options are posted on FT in the BA Premium Fare Deals thread, the BA TLL £232 thread and the Premium Fare Deals forum. This would get you 520 TPs.

    However, AMS-xxx-BKK-yyy-AMS on BA may be cheaper in total (£1300) and less risky if you want to go to HKG or SIN, as you can put any of those plus perhaps some other BA Asian destinations for xxx and/or yyy. ex-Germany was possible a few days ago but seemingly no longer. This would get you 460 TPs plus whatever from getting to AMS.

    If you actually want to go to BKK as a couple, QR HEL-DOH-BKK is currently the cheapest at £1900 for two, but HEL-DOH is on a shorthaul plane. You could perhaps combine this with the AY LHR-HEL-TLL deal. According to someone on FT, you can get this for £255 in the summer if you replace one of the HEL-TLL legs with a ferry (at your own expense), i.e. LHR-HEL // TLL-LHR.

  6. Not Club but booked DUB to JNB in Oct in Y using a few Avios to discount and for two came in at £480 + 30K including positioning flights. Then bagged 25D on the 380 to top it off.

  7. OT But iberia plus you can currently book redemption for 25% off. It’s 25,500 avios one way Madrid to New York in business. I think it’s available until valentines day for flights till June and excludes April

    • If you are looking for Amex 241 redemptions, Tokyo is out there on its own as the long haul option for J class as they have availability most months in both directions.

  8. Other than the exceptional QR deal recently to Tokyo, it seems Europe-Japan is one with few deals – is this a correct assumption?

    Am I aiming unreasonably for a sub £800 in J to Japan?

  9. OT – Club Carlson £50 off £100 spend (!) on my partners BA Amex. Not on any other cards of ours, and first 5,000 only. So check and secure quickly…

  10. OT But we recently flew to Singapore with Finnair via Helsinki on the new A35 which was a great experience EXCEPT, we were delayed for 20 hours in Helsinki on the outbound flight. 30 minutes before we were due to board we were told to return the following day. They put us in an hotel and 20 hours later we departed and have now been told that they are citing “Exceptional Circumstances” as a co-pilot was taken ill and we would not be liable for compensation under EU regulations. Given that Helsinki is their home airport, is this correct and has anyone else experience of this?

    • I would challenge that. Being unable to crew a flight from the airline’s main operating base does not constitute ‘exceptional circumstances’.
      If it were down-route, possibly, but not ex-HEL.

    • It’s difficult to get compensation out of AY even when it’s clear cut.

      You may have to take it to court or you can use a law firm, make sure you or the law firm cite the recent BA case where they initially refused compensation because a pilot was ill, yet in the end BA lost in court (the judge remarked that it would seem unreasonable for BA to have a spare set of pilots on every flight – but while it’s extraordinary for any single pilot to be sick on one day, when you have hundreds of pilots then one of them is bound to be sick eventually and if they don’t want to have a spare set of pilots on every flight then they should expect to pay compensation now and again)

  11. O/T but Rob the new Fifty Shades Darker ads you’ve got running on the site are super annoying — seems to take focus to the bottom of the page and start playing automatically. Not sure if that’s intentional? This is on the desktop version, accessed with Safari, if that’s relevant.

    • It is an issue on Mac / Safari but no-one else. Agency was trying to block it for Mac users. Ends 14th anyway.

      • the real harry1 says:

        why can’t these people switch browsers? 🙂

        • loss of coolness?

        • the real harry1 says:

          heh heh!

          I guess – I’m going to be 55 next year, let everybody know it – that it’s going to be a mixture of good advice, sad advice, bad advice & old dude advice/ comments lol

          we’re not over the hill yet nor are they up to speed

        • why should we have to? like most of the ‘moans’ on here – yours included – its hardly life or death..

  12. Not on Internet Explorer/Edge

  13. Flightdoctor says:

    OT question. Signed up for the triple Avios deal and I think it only covers 8 consecutive flight segments? I have a long haul trip coming up in F which would be very lucrative. Problem is I have a load of cheap economy trips to Europe with BA between now and then. Is there any way I can withdraw from the offer so I can ensure the F Trip is captured for the offer?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      You could remove your BA number from the short hauls and retrospectively claim the avios TP post your long haul so they don’t use the 8 segments?

      might need to use finnair website to remove the FF number

  14. ‘Off Topic’ I filed the company’s annual return yesterday and one of the payment option used on the HMRC website was Amex. I paid without incurring any type of fee (from memory last year I can’t remember if this was an option). Is this a sign of things to come as Paying PAYE or cooperation tax doesn’t yet have an Amex option?

    • Can’t remember how we paid in Oct but remember CH is not HMRC

      • good point, they obviously do differ. As I accessed both portals through the .gov website. I assumed wrongly they would share a similar payment portal hence my question. One can wish.

    • Someone else told me this too. Companies House is run commercially and at arms length so I wouldn’t read anything into it.

      • Plus deals with much smaller amounts than HMRC so I guess can more easily absorb any costs?

  15. OT does anyone know where the 3 x 20% off vouchers for Melia Gold members are shown in your account? Thanks.

    • Yes they are under the MY PROMOTIONS tab at the top of page central after signing in your acc

      • Just looked there but says I have no active promotions. I wonder if Melia Gold gained via Amex Platinum doesn’t get you the 3 x 20% off vouchers?

        • TGLoyalty says:

          I never got them

        • I was Amex Plat when I signed up and I got 20% off I used them 3 times last year and have new ones for this calendar year
          Your vouchers should reset every 12 months just call them they should be able to sort it for you .

          Have u had any paid stay with Melia maybe this could be a reason ?

        • TGLoyalty says:

          Well I never got them last year but I do now. Might come in very handy thanks

    • MAD-ORD return in business for just 51,000 Avios during the Valentines promo….cracking deal!

  16. The intrusive adverts are why I keep an ad-blocker on and only use HFP (and FT incidentally) on my phone or desktop – my iPad is too old for it to work. I completely get that advertising pays for these types of sites but if those who run them refuse to accept that intrusive and data-heavy ads are annoying and unnecessary, then they don’t deserve patronage, and this happens far too frequently for my liking. Any sites that agree to have only non-intrusive ads (and carry through with the promise-site owners/managers DO have control over this) are immediately whitelisted as I don’t mind supporting them.

    • The ad doesn’t cause trouble on an iPad, only a Mac it seems – and it was news to the ad agency too. However I have agreed to run it until 14th for better or worse.

  17. David Gilmore says:

    Finnair offer – I checked the Singapore fares for mid-May and for my dates – at least 6 nights away, the business class fare was £2232. Disappointed

  18. OT: I’m in Gatwick and was refused entry to the lounge. I have an avios redemption for club world from Edinburgh to Orlando. On the way out I had lounge access in Edinburgh and Gatwick and when returning in Orlando but now before my connecting flight in Gatwick to Edinburgh they turned me away and didn’t even want to discuss it. I’ve done this a few times before and always been able to get in to the lounge. Has something changed?

    • Sadly this is a recurring issue – some threads on FT about it. If they won’t let you in on the day there’s little you can do, but previously my folks had success in being given Avios after complaining to customer services. It’s all to do with the class of the connecting domestic redemption ticket, hopefully will be less of an issue when two-class domestic services return!