25% off selected Iberia Avios redemptions – New York in business for 51,000 return!

Iberia Plus launched a very low key offer last week offering 25% off redemptions to various destinations in all classes.

As Iberia Plus is already a more attractive redemption option than British Airways for a couple of reasons, this offer is a great extra bonus.

Here’s the deal which you can find on the Iberia website site here:

Book between 8th and 14th February

The following routes and travel dates are included:

Madrid to Zurich, London, Vienna and Moscow between 8th February 8th and 14th June

Madrid to Bogota, Medellin, Johannesburgo, Miami, New York, Boston, Chicago, Panama, Shanghai, Mexico and Lima between 8th February and 14th June, except April

Madrid to Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires and Havana from 1st May to 14th June 14th

The following dates are excluded for all routes: 7-18 April, 21-24 April, 28-29 April, 2-3 May, 6-8 May, 9-12 June

Iberia A330 350

There are three good reasons to redeem on Iberia from Madrid (and one bad reason – you need to get to Madrid first):

Taxes are very low – not only because there is no Air Passenger Duty but because Iberia adds lower fuel surcharges than BA.  

Some destinations require far fewer Avios than an equivalent redemption on BA from London.  Off peak, for example, Madrid to Boston / New York / Chicago is just 68,000 Avios return. 

Iberia has a different calendar of peak and off-peak dates than BA which means the savings can be even greater.  This week, for example, is peak on the BA calendar due to half-term but off-peak for Iberia.

You can find out more about redeeming Avios on Iberia in my “Avios Redemption University” article on Iberia which is here.

Here is a typical sale deal ….

The screenshot below shows Madrid to Chicago in Business Class, one way, for just 25,500 Avios plus £101 of taxes.  This is the usual 34,000 Avios each way reduced by 25%.

However, I should add that availability – at least for the US routes – is pretty poor in Business Class based on some examples I ran last night.

To book these deals, you need to move your Avios into an Iberia Plus account.  The Iberia account must be 90 days old and have ‘earned’ one Avios point (the easiest option is an Amex Membership Rewards transfer) before transfers are allowed.

If you don’t have an Iberia account, you can’t take part.  Open one and make sure you ‘earn’ 1 Avios in it ASAP – you will then be well placed next time such an offer turns up.

Full details of the deal are here on iberia.com.

PS.  Iberia has made some changes to its reward chart as well – more on that tomorrow

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

Iberia launches a new Avios reward chart, reduces some economy prices
It's back - buy up to 100,000 cheap Avios, from 0.81p, via Groupon!
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  1. The changes in the reward chart are minimal. In fact, they were announced back in November and introduced in January. Full fare economy redemptions have become cheaper on long haul routes, just to fit the new premium economy redemptions – that’s it. Well, they’ve also added a new band 9, but keep your imagination open to why they’ve done this. It might be a new route or, probably, nothing exciting.

  2. Thanks for posting. However, should you consider crediting the travel points blog you lifted this graphic from?

    • Eh?! I did that screenshot last night? Or do you mean the plane, which is an Iberia supplied picture?

    • Not so crafty says:

      If you’re referring to The Points Guy, who ran this analysis yesterday (as noted in the comments on this site), I believe his example was from Chicago to Madrid, rather than the other way round. Whether Rob got the information from TPG in the first place is another matter, but I’m sure he has his own sources for most things and doesn’t have to rely on other blogs.

      Speaking of which, Rob, did you see the Lufthansa bonus miles deals posted on LL yesterday? Worth a post?

      • My apologies, I read the articles together in quick succession, and as both had chosen the same illustrative route, I jumped to conclusions!

      • Not keen on the Lufty deal. Moving into the reselling arena which I try to avoid and the mileage is not hugely generous.

        • Fair enough. I was thinking that, if you’re paying approx. £300 for something and getting 20,000 miles (worth £200 at 1p per mile), then you only need to resell for half price to get Lufty miles at a decent rate – as we know, it’s pretty difficult to earn them in the UK, otherwise.

        • Yes but the problem is when reselling high value goods if that people are on the look out for fakes and would rather buy from a authorised reseller never mind the fact it only take a couple of returns and you have some used items on yours hands with the reselling value a lot lower.

  3. Praveen Kalluri says:

    Is it not an error according to thepointsguy.com for the Iberia redemptions.

    • Not so crafty says:

      No – see TPG’s edit – he thought it was an error, then he realised that the cheaper prices were due to the 25% deal.

  4. Sorry as a non UK newbie, this seems a stupid question.

    If I open an Iberia account, buy some points from groupon per today’s post, then redeem to fly on iberia or its sister airlines i.e. BA, how do I get the perks of BAEC Silver in the said flight? Do I also need to fly on Iberia first to get the benefits & obtain Iberia status?

    • There is an option to put your frequent flyer number in during the booking process.

    • I use my QR status on BA flights, so i am sure you can use your BA status on Iberia – they are all part of the same group (one world) – so your status should be recognised regardless of the airline (as long as they are part of the sae group)

  5. Rob is there a typo here, ie should it contain the word “return”???

    “screenshot below shows Madrid to Chicago in Business Class, one way, for just 25,500 Avios return plus £101 of taxes. This is the usual 34,000 Avios each way reduced by 25%.”

    Makes more sense with it????

  6. Rob is there a typo here, ie should it contain the word “return”???

    “screenshot below shows Madrid to Chicago in Business Class, one way, for just 25,500 Avios return plus £101 of taxes. This is the usual 34,000 Avios each way reduced by 25%.”

    Makes more sense without it????

  7. Timothy Arnold says:

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Struggling to find availability anywhere in Bis!

  8. Minimum transfer from Amex is 1000 points as far as I can see?!

  9. The one bad point – a trip to Madrid – is a good one for me!

    It means a flight EDI – MAD rather than EDI-Heathrow. Now a night in Madrid has to be better than a night near/in Heathrow!

    • Me too which is why I had Man-Mad-Lim booked rather than going with my tour group from Gatwick. There are no Man-LGW flights, so it’s Man-LHR-coach-LGW-LIM. BA can stuff that.

      Thinking now to cancel the MAD-LIM in bus and rebook in the same, save 10800 avios but I don’t have enough in my account to rebook. Waiting on an SPG transfer to go through.

    • Totally agree, any excuse to avoid LHR is a good one! 🙂

    • I’m in Madrid at the moment having flown direct from Edinburgh – highly recommended and no connection via Heathrow.

  10. Yes – great deal. I stumbled on this earlier this week as I was looking for a flight to Lima next week. BA direct was 60000 Avios each way and around £300 – Iberia in business class was have that from MAD, and only around £100 in taxes. Plus, the married segment concept means that on the way back we get and Avios seat MAD-LHR where none existed on the last day of the half term holiday.

    On the way out we have separate tickets, and a night stay at an airport hotel.

  11. OT re InterConti Ambassador programme – thinking about enrolling:

    1. How does the Ambassador single rate for double occupancy benefit work? When booking, do I select 1 guest even if there will be two of us?

    2. Does the single rate for double occupancy benefit apply when booking 1 double queen room for 3 people? In this scenario, would I enter on the booking form 2 guests even if there will be 3 of us staying (i.e. I pay for 2 people and the additional guest surcharge for the 3rd person is waived)?

    3. Does the guaranteed upgrade also apply to suites? For example, if I book a room one category below a suite, would I then be upgraded to a suite?

    • 3. There are bookable room categories then there is the hotel’s definition of an upgrade which could be a higher floor room, a corner room etc within the same bookable category.

    • 1. Only really applies in Germany, few other countries vary pricing. But, yes, book for 1.

      2. It would not waive the 3rd person fee because that is technically for the rollaway fee (you could argue this at the hotel).

      3. In theory yes although the T&C list hotels and specific suites you can’t get. Flyertalk is good for guidance here, eg some hotels have room categories they don’t sell but use for AMB upgrades. IC HK will never upgrade your view (ie road to harbour) etc.

  12. James123 says:


    I want to book the Arts Hotel in Barcelona for a weekend in May, what is the best way for me to book to maximise points and chances of a room upgrade. My thoughts were apply for Amex Platinum card and book through the Fine Hotels service and status match the SPG Gold to Marriot Gold, or would it be better to book direct with the hotel once I have the gold status?

  13. So if one were to take advantage of the current Iberia buy Avios offer “The maximum number of Avios you can buy is therefore 3 x 34 + 2 x 20 = 142,000 Avios for €1,785, less €20 if the coupon code works.” ,
    51,000 Avios would cost ~€630 so add the taxes in and you’re looking at a pretty decent price fromn EU-US business return.

    That’s based upon the €20 discount working but doesn’t take into account the 20 Avios per € Groupon offer, should it work. If it did I guess you’d be getting an extra ~35000 Avios making the 51,000 Avios mentioned above cost just over €500. Add the taxes for the flight and that’s a seriously good price for an EU-US business return.

    Have I done my sums right ?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      It’s 10 Avios per € which is double the usual 5 per €. So if it works you get 6300 Avios on €630 spend

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Also I wouldn’t risk 10 Avios per € for a €20 saving on €630 spend. Possibly split the purchase so use the coupon for a c€100 spend then buy the rest in a separate transaction

    • Nope, I haven’t done my sums right 🙁
      Its only 10 Avios per € spent (and from the Iberia plus store too rather than Groupon).

      So you’re not getting an extra ~35,000 Avios but 17,650. So each Avios costs 1.1p (€1765/159650) thus 51,000 = €561 not ~500.
      Sorry !!

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