It’s back – buy up to 100,000 cheap Avios, from 0.81p, via Groupon!

It’s back!  Fortunately, or unfortunately (it depends how much trouble you had getting the Avios to post when this deal ran last year) you can yet again buy cheap Avios points simply by heading over to Groupon!

The fall in the Euro in recent days means that this deal is not as good as it was last year, where you were paying as little as 0.7p per Avios.  It is still worth a look though.

Groupon logo

This is an Iberia Plus deal.  This means that there are two hurdles to jump:

You need an Iberia Plus Avios account (easily fixed by going to if you don’t have one)

Your Iberia account will need to be 90 days old before you are allowed to use ‘Combine My Avios’ and send your points across to your British Airways Executive Club or account

Start by visiting the Iberia home page here.

Iberia has its own online shopping portal.  However, it is not meant to be offered to UK residents.  You must change the site language (top left) to Spain – English.  It will not work if you are set to United Kingdom – English.

Click on ‘Iberia Plus’ in the top menu and you will see a link for Iberia PluStore.  Go there.  Search for Groupon and click through.  You will earn an extra 10 Avios per €1 for your purchase in the IberiaPluStore – if it tracks.

Once you have clicked through to Groupon and got the relevant cookie on your computer, click here for the Avios page you need on the Spanish Groupon site.

It is best to use Google Chrome to open it.  Chrome should offer to translate the text.  If it doesn’t, right click on your mouse and a translation option will appear.

There are five price levels- the 2,000 Avios deal is the cheapest:

2,000 Avios = €19 (£16.19) = 0.81p (excluding the PluStore Avios)

4,000 Avios = €59 (£50.28) = 1.25p (excluding the PluStore Avios)

8,000 Avios = €99 (£84.37) = 1.05p (excluding the PluStore Avios)

15,000 Avios = €189 (£161.07) = 1.07p (excluding the PluStore Avios)

20,000 Avios = €249 (£212.21) = 1.06p (excluding the PluStore Avios)

34,000 Avios = €429 (£365.61) = 1.07p (excluding the PluStore Avios)

However, if you do not use an existing account and open a new one, it appears that you can use code CUPON20 to save 20% (capped at €20).  

You can buy a maximum of five packages per Iberia account.  However, you are restricted to just one of the ‘2,000 Avios’ packs and three of the ‘34,000 Avios’ packs.  The maximum number of Avios you can buy is therefore 3 x 34 + 2 x 20 = 142,000 Avios for €1,785, less €20 if the coupon code works.

You can pay by Paypal which may be easier – I did during the previous promotion – although you get legged over on the exchange rate.  All other credit cards are accepted including American Express.  If you do not use a 0% payment card, remember to factor in the 3% FX fee to the prices shown above.

About 30 minutes later you will receive an emailed voucher.  If you don’t, the voucher will also be showing in your account on the Spanish Groupon site.  There is a link in the voucher to a page on the Groupon site where you need to input the codes.

You are told that your Avios will take 30 days to appear but, in reality, they have historically turned up quicker.

The big question ….. is it worth it?

This isn’t the most straightforward promotion ever.  The exchange rate is moving around daily and you can’t be 100% certain that you PluStore purchase will track.  I am least more confident these days that you will get your Avios without huge amounts of trouble.  Buying 2,000 at 0.8p is a decent deal but the time required may be too much of a faff to justify it.

Thanks to Flyertalk.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Did anyone ever have any luck chasing down missing points from Iberia? Tried all sorts of contacts but never got anywhere

  2. Also – OT: @Rob & others – any idea why Supercard aren’t issuing cards and how long it might be until I can get one?

    • There is some kind of technical issue, which has been going on for ages. They will not say when it will be fixed. For me, Supercard has been a massive disappointment. It is a great idea, but my card has never worked when I have tried to use it. Travelex clearly launched a product that wasn’t ready!

      • The so-called pilot product worked much better than the actual final release

        This is because they were completely different products and the beta project was more like an extended market research study

        • Agree beta was much better – had more than one process but never charge my card 😉

          Now it fails more often than not – just use Curve instead.

        • Maybe I’m lucky but have had over 50-60 transactions (Vietnam, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong…) and not a single one has failed/declined, most recently online yesterday with the Iberia/Groupon offer.

        • My super card has worked fine in France and for online bookings in foreign currency, must just be pot luck.

          However, agree the pilot was better as you could withdraw cash. I also experienced one that processed but then never charged the link card.

        • Totally agree, the pilot was flawless!

      • I definitely found it hit and miss in France. Often would give PIN error, even though clearly the correct one – would then work fine in the next shop! When it does work though it’s nice to earn points with no forex fee.

    • No, not mentioned to me, didn’t even they had paused.

  3. The terms and conditions in the iberia plus store seem to suggest that you don’t get the bonus points when you buy the iberia avios on Groupon

    • I’ve had them before but like all portals I wouldn’t count on it, just a nice bonus if they do post!

    • I got them last time though T&Cs may indeed have changed.

    • It said that last time – and I didn’t mention it – but apparently they did actually post so I am mentioning it this time.

    • To clarify, if you read the Spanish T&Cs they don’t mean that. What they say is that they are not responsible for the posting of the 2k,4K,8k… Avios packs, not that you don’t earn Avios when you click Groupon and buy the Avios through the Iberia Plus store.
      They wrote that after the first edition of the promo, because I guess many people contacted them regarding the missing 2k,4K,… Avios, when really they’ve got nothing to do with that.

  4. How long has this offered lasted in the past? I might need to buy some in a few weeks if I can’t get some amex referrals.

  5. I guess my cookies are screwed up, Groupon keeps bouncing back to the UK even though I’ve logged out.

  6. O/T but my husband and I have booked to go to Dubai in May (we managed to book first class seats as our first redemption through reading this site!). Can anyone recommend a good beach hotel that will not cost us an arm and a leg? We have the Amex platinum card but don’t have any hotel loyalty points. We were thinking of joining the isme Jumeirah loyalty scheme for a discount? We think it’s too late to sign up for the Hilton honours credit card to get the free night voucher? Any recommendations appreciated!

    • Mark1980 says:

      You should be fine do the Hilton card. I applied in January, hit the target spend in a week and the voucher posted last week.

    • It’s not late to sign up for Hilton Barclays card. It took me literally 4-5 week between signing up for the card, spending £800 required spend and receiving an automatic email with a voucher.

      Waldorf and Astoria Palm Dubai is an amazing property as well as Sofitel Palm Residence. Have a look also under fine hotels search with your Amex Platinum there are currently few fantastic deals for May

    • czechoslovakia says:

      Can recommend the DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai – Jumeirah Beach. Good price/quality ratio. Private beach. Nice suites.

  7. The fall in the Euro or the fall in the pound means that the deal isn’t as good???

  8. the real harry1 says:

    so 1x 2000 (£16.19) + 1x 8000 (£84.37) = £100.36

    take off the EUR20 = £83.50

    an easy 10000 Avios @ 0.835p/ point

  9. I would also guess there’s a risk they might consider you abusing their FFP by manipulating the site given you are a UK resident and not supposed to get this offer and could take steps against you ?
    Small risk I appreciate but large impact if you have a large balance and they just close your account.

    Unlikely but its always worth bearing in mind that when you manipulate something like this to get something not meant for you, there could be negative repercussions.

    All that said, I would risk it !!

    • You’re joking, as long as you are an Iberia member there would be no comebacks. The last Avis deal is a good example.

  10. Quite a fiddly experience but eventually managed to purchase 2000 Avios for EUR 15.81 by applying the discount code. I used my Halifax Clarity Card to avoid any additional charges and received the coupon within ten minutes.

  11. can not redeem voucher. always got error.

  12. If anyone have problems redeeming their coupons; they should try different browsers; IE works for me every time.

  13. Memesweeper says:

    Never got my points after my last attempt,and no amount of complaining recovered them or my money. Avoid.

    • Lady London says:

      Ditto. I paid last time and got nothing. No communication was responded to. I’m even willing to risk the vagaries of the Accor website. But Groupon and Iberia? Never again.

  14. Went for 2000….cant remember how I did it last time but if I did it right does it state this message after your input the security code and reference?

    Mira tu Tarjeta Iberia Plus en 15 dias ya habrás recibido tus Avios

    Which translates to “Look at your card Iberia Plus in 15 days you’ve already received your desktop accessories”

    Have I redeemed correctly? If so it was v easy done and dusted in 5 minutes if that….its no 18k avis promotion but not bad thanks rob!

    • I’ve had the same message. So I guess we should wait and see. I’ve normally only had bad experiences with Iberia’s customer services, so I am reluctant to try more than 2,000 fingers crossed they turn up.

  15. I’m slightly confused by the terms on the Groupon page.. it seems to imply the restrictions listed here (5 in total, only 1x 2000 etc) apply to the Groupon account rather than the Iberia account. So could a friend order 1x 2000 and 1x 8000 from his Groupon to add to my Iberia which will already be loaded with my own purchased of 1x 2000 and 1x 8000?

    • I wouldn’t necessarily complicate matters. All could go well but if things go badly, they go badly. Read some of the comments on articles on previous promos.

    • I just opened an Iberia account for my wife and purchased a further 2000 Avios. I’m happy to wait 90 days to move the Avios to our BAEC household account.

  16. Rob, if you click on the exchange rate then Paypal lets you charge your card in the original currency, therefore you can avoid getting legged over by Paypal. It does default to legging you over, but you can avoid it.

  17. Hi All – anybody know if you need to fly with Iberia to register or activate the Iberia Plus account?

  18. Ralph Taylor says:

    I purchased a 2,000, paid, tried to use the coupon and got “El cupón no se puede validar” (The coupon can not be validated) for the first 5 minutes after the coupon had been issued. After that it appeared to work. ¡Felicidades!

  19. Rob, you say you’ll get legged over by Paypal on the Exchange Rate, but there is an option to be billed in local currency in Paypal (although you may need to find it on the Paypal site first – Also may just be VISA/Mastercard)

    • Yes you can change the currency but then you’re at the whim of PayPal setting the rate… so yes of course you’re going to be cheated. Do a search for DCC, it’s a huge scam among banks and other financial institutions.

      And to the poster above asking if this is technically fraudulent… no it’s not, at least while we’re in the EU – companies can’t limit by residence country as long as you live in a Member State. Remember the chavvy pub that was allowed to buy Sky Sports from a Greek outlet and play it in the U.K.? Same rules here.

  20. ringingup says:

    Purchased 2000 Avios with the discount code and already redeemed them!

  21. My Iberia plus store has tracked overnight. All seems well so far

  22. Purchased 2000 – discount code didn’t work – but proceeded anyway.
    Redeemed them the second time around (IE worked whereas chrome did not)
    Got the email from Groupon saying the points will be in your account in 15 days.
    Easy and cheap points.

  23. got 2K, will likely buy a 36k block once the 2 show up in IB.

  24. Is there some trick to getting a US AMEX to process (or other US card)?

    • Does this phrase, “although you get legged over on the exchange rate,” just refer to a poor exchange rate when using PayPal, or does it refer to a forex fee that PayPal charges, separate from what the credit card charges?

      • the real harry1 says:

        simply that PayPal’s exchange rate is not as good as the ‘perfect’ exchange rate offered by some cards

        however – PayPal offers such good protection if anything goes wrong with your Groupon purchase, that you’d be well-advised to swallow the extra cost (which is nigh-negligible)

      • Not sure how they got to it, but the net charge to me in £ was poor. Can’t remember exactly how bad it was to be honest.

        • I pulled out of a purchase in USD the other week due to the exceedingly poor PayPal FX rate. In the end I paid via Supercard but gave up the Avios etc.

        • You can adjust your Paypal account so that you pay in the local currency, rather than your “primary card currency”. This allows you to pay in euros, and you get your card provider’s exchange (which is usually better).

          In the case of certain Amex cards, I believe you are rewarded with 2 Amex points per £1 spend in a foreign currency.

        • Where is this setting? The only way I know to change the currency is if I’m initiating a payment within paypal. Then I can choose. In this case, the Groupon payment does not seem to have that option.

        • @rrgg login to PayPal, then click on Details in the top-left panel of PayPal balance, then click on ‘Manage Currencies’ on the pop-over that appears, that lets you pick your primary currency.

  25. Warning, when I tried paypal, the paypal site timed out and was never reached. Then I tried again and Groupon thinks I already hit my limit of 1 x 2000 Avios, even though nothing was purchased.

    • the real harry1 says:

      check your PayPal a/c – maybe you did actually buy

      • No. The PayPal purchase didn’t go through. I created another Groupon though and it worked. Another funny thing is which Iberia number to use when redeeming. Sometimes Iberia shows it as IB123456789 and sometimes without the IB. Thanks for all the help!

        • Speaking with Ibera customer support last night, they said it would be the number part only. This morning, I got an email saying I had spend €19 at Groupon and that this had tracked through as 190 avios.

          Although I have redeemed my voucher (using only the numeric part of my Iberia Plus card account), and I have the email from Groupon saying it will be credited in 15 days, nothing else has arrived.

  26. The Iberia PluStore website says the offer is only for users in Spain and keeps asking for a Spanish billing address? How did everyone get around this?

  27. Bigglesgirl says:

    My purchase went amazingly well yesterday got all the vouchers and redeemed successfully; it even tracked through the Iberia Store!
    However just received a refund from PayPal for the full amount! Is this because they’re now limiting it to Spanish residents only and have given me my money back?

    • I had a similar thing happen to me on Groupon UK for something else, I purchased 4 of the same voucher (one each time for friends) and got them all refunded.

      I spoke to Groupon support and they told me it was for security reasons because it looked “suspicious”. To re-enable my account they required me to scan a proof of ID and a picture of the card I used to pay with all but the last 4 digits hidden.

      They then re-instated my account, but still told me I had to buy the Groupons again!

  28. it seems the code doesn’t work

  29. RogerWIlco says:

    Transaction seems to have gone through at first try and got an email from Iberiastore, too, so it tracked there as well (190Avios for the 19€ spend)
    BTW 19€ were £16,99 from the PayPal account

  30. hi all, I ordered 3 vouchers in the same transaction. I successfully redeemed one voucher , but when I try to redeem the other two it states the voucher has already been used. did anyone have a similar issue?

  31. Does the 20% off still work? It won’t work on my end

  32. Nicholas Lavender says:

    How long till they show in Iberia guys? Been 10 days and zilch so far.

  33. Simon Maddocks says:

    Purchased avios…no problem with the transaction going through and received the voucher almost immediately via email.
    It took quite a few attempts to actually validate the codes (jumped from Chrome to IE and back a few times), but eventually they were accepted. If it doesn’t work for you first time, keep trying…just a very flakey website! It then took about 2 weeks for the avios to hit my IberiaPlus account.

  34. 10,000 Avios now received (8,000 + 2,000)

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