My review of the (BA) JAL Sakura Lounge at Frankfurt Airport

This is my review of the Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge at Frankfurt Airport, which is where you may end up if flying with British Airways.

This is the last article from my recent review trip which took in Ibiza, Madrid and Frankfurt.  Frankfurt was my last stop before flying back to London and after having spent an afternoon in the city centre I made my way back to the airport to do a bit of work at the JAL Sakura Lounge.

The Japan Airlines lounge is the main oneworld facility at Frankfurt.  The lounge is after the passport control but before the security check so you need to leave with enough time to get to your gate.

If you have a British Airways Gold card, there is also a First Class Lounge in the same facility.  This appears to be only open three hours prior to the departure of JAL’s Tokyo flight.

The oneworld website shows two other potential lounge options in Frankfurt for BA passengers.  The Cathay Pacific First and Business Class lounge is by Gate E7, closing at 2pm, and the Iberia lounge is opposite Gate D26.


All in all I found the JAL lounge a perfectly adequate facility.  There were Japanese, German and English magazines and newspapers:


The Sakura lounge is arranged as one big room at the far end with a good number of seats:


This is the same room from the left side of the lounge:


There was a TV showing the news:


If you prefer a bit more privacy and don’t want to look at people, you can sit in one of the armchairs next to the window front:


The kitchen area had various teas, spirits and sandwiches.


The beer selection was very good and there were also some juices and soft drinks.


There was a salad buffet and …


…sausages with German mustard – a few of those sachets might have found their way into my liquids bag to get them through security.


This is the instruction sheet for the toilet. No comment.


To give you a better impression, here is a short YouTube video of the JAL Sakura Lounge at Frankfurt Airport (you can subscribe to our YouTube channel via this page – this is the same link to visit if the video does not appear below).


The JAL Sakura Lounge is a smart place with acceptable food and drinks. I wasn’t fully convinced by the style and as the lounge was very busy the atmosphere was rather stressed. The food was average, however I did like the sausages – simple but just what I needed.

As my flight was delayed (we spent two hours on board and were then allowed back in the terminal – see my article here on how I claimed EU261 compensation) I got to spend another hour in the lounge later in the evening. This time it was less busy. I had a couple of sandwiches that were quite good and made myself a few G&Ts.  For a short visit it offers all you need and not much more.

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  1. I had access to the First Class bit of the lounge and have to say the bit you were in looks far more appealing, and with a better selection of food & drinks.

    • sussex bantam says:

      Agree 100% – the First Class part of this lounge is far inferior to the other side!

  2. I found the food to be disappointing. At least it beats the Haneda domestic lounge.

    I wish CX would have a lounge in FRA.

  3. I always find an average lounge is better after a few g and t’s anika…….

  4. I’ve been in the air Canada maple leaf lounge when flying Qatar biz….it’s a lovely little lounge and recommend it

  5. I was in the lounge last Saturday evening. Nice facility decent food good drinks selection.
    It’s not the lounges fault but being effectively landslide you cant take drink on to aircraft to avoid BOB. …….well I should say we wouldn’t try. The very sensible use of glass for everything in Germany also makes taking anything away more challenging.

  6. When I worked in Frankfurt for two years and was flying back to the UK on a weekly basis, I used to use this lounge a lot. Besides sausages they also do some really nice mini meatballs. I always found it to be a relaxing place during the week when it wasn’t busy.

  7. Completely OT but somehow rated. Apparently the Japanese government is committed in standardising the symbols used is Japanese toilets. I’ve recently been to Japan, and the variety of symbols used is just amazingly bizarre. Good they try to standardise it!

  8. I spent some extended time in this lounge during the time BA was operating the A380 training flights – I remember eating quite a lot of the frankfurters!

  9. Their business lounge in Haneda is my favourite I’ve been to. Mainly for the katsu and gyoza but I am a bit obsessed. NOM NOM NOM

  10. Ive heard mention of the Iberia one but have no idea how to find it, I got the impression it was shut or gone… I’d just like to see in.

    We didn’t get directed to the first class area despite being OWE. I guess that was a good thing really.

  11. G&T is always acceptable 🙂

  12. I used it for the morning BA 767 flight….
    thought it was fine with good breakfast options. Loos were amazing!

  13. When we were BA Gold and travelling as a family, the JAL lounge in Frankfurt let us have a private room complete with TV and sofa. I think this could have been as much for the benefit of other lounge users too!