Get 1,000 Avios with Wine Explorer, the new Laithwaites / British Airways wine club

British Airways and mail order wine group Laithwaites ran The British Airways Wine Club for many, many years.

At some point in the last couple of years this was quietly retired, although Laithwaite’s continued to offer Avios points with wine purchases.

BA and Laithwaite’s have now launched a new venture – Wine Explorer.

Laithwaites British Airways Wine Explorer

Full details of Wine Explorer can be found on the Laithwaite’s website here.

The introductory offer consists of your choice of three cases of 12 bottles, priced from £53 to £66.  You will receive 1,000 Avios with any of these cases.

Future orders will earn 250 Avios per case.  Importantly, this is NOT a subscription arrangement.  You are not signing up to receive monthly shipments of wine.

There is also a competition running to launch Wine Explorer.  Everyone who buys a case will be entered into a prize draw to win two economy British Airways flights to Santiago, Chile.  As this is the longest flight on the BA network, and will require you to spend 28 hours in economy on the round trip, you may not be too keen on winning …..!  No hotel is provided, just the flights.

This offer runs until 10th April although I expect to see a rotating selection of new member promotions.

PS.  If you were wondering if Tesco is planning any generous Clubcard bonuses on wine purchases in the short term, which would be a better deal for Avios than this, they are not.  We asked them!

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  1. Sounds good initial deal, hope the wine is as promised, isnt coirked when opening and doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste. :p

    Sorry couldn’t resist, promise I’ll refrain from more bitchy puns, had to get that one out of my system! :D.

  2. Mr Fluff says:

    Just tried this and got the message that the offer has now expired!? Hasn’t lasted very long!

  3. Probably not worth the money.

    Mixed cases always contain some poor wines.

    Would rather go to Aldi or Lidl spend less and get better.

  4. Yes it said it expired for me too

  5. I think I’ll pass. The offer isn’t great and I stocked up on some well priced stuff from Majestic Calais a few weeks ago.

  6. Brighton Belle says:

    Haven’t seen a 1000 Clubcard wine promo in a long time. This and the stopping of Clubcard points on any gift cards means I have no incentive to go to Tesco’s stores any more. They seem to have given up on points collectors and don’t know how to respond to Aldi and Lidl.. Must be over £6k on my fuel, food and booze they have chosen to reject.

    • It’s still worth going to Tesco for fuel if you have a Tesco Credit Card. Use the Credit Card purely as a club card, and you get 1 CC point for every £1 spent. But use your BAPP to actually pay for the fuel. I think this is the best rate you can get anywhere on fuel.

      Also worth regularly topping up at Tesco at the moment to get the Payqwiq bonus, if you haven;t already maxed it out.

  7. I did an e-rewards survey recently about buying wine at Tesco. In the 20 minutes or so, Clubcard wasn’t mentioned once. There were a few free text boxes at the end which I used to ask for more CC points 🙂

  8. Yes that offer doesn’t work. I have just entered all of my card details only to be told the offer has expired.

    • Mr Fluff says:

      Yeh it’s a bit weird that it doesn’t tell you when you first hit the page, rather than once you’ve entered all your info…

  9. Same here.

  10. Peter Taysum says:

    As above…

    Why go to Tesco anymore for overpriced goods that screws producers with their monopsony power? I don’t.

    With the Shell App I’m getting a bonus 100 points (50 Avios) every week.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Is there a bonus offer on? I’ve been using Tesco as Momentum 99 is pretty decent fuel and the premium is far lower but it’s out of the way and my PayQwiq offer is running out.

      PS would be good if we could use PayQwiq at pumps

  11. Eileen E says:

    Like a lot of others already, I tried to order this and received the message that the offer has expired, yet the page mentions ordering a case before 10th April to qualify. Strange

  12. I also get the message to advise that it has expired despite the website saying it is open until 10 April. Going to mail them and see what the response is

  13. I just placed an order using the link in an email that I got from BAEC on Wednesday. Went through fine. Ordered the NZ Sauvignon Blancs. Just got an email confirmation for the order.

  14. The prize is pretty poor – economy flights from Heathrow so excludes all of us in the regions. Thanks BA

  15. Just tried to buy and got the same message as others offer expired. I am wondering if we are in a time warp and today is in fact the 10th April and not the 26th Feb.

  16. I just tried to buy it. Input all the delivery, personal and payment details and it says it’s expired!!

  17. andrew bell says:

    Yep, just fell into this trap as well, all my details painstakingly entered for an expired promotion message.All for 1k Avios and a prize of two flights I Really do not want
    Think I’ll nip down to Majestic instead for better wine and less bother..

  18. Eileen E says:

    Yeay. Used Nick C’s link and got my NZ Sauvignon Blanc ordered 1st time. Thanks Nick C.

  19. the real harry1 says:

    yep got the NZ case as it looks best value

    I also used the Recommend to Friends link they give you & sent it to my wife, the 3 cases that turned up for her were not as good as the BAEC cases, so I copied & pasted over the BAEC link

    she got the BAEC case instead

    & I still got my £20 credit

  20. Serena Wilson says:

    I took them up on the wine offer, a first time purchase. Avios received already but only 250, not the 1000 that I was expecting.

    • I’m worried about that as,well. Purchased through the link and no reference to being expired, so I will be chasing them up,with a screenshot if I only get the 250

      • Email them with your order number if the extra points don’t arrive: [email protected] I got a response within a few hours saying the extra points would be added, and I should allow up to 14 days to see them hit my balance.

        • Thanks for the tip – I did this as I only received 250 avios and they have advised I will be credited within 14 days.