Bits: Laithwaites offer update, 15% Iberia discount, Finnair A350 daily from London

News in brief:

Wine Explorer link fixed

I ran an article yesterday about Wine Explorer, the new BA wine venture in association with Laithwaites.  You will receive 1,000 Avios points with your first order.

For some odd reason, the link I provided in that article did not work.  When you clicked ‘pay now’ you received a message saying that the offer has expired.  I couldn’t know this in advance as the error only emerged at the point you clicked to order.

It DOES seem to work if you click this link.  Thanks to Nick for helping with this.


15% Iberia discount code – today and tomorrow only

Iberia has a new discount code aimed at the UK market which expires on Tuesday.

The code you need is MARCH15.  You input this after you have selected your flights.

Impressively, the discount seems to be taken off the total fare including taxes.

It is valid on flights booked by Tuesday 28th February, for travel in March.

You must book a return flight on Iberia or Air Nostrum from the UK to Spain (all destinations), Panama, Guayaquil, Lima, Caracas, Cali, Medellin, Bogota, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile or El Salvador.

You can book on the Iberia site here.

Finnair A350

Finnair now flying the A350 daily to Helsinki

I flew Finnair’s impressive new A350 business class to Helsinki last year – my review is here.  You can’t go wrong – you get a fully flat bed on a brand new aircraft with impressive 1-2-1 seating.

For cargo purposes, Finnair has been scheduling A350’s into Heathrow on a regular basis.

From 27th March, there will be an A350 flying to Helsinki every day.  Finnair has an impressive network of routes to Asia and, as long as the connections make sense, you could now fly the entire trip from London on an A350.

Remember that, as a oneworld partner, you earn Avios and BA tier points on Finnair.  You can also redeem Avios for this flight.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. OT. Can avios be spent on Kulula?

  2. Brighton Belle says:
    • Thanks. I’m sure I looked at that page yesterday and missed it completely. Will give it a go

      • Doubt anyone’s interested but using avios on Kulula is not a good deal. 1k avios buys ZAR60 flight credit. I’ll pay cash on my desired route.

  3. Just looked at my Exec Club page – I got 250 Avios through from the wine club! Any idea if the rest will appear?

    • Same here – I’ll send a msg and see what they say

      • Thanks. Same here. But also in my (new) Laithwaites account, the order has not been fully processed. I’m hoping the extra avios will just go through when the order is completed, but do let us know what they say.

        • Just got the response below. The extra points haven’t hit yet, so will keep an eye on it over the next couple of weeks.

          Thank you for your e-mail.
          I am sorry to see you have only received 250 points from your recent order.

          I have added a further 750 points to you account today. This can take up to 14 days to show on your account.

          If you have any other queries please let me know.

        • the real harry1 says:

          those Laithwaites girls are truly delicious (in voice, at least 🙂 )

        • Rolfe, what e-mail address did you send your query to? Can’t find a way to raise this on line through BAEC. (Planning to leave it a week to see if it corrects itself, but if not I will send an email)

        • Nick_C – it won’t let me ‘reply’ to your msg below for some reason. I just replied to the order confirmation email from Laithwaites. The response I got was from [email protected] so I guess you could use that.

    • Serena Wilson says:

      I called and they are assuring me that they are investigating. They say that 250 go on immediately, if they haven’t appeared in A month then go contact them again.

      Also, apparently a lot of customers ordering either the white or red box got the mixed French instead and Laithwaites haven’t contacted them to explain. They charged me more money than I was anticipating, I’ve now got to repackage the wine, wait for a collection and a separate second redelivery of my chosen order. Plus monitor to check that my partial refund comes through.

      All in all not an amazing first experience for this new customer!

  4. Groupon Iberia have posted!

  5. Finnair were offering fantastic, well, very good at least, fares to Bangkok at a pretty regular £1200 or so but they have jumped in the last few months to around £1800 with a few dates around £1600. For my next trip (May) they are £1871.

    Contrast that to £1569 on Etihad which includes chauffeurs (no chauffeurs on Finnair) and (valuing chauffeurs for me at £150) this gives a net £1419.

    For me, Finnair would need to be back at their £1200 level to get me to dump Etihad and at £1871 they are 50% overpriced.

  6. I couldn’t get the Iberia code to work on dates in March and early April for flights ex UK to PMI, BCN or MAD.

    Anyone else get it to work ?

    • No te sure what’s not working, but your flights need to be operated by Iberia and/or Iberia Regional Air Nostrum. Flights operated by Iberia Express (or Vueling or BA) are not suitaboe for the code.
      Remember flights must be in March (outbound and inbound).

  7. I am looking for 30 tier points to retain silver and thought a trip to Helsinki might do the job on a plane we’ve not experienced. But every flight using Finnair is shown as sold out whereas every BA flight is available. I smell a rat.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      I’m sure TP runs to Tallinn are using up a fair share of the seats on the Finnair flights

    • Unlike a European style business class, remember the A350 business cabin will be a fixed number of seats that cannot be altered to supply and demand. Add in the favourable press Finnair receives (you only have to search Finnair on here to see how much attention they get) and you begin to see how popular their A350 product from London actually is. Add in all the enhancements BA has added of late and I don’t think it at all unreasonable to assume Finnair is full with those wanting to add value / comfort to their journey while BA is still actively trying to sell empty seats because the product is inferior.

    • Serena Wilson says:

      You’ll get way more than you need to Helsinki, 80 tp each way. It is an expensive city and taxis from the airport have always cost me about €30-40. There is no fast track priority security (BA have chosen not to pay for it, per a member of staff there) and my meal in the air has been a snack (i.e. Finger sandwiches and a scone for a 3 hour flight!). However, the Finnair lounge near gate 36 is quite fun AND they have a sauna that I intend to try out on my next visit. They always have a hot food option in the lounge.

      If you want to visit Helsinki then definitely go, but I think that the cheaper BA flights I’ve seen that will bet you what you need will be places like Bilbao.

      Have fun!

  8. Alice Kaerast says:

    The Iberia discount makes getting to Melilla a bit more affordable. Not sure I can fit it in during March though.

    • Hi Alice – is Melilla a good tourist destination – we are looking for somewhere to go for a few days but was worried about the safety of the area with the influx of people from over Africa looking to get across the European borders. Is this still a problem?

  9. the real harry1 says:

    Wine Explorer – take screenshots of the 1000 Avios offer, folks

    People have been getting 250 Avios instead of 1000

    T&Cs don’t mention anything about only 250 Avios if they recognise you/ your address & repeat customer etc

  10. I’m already signed up with Laithwaites on a subscription package. Does anyone know whether I would count as an existing customer for this Wine Explorer deal?

  11. For the life of me, I cannot find where to Iberia code gets entered! I’ve tried and tried. Frustrating, as I was looking for a TP run (to MAD on A340) to get me to gold – although price has doubled since this morning… Where does it go in? Someone tell me how stupid I’m being!

    • OK – may be a browser issue. Safari and Firefox not displaying it, but IE does on my work session.

      • Or it might actually be about referrals. The code/voucher box doesn’t display when I’ve gone through Google Flights, only when I’ve gone to IB direct. Nothing quite like replying to your own post twice…

  12. vindaloo says:

    Which of the several flights each day that Finnair operates between LHR and HEL will use the A350?

  13. The NZ Sauvignon Blancs are a great deal. Three wines from Marlborough region and one from Hawkes Bay. £66 for 12 bottles of nice wine +1000 Avios – cannot go wrong. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  14. Nick_C says:

    My NZ Sauvignon Blancs arrived this afternoon. As ordered and at the correct price. I emailed Laithwaites about the missing 750 avios. They replied in less than 20 minutes, and promised they will hit my account within 14 days.

    (The wines were also nicely chilled thanks to the cold weather, but I resisted the temptation!)

    • the real harry1 says:

      strange – we both our wine now but no points at all unlike several others here – too soon to do anything about it…got the screenshot