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Bits: £30-£50 of free Gett taxi credit, 25% bonus on TopCashback conversions to Avios

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News in brief:

Get £30-£50 of free taxi credit when you download Gett

Gett, the taxi app which operates in London and various other cities across the UK, is currently offering up to £50 of credit to new members when they are referred by a friend.

The credit comes with a catch – it comes in the form of 10 x £5 credits and expires after two weeks.

(EDIT: it seems it is ‘up to’ £50 and some people receive 10 x £3. This may be if you are outside London. I referred myself as a test on Sunday and got 10 x £5 so the kids get a taxi to school all week!)

However, if you take a lot of short taxi rides on a regular basis (or could be tempted to do so if they were free or virtually free!) then this is a good deal.

If you are already a member of Gett you could sign up a friend or partner and then delete and reinstall the app on your phone using their log-in details.

Details are on this page on the Gett site, together with my refer a friend code GTSZFWS if you don’t know anyone who can refer you themselves.

25% bonus on TopCashback transfers to Avios

TopCashback has launched a new two-month bonus when you convert your cashback to Avios points instead of taking it as cash.

The bonus is 25%.  You will receive 125 Avios points for every £1 on cashback you send over to TCB.

This means that you are effectively buying Avios points for 0.8p each.  This is a good deal in my view.  If I had to do ‘something’ to earn Avios – such as buying some LEGO for bonus Clubcard points and reselling it – then I would be looking for a lower price than 0.8p.

However, as this is a ‘no work’ job, and as I know from the last few years that I will get an average of 1.2p of value from my Avios redemptions, I am happy to convert my existing cash balance over.

If you are currently using Quidco for your online shopping you may want to switch over to TopCashback as part of this deal.  If you use our refer a friend link here you will receive a £7.50 bonus, which would transfer into 937 Avios, when you have earned your first £10 of cashback.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. You may find that some of your earning partners exclude conversions to BA. Tesco car insurance, late rooms, jet2 are just a couple of examples. I’m sure there are several others out there.

    • Crafty says:

      Which is a slight pain, but at the end of the day, cash is pretty good too.

  2. Gett is offering UP TO £5 off next 10 rides. I received £3. Still good though. Thanks Raffles.

    • Eh? How does that work? I referred myself as a test on Sunday and I got £5 x 10. Just took the kids to school in one for a net cost of 50p.

    • 3£ off for me as well…initial screen say up to 5£, but only 3£ appeared on my new account…

      • Are you living in London? As all you need to give them to sign-up is a mobile number I can’t imagine how they decide who gets £5 and who gets £3. All I can imagine is that they take your location when you sign-up and London people get more?

        • I also got £3 only so I sent them an e-mail 8 days ago and asked for a clarification,
          but I never got more than an automatic reply which says “we will be in touch in the next 24 hours.”

          – “If you are already a member of Gett you could sign up a friend or partner and then delete and reinstall the app on your phone using their log-in details.”

          Are you really sure about this?
          That certainly won’t work with Uber, they somehow register your device so new credit card, phone number and e-mail is to no avail.
          And they won’t tell you until you actually try to order an Uber!

          • You can definitely do this with Gett, because I switch account each time I hit the referral cap 🙂

          • Uber definitely track mobile numbers and credit cards and spot re-use – not sure they log device ID though, but clearly the first one limits things a little bit (credit cards not an issue for us on HfP!)

          • But the mobile number linked to an Uber a/c does not need to be the mobile of that phone. Even better actually as you never get annoying calls from drivers …. Same with Gett.

          • Indeed not, although depending upon pickup location you sometimes need to be contactable by driver – also Uber sometimes won’t let you place a booking until you’ve entered the confirmation code that is sent by SMS.

          • Never had that in probably 500 rides!

          • Weird – I had it whenever I tried to setup a new account when I was travelling in the USA – they might have higher security for repeat signups there.

        • Uber will most certainly track the device ID.
          How exactly it’s I don’t know, here’s some theories regarding Android.

          “How does Uber restrict only one sign up on one phone device?”

  3. Personally I think 0.8p is now the official cut off as sanctioned by the buy on board Percy Pig exchange rate.

  4. An off-peak return to Munich/Berlin/Paris etc is 8,000 Avios plus £35. If you’ve paid 0.8p per Avios, that makes the return flight £99, which is cheap. Granted, it may be possible to get one for a similar price in a sale, or if you book way in advance, but there is no flexibility involved, as there is with redemptions. I’d say that 0.8p is absolutely fine – as long as you’re also getting Avios from elsewhere for less.

  5. Decisions, decisions….

    I have £526 in my TC account (65700 avios) do I take the miles or the money?

    • Nick_C says:

      Only you can answer that. But decide. I wouldn’t like to have that much money sitting in a cash back site. Well known names can go bust, and unlike banks there is no protection if a cash back site stops trading.

  6. the real harry1 says:

    O/T GBP – looks like £ started its bounceback today, big implications for those in our points game – worth following how it evolves IMV

    • Lol slight hyperbole by the reporter there – the GBP only ‘soared’ insofar as it regained some of the ground lost from the announcement of Article 50 being triggered tomorrow…

      • the real harry1 says:

        my point would be the UK inflation scenario has about-turned after several good years

        interest rates can only go up (nowhere down to go!) so [that’s the main reason] I reckon we’re looking @ $1.40+ again by Xmas

        despite Brexit etc, GBP becomes another safer haven currency than many options, never going to be a Swissie in my lifetime but it might shortly be seen as an Aussie dollar or an alternative currency similarly regarded, so carry premium value despite our rubbish economy currently

        • Sussex bantam says:

          Harry – I think you’re wrong on exchange rates. Want to bet ?

          20gbp to the winners favourite charity ??

      • Newspapers have their own definitions of surge and plunge – anything more than 0.5% usually.
        But I hope so; we are off to US in June.

  7. the real harry1 says:

    O/T Tuesday evening/ gone quiet

    anybody going anywhere good for Easter? We’re going out – surprise surprise – to our place in the sun (Europe this time Genghis lol) – fares x4 currently selling @ £2500 so we got a laughable 3.93p* / Avios 🙂

    • Genghis says:

      Are there two places in the sun? ✈️

      • the real harry1 says:

        how did you do that, thou artful dodger?

        • Genghis says:

          iPhone emojis ✈️☀️
          That’s how the kids speak these days isn’t it?

          • the real harry1 says:

            ah I get it, bit slow on the uptake, obviously

            I’ve got a motorway mobile phone (he says, trying to join in, I’m just like these younger fellers really), I keep it in my glove compartment

            and I got a text message once

            probably need my kids to update me on this kind of stuff heh heh

          • Brian W says:

            “Motorway Mobile”………that made me chuckle Harry 🙂

    • I’ll be working!

  8. caerdydd says:

    ( so the kids get a taxi to school all week!)
    Is there a bigger divide between the Londonistan bubble and the rest of the country than that statement ,so Rob have you given your chauffeur the week off!!

    • We don’t own a car though ….

      Although that would be hugely more expensive than a combo of a) taxis and Uber, b) Zipcar – which is 30 seconds from our door and c) Hertz – which is 10 minutes walk away.

  9. Referred my partner for GETT and she was given £50 credit as a lump sum to use, (not in form of 10x£5) and it expires in June. Thanks for the heads up Rob!

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