Bits: BA bacon roll news, 1200 Avios with My Little Pony, win a trip to LA with Hilton

News in brief:

Exciting British Airways bacon roll news

According to the latest newsletter sent to members of the British Airways ‘Future Lab’ survey panel, as a result of their feedback bacon rolls will soon be available in the Heathrow Galleries Club lounges until 11am.  The same goes for their vegetarian equivalent.

This is the most positive news to come out of British Airways for some time!

Slightly disturbingly, Future Lab reported that a “business case” had to be prepared in order to sanction an extra hour or so of bacon rolls, but luckily for us it was approved.

my little pony mane-iac mayhem

1,200 Avios with My Little Pony

Tesco Direct is running a good extra Clubcard points offer with My Little Pony.

You will get 500 Tesco Clubcard points (worth 1,200 Avios) when spending £30 on My Little Pony before 2nd April.

The list of available boxes is here. The Shopper Points article covering the deal is here.

The Boss Baby Hilton win trip to LA

Win a trip to L.A. with Hilton and The Boss Baby

Hilton and DreamWorks are running a competition giving away a family trip to L.A.

All you need to do is sign up for Hilton Honors (although I assume most HFP readers are already members) and fill out a form on the Hilton / The Boss Baby website – click ‘Go back to see the boss’.

The trailer, also on the entry page, has echoes of a horror movie to me but it is apparently a fun family film if you are looking for somewhere to take the kids this Easter!

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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Why Norwegian Reward is a more valuable scheme than it first appears
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  1. Sorry to start with OT: got a new hilton cc. We have 6 stays booked and paid for already. If I charge something to the cc in the hotel will I get the 2500 bonus points? T&Cs say I have to pay for my stay with it but I can’t

    • I’ve found it very variable, often never posts at all (although then got compensation from Barclaycard!). Definitely worth trying on just some token items.

      • The Original Nick. says:

        Alan, how did you get compensation from Barclaycard? Barclaycard have told me to get in contact with Hilton about the 2 x 2500 points in missing.

        • (not Alan, but) barclaycard added the first 2 lots of 2500 points manually, but for the 3rd and 4th lots they said I’d have to contact Hilton – but they gave me £200 for the trouble

        • Looks like you got a similar agent to me – I thought I was doing well at £110 too! 😉

        • I think it depends a bit on the agent. They were saying they couldn’t add points so I proposed they paid me the cash equivalent value to buy the points from Hilton myself – they went for it! – amazing how much 10k points cost 😀

    • Maybe. Get them to swipe the new card and make it your authorised card on check in.

  2. ThinkSquare says:

    The Hilton link doesn’t work for me. Here’s a direct one:

    I actually find it quite reassuring that BA need a business case for change, My employer does some bizarre stuff that would never stand up to scrutiny.

  3. Aceman says:

    Slightly OT re Hilton, has anyone managed to get their free night voucher reinstated? Hilton said no chance it’s to do with Barclaycard. Got my dates wrong and it expired 4 days ago…

    • No. Happened to me once. Lesson learned.

    • Lady London says:

      Nope. Nor any points. All I can say is that after I made a good case requesting some points back in exceptional circumstances nearly three years ago they refused. Since then IHG has benefited greatly and recently so has Accor. I am slowly giving them the odd night now but they are mostly 3rd choice.

  4. Mmmmmm bacon rolls! Like the ‘business case’ part, sheds a good deal of light on how BA is being run these days…think Willie Walsh might have gone on a 2 day management course and come back feeling like he had been enlightened, yet the company really needs to go back to hospitality school

    • Speedbird676 says:

      The business case will most likely reduce the size of the bacon roll by 1.16% to compensate for the extra hour.

    • That same survey also suggested they were looking at putting on a full hot buffet breakfast in the GC lounge, similar to GF. Obviously the business case for that didn’t stack up.

    • Rob Davey says:

      Business cases are far from a bad thing, without them costs could run out of control and lead to even worse decisions.

      I see this as a good thing because a business case has presumably proved that improving lounge experience = more loyalty = more revenue. Not much evidence that recent business cases have been successfully proving that point so this is a good step forward….

      • Yes, but what we are saying is that no-one at BA actually has enough authority to make what is actually a fairly trivial decision without writing a paper first. We are talking about an airline, a business that has serious safety-critical issues to worry about. Whether or not you can get a bacon roll in the lounge at 10.30am should not be taking up management time.

        Far better to wipe out the managerial layer that is only there to approve decisions such as this and put the savings back into letting staff authorise whatever changes they want, up to a certain point.

        A slightly different example – at Ritz-Carlton hotels, any member of staff can spend $2,000 of company money for the benefit of a guest without authorisation and without any risk of management recrimination afterwards. If something needs to be done, they get it done. Does any customer facing staff member at BA have the authority to spend $2,000 for the benefit of a customer with no sign-off required at all?

  5. Genghis says:

    The bacon rolls a couple of weeks ago had inedible almost uncooked, v doughy rolls. They really need to enhance to some nice baps.

    • Are we still talking about rolls 😉

    • Oh! Matron! says:

      Came here to say this.

      I take three rolls, rip the fatty, uncooked bits off them, and then place the actual cooked bacon onto one roll, leaving the rest.

      Unbelievably wasteful, I’ll grant you, but if the *****&& &&**&’s at Baxter Story actually cooked the stuff in the first place, we wouldn’t be in this position in the first place

      Furthermore, BS (Funny!) do the catering at my place of work, and we run sweepstakes every day to see if the baked potatoes actually are…

    • David S says:

      Don’t give BA any more ideas about ‘enhancing’ their products Genghis

  6. Just had a bacon roll in T5B lounge earlier, I think I broke my tooth, they must microwave the bread to make them this solid, removed the best part left the brick roll behind.
    Now suffering a 1hour delay @ B32 for BA458 watching some passengers ask question and some very rude and abrasive gate staff shouting at them in reply.

  7. Worzel says:
    • I am very fond of the bacon rolls (similarly the Club Europe scones, RIP). That’s my poor Northern upbringing for you 🙂

      • James67 says:

        Agreed, although as others have suggested quality of both the rolls and bacon can vary. However, now that BA have saved our bacon (you should amend the title of this article) I hope they will reverse cutbacks on H2O onboard to offset the added salt in the lounge.

      • Normally we miss the bacon rolls because of having to connect from Manchester (never worked out why they can’t serve them up here?!!), however we are staying over at Heathrow in August the night before our LH flight so I am really excited at the prospect of starting my holiday with bacon rolls and Taittinger!

      • The scone was the best thing about CE.

  8. Henry Larsen says:

    Re: Hilton trip

    > Only legal residents of UK, Ireland, Germany and the United Arab Emirates…

  9. James67 says:

    Does anybody really want to escape Brexit Britain to Trump America, even on a free gift? Talk about out the frying pan into the fire. If anybody from Hilton is reading this please have sympathy on us and change it to Rangali or Samui.

    • We are very pleased to be flying to Seattle in two months time. When we booked it looked as if Clinton was going to win and we still booked! And we are going on to Canada where Trudeau is in charge.
      Is it normal to ask whether you agree with a country’s government’s policies when deciding whether to go there on holiday?

      • James67 says:

        My comments were meant as a lighthearted plea to escape the neverending bickering of respective sides of both arguements fueled by overkill in the media, not a judgment on the outcomes. Would be great to relax someplace nice over Easter, pick up a newspaper that informed, as opposed to inflamed, with no mention of eithef Brexit or Trump in sight.

    • More importantly, does an economy flight to the other side of the world for three nights in a standard room tempt many people?

      • James67 says:

        For millions it might represent the holiday of a lifetime Mark, so yes. Even today I would guess more than half the population in the UK have never been overseas in their lives, but that does not necessarily mean tbey want to go.

        • My experience is that these competitions are very popular with HFP readers irrespective of class of travel.

        • But HFP readers have some people’s “holiday of a lifetime” once every few months.

        • the real harry1 says:

          It could be a generational thing though – so I doubt whether it really is half.

          First, to support your opinion, my father went to USA once (& maybe twice) but my mother never went abroad (unless I’m mis-remembering once to Italy but I don’t think so).

          Whereas the 5 of us (siblings) have wandered the globe a fair bit, a lot of Europe plus I remember bro 1 in Cuba, bro 2 in Trinidad & Tobago, sis 1 in Australia for a year, sis 2 mostly Europe. I’ve been all over the place.

          If it were really half, that proportion of not-willing-to-go-abroad will surely shift to 25% then 10% very soon/ next 20 years as the older generation dies off

        • James67 says:

          Your comment got me thinking Harry, a quick search found this:

          Probably an interesting read for some of us travel enthusiasts, I will have a look this weekend. I think your assertion is likely correct, firstly due to package tours and more recently to LCC. Air Asia’s advertising slogan is ‘Eveyone Can Fly’ and the impact it and otber LCC have had, particularly in developing countries, is amazing.

      • Nate1309 says:

        better than being at work!

      • Surprisingly Mark2, there are people in the world who fly long haul economy. In fact i’d hazard a guess that more people fly economy than premium cabins

        In fact some people fly as purely a way to get from A to B. Crazy right?

        Guess what? They’re all fine at the end of it too!

  10. OT, sorry. Hubby is flying to HKG from Oz at the weekend on CX, then separate ticket on Virgin to LHR, with baggage. Did I read in the comments somewhere on here recently about the transit desk retrieving someone’s luggage and sending it on in similar circumstances rather than them having to pick it up and recheck it? If so, can anywhere direct me to the article where that was discussed (in the comments rather than on topic I think) and/or give him any tips on where to go/what to say?

    • The article was only about oneworld connections. Cathay has NEVER been obliged to check through luggage to a carrier not in oneworld (like Virgin) on separate tickets. You should assume, unless Cathay is feeling very generous on the day, that you will need to pick it up in HK and recheck it.

      To be fair to Cathay, they are the ones who have to pay for the bag to be sent to on if it fails to connect, which is unfair on them as they have nothing to do with the Virgin flight.

      • I was/am expecting him to have to collect and then recheck and he has four hours to kill anyway. Maybe my memory is faulty but I thought I’d seen something about Hong Kong airport people (not specifically Cathay) retrieving luggage for “separate ticket but connecting” passengers so they didn’t have to go landside, which did seem remarkably customer-friendly of them.

        • James67 says:

          It’s a very long journey so if the luggage is not checked through your husband might actually welcone and benefit from the activity more than sitting for another three hours in a lounge. HKG is a nice airport and relatively painless place to transit so no need for anxiety. When I’m flying 8 hours plus I usually enjoy any opportunith for some exercise.

        • Louie – not the same but similar: I connected in HKG from a MH flight BKI-MKG onto the turbojet sea-cat service to Macau. It is booked similar to a flight and they even have an airline type flight number, all starting with 8S xxxx.

          The airside sea cat journey from HKIA is treated like a flight and they have an interline agreement with a lot of different airlines including BA, CX, MH etc to facilitate connections without the need to pass through immigration at HKIA. I did ask MH if they would check my bag through but they wouldn’t as it wasn’t part of the same ticket. Agent said I’d have to clear immigration and collect bag. However I read up on the service and found on arrival into HKIA I needed to go to the air-side transfer desks and check in, giving the staff my MH bag tag. The staff did this and re-routed my bag onto their service to Macau.

          I assume this is how it all works in your hubby’s situation but I wouldn’t rely on it. Perhaps ask VS. In Australia he could ask CX if they will interline bag. If not and he has plenty of time he could try VS transfer desk once in HKIA and they might have a process like turbojet. Failing that it’ll be clear HK immigration, collect bag, and re-check with VS.

          Have a look at:

        • Gideon says:

          Has Head For Points been invaded by MumsNet today? I pity poor ‘Hubby’s across the UK.

    • Louie you’re absolutely right you can do that at HKG. When he arrives at HKG he should go to the transfer desk-E1 is the main one (just before immigration) but it’s possible VS uses one of the other ones. At this desk he will receive a VS boarding pass, and if he hands over his CX bag tag the airport will find his bag and re-tag it. All without going through immigration. The BA desk for this opens at 1830 but I don’t know about VS. There’s a set of cafes and a waiting area you can hang around in until it opens, but I chose to go into the city instead rather than wait, it’s £9 return on the express train and the in-town check-in took my bag again straight away. If he’s connecting with less time to spare I’d heartily recommend doing the connection route I mentioned, it’s so easy. It doesn’t matter which airline you fly in on, or whether they’re ‘friends’, just the fact you’re there is enough.

  11. Jimmyjimmy says:

    OT – Quick question if you don’t mind.
    Stayed at a intercontinental last week and used the ambassador free night certificate.

    I was expecting points for the 1 paid night however 0 posted as ‘non qualifying stay’
    is this correct?

  12. rams1981 says:

    OT BA 2 for 1. My mum and dad with Bronze status were booked to go to KL last night. As bronze they were able to select seats a week in advance and check in on the day. I checked the flight yesterday afternoon and it was pretty full. Was worried they may have issues but my dad said they were fine. Phew. My Mrs and I go to KL in a few weeks and hope for similar success.

    • Genghis says:

      Checking out the BA seat map, it looks like we’re the only people in the F cabin coming back from KUL in just over a month’s time.

      Where in Asia are you off to :rams1981?

      • rams1981 says:

        Fly to KL. then hop straight on to a flight to Sri Lanka where I’ll be for a week. Then to Vietnam via KL for 8 nights. Then end in Malaysia for a 5 nights. SL was added on and not originally my plan. We are from there and the Mrs wants to visit an aunt with her dad. Currently booked Hilton in Hanoi, Intercontinental in nha trang with points.

        My parents have a place in KL so we save on hotels there and for parts of SL trip at least.

        • Genghis says:

          Sounds like a nice trip. If you’ve not been to Vietnam before, you’re in for a treat!

        • The Original Nick. says:

          rams1981, I was at the Hanoi Hilton Opera 2 weeks ago. Very friendly staff, and nice hotel. Was upgraded to a suite too.. Go to the lounge about 5.45 because it gets very busy so people have to sit outside by the desk and wait for a table.. The old quarter is 10 minutes walk.

        • rams1981 says:

          great tip, thanks @The Original Nick.

          I was emailed soon after booking a link to request room upgrade to suite for free as I’m diamond so fingers crossed that comes off.

        • James67 says:

          CV3V recently been at IC Nha Trang so may have sone tips.

        • Lol. I was just typing!

        • I stayed at the IC Nha Trang in January, it’s a great hotel. Really helpful staff, great rooms and try the seafood buffet.

          Also go to Lanterns restaurant, hotel can reserve a table, also Tan Cafe which is a hidden gem.

        • typo, it is An Cafe, not Tan Cafe.

        • For taxis stick to Vinasun, although they still might go the scenic route. I’m guessing Uber will be in Hanoi, if so that would be my preference. Uber in Saigon were great, arrive in seconds and no taxi ride was too short.

          Have fun trying to cross the roads, after a few days you will be doing it like a local i.e. not even looking.

          Also see if you can force a smile from the Vietnam immigration staff, I failed.

          If your on Vietnam Airlines then enjoy the great old fashioned service.

        • the real harry1 says:

          my delightful colleague Veryan was an early adopter – went to Vietnam in 1996 – came back & said how good it was – I was tempted but never bit

        • James67 says:

          The problem is there are even fake vinasun cabs. Our tour guide showed us how to spot them but I don’r recall the details. For anybody needing a tour guide or car in Vietnam we had great service from levietnamcycletours, they are extensively reviewed on TA.

        • rams1981 says:

          thanks @CV3V, very helpful.

  13. Dynamo says:

    OT: Is the Cathay Lounge still the best option in terminal 3 for a BA business class passenger who also has a priority pass? Or have things advanced in the last couple of years at other lounges?

    • the real harry1 says:

      No1 traveller is pretty good but often crowded – very pleasant light & airy lounge with plenty of different little nooks etc, food good but limited to 1 freebie before you have to pay – plenty of salad etc for free, though. Club Aspire opened last year and is great but a bit dark & pokey IMV – good choice of booze incl Guinness & Peroni – food buffet style & unlimited, good stard.

      Both reviewed on HFP

    • Cathay – unless you want something a bit more ‘fun’. The Qantas lounge also looks good but not open until later in the year.

  14. OT:
    1) Rookie error – Just booked MAD-BOG Iberia using Avios (32k Avios + £78) for the last reward seat for a week either side. Flight leaves at 12:10pm. There are no (sub £250) Iberia flights that would make it to MAD in time from London. Best course of action if I want to get my bags checked through from London to Bogota? BA have reward seats available on a flight to MAD that lands at 09:40, and I could book those on the Iberia website if that makes it more likely that baggage could be checked through? Any ideas?

    I’m not sure any flight lands early enough in MAD (from London) to permit me to collect baggage and check-in to the 2nd flight with sufficient time..

    • I’d be going the night before on that one….

      • Genghis says:

        +1. There are some cheap hotels around MAD

        • Big problem/advantage of MAD flights is that you can’t get there for same-day connections on the outbound. The one hour time difference is the real killer – but also the big risk of fog at Heathrow, LCY etc.

          BA won’t interline on separate tickets – so no protection if there are delays ex-LON and no through checking of baggage.

          You do, of course, save UK air passenger duty by not having a through ticket – and that more than pays for a night in Madrid.

          I would also look at Easyjet etc from LGW or Stansted. Cheap as chips.

          Cheap hotels near the airport – and a great train service and metro into the centre of town, so well worth staying there. Not much slower than waiting for an airport hotel shuttle bus.

          IB has a great lounge, so no need for breakfast at hotel. Being Spain, I don’t think they put breakfast out until about 9/10am!

        • Got a night there en route from CNS to LIS via HKG and AMS in May (don’t ask!). Any recommendations for hotels handy for MAD airport but also sightseeing in Madrid would be appreciated.

        • If you like art the Prado is a must but don’t try and do it all in one go! Or the Baroness Thyssen gallery if you prefer modern stuff (though it can’t compare to Velasquez and El Greco…)

      • Thanks all. I think I will have to take the flight the night before and crash in an airport hotel.

        Took CE LHR – LIS on Tuesday. Svc excellent inc. food (tall mug!). Irritating (lack of) service at the Elemis spa at LHR T3 lounge. Six first/biz passengers queued in line for 15 minutes waiting for the sole member of staff to return, when we were informed there was no availability for the next 3.5 hours anyway. If there’s no space fair enough, but just put up a sign saying so…

  15. mycity says:

    O/T sorry cant find this answer, im trying to use my Lloyds upgrade voucher to book a one way flight for two in Business, there’s no conections, but it wont let me it keeps asking for a return flight despite me clicking for two flights outbound, anyone had this issue?

    • Genghis says:

      Need to call to make a one way booking

      • mycity says:

        Thanks Genghis, ive just confirmed this with Avios, im sure a while back you could do it online, agent told me no issue over the phone

        • Glad someone mentioned this as I was hoping to book outbound with plus Lloyds voucher then inbound on BAEC! Must now remember that I need the full amount of avios for both legs before my flights are released!

        • I’m assuming avios offices aren’t open in the wee hours but correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Klaus-Peter Dudas says:

        Yep. Same. And ask not to pay the booking fee as you can’t book online. They didn’t charge me after initially saying I had to pay when I booked the same

        • Yep, have to call for connecting/open jaw flights too – never been charged a fee.

  16. Prins Polo says:

    I used the new “secret door” in the new First Wing yesterday. Wow. Discussed with a few friends and we were all impressed. We unanimously agreed this is the only positive development involving BA in the last decade – among a myriad of “negative enhancements”…

  17. OT – following on fromy’day article, when is the best time next year in 2018 to visit Japan for the cherry blossom season, would 15th-22nd APril 2018 be too late? Never been to Japan, so not sure how long to spend there?
    Was thinking of combining with PEK like Rob has, however, wasn’t sure if it was too cold in China that time of year?

  18. O/T are there any virgin ISA deals going to be happening seeing as the new financial year is fast approaching?

    • James67 says:

      6000 to the end of April last time I checked. However, take care, last year it rose to 12000 a few months later so I’m holding back for a while.

  19. the real harry1 says:

    that Boss Baby bears an uncanny similarity to you, Raffles

    • Peter K says:

      Nah, Raffles looks younger. Must be all the sleep he gets in 5* hotels

      • That’s those cool new pix that Qatar Airways gave us for nothing from the photographer on their Business Travel Show stand this year (see ‘Contact Us’).

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