BA Club Europe domestic flights confirmed as 40 tier points each way

The new British Airways Club Europe domestic services started yesterday.

It had not been fully clear how these flights would be treated for tier points.  The publicity material put out by British Airways was vague on this point, not intentionally.  The fact that you only get 20 British Airways tier points for domestic Spanish flights in business class on Iberia meant that we couldn’t be certain that the same would not apply here.

However, the British Airways tier point calculator was updated yesterday.  This is what you will receive on a flight from Heathrow to Manchester:

Club Europe domestic tier points

Club Europe is confirmed as 40 tier points each way.

This opens up some interesting possibilities for tier point runs.  Domestic Club Europe flights can be obtained for under £200 on some dates – Leeds Bradford has the best deals – and, importantly, do not require a Saturday night stay.  This makes it fairly easy to sneak one in if you need the tier points to gain or retain status.

If you are booking a long haul Club World flight for cash, you might also want to see how much extra – if anything – it costs to add in a domestic connection.  If you need the tier points, the quick train ride up to Manchester from London, just to fly straight back down and then connect to your long haul service, may be worth it.

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  1. Stu R says:

    This would definitely be an easy and valuable way to build and retain status …. if you could get your accrued points to post in the first place!

    We’ve only just returned from the NZ biz trip on QR (thank you Rob!) and we’re still waiting for our Avios / TP’s to post from the outbound nearly 3 weeks ago, despite our BAEC no’s clearly appearing on every boarding card!

    • Kevin says:

      Stu – we’re still in NZ as part of the same QR deal (from Pisa) but pleased to say our outbound Avios/TPs posted within 6 days of taking the flights. Sounds like BA (or whomever) has made a [email protected]%k-up. In the past, a scan of the boarding passes has resolved the issue – hopefully the same this time for you.

      • zsalya says:

        All the airlines I have looked at have dedicated webpages for claiming uncredited flights.
        Are you saying that these do not give resolution, and so scanned boarding passes have to be sent, or are you bypassing the procedures they have set up?

      • Stu R says:

        Thank Kevin, I already scanned all the boarding passes and sent them off via their dedicated site yesterday …. fingers crossed. Hope you’re having as good a time as we did; what a great place! Also, probably too late for you now but we tied our trip in with an overnight stop in Lucca on the way home, the icing on the cake of an already wonderful trip …. enjoy!

        • BrianDT says:

          Indeed, a wonderful country to visit . We’re in the middle of a three month visit, but sadly leaving AKL/NZ tomorrow to head over to Tasmania and on up to the Darwin.

      • Good morning, Stu & Kevin – Just a my experienced that I flew on QA J/R from Pisa to Haneda, Tokyo via Doha on Sunday, 19th March, (arrived Tokyo, 20th) and I received Avios/TPs on Wednesday, 22nd March. Someone told me that QR flights credit each Wednesday after travel.
        However, return flight from Tokyo to Rome via Doha on Sunday, 26th March (arrived Rome on 27th) has not yet credited.
        Hope you & I will receive Avios/TPs this Wednesday.

        • Stu R says:

          Dai, I’m not hopeful as 2 Wednesday’s have passed and no points yet 🙁

    • We’ve always had difficulties with QR crediting – usually with only one of us when we’ve been on the same flight and we’ve also had problems with the missing Avios claim form. I don’t think it’s a BA issue but QR. I agree they tend to post on a Wednesday. I’ve had to go through the BA liaison person on FT to get the matter resolved twice. Also with IB too.

  2. Elaine says:

    “If you need the tier points, the quick train ride up to Manchester from London, just to fly straight back down and then connect to your long haul service, may be worth it.”

    If you need the tier points and you live north of London then the “quick train ride up” is not necessary – not everyone lives in London!

    • TGLoyalty says:

      I live in the Midlands and Manchester is still a quick train north. Think Robeston point way a tier run for those that would normally get on at LHR.

      Most north of/or near Manchester would probably already be using a cconnection from there anyway

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Bloody phone

        “I live in the Midlands and Manchester is still a quick train north. Think Rob’s point was adding in a small tier run for those that would normally get on at LHR.”

    • Yes, I bet Rob was chuckling to himself to see how soon we all commented on that 😛 This video would seem relevant – esp the Watford comment!

    • Rob is actually a northerner…

      • I think he’s gone native though 😛 That or Stockholm syndrome… 😉

  3. Has anyone noticed how much the prices in the low fare finder for club have shot up this week. Bergen used to be from £82 each way Inverness was from £40 each way. They’re all now way more. I even found Istanbul for £75 each way for a one week window next Feb but that went very quickly

    • I guess the prices to BGO went up after they canned the evening flight

  4. These new CE domestic flights now affect the cost of your so called free connection flight to a long haul destination. If you book your domestic connection on the same ticket e.g. EDI-LHR-SIN it now adds £71.54 in taxes purely for the EDI-LHR leg. I don’t really want to pay for a CE domestic flight but will need to if I want my bag checked in all the way – BA get you every which way!

    • Really, that’s shoddy, think I paid £37 / pax / sector my recent “Free” EDI-LGW add on.

      So your “complimentary” G&T and cuppa & sarnie costs another £35, bargain! lol!

      Maybe its double the price for BA to cover its losses for having to pay out for a delay under EU261/2004 😉

      • I noticed that the system now doesn’t seem to let you search for a CE flight with a WT connection from a regional airport – it comes up with both legs as CE. This means that you either have to part with 18,000 avios and £50 for a 40 minute hop from Manchester to Heathrow, or book separately, thereby falling foul of the rule on re-checking your luggage when flying on different ticket numbers.

        For the future it seems the way forward is hand luggage only, or an overnight stop at Heathrow.

        • Although it may be possible to book the two different classes by phone but that’s an ordeal in itself!

        • Genghis says:

          I thought the connection is ‘free’ in terms of avios?

        • Only for longhaul flights. It sounded like the OP here was wanting a CE flight but with a Euro Traveller connection (although they put WT), ie an RFS trip. With those you now pay full Avios and fees for connection. I think phoning will be the only way to do this now given poor BA IT.

    • Liz – When you say “Taxes”?

      Thats BA speak for their own surcharges surely?

      ps I’m nr your neck of the woods next Sunday…

      • Whatever they call them – taxes, surcharges, fees, – it was previously £37 as I have been pricing up our Oz trip and various connections for a while now in preparation for booking in May – but now the cost from EDI-LHR-SIN will be £437.51 LHR-SIN is £365.97.

        Next Sunday we will be in Manchester for a christening!

    • maybe cheaper to start at INV, which is exempt from APD tax

      • IIRC the times are not great for the INV flight – also only one flight per day so if there are problems with the flight you’ve had it – I would rather stick with EDI

        • Kinkell says:

          Inverness BA one flight a day. Leaves INV. 12.10. arr. LHR 13.40.
          By no means great for onward connections, so we have to weigh up going to EDI or ABZ which is a 3 hour drive away

        • Once INV train station opens in next year, it could become more of an option for those in the Perthshire & Aberdeenshire areas to use for the outbound leg to avoid APD.

          If your heading east (KUL/SIN) on an overnight CW/F flight that leaves LHR late afternoon/early evening flight its not too bad timing, just a few hours in the lounge and also allows for minor delay.

          But yes, flying west to the US its not great unless you have the time to overnight in LHR the eve before, but then you have to factor in hotel costs…

        • Yes flying west just doesn’t work for us from INV – we have the hassle of getting a train up there and an overnight stay so not worth it.

    • Actually, these ‘enhanced’ fees for domestic add-ons have been there for a while (certainly before the latest CE introduction on domestics). I should know, I booked a LH 241 and queried them many months ago. But I fully agree….complete rip-off.

      • Although my impression was that the taxes/fees/charges were higher when booked into CE than ET class for these domestics?

  5. Julie says:

    When I looked at the BA tier points calculator and put in Aer Lingus LHR – DUB it shows avios earnings but no tier pints. Is this correct?.

  6. Greer says:

    This is fantastic news! As usual my tier point collection time is running out and I really need a little something to tip me over 🙂 Manchester here I come.

  7. Rob as this is BA…

    How proactive have BA been with suitable and appropriate compensation due under EU261/2004 for the unlucky couple that headed east?

    Sure you won’t be giving out prizes for me guessing…! 🙂

    • Genghis says:

      @Anon. When’s the big unveiling of the Rangali review? 🙂 I note it’s currently password protected.

      • I’m just finishing off a few tweaks today after receiving feedback from my proof readers.

        Like the octopus featured in it, the thing has kept growing arms and legs.! (Groan)

        Its at least twice the size of my previous review.

        Hope to very soon give Rob the green light for him to run as an exclusive, maybe as a couple of posts, so subject to Robs workload and HFPs queue of articles, it’ll maybe on here next wknd.?

      • ps. After seeing the comments on the SPG thread, I’m feeling very grateful for my proof readers! 🙂

  8. Gavin says:

    Off topic – for anyone with BA status a useful trick I’ve discovered which can give you free seat selection on a HBO ticket

    If booking a HBO ticket via a third party travel agent like Expedia, I’ve noticed that if you add the Booking Ref to your BA account via the App as soon as you are ticketed you can immediately go into manage my booking and select seats for free.

    This has worked three times for me -I’ve successfully grabbed exit row seats for free for me and my other half (no status) who was included on the same booking. When booking a return ticket I’ve not been able to get free seat selection for the inbound as the BA system seems to wake up and want to charge you for seat selection after confirming the outbound seat selection ! The obvious way round this is to book 2 singles if there’s no price difference.

    This might work for direct BA bookings but I’ve not tried.

    • Julie says:

      For the uninitiated, what does HBO stand for?. Thx

      • callum says:

        Hand Baggage Only

        • I have found this doesn’t always work – on occasion I have immediately selected seats with no issues on HBO tickets as a GGL, only to have them later reassigned and correctly only changeable for a fee.

        • Gavin says:

          Ah, it has always worked for me before but I tend to book less than 48 hours before flying. I’ve just booked for June, so a couple of months to see what happens…

  9. Marcw says:

    Now it´s time to look into booking BA Avios flights at Iberia Plus, particularly if you are flying from the regions. This is particularly useful if you are Avios rich but no cash.. However, you do not get the free domestic flight. Let´s make an example:
    MAN-LHR-JFK in Business:
    BAEC: 50.000 Avios + £370
    IbPlus: you can choose MAN-LHR in domestic: 54.000 Avios + £270 (MAN-LHR in economy)
    Basically 4.000 Avios saves you £100.
    Similarly, if you choose economy all the way:
    BAEC: 13.000 + £210
    IbPlus: 17.000 + £195
    4.000 Avios saves you £15.

    Now, return MAN-LHR-JFK-LHR-MAN
    Economy IbPlus: 34.000 Avios + £277
    Business (domestic in Y): 108.000 Avios + £351
    Economy BAEC: 26.000 Avios + £305
    Business BAEC: 100.000 Avios + £552

    It’s nice to get a “free connection” in “business” paying an extra £100 each way. I’d rather fly economy ans save £100 each way per person.

    Take home message: IbPlus allows mixed class redemption and taxes and surcharges are cheaper (sometimes also valid for non-strop to/from London).

  10. Billy says:

    They were offering Club Europe to Inverness for £66! Of course I missed it.
    Have family up there so will work out great for me.

  11. wayne sambrook says:

    This will work great for me, Manchester & Birmingham are on my doorstep, it’s always a chore driving down to Heathrow, now some great tier points are easily available.

  12. Aceman says:

    Does BA connect any 2 regional airports that dont use LHR as a hub?

    Eg, could you do LHR-LBA-EDI return? that could get good very quickly….

  13. Ruth4325 says:

    This is excellent news as my current trip EDI-LHR-DEN out in WTP and back in CW was going to leave me 15 tier points short of silver with two months to make up the difference.Not any more!

  14. surfnode says:

    If you get an upgrade to business at the gate (not paid but operational), will they credit you 40 TP? This happened to me on Monday but I “only” got 20 TP.

    Interestingly they offered me an upgrade for GBP 70 (oneway) in the app, although not on the return where I had a cheaper tariff (both HBO though). On return business class looked completely empty.