A review of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island – on Hilton points (Part 2)

Here is part two of a readers review of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island focusing on the different types of accommodation.

Part 1 is here.  Parts 3 and 4 will follow tomorrow.

The original version of this report, which includes some additional photos, is here.

King Beach Villa

The King Beach Villa has been refurbished since my last visit. A new sofa-bed is located on the right at the rear area, where the outside fountain used to be, creating a much larger living area.

The previously polished stone on the floors and shower wall area has been completely replaced with rough granite, this not only looks good but works very well to prevent the floors from being slippery when having wet feet.

The new bath tub is slightly smaller which reduces the amount of water and time it takes to fill it up.

The walk in wardrobe is spacious. The safe is large enough for a 14″ laptop.

This is the view looking outside onto the patio and garden area that leads to the beach.

Overall I think the changes really enhance the accommodation. For a closer look inside a new refurbished King Beach Villa, you can find an official video on youtube.

Deluxe Beach Villa

Whilst we would have been very happy to stay in a newly refurbished King Beach Villa, for our return to the Maldives we fancied staying in a Deluxe Beach Villa overlooking the reef.

We entered the property through a wooden door into the garden with a decorative fountain.

Outside is the large bath (takes a while to fill) – this has a view through the property to the beach.

This is the large outdoor shower (complete privacy assured).

Twin basins.

The attention to detail that staff demonstrate remains high and is always impressive.

This is the living/sleeping area. We received welcome chocolates, wine and fruit.

View from the beach towards the patio with the private plunge pool, approx 1.2m deep, in the garden.

View out to the east of Rangalifinolhu, overlooking the main reef.

Retreat Water Villa

The Retreat Water Villas are located at the far north of the main island, accessed over a wooden jetty at the Spa Retreat, a resort within a resort.

This was our Retreat Water Villa (the villas in the distance are the incredible Sunset Water Villas)

Entrance area, sofas and desk, patio doors to decking.

Spacious bed and sleeping area. It’s the little extra touches that make such a difference.

Bathroom, changing area, including good wardrobe space, note the view through to dedicated private spa treatment / exercise room.

Private Spa room with twin treatment beds.

Bath with views out over the lagoon, bi-fold doors allow it to be open air.

Private Deck area with Sun Loungers.

View from the jacuzzi deck over the lagoon, Quiet Zone & Vilu restaurant in the distance.

Sleeping juvenile Lionfish under our Retreat Water Villa. We also noticed it being used as a nursery by many other fish. More underwater pics in part four of this review.

I believe the Retreat Water Villas are scheduled for a refresh in the next year.

All in all, we thought staying above the water was a terrific experience. However, you might be surprised to read that even if offered a free choice, we’d still want to experience both a Beach Villa and a Water Villa on any future visit. We like both equally for different reasons and having the variety of the two different types of accommodation is a really good way to appreciate different parts of the resort.

Our snorkel buddies stayed in one of the Superior Water Villas on the smaller island of Rangali. These are also currently undergoing improvements, replacing the wooden floors and general redecoration.


The electric powered buggy cars are particularly useful when staying in a Retreat Water Villa (given their relatively remote location).  I’d suggest phoning reception to order a buggy 20-30mins in advance.

If available and convenient, take the Dhoni across the calm lagoon, it’s a free scenic boat ride and gives you great views of both islands and the bridge that spans the resort.

Parts 3 and 4 of this Conrad Maldives Rangali Island review, which include some amazing scuba diving photos, will run on Head for Points tomorrow.

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A review of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island - on Hilton points (Part 1)
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  1. Mr(s) Entitled says:

    Great review but the place isnt that big. Provided people dont have mobility issues everything is walkable. Having and taking the time to do so is one of the pleasures.

    • I’d agree with you, thanks for the perspective

      For ourselves, we always seem to spend so long enjoying the Snorkeling that we were on a tighter schedule than most.

      As my review shows, I’d go for a easy morning stroll to soak up the atmosphere at dawn before it got hot and our days activities kicked off. And again taking time walking on the resort from sunset onwards is a treat too, especially looking up at the sky, we even saw a few shooting stars.

  2. James A says:

    The Maldives were good to experience once and very relaxing and well run from a guest perspective, but I doubt we will return. There was a sadness in witnessing the thorough ecological destruction that mass tourism has wrought upon the islands. it is improving but vast amount she of damage have already been done.

  3. Tilly71 says:

    Have I got this wrong Anon? Are there still the standard BV or have they be renamed king BV since the refurbishment.

    • Tilly71 says:

      Just clicked on the link to the Conrad site and I couldn’t find a king beach villa in their accommodations page.

      • It’s the “standard” Beach Villa, I used King in my review to distinguish the fact that it’s a large double bed, however I believe twin beds are available.

  4. Mr(s) Entitled says:

    I like the new bath tub. The old style was so big that we never used it partly because it became apparent how long it would take to fill but mainly because of the amount of water needed to fill it.