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British Airways makes Club Europe meal improvements following feedback

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It is only a couple of weeks since British Airways brought in its new Club Europe catering.  The first genuine improvements to the original offering are already live, having been rushed through with impressive speed.

Unfortunately the two biggest problems with the relaunch – the removal of hot meals from a lot of key routes and the removal of fruit from breakfast – have not been addressed (yet?).

This is a shame as there were some positive changes made, primarily to the longest Club Europe routes.  Almost all flights irrespective of length now get a choice of food where there was previously nothing.

Unfortunately, drastically reducing the meal quality on a small but important selection of routes has wiped out any goodwill that may have been generated.  These include Barcelona, Bologna, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Innsbruck, Milan, Nice, Oslo, Palma, Pisa, Porto, Prague, Salzburg, Venice, Vienna, Verona and Zagreb.

Dusseldorf meal

Anyway, this is what appears to have changed as of last Thursday:

  • Fruit plates have been added to ‘brunch’ options
  • The salad has got a little bigger and cheese and biscuits have been added
  • The panini has gained a side salad

The picture above is a meal served out of Dusseldorf a couple of days ago, with added cheese and biscuits and a slightly bigger salad.

Things are picking up a little although there is still a long way to go before we can genuinely say that Club Europe food has improved without needing to add a list of caveats.

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Comments (58)

  • graham says:

    Flew Malaga club last week. On both flights they ran out of the non veg meal by row 7. On the return flight we had to have a paneer curry rather than chicken. I like the idea of a choice but really the choice only exists for the first few rows.

    • Andrew says:

      The two options on the menu card for my flight were chicken or fish. I think you need to preorder vegetarian as a special meal to be sure.

  • Talay says:

    For all short haul flights, eat before you go on, either commercial or in the lounge.

  • Tom Murray says:

    Why does everyone that strays off topic say ‘sorry’ – as if they mean it?

  • Dan says:

    Just flew LHR-GIB in CE and back over the last few days.

    First flight was a cock up food wise. They’d only loaded beetroot salad with cheese for the cabin. Complaint will be made to get some Avios via service recovery.

    Flight back, much better. 4 courses including choice of mains – chicken supreme with gnocchi or miso glazed cod. Good flight back to LHR.

  • Anna says:

    OT, but driving me nuts! Trying to decipher the new BA timetables from MAN. The Saturday flight to Ibiza leaves at 19:30 hours, returning to MAN at 00:05 hours the following day (Sunday). However, the return flight from Ibiza on a Saturday leaves at 10:45 hours, arriving at MAN at 12:30. There is no corresponding MAN departure to explain how this flight gets to Ibiza in the first place.

    Where does this flight originate from – I thought all the MAN flights used the same plane?! Sorry if I am being really thick and missing something obvious – but even the BA schedule shows 3 outbound flights and 4 inbound which shouldn’t theoretically be possible.

    • Nick M says:

      I think the idea behind the new routes was to make use of (LCY?) planes that weren’t being used over the weekend? – fairly sure I read that in the original article Rob wrote

      • the real harry1 says:

        logic fails when you assume BA MUST provide both outward & return flights in equal quantities

        they probably do though

      • Rob says:

        Correct. City Airport shuts for 24 hours and in any event the demand is not there to fill all the planes BA needs midweek.

        • Sam Goss says:

          From what I can work out the aircraft does LCY-IBZ on the Friday and then MAN-IBZ on the Saturday morning

          I am assuming this is to provide a spare aircraft in the UKm as the schedules are very tight. I am guessing it then positions down to LCY on Sunday when it reopens from wherever it ends up (or operates the MAN-LCY flight leaving that aircraft to position)

          Bit weird to have more seats one way than the other, but in this day of skyscanner and one-way tickets people are mixing and matching anyway to best suit their schedule, so no big deal

  • Nick says:

    The new routes with BRS, BHM, MAN and STN are all interlinked, so if you want to understand the schedule you need to look at all of them.

    I think MAN was planned to operate with one aircraft but obviously they’ve put a slip in somewhere, probably for schedule robustness. Or maybe just the flights are different week by week and your ‘out’ doesn’t correspond with your ‘return’. Without knowing your exact dates we can’t check to be certain.

    • Anna says:

      The flights are the same every week. An extra flight from LCY would explain it, however if they are doing all the MAN flights with one plane, then it is scheduled to be returning from Alicante at the same time that it is supposed to be returning from Ibiza!