TRIPLE points on Club Carlson stays until June – a potential 50%+ rebate!

Club Carlson, the Radisson / Park Inn / Park Plaza hotel group, has launched a very generous promotion for Spring.

If you don’t know much about Club Carlson, full details and a sign-up link can be found here.

Until 30th June you will earn TRIPLE points on every stay.  This means that you will earn 60 base points per US$1 you spend.  Register here.

You receive 5,000 extra bonus points if your stay includes a Sunday or Monday (and 10,000 points if it includes both!).  This offer is repeatable up to a maximum of 100,000 bonus points.

In addition, you will earn an additional 3,000 points for your next stay booked through the Club Carlson app between now and the end of the year.  Details are here.

This promotion effectively gives you a 50%+ rebate on your room rate – more if you are Gold.

Carlson triple points

I generally say on HFP that I value Club Carlson points at £3.50 per 1,000 based on 70,000 points for a five star in London.  At the bottom end, where some Park Inn hotels are just 9,000 points, you can easily justify £5 per 1,000 points.

Let’s take an extreme example:

You book a Sunday and Monday night, via the app, at a property costing £80 per night.  You have no Club Carlson status (although Amex Platinum cardholders would be Gold and earn more).

You would earn, based on $200 spent:

12,000 base points, based on 60 per $ with triple points

10,000 bonus points for staying a Sunday and Monday

3,000 bonus points for your first app booking

That is a total of 25,000 Club Carlson points which I conservatively value at £3.50 per 1,000.  You have got £87.50 of points from a £160 spend!

Even in the worse case scenario – that you have already had the app bonus and you aren’t staying a Sunday or a Monday – 12,000 points would be worth £42 back on £160 spent.  That is a return of 25%+.

If you don’t want the points for free nights, this is also a decent deal for earning Avios points or other airline miles.  Club Carlson points transfer to Avios at a 10:1 ratio in chunks of 2,000.  In my example above, you would have earned 2,400 Avios points for your £160 spend.

You MUST register in advance in order to earn triple points via the link on this page.  I would be surprised if another hotel promotion as generous as this comes along for the period through to June.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Kilburnflyer says:

    Do cash & points stays count for this offer?

    • Nope.

      • RIcatti says:

        This is misleading. Please check before you give such categorical answer.

        Hint: Club Carlson is not the same as IHG.

        • Tetly1967 says:

          Ts & Cs clear – “Stays or nights paid for by using Points + Cash are not Eligible for this Promotion” and I earned no bonus points for my P&C stay last week.

  2. If you pre booked a stay with the Amex £50 off £100 that has now expired for this offer period your laughing, potentially a “free” stay!

  3. OT, I am hoping to eventually maximise the value of a Lloyds upgrade voucher. Am I right in thinking that it can be applied to any flight booked via, not just BA flights? Also, say the voucher is triggered on 1.1.18 (conveniently), is it right that it can be used on bookings made until 31.12.18, for travel beyond that period (e.g. travel from 1/11/18 to 8/11/18)?

    Thanks in advance!

    • John G says:

      Can be used for BA flights only. You are correct on the dates.

      • Many thanks!

        • Though just realised my travel dates should have read 2019, not 2018, is that still right? (It’s still early!)

        • Yes, even if you book on the day before the voucher expires you can book any flights loaded onto the system (ie 355 days ahead). In fact via the call centre I was able to add a return flight when it was released even though this was more than 24 months from triggering the voucher.

    • Klaus-Peter Dudas says:

      Just a note that I have found that the voucher is usually valid for a little longer than 12 months…

  4. RussellH says:

    Good promo, pity about the dates, though.

    I am booked for Sat, Sun + Mon 1 – 4 July….


  5. Michael Watters says:

    OFF TOPIC: does anyone know if it is still possible to transfer avios between friends by setting up a household account at Or is there any other way to do it for free?

    • It is indeed possible but a faff I’ve discovered. Get your friend to update their address in first.

      Then transfer avios from all people to the household account.

      I then waited four weeks and filled in the form* .

      It then took about 3 weeks for the account to be split with 100% back to me.

      *The form isn’t electronic, you need to print it, fill it in and post it to Avios!

    • Can be done but you need to wait a while before breaking up the family account.

  6. Other Topic: in the same vein as the above message. My friend and I often travel together. In the past we have either used Avios earned by me or her to pay for upgrades. This year however neither of us has enough points to pay for both. Would we be able to use our own separate points on a joint booking and keep the same PNR or would it be separate tickets because the points were coming from two accounts? Can anyone suggest a way around this without having a family account?

  7. OT – but i had the Loganair banner advert at the top of the page. Consequently i have now booked a day trip to Barra, landing on the beach, getting a complimentary coffee and cake at the ‘terminal’, a walk along the beach and then back in the plane! Cant wait!

    • Is that bookable again? I tried to book a couple of months ago but it said ‘sold out’ for the rest of the season.

      • Loganair will be running the route rather than via Flybe. Loganair take over in September and plenty availability. With Flybe the weekend flights are mostly booked or a lot more expensive. Loganair was approx £75 return for a Saturday with about 2 hours between flights, quite chuffed at getting this one ticked off the bucket list.

        • I’ve copied your idea and booked for the 20/9 ! Just need to order a calm, blue sky sunny day!

        • Liz – do you want to do the HfP review of the ‘lounge’ at Barra or shall I?!

          Google the baggage reclaim area….

        • I’ll let you do it!

        • Love the baggage reclaim department!

        • also, have a look at Barra Island Tours, they can whizz you round the island between flights. Looks worth a drive round.

        • RussellH says:

          Barra is a magical place – always provided that the sun is shining! I worked there for a year and the sunny days are amazing.

          The long winter overcast can get seriously depressing though – it is like living in a black + white film – all the colour fades away.

        • Where are you guys flying from? Maybe one for my wedding anniversary

        • James67 says:

          @Axel, the flight operates out of Glasgow.

        • Glasgow

        • Genghis says:

          Please report back on your experience @CV3V. When you off? I’m interested in doing it.

      • Sorted. Thanks guys.

        We are on 16/9 flights!

        Traveling through from Edinburgh, so maybe Hilton in Glasgow previous night as Ive just been rewarded Diamond -after only 6 stays in 2016 – I will explain that useful quirk another day.

        • Pls do, sounds v intriguing.. 😀

        • James67 says:

          Reports on status recognotion at Hilton Glasgow are good. However, unless you are planning a points stay, you might want to consider a package at the Malmaison which might be more suited to anniversary celebrations. They completed a refurbishment last year, and it’s where many celebrities who are in town often stay.

    • James67 says:

      Thanks, we want to do this flight too. In Asia all September into October so weather more iffy, sights less certain and ‘thrills’ more likely, decisions, decisions.

  8. OT
    new Amex statement credit at Boots £5 when you spend £20; they usually sell various gift cards.
    The email also mentioned Esso but I have not got it on any cards.

  9. Huge thanks for this Rob. I had a Sunday – Tuesday stay in June planned at a Country Inns & Suites property and was waiting for a Summer promotion before booking. This is that promotion! First time booking on the app too… 🙂

    • Is that the only European Country Inns & Suites, which bizarrely is in a tiny German seaside town just down the road from my parents in law?!

  10. OT on Ba fights it’s says free flight changes on the day, does anyone know how this works


    • Did you buy the Plus fare?
      You can change to any earlier/later flights on the same route as long as there is still seat availability. Can be done on App, online right after midnight on the day of your flight, alternatively ask phone / airport ticketing agent in the morning. Unfortunately airport changes (e.g. LCYLHRLGW) is not possible.

      • Yan it was a rewards flight is this still possible? Is it subject to rewards availability?

  11. Canuck says:

    Can you combine this offer with the Spring 7000 point bonus rate by staying in a Country Inn and Suites? Effectively making this even more lucrative if you stay Sunday/Monday

  12. Hi
    Just booked Park Inn Bedford for a Sunday and Monday night.
    Originally booked a flexible rate via the app as advised, then checked on desktop and found several rates were not showing on the app
    eg on the app -standard room £76 p/n upgrade to include breakfast £18- cancellable
    On the desktop -2 nights 15% discount – standard room with breakfast £80 p/n -non canceallable – as I am unlikely to cancel I cancelled the original booking made on the app and rebooked on the desktop to save £28. -not a huge amount in the scale of sums often discussed on this site but advice that the app. may not show all available options and the saving is worth significantly more than the 3000 points.

  13. JamesW says:

    Hi, not that I expect to use Club Carlson much (if at all) following the removal of the 2-4-1 and 4-4-2 deals BUT I have (had) Gold status via the Amex Platinum Card however have just been dropped down to silver. I contacted Club Carlson and they advised that I have to re-apply for Gold every year via Amex.
    Has anyone else had this ?

  14. William Shearer says:

    Stayed at the Radisson Edwardian Heathrow last Monday. Paid £131 and received just short of 20,000 points.