(BACK IN STOCK) Quick deal: Under 1p Avios or Virgin miles with a BT phone from Tesco!

This deal won’t last too long, but if you jump in quickly you might get lucky.

Tesco is selling this BT Duet 210 corded telephone for £11.99 – click here to order.   Click & Collect delivery to your nearest Tesco is free.

It comes with 500 bonus Clubcard points.

BT Duet 210Here is the maths:

You are paying £11.99 for 511 Clubcard points.  That gets you 1,226 Avios or 1,277 Virgin Flying Club miles for £11.99.

It just came back into stock this morning and they will go quickly so jump in now if you want one.  The other phones offering 500 bonus Clubcard points are here.

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  1. Andrew* says:


  2. “request stock alert” at 1929

  3. None available at 7.29pm!

  4. Raj Singh says:

    O/T – Marriott Rewards Travel Package
    Hi All

    I haven’t used a Marriott travel certificate before and have a quick question.
    The hotel that I’m looking to reserve, Category 9, requires 270,000 points for a seven night stay. However, when I looked at the travel packages table it states that I would need to redeem 390,000 points in order to gain a seven night stay plus 120,000 BA miles. I don’t understand what the point is of redeeming 390,000 points for the package instead of 270,000 just for the hotel stay. My points would be converted from SPG points obtained from Amex membership rewards. I could convert the additional 120,000 required points directly to BA, so why go through Marriott.


    • Matthew says:

      The maths is slightly skewed because you are converting Amex MR to SPG which means they get halved but it still works out better. It’s much more worthwhile if you are using SPG points earned directly from the credit card or hotel stays. Here are some sums for you:-

      270,000 Marriott points = 90,000 SPG
      390,000 Marriott points = 130,000 SPG
      120,000 Marriott points = 40,000 SPG

      So say you have 300,000 AMEX MR points and convert 180,000 of them into 90,000 SPG to make 270,000 Marriott points. That sorts your hotel out and the remaining 120,000 are converted direct from AMEX MR to BA. You now have 0 left in Amex.

      To do the Marriott travel package for your hotel and 120,000 BA miles, you need 260,000 Amex MR points converted into 130,000 SPG which converts to 390,000 Marriott points. So you get the same outcome but still have 40,000 Amex MR left in your account.

      Hope that makes sense!

      • Raj Singh says:

        Thankyou very much for the explanation; all clear now.

        • I believe you don’t need the avios points, for the stay, the 390k Marriott points are what the package costs, the 120k avios is what you receive as a bonus for booking the travel package 😉

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Short answer

      120k Marriot = 40k SPG = 80k MR so you have gained 40k Avios vs converting 80k MR directly into Avios

  5. Lewis Watson says:

    Sold out in less than 20 min

  6. Says 11 points now

  7. Direct cancelled my orders last time a few hours later and I wasn’t bulk buying.

  8. phone is available again , so hurry up 🙂

  9. Maxine says:

    I was able to buy at 8.50pm and it shows the extra 500 points on my order.

    • AndyBAFlyer says:

      At 21.12 it is showing 11 clubcard points.

      • Click on add to basket. The additional 500 points will show up there (unless you are buying from a third party seller I suspect)

  10. If order is stuck on sent to Fulfilment it will be cancelled, had a call last night.

  11. Has anyone buying at 8.50pm actually got a confirmed order and gone further than sent to Fulfilment message?
    Be interested to know as I made a small order at 4pm and this order has not progressed.

    • Orders will be cancelled, they did it last time and they will do it again.

      • Maxine says:

        Yep, just got the email telling me my 8.50pm order was cancelled. Oh well…

  12. Looks like orders made earlier in the day have been honoured.

  13. back in stock and you could probably clear £4 on ebay which would bring cost down to 0.66p. #toomucheffort!

  14. Back in stock, so just ordered.

  15. out of stock

  16. JOHN MUNN says:

    quick heads up… These are back in stock. I bought one at 11am this morning (Sold by Tesco, extra 500 points)

  17. Back in stock.