Bits: new Nightly hotel site, £25 off SWISS to Geneva, new Priority Pass Sydney benefits

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News in brief:

New hotel booking site – Nightly – with a difference

Nightly ( is, genuinely, a hotel booking website with a difference.  And you can’t say that very often these days.

Nightly, which is run from London, is based on the premise that you can save money by switching to a nearby hotel of similar quality during your stay.  A typical hotel booking site may show you, for a Friday to Sunday stay:

Hotel A – £100 per night (based on an underlying price of £75 Friday and £125 Saturday)

Hotel B – £100 per night (based on an underlying price of £125 Friday and £75 Saturday)

Nightly, on the other hand, would look at what was available on each night and recommend:

Friday in Hotel A, Saturday in Hotel B – average price of £75 per night

Another upside of Nightly is that it can show you good value hotels which, because they are only available for some nights of your stay, would show as ‘sold out’ if you tried to book them for the full duration.

Nightly will not recommend more than two hotels per trip, so you are only looking at one possible change of location.

This clearly isn’t something which appeal to everyone.  I did a lot of hotel hopping in my pre-family days but that was mainly to maximise bonus point promotions or because I didn’t have enough points in a particular hotel programme.  If the inconvenience of switching isn’t huge, you might find that Nightly offers you savings you would otherwise miss.

Note that, from a miles and points perspective, bookings via Nightly will be treated as ‘third party’ bookings.  They will not earn you points in any hotel loyalty programme and your status benefits may not be recognised.

Nightly Travel

£25 off SWISS flights to Geneva

SWISS has launched a £25 discount code for flights between London Heathrow / City and Geneva.

The code you need, which must be added to the SWISS website here, is SWISSUKGVA17.

You need to book by 15th July and complete your travel by 15th September.  A minimum spend of £95 is required.

Swiss airline discount code

Priority Pass adds seven restaurants in Sydney

Priority Pass recently added The Grain Store restaurant at London Gatwick’s South Terminal to its network, as you can read here.

This is an excellent deal.  You receive a £15 credit at The Grain Store towards food, drink, takeaway, whatever simply by showing your Priority Pass lounge access card.  (It also works with Lounge Club which comes with the free Amex Gold).  If your Priority Pass card allows you to bring a guest for free, which it will if your card is issued by Amex Platinum, you can have £30 of free stuff.

A similar deal has just been launched at Sydney Kingsford Smith International airport.  There are seven restaurants included.  To quote:

  • Mach2, located in Terminal 1, bringing the skill and signature dishes of Sydney’s ‘Machiavelli’ Restaurant to the airport
  • Peroni Bar, located in Terminal 1, serving up traditional aperitifs in a unique concept bar with a contemporary décor
  • Benny Burger, located in Terminal 1, offering gourmet burgers designed by Australian master chef Shannon Bennett
  • MoVida, located in Terminal 2, offering Spanish cuisine and tapas from award winning chef Frank Camora
  • Bistro 2020 & Bar, located in Terminal 2, serving quality Australian beers and wines, as well as a delicious hot food menu
  • Bar Roma, located in Terminal 3, offering a variety of pizzas and pasta, and a selection of local and imported beers and wines
  • Wok on Air, located in Terminal 3, providing customers with fresh and healthy Asian classics, all prepared to order in less than five minutes.

Priority Pass members receive an AUD$36 credit off the final bill at each outlet, for themselves and their guests. Each AUD$36 credit will represent a single lounge visit within their existing lounge visit allocation.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Callum says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t restrict it to one restaurant per day in Sydney. If you regularly use the airport and have an unlimited pass you could spend a fortune!

  2. Does that mean that 2 (or more) restaurant guests may be allowed in at the “cost” of one visit, if only 1x$36 credit is made?

    • NigelM says:

      I’m sure he means one credit per person charged to the PP, cardholder or guest – otherwise it would just say no guests allowed in addition to the cardholder.

      • The “lounge description” seems to suggest otherwise: “Cardholders and accompanying guests will receive AUD$36 off the final bill per person per visit, valid on any type of meal and/or drinks upon presentation of a valid card.”

        The question is whether a PP cardholder can bring one guest, have each spend <18AUD (for a total of <A$36), and gets only 1x "lounge visit" recorded on the PP cardholder's PP. Based on the above description, it seems to suggest that this is not possible. You + 1guest will get A$36 each in exchange for 2 PP "uses", without any option to have a combined A$36 allowance in exchange for 1 PP "use".

        Another un-answered issue: does this promotion apply if you opt to order A$36 of food/drink as a takeaway? 😛

  3. Hingeless says:

    I notice this yesterday on the PP app, its fantastic news.

    Mrs H got her PP card yesterday and is flying through T1 on Friday – perfect timing as she has no status

    I’ll be in T1 tomorrow so will pop into 1 of the venues to give it a quick try.

    Movida is very good

    Mach2 is Landside in departures, great option for waiting for all those annoying visitors we have.

    • Polly says:

      Hi H, are you and Al in Asia ATM? We are on short hop to HKT, v humid. Great news on PP tho, and yes, was thinking the same thing about SYD Callum! What a hoot. Wait till HFPointers get going…

      • Hingeless says:

        I’m in Sydney, will be airside in international tomorrow.

        Just had a thought, you don’t need a boarding pass or ticket to get airside in T2 & T3 (these are domestic only terminals), so could try those out any time !!

        • Hingeless says:

          I’m In peroni bar in Sydney, they are still building the place. No problem with priority pass, they know all about it and have had about 20 people a day using it for the past week. They explained that I had $36, but I’m only having 1 drink then returning to the qantas first lounge 🙂

  4. PeacefulWaters says:

    Good news about Sydney.

    Pizza before I fly to Brisbane for the first test match then!

  5. Presumably you could search via Nightly and then book directly with the hotel(s) to retain benefits and earn points?

    • Andrew says:

      I was just thinking that… It’s essentially what I do anyway on Trivago, Expedia and so forth by stepping dates forward.

      When booking a single-city split-stay, I try and book a cancellable night for the middle stay.

      I’ve found, over the years, that if I make it clear at check-in that I’m going to check-out 2 days later, stay in a better priced competitor hotel, then check back in again there is often suddenly rooms available at an attractive price direct from the hotel for the relevant nights.

      • Hi guys, I’m Jon, one of the co-founders at Nightly.

        You can of course use our search and then choose to book direct. There are a couple of reasons why you might choose to book with Nightly though. First off, we have a single checkout for the two hotels which saves some form-filling, especially if you’re looking at independent hotels where you don’t already have a profile set up. Secondly, we are also able to include rates intended for packaging in our switches, which you won’t be able to take advantage of if booking the hotels separately.

        I hope you will give us a try. We’re available on live chat if you have any more thoughts or questions.

  6. OT
    I’m sure I read somewhere about using Lloyd’s upgrade between wt and club on flights where there is no wt+ cabin.
    On the off chance that is a thing that I didn’t randomly make up, any advise for finding there routes?

    • Gavin says:

      It will be routes on the Mid Haul A321, Moscow and perhaps some Middle East routes like Beirut

      • Thanks. Will dig around. Moscow would be good if visa’s weren’t such a pain.

    • This has now changed I believe. Used to work on Amman, Beirut etc which use the old 2-class BMI planes with ‘proper’ business seats. The system now charges you WTP even where it doesn’t exist.

      Upside is you can use the voucher on the LCY flight to New York now, because they can calculate a theoretical WTP cost even though the plane is ‘all business’.

      • Simon says:

        I thought flights from LCY were excluded from the voucher

        • BA Cityflyer flights are exempt from the voucher. City to NYC is not operated by BA Cityflyer – it is mainline, run by Gatwick crews (who must report for duty at Gatwick and then drive to City, unbelievably).

        • Does that include the new routes from Manchester then? I was hoping to use mine on one of these in the future 🙁

        • Not heard any reports on this but presumably it would be.

  7. Kevin says:

    The LoungeKey app is also showing those seven restaurants in Sydney but no actual lounges! Don’t know what it had before or whether this is a glitch.

    We used Grain Store in Gatwick on Friday after the No 1 Lounge turned us away. We were impressed with it.

    • Kevin says:

      For Lounge Club at least, it doesn’t look like there were any options before this move.

    • Nate1309 says:

      I have used PP at the grain store a couple of times and also had good experiences. Last time I was there with just the wife we spent over £30 and I just got the waiter to put myself and guest on my PP card and my wife on her card. My PP is via AMEX Plat. So potentially is an evening flight for 2 could have a nice 3 course dinner and drink for £60 for free.

  8. Hey Rob i think you need to edit the example for nightly. Currently says friday night for both hotel A and B cost £75 and saturday for both is £125

    But thanks for bringing it to my attention… definitely a site id find useful

  9. Alex W says:

    Our priority passes didn’t arrive in time before we left for our holiday. Just as well, as I would have been gutted to miss out on this bonzer deal in SYD yesterday! The Qantas First lounge was fantastic, though.

    On a separate note. I signed up for Heinemann and me ages ago (I think it got me free Etihad points). Anyway I searched my junk email and lo and behold there was a €10 voucher off €10 spend at Heinemann valid for 1 year after my birthday. Worth using in Sydney for some free Kangaroo biltong or cheap booze!

  10. I’m worried about them cracking down on lounge hopping.

    While resteraunts at airports are welcome options, I’d hate that to trigger a crack down on lounge hopping. Which is good for doing reccys when at airports with time to kill.

  11. I’m in SYD next month, between this PP deal, Qantas Biz Lounge and Amex lounge, where to go?! Seriously, where to go?

    • Alex W says:

      All of the above!

      • I lounge hopped at Hong Kong when departing in First, my OH wasn’t impressed with me and just wanted to sit down. To be honest, even if i choose one lounge, i will still have to ‘nip out’ to see the other ones, just in case, not so easy with restaurants!

    • Amex lounge is fine if you don’t have any other option. it’s clean and food is edible.
      If I were you, I would grab some food from MoVida (easily the best food from the 7 options) then relax in the qantas biz lounge.

      • Thanks, Movida gets some good reviews.

      • Hingeless says:

        the Amex lounge is airside in the international terminal. Movida is in the domestic terminal, they are at different ends of the airport its a bit like T2/5 at LHR

  12. O/T Has anyone unlocked the Amex Monarch cash-back offer (Spend £200, get £20) based upon cumulative spend?

    • AndyF says:

      I used this deal on my card Amex and my partners and it worked perfectly well. However the flights both came in at around £240 each so unfortunately I can’t tell you if it would work cumatively.

  13. Jonathan says:

    OT: I hold the BAPP Amex Card – can I refer friends to Amex Cards (i.e. Gold Card)?
    I know it’s possible to refer between Amex charge cards (Green -> Gold -> Plat) but can you refer from credit to charge and vice versa. I can’t see a link to change the referral card.

  14. pauldb says:

    Would be nice if PP cut a similar deal at LHR T5, which seems an obvious target for this unless the restaurants are all too profitable to offer discounted credits.

  15. OT – anybody had their Super Boost winnings post to their account yet ?

  16. Jovanna says:

    OT: How do I send Amex a secure message? When I select ‘contact us’ I get a list of telephone numbers and something asking me to log in if I want to send a secure message. I am logged in…

    • Lawro says:

      That’s odd. After clicking ‘contact us’ when signed in you should get an option on the right of the screen that says ‘Email American Express’. Clicking that should bring up the secure message centre.
      Try a different browser perhaps?

  17. JamesB says:

    OT: I think I’ve come unstuck with the PRG-Platinum upgrade. It wasn’t an automatic approval and five days on all I can get out of them is that it’s stuck in their back office for further checks. I’ve had a 100% automatic approval rate with amex to date so I’m wondering if perhaps the upgrade link triggered a red flag. Almost certain it, and PP, will now not arrive before our European tour. No great loss really as I have lounge pass for EDI and FCO, CPH lounge closes before flight and TXL lounge is inconveniently landside. I will provide a further update if anything develoosbto suggest an issue in using the upgrade link.

    • James says:

      I used the upgrade link yesterday and go automatic approval.

    • Louise says:

      Mine took 7 days to be done, I have moved home in the last year though so assume that raises a flag with regard to credit checks

    • Stu N says:

      Everything at TXL is landside, each gate has its own security and passport control and there is basically a holding pen once you go through so I would leave it as late as possible to go through. On a new application our Priority Pass cards arrived before we got anything from Amex themselves so don’t quite give up hope yet!

      • JamesB says:

        Thanks Stu, this will be my first visit to Berlin so it’s useful to know the airport set up.

    • Crafty says:

      There’s not a widespread issue because it’s worked fine for many of us.

    • JamesB says:

      Thanks everybody, like Louise I have moved in tbe past three years although that dud not stop autoapproval before. I was aware folks were using the link, just wanted to post my issue in event something had changed but since James used it successfully yesterday I doubt that. Probably just bad luck on my part.

  18. Nightly seems like a pretty neat site, I like that it tells you the driving distance between hotels. Did a dummy search for Manchester this weekend and the top option was a hotel in Salford Quays and then the Doubletree at Picadilly. Bit of a hassle as a driver (though fine if you were on the tram), next option was the MacDonald followed by the Doubletree, £75 saved and less than 10 mins walk between the two. Can see it being very useful.

    • the real harry1 says:

      They missed a trick by not naming it Nightly Night 🙂

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