EXCLUSIVE: Get £15 of free beer, in a Gatwick bar, with Priority Pass or Lounge Club!

OK, this is a weird one.  But I can’t help thinking that it will be welcomed by some Head for Points readers!

Priority Pass and Lounge Club, the airport lounge access cards, have opened a new lounge at Gatwick South.  Remember that British Airways moved to Gatwick South two weeks ago, so this is very timely.

The new lounge is …. a bar.

To be precise …. The Grain Store Cafe & Bar.

Grain Store Gatwick

Obviously this is not an airport lounge.  It’s a bar.  In an airport.

The terms and conditions are simple.  Turn up at The Grain Store Cafe & Bar, flash your Priority Pass or Lounge Club card, and you will receive £15 per person off your bill.  You can charge as many guests as you like to your pass, although you will obviously be recharged later on if you are beyond your guesting limit.

This is quite tempting.  I have an American Express Platinum card which comes with two free Priority Pass cards.  Each allows me a free guest.  If my wife and I turn up at The Grain Store Cafe & Bar with our kids, we will get a £60 discount on our bill.  And if we’re still hungry or thirsty, we can pop into the No 1 Lounge anyway …..

This is also a decent way of using the two Lounge Club passes that come with American Express Preferred Rewards Gold.  ‘Take out our card and get £30 of free beer’ – now that’s a selling point!

Thanks to Jeremy for this.

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  1. Food is pretty decent there too!

  2. Hingeless says:

    If you have a priority pass and have to pay for each lounge visit you would be worse off doing this !

    My PP allows me two visits a year with no guests, these have to be a different lounge or different days, but I would be better off saving them for real lounges

    • the real harry1 says:

      which PP is that, that gives 2 visits a year with no guests?

      & how is getting £15 of free beer but getting charged £15 going to make you worse off? – they cancel out

  3. Slightly OT. With the lounge pass that comes with AMEX gold, what have people’s experiences been with taking children. Ie I have 2 kids under the age of 10. Would 2 passes get a family of 4 in at a lounge in T3, or is it purely upto the person on the day and if they want to do it as goodwill?

    • the real harry1 says:

      I’ve always been charged the £15 (or used up a free pass) to get my kids in @ No1 T3 (admittedly slightly older kids, eg times such as 8, 10 & 12) – though LP not accepted there anyway

      I think Plaza Premium offers a discount for kids but that would be off the full price presumably, not off £15 Lounge Pass reduced rate

      they would generally not charge for a baby – but expect to be charged for any child over (say) 3 unless you were born pleasant 🙂 – the younger they are, the more likely you can wing it

      • I managed to ‘wing’ my 21 year old into the BA lounge at Newark over Xmas. I had popped out a couple of times and told the lady on the desk I’d be back shortly once I’d taken my daughter a book. She asked why she wasn’t in the lounge, I explained she was flying economy and she told me to fetch her. Gave her a dinner ticket as she came in. I was very happy

    • Chris C says:

      I think it’ll depend on the lounge. If you download the lounge directory from PP, it’ll list conditions regarding young children, at the least it appears that under 2’s are admitted free, but at a glance the age limit goes up to under 12’s in some lounges.

  4. So will Rob be visiting this bar before or after he reviews the new BA lounge at LGW??

    #HeadForPints 🙂

  5. I have the priority pass from my Amex. Generally if i wanted to take in a third person in to any lounge, what’s the cost? £15 per additional person?

  6. Russell says:

    Is there a minimum spend on the £15, or does that equate to three totally free pints?

    Does this count as one of your two free visits on the Amex Gold Lounge Club, or can this be used an unlimited number of times?

    • ankomonkey says:

      “ask for a doggy box” I might need to use this for a free picnic lunch at the start of half-term…

  7. BrotherBear says:

    O/T – Japan

    Going there in the summer and we’ll end up with at least 5 days in Tokyo and 4 in Kyoto (and maybe Osaka). We also want some relaxing time on a beach and so will be going to the southwest islands for approx a week. Has anyone been down that way before with any recommendations? Doesn’t seem to be an abundance of nice looking accommodation. Ideally want somewhere with a few bars and restaurants for the evenings. Think we’ll spend a few days on the main Okinawa island (Naha) but can’t decide which other island to visit.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Stayed at the Doubletree in Naha for 4 nights in September booked during a Hilton 40% off sale for circa £60 per night. Next to the monorail to/from the airport and walkable to the main shopping and entertainment street. Would happily go back there again. There’s a Nippon Rent A Car 3 blocks away, hired a car from them for 2 days to explore the island including the very impressive aquarium on the northwest of the island and the WW2 naval headquarters to the south, and some nice quiet beaches in between. Picked up a promotional flyer from the brochure rack in the monorail station offering 50% off the standard rate at that location only, then had the concierge at the Doubletree call and make the reservation. NB an International Driving Permit (from the Post Office) is essential, zero exceptions. Ishigaki is noticeably less populous than Naha, but don’t expect any of them to feel like a deserted atoll.

    • Genghis says:

      Okinawa Island is quite built up. Ishigaki is lovely. For something a bit different try some hiking in Yakushima (just south of Kyushu) and sand onsen in Ibusuki right at the south of Kyushu. Best onsen in Japan I found was close to where I lived = Kurokawa onsen in the centre of Kyushu where you can try the local specialty, horse meat sashimi (basashi).

      • Prince Polo says:

        +1 for Kurokawa Onsen (you can fly into Kumamoto or Fukuoka – both places also merit a visit).

        Btw, spedning Avios on JAL is a good deal as there are hardly any taxes, but Sakitoku fares are also super cheap if you book in advance.

        Some JL routes (e.g. operated by “Japan Transocean”) are not bookable online, so you have to call BA to book (and sometimes convince the agent that JTA is part of JAL)

        • Waribai says:

          If you fly into Fukuoka it is worth spending a night or two there as the city has some sights to see a unique vibe, great seafood and decent accommodation options. Hilton Seahawk Fukuoka is a favourite of ours. We always book a standard room in the sale and then email requesting an upgrade to a suite as Diamond members. Nice pool too but chargeable. However, if you complain enough they will waive the charges. YMMV.

          Call me weird but my favourite sightseeing destinations on Kyushu are the two kamikaze pilot museums at Chiran and Tachiarai. Tachiarai is less commercial and family run. Both though like many experiences in Japan are very unique visits.

        • We flew a domestic JAL flight last year as an avios redemption – excellent value, but overall not a great experience. I have never experienced so much g-force on a commercial flight – in fact not since I had a few flying lessons and my instructor was showing off. There were a couple of waves of nausea climbing out of Osaka as though somebody was sitting on our chests. I assumed the pilot was in a bad mood, though hard to tell since the pilots made no announcements at any point before or during the flight.

        • BrotherBear says:

          Really appreciate everyone’s comments. Shows what a great selection of experiences we have amongst HFP users. Will be doing some research based upon all your suggestions.

          Thanks again

  8. Can we order food and soft/hot drinks as opposed to beer?

  9. When did this happen?

  10. Planeflyer says:

    Ah, having read the comments, the proposition is clearer. I initally thought this was a freebie (“just flash your card”), but it’s actually counting as a normal lounge visit. So great if you have an unlimited pass, not so great if you pay per visit (in my case, £15 per Lounge Club visit….so no point at all!).

    I think you’re title is very misleading! Maybe “LGW S Lounge alternative for PP/LC. £15 credit in bar per card/entry” would be more accurate?

    This is very similar to the SIN “Green Market” “lounge”, which is actually just a cafe where PP members can choose for free off the menu after having their card swiped (and charged).

    • Yes, ‘cos that’s a catchy headline ….. 🙂

      I did actually re-write the headline last night, which I never usually do after the first draft, because it was a lot to get across in about 10 words (or 140 Twitter characters).

  11. Hi

    I haven’t used my free lounge passes yet but I have cancelled my Amex card, will I still be entitled to the free passes?


  12. Planeflyer says:

    * Your not You’re!

  13. So which do you reckon is better for breakfast…this place or No1?

  14. …is there a limit on using PP at the same lounge on the same day – could you return to this place for breakfast and lunch, for example, using the same PP?

  15. Has anyone tried this yet? Wonder if they have the facility to swipe the card or if they just look at it.

  16. If i book a Qatar Airlines Business Class flight on Qatar website (R) Can you earn Avios instead of Qmiles ?

    My route is Stockholm to Krabi

    thanks in advance

  17. Any idea if this works for LoungeKey?

  18. Massively O/T (sorry)

    Is anyone aware of any bonuses for UK Amex supplementary cards at the moment? Would like to give the other half one, but am waiting for a promotion!


    • Wally1976 says:

      I deliberately didn’t add my wife as a supplementary card holder when I applied for my gold card then a week or so later asked if there was an incentive to add her. I was told they would give me 500 MR points as a ‘goodwill gesture’ (or words to that effect). Not much but better than nothing! This was done via the secure messaging channel.

  19. Waribai says:

    Quick question/Slight worry!

    Has the 20000 points reward for spending £2000 in the first 3 months gone from the Amex Gold card? I hit this a few days ago but have had no “congratulations” message when logging in.
    Also on the card webpage it has disappeared from the highlights section. It still appears on the cached page though…..

  20. Waribai says:

    Panic over. I think it’s just how the page appeared to me as I had been logged in previously. Still not sure where my 20000 bonus points are though…..!

  21. OT but just received this from Bristol Airport….
    Soak up the sun in Spain and Italy

    From May, British Airways will begin direct return flights from Bristol to the beautiful Spanish destinations Malaga, Ibiza and Palma, as well as a brand new flight to the Italian city of Florence.

    These flights will operate on the modern Embraer 190 jet aircraft and will run once a week at weekends.

    Fly to Palma from £45 each way*

    Fly to Florence from £49 each way*

    Fly to Ibiza from £49 each way*

    Fly to Malaga from £59 each way*

    • I just got this too, I hope it is the start of many more routes!

    • Andrew M says:

      Perhaps the title London Airways is unfair now? How about English Airways or at least South of England Airways?

    • the real harry1 says:

      great news! 🙂

      • Genghis says:

        Easier to get to your Marbs pad from Cornwall?

        • the real harry1 says:

          ye gods I’d love to go back to Florence & now it looks dead easy – I spent a year there as a student and as you can imagine I walked/ took the bus absolutely everywhere & knew the place like the back of my hand. At the time students got in free to most of the galleries so I used to pop into the Uffizi about 2-3 times a week when there were no queues just to look at my favourites for perhaps 20 minutes & take in a few new ones – I must have gone there over 50 times plus my other favourites, the Accademia, the cathedrals etc. Money was always on my mind & we found ways to get the heavily subsidised student canteen vouchers so ate pretty well. At one time I was living with two girls (Swedish & Norwegian) then I eventually settled down with 3 Italian girls studying at the university but from Sicily, they invited me down which was brilliant as well, none of them girlfriends though 🙂 Got loads of Florence tips…

        • the real harry1 says:

          when I had a down moment, I once p!ssed off from where I was not liking it much, rang up Cetti in Rome (then), flew there & just camped out with her for a few days.

          Good to have friends 🙂

        • Haha I thought we’d worked out Harry’s pad is Central Europe…?

  22. This looks like a great option for us – family of 3 (soon to be 4)… £15/30 towards coffees/lunch will be much more useful than going to a normal lounge – might actually get some use out of the Gold passes (or do a Plat upgrade shortly before!)

  23. Anybody else having HFP pages jump to the advert at bottom of page for the Fifty Shades movie? Very annoying…

    • FlyingChris says:


      HFP is whitelisted on my adblocker, but the Fifty Shades autoplaying video advert at the bottom of the page is particularly annoying/intrusive with the page jumping to it automatically.

      • Weird, it is only happening in Safari on certain machines. I still haven’t seen it. I will drop the ad agency an email.

        • Yeah i’m trying on Safari

        • Ok. We are going to turn it off for Mac users. May take 24 hours though. Ironically the agency is also PC based and cannot replicate it.

        • Still happening 1:20am on Fri 10th.

          SO annoying! Please ensure the agency is aware that I will never watch this damn awful film on principle alone!!

  24. Genghis says:

    OT Have there been any updates on when exactly in April (provided still on course) the BA First Wing will open at T5?

  25. OT – Any idea what happens when you get a refund on BAPP which takes you back under the 10k spend but you already have the companion voucher in your account?

    • Genghis says:


      • Wow that’s interesting ( :

        • If you make a habit of it the Amex might stop giving you a card. Personally I’d add transactions back on to clear the underspend before closing the account, but up to you…

        • Genghis says:

          Agreed. That’s why I don’t really agree with the refundable hotel / flight method to hit a sign up bonus.

        • yes exactly that’s what I will do before I cancel the card! I just cancelled a reward flight with a 241 and rebooked but the new spend went onto another card which was beneficial to hit the spend on that one!

        • Radiata says:

          I had a QR J ticket refunded and relieved that spend just missed the £10k level albeit since achieved as did not want triggered at the time.

          Interestingly the “Avios to be transferred” box showed a negative figure until said spend matched but certainly Jo claw back of Avios already deposited into BAEC account in the interim. Which I would have accepted.

  26. Pilsanils says:

    I have the pay as you go variant of the priority pass. Will this offer count as a visit which I will be charged for, and then just have the bill reduced by the same £15 as was taken from my account?

    • Yes – it’s mainly of use to those with unlimited PP visits (esp Amex Plat where we get a free guest)

  27. the real harry1 says:

    anybody got the £50 off £200 on Amex Travel?

  28. So both wife and I have our own Amex plats, so 2 PP cards each – each of which is allowed a guest.

    Wonder if I could get £120 off my bill here?
    Do they sell Krug?!!

    • Stephen Thomson says:

      Not £120 I think buy 4 x 15 as it’s 1 quid a head so £60 but still not a bad deal at all and would work out well for us as a family of 4.

      • Stephen Thomson says:

        Sorry, ignore me, re-read your post, I was thinking of a plat plus supp rather than 2 plats. Hope you’re not planning on sharing the Krug with all those people!!

  29. Simon Schus says:

    Any idea how long this offer will continue for?

  30. Wally1976 says:

    Hope this is still running in August when I bring my family through LGW. Should have Amex plat by then so reckon we’ll get there nice and early for our 11am flight, go for breakfast in here before heading to one of the lounges for a couple of pre-flight beverages 🙂

    • We are planning to so the same in May. And they now accept HSBC elite Lounge key, so even more options for those who use that too. So nicer breakfast at grain store, followed by no 1 lounge some drinks etc.. Should be nicer experience flying from LGW now.

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