Earn 20,000 Avios with a subscription to The Telegraph

Last year there was a generous subscription offer for The Times which gave Avios points.   This year, Avios has teamed up with The Telegraph to run a deal for new subscribers.

There are four packages on offer:

5,000 Avios points with a £90 annual digital subscription to ‘Premium’ – this is not the full newspaper but an additional selection of articles

20,000 Avios points with a £312 annual digital subscription – this gets you access to the full digital edition of The Telegraph plus the additional ‘Premium’ content


20,000 Avios points with a £520 annual ‘Premium : Print’ subscription – this gets you 7-day delivery of The Telegraph to your door plus online access to the ‘Premium’ online site with additional content

20,000 Avios points with a £572 annual ‘Premium : Complete’ subscription – this gets you 7-day delivery of The Telegraph to your door plus online access to the ‘Premium’ online site with additional content plus the full digital edition of The Telegraph

It seems excessively complicated to me, but there you are.  It also isn’t as generous as the offer with The Times last year (20,000 Avios for a £260 subscription) or the Irish Independent Avios offer which recently ran with AerClub.

However, if you had been considering a Telegraph subscription then this may be the nudge you need.  Existing subscribers are not eligible but I don’t see why one person could not let an existing subscription lapse and another person at the same house take out a new subscription.

The small print suggests that you can also earn 10,000 Avios with a 6-month ‘Premium : Print’ or ‘Premium : Complete’ subscription but the website does not give that as an option as far as I could tell.

You do not give your avios.com or British Airways Executive Club number on the application form.  Instead, you will be posted a voucher which can be redeemed via the Avios website.  No closing date is given but the vouchers must be redeemed by 31st May 2018.

Full details can be found on The Telegraph website here..

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  1. Think I will pass. Really don’t want to read about the Tory plans for this country such as bringing back fox hunting.

  2. Daniel says:

    Am I wrong in interpreting that a length of subscription is not stipulated in the t&cs when paying monthly for the print edition?

    • Daniel says:

      For 10000 avios

      • Daniel says:

        The new subscriber has the subscription options below that will qualify for Avios points; – 20,000 Avios points are available for a prepaid Print Editions, Print Complete or annual recurring Digital Editions subscription taken out for 12 months – 10,000 Avios points are available for a prepaid 26 week Print Editions or Print Complete subscription – or a Print Editions or Print Complete subscription taken out on a monthly/quarterly recurring payment schedule – 5,000 Avios points are available for an annually recurring Premium subscription 3. The Telegraph will send the new subscriber a voucher code 21 days after the subscription starts, or for those on a recurring payment schedule, when the first payment has cleared.

  3. OT: I’m thinking about ‘earning’ some Avios through Iberia Plus so that I can transfer points across. Can I still access the lounge via my BAEC Silver on this flight, or not? Thanks!

    • You should be OK. If you get a very stroppy lounge person they will change the FF number in the system, in which case you go to the BA desk in the lounge (if London) and ask them to change it back.

  4. Roger I says:

    I have the digital Mailograph from a ‘special offer’ from Tesco Clubcard, no longer available. I think it cost £20-worth of points for a year.

    Even at that price it’s poor value. They seem obsessed with hard Brexit and Corbyn and the shadow cabinet (hardly favourable). I can read about those elsewhere with less spin.

    There are some advantages which I imagine will also apply to new subscriptions:
    – 15% off Robert Dyas on Thursdays;
    – free coffee at Debenhams inhouse restaurants on Monday-Friday afternoons;
    – digital Gourmet Society membership;
    – occasional film previews;
    – some others.

    • flyforfun says:

      Robert Dyas gives up so many discounts all the time. Bank holiday weekend frequently have 25% vouchers. Alternatively create an email account and get a 20% “introductory” offer. Then after they see no activity on that account for a while, they will send you more discount offers. Or just google Robert Dyas discount and see what it brings up.

      I’m not a fan of those restaurant cards as I found there were too many restrictions on times, days and menus.

    • the_real_a says:

      Thanks Roger. had no idea of the rewards. If you have a digital subscription you dont get the card sent out without requesting it. Free coffee sounds good.

  5. William Avery says:

    Some of you may consider it good value to pay £500 for that trash rag but I’ll pass on subsidising the Tory foghorn and the Barclay brothers tax avoidance scheme.

    Call me a libtard.

    • AndyL says:

      Sounds reasonable to me !

    • AndyL says:

      But I always appreciate details of any deal via HfP – thank you Rob for all your hard work

    • Genghis says:

      If it was 20k avios for £160 would you still not buy that “trash rag”?

      • Oddly enough, if it meant they had to be delivered to my house – creating huge recycling (unbagging all the magazines) and waste (another sack per week) issues – I’d say no. I’d have done a digital sub at that price of course.

        • Frenske says:

          If owners is losing money on it, may make it worthwhile.

          You can always make paper hats/boats for the kids. The Saturday edition is probably 100 hats or boats.

        • That is a very Telegraph thing …. “how to entertain your grandkids by making them a paper hat” …..!

          My 6-year old would screw up the hat, take your iphone, connect it to our house wi-fi network (knowing where to find the router password) and then download Minecraft onto it before you even noticed what he’d done 🙂

        • Divas says:

          Frenske – that is false economics. If the owner is loosing money, giving them ‘paying subscriber’ numbers is only helping them.

          They know full well they are bribing people to buy subscriber numbers – because that is what they (they owners) want – as it is good for the economics of the paper.

          Even if the upfront action is a cost to them, it is still helping them.

          I will stay clear.

    • Rationalist says:

      Calling you a libtard would sink to the petty name calling depths those on the left inhabit, so I will pass on that. I’m sure you will be far happier supporting the tax avoiding grauniad or the pension thieving daily mirror for your daily dose of confirmation bias

      • Divas says:

        “the petty name calling depths those on the left inhabit” – you are clueless.

        • Dennis says:

          Sounds pretty accurate to me!

        • Now, now, first world problems only on this site please! The worst I want to hear is that someone didn’t get their first choice of meal in Club World.

        • Rationalist says:

          Was that meant to be an argument, or just some petty name calling?

    • Libtard!, well someone had to do it. I am just a “manual worker” (mind i’m only a stonemason with 45 years of renovating cathedrals) So i might get looked down on by the sudo elite on here.

      • Snowfake says:

        Ha ha. You know what libtard actually is unlike the previous poster. You used sudo. Well played Linux user!

        Unless of course there is a heavy spelling issue with the words ‘libetard’ and ‘pseudo’?!

  6. Jonathan Pang says:

    Is it possible to cancel after redeeming the avios for a prorated remainer of the subscription fee?

    • Not after the 14-day cooling off period, and the voucher comes after 21 days.

    • the real harry1 says:

      Isn’t that Genghis’ point (above)

      looks like you got the math wrong though, Genghis – since it’s ‘Free 30-day trial
      then £6 per week billed as £26 per month’, you’d probably end up paying 5x £26 = £130 🙂

      £130/ 20000 = 0.65p

      • Genghis says:

        I was speaking hypothetically. Is that a reality given opportunity to cancel on a monthly payment (Daniel’s idea above)?

        • the real harry1 says:

          9. Once the 14-day money back period has passed, the minimum subscription term is 6 months.

        • …. for people who buy the 6-month subscription which only gets you 10,000 Avios.

      • callum says:

        So you’re calculating that as taking out a year subscription then cancelling half way through? Would they allow that given the Avios are only given for 12 month subscriptions?

        Granted I don’t know how they’d enforce it (a skim of their T&Cs don’t have anything like “we’ll claim back the Avios/cash equivalent if you cancel early) given direct debits are ridiculously easy to cancel, but then I don’t know how they’d enforce the 6 month minimum either! The term you quote applies to normal subscriptions, under special offers it says “Some promotional offers have a 12-month minimum term”.

  7. the real harry1 says:

    O/T just bought my late-to-the-party wife a CE redemption as she finally got her act together & decided to join us out in the sun for a long weekend – no cattle redemptions left, this was the very last Avios seat on that route for several days around the upcoming bank holiday, she’ll have to Wizz it on the way out 🙂

    anyway, CE seats are selling @ £500, I paid £85 + 8000 Avios = nearly 5.2p/ point (pats back etc lol)

    • Roger I says:

      Hi, Harry. O/T response to an O/T post – and my first O/T. eek!

      You mentioned a Radio Times offer in another post – £49.99 RT subscription + £50 John Lewis GC for £49.99. 🙂

      The website was suspiciously clear of exclusions or T+Cs. At face value, it’s a continuing offer when paid by direct debit: RT sub + JL GC every six months. I’d be surprised and delighted if this were to be the case.

      I signed up but over a week later, I have no snailmail confirmation. I’m debating with myself whether to calendarise a d/d cancellation or just plough on expecting the best. What do you think? Thanks.

    • I wish my OH was as avios-savvy as you. He gets really annoyed when I change our credit cards yet loves business class travel and has even arranged to get our hire car a day late so he can fully enjoy our CW flight to the Caribbean this summer! Can’t seem to link the two events though…

  8. Shame the Clubcard offer is no more. £20 in vouchers for a year of iPad edition.

  9. I don’t think any paper is worth £520, especially the Telegraph who suppress critical stories which may impact their advertising.

  10. Julian says:

    Nearly a pound a day just to access the paper online!!! They surely have to be kidding.

    Time was (about 10 years ago) when The Times were sending me annual voucher offers for their print edition for only about £100 per annum or £2 per week (including the Sunday Times as part of it)

    Quite different from say Nutmeg where I was on the verge of wanting to move £50k in to an equity related ISA anyway so the 50,000 Avios offer (which were credited to my Avios account fairly promptly within two weeks of my money arriving at Nutmeg from Nationwide) gave me the push to take some action.

    Sad to say print newspapers have had their day, even though one of my close relatives still earns their living by working at one of them.

    • the real harry1 says:

      you got it all wrong – it’s cheap Avios @ 0.65p plus free newspaper subscription on top, the way I see it

      • Julian says:

        It only works like that for someone who always bought the print edition of the newspaper daily at a news shop at full price. In which case the Avios are free and the paper is at a discount to the usual price.

        For anyone else its a load of useless recycling at a price per Avios that is over 50% more than the maximum of 0.4p per Avios (Tesco Clubcard voucher rate) at which I am prepared to proactively buy a currency regularly prone to sudden huge devaluations.

        • jonty says:

          0.4p per avios or 0.4 Clubcard points per Avios? I’d value a Clubcard point at a lot more than 1p.

        • Julian says:

          Surely a Clubcard point is only worth more than 1p each if you enjoy going to their choice of theme parks or restaurants or museums etc or jumping through formerly incredibly complicated hoops to use them on ferry journeys. Or if you are happy buying the restricted choice of goods Tesco make available on their double up promotions.

          And as they also expire after 2 years and can only be rolled over for 2 more years once you do have to make use of them some how or other.

  11. Virgin Red were giving away a 6 month digital subscription for nothing not so long ago. Even then I didn’t bother!

  12. mark2 says:

    Alternatively, if you spend £10 every day in Waitrose, you can have the paper of your choice (always plenty of Guardians left over) as well as at least 3650 Avios and 14,600 Virgin Miles (21,300 Hilton points).

  13. Nick_C says:

    The political comments on this thread are gratuitous, and add nothing of value to the article.

    I would buy the Telegraph, The Mail, the Morning Star or Socialist Worker if it came with a shed load of very cheap Avios.

    A lot of people read the Telegraph. If this article helps those people to pick up some free Avios then it’s achieved it’s purpose.

    There are plenty of internet sites where you can slag off people for their political views if that is what gets you off. This site is usually friendly and helpful. Would be nice to keep it that way.

    • Callum says:

      Robs a big boy, if he doesn’t like it he’s perfectly capable of saying so himself…

      Though if you read the likes of the Mail you deserve to be “slagged off” (if you view the comments here as slagging people off, I’m truly jealous of what must be a perfect existence!) 24/7 using any and every method available. Unless you’re my grandparents of course, where it’s strictly done behind their backs because they’re “from a different era”!

      • Nick_C says:

        I wasn’t thinking of Rob! I was thinking of people who are Telegraph readers who also read this site. I’m not one of them, but the comments are rude and nasty, and unexpected on this site. People are entitled to their views. On a political forum, if people are expressing views and you want to disagree with them then that is fair game. To bring politics and disrespectful attitudes onto a site dedicated to maximising airmiles etc is unwelcome.

        • Leo_C says:

          Nick , I share your sentiments entirely. Rob works hard on HFP is about helping one another, mutually respecting others and debating maximising Air Miles not for political commentary. I respectfully ask people to not hijack the forum in this way.

      • Play nicely boys…

      • Rationalist says:

        Always nice when someone uses a term like “deserves”. Just like someone saying a victim was “asking for it”. Must be fun being a moral arbiter, though you seem quite prejudiced so I don’t think you are qualified for it.

        • Callum says:

          Yes, criticising people who financially support a vicious, vitriolic, lying, racist, sexist, homophobic, sleezebag publication is exactly the same as saying victims are “asking for it”…

          I wouldn’t use the word fun, though I guess there’s a thin veil of satisfaction for exposing such ghastly people as the antiquated relics that they are.

        • Rationalist says:

          It’s always funny to see how those who pontificate as if they own the moral high ground can so easily denigrate vast swathes of people with sweeping broadbrush statements. I suppose seeing life in black and white makes things much simpler for those who are unwilling or unable to appreciate nuance. Almost sounds like you should be writing for the Daily Mail!

    • Divas says:

      Don’t you have a conscience? When does it kick in?
      Even if you are net upfront cost to the paper, you are delivering them a paying subscriber number. They know they are buying subscriber numbers by bribing people to subscribe.
      I can afford not to be bribed.

      I’ve turned down plenty of fare deals involving transiting highly questionable countries, even if cost is thousands less it is a question of conscience.

      People are perfectly free to speak up when their own red lines are crossed. Free democratic civilized society depends upon people speaking up.

      Nobody is trying to ram their views onto anyone else. They are just speaking up. I would think less of this site if it did not allow that.

      • the real harry1 says:

        What about ‘turning down’ the opportunity to post your political drivel on a points site & saving it for somewhere more appropriate?

        • Divas says:

          ‘political drivel’ – you are the person being rude to other posters.

          When it comes to matters of conscience, you are not seeking an argument simply by saying ‘not in my name’. Our civilised free society relies about people not quietly nodding along, but simply saying ‘no’.

          That is all people are doing here. Saying that this crosses their boundary.

          Your position appears to be that people should just keep quiet. That’s not our society. You speak up on matters of conscience. That is what protects our society and values.

          Nobody is looking to debate the matter here. But it seems neither you ‘the real harry1’ nor ‘Nick_C’ understand this. It seems you can’t see the difference between simply speaking up and saying ‘not in my name’ vs having an argument and looking for a debate.

          This mini-thread on this post began with ‘Nick_C’ seeking to silence people merely saying ‘not in my name’.

          I think you should reflect upon that.
          (I will certainly be reflecting upon helping you with things again in the future).

        • Self-indulgent crap. Society does not rely on people saying no to the Telegraph or the Guardian. Grow up.

        • Rationalist says:

          “I think you should reflect upon that.
          (I will certainly be reflecting upon helping you with things again in the future)”

          I’m sure they will cope without your input! Your pomposity is matched only by your obnoxiousness.

        • There’s a big difference between expressing an opinion and accusing someone else of not having a conscience because they don’t agree with you!

        • Divas says:

          Anna – there is also a big difference between asking and accusing.

        • Divas says:

          DV – you say “Self-indulgent crap. Society does not rely on people saying no to the Telegraph or the Guardian. Grow up.”

          Focusing on the middle sentence (that’s the polite one – without the insults) your position appears to be that the nature of society is not the product of the actions of its members. I don’t see how that argument logically stands up.

          It appears to be an argument of ‘judge us by the values we claim to subscribe to, not by our actual actions’.

        • Divas says:

          Rationalist – I remind you that those of us who disagree, did not come here looking for an argument. All we were doing was just saying ‘not in our name’.

          Beyond saying effectively that, I only interacted in two ways:

          Firstly, I responded to someone posting that they liked the idea of doing it if they would be a cost to the paper (as they didn’t like it). Given they clearly shared my views I do not think this interaction is of interest to you. (I pointed out that I felt this was a flat approach).

          Secondly, I responded to someone asking for people to not raise their objections (this mini-thread). I pointed out that we are NOT seeking to argue the point here. Rather, we are simply voicing our concern and saying ‘not in our name’ (effectively).

          It is your response that has the unpleasantness: “Your pomposity is matched only by your obnoxiousness.”
          I would have to wonder if the point makes you feel uncomfortable in some way?
          Otherwise why are you being so unpleasant and insulting to people?

        • Rationalist says:

          Are you still droning on?

          Your hyperbole is astounding. “Not in my name”, “red lines”, “civilised free society”. It’s a newspaper subscription offering Avios, not a meet and greet with Robert Mugabe.

          Was my comment unpleasant? If so, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you are obnoxious and pompous and every word you type only further demonstrates that. Don’t shoot the messenger!

          Looking forward to my reply already!

        • Divas says:

          Rationalist – you say “Your hyperbole is astounding. ….It’s a newspaper subscription offering Avios, not a meet and greet with Robert Mugabe.”

          I think my response to that is captured simply by “First they came …”.

          The fact you don’t think it is unacceptable and a newspaper that you cannot remain silent about is fine. I’m not asking you to speak up, I’m not demanding you agree.
          You don’t have to agree. But you have no place in a free society to say we must be quiet and should not speak. Those of us who do think it is a speak up situation. We are speaking up – nothing more. We are not seeking to argue the point here. Were are simply speaking up rather than nodding along.

          Now as for the other words you use “droning on”, “obnoxious”, “pompous”. I point out that I’m engaging your your points. But I’m not calling you names.

        • Divas says:

          “the real harry1” says “Would it be your wankerish attitude?”

          I’m engaging with points raised. You are just being rude. I know there is a wide demographic to this site, but …if you don’t like what someone is saying ignore them. Or engage with them. Don’t just post abuse.

        • Callum says:

          Someone with your incessant off topic posting history has very little right to throw a hissy fit about being inappropriate…

          Throwing insults around while whinging about civility is also a rather moronic way to conduct a discussion (a discussion that, somewhat amusingly, wouldn’t be happening if you just butted out!).

        • Rationalist says:

          A few corrections to your erroneous comment.

          It was actually you who for some unknown need decided to bring in an unrelated newspaper which has no Avios offers going. This added nothing to the discussion other than a chance for you to do a bit of virtue signalling. No relevance to collecting Avios at all.

          I haven’t thrown around insults, I have merely summed up quality of the comments by another contributor who has totally gone over the top. When someone is being condescending to other posters and talking down to them it is not uncivil to point that out to them.

        • Genghis says:

          I can sense someone will be doing some weeding this morning

        • the real harry1 says:

          Percy Thrower?

      • Rationalist says:

        Well you surpassed yourself in that last comment.

        To cite the phrase “first they came for…” knowing its connotations in the context of a few additional newspaper subscriptions for the Telegraph is laughable and embarrassing.

        Nowhere in my posts have I demanded silence so you have misunderstood or misconstrued.

        As far as my use of adjectives to describe your actions, that is not name calling so again you either misunderstand or misconstrue.

        You claim you didn’t come to argue the point, you just wanted the world to know “NOT IN MY NAME”. In that case when you had made your own personal stand, in the comments section of HFP no less, presumably you would have moved on, safe in the knowledge you had made yourself heard and deprived the Telegraph of a subscriber……..

  14. Fenny says:

    I have a “free” sub to the Telegraph because I play their fantasy football. It annoys me that they send me all kinds of emails trailing articles that turn out to be premium only. I occasionally read some of the non-premium content to get a different perspective on the latest “news”, but I’m not prepared to cough up for the other articles. (It might have been a different matter if they’d run a European FF competition this year, but they didn’t!).

    But I guess I’d class as an existing subscriber and wouldn’t be eligible for the points.

  15. Jas Gill says:

    Afternoon All


    I’ve got a £13,000 non-Amex spend coming up. Currently, only have the Hilton Honours Visa card. What card should I apply for in order to get the maximum benefit from this spend. Please note that I can split the spend between two cards, therefore, can refer the wife.
    Any replies much appreciated.

  16. Genghis says:

    We all have different political leanings but unite with an interest in points and miles / travel / lounges etc. I certainly have no interest in discussing politics on HfP (I have enough debate at work over lunch). What is Rob’s take on comments with a political angle on his site? Any OT guidance?

    • I have let it slide today purely because it is under an article about The Telegraph and therefore unlikely to be read by anyone who doesn’t have an opinion on The Telegraph. I don’t recommend trying it elsewhere 🙂

    • Genghis i thought people united here with their love for Alex Cruz ;-)?

  17. My day job can be fairly harrowing and one of the things I do for light relief is read this blog. In my experience the most sanctimonious people are also the least tolerant of others and those who like to “have a go” on social media are the worst. The experience of TripRep should be the most depressing thing we hear about on here! Not everything has to be about guilt-tripping others, even though the millennial generation doesn’t seem to get that…

    • Genghis says:

      Double standards, potentially? I’m a millennial but don’t guilt trip others.

      • Sorry, there should have been a “sometimes” in there! Excuse my old fogie keyboard skills.

    • Callum says:

      I don’t believe you, as that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

      Unless you’re peddling the right wing myth that intolerance of intolerance is a form of intolerance?

  18. Colin MacKinnon says:

    What are newspapers?

    (Sorry, I live in the country and so miss out on this metropolitan stuff)

    As for news, the local farmer averages 2.3 lambs per ewe this year – not one singleton and quite a few triplets!

    • It’s thick selection of pieces of paper with print thereon, you buy it on a Sunday morning promising yourself you will sit down and read it once the chores are out of the way, but it doesn’t happen because you are still ironing/cleaning shoes/fixing things at midnight. It then lies around the house for a few days till you use it to line the rabbit hutch.

  19. Can I throw something else into the mix? In this world of Big Data, it’s essential to build as comprehensive a picture of our audience as possible. And through the comments here Rob can gauge the political persuasions of his contributors… highly valuable data! So slag away…

  20. Chris says:

    Nice entirely OT one to change the subject:

    Save me looking, anyone know whether Virgin Black Amex can be cancelled midway through year for a pro-rate refund or might I as well wait til the end of a year?

  21. Bootsy says:

    Despite all the pitiful politics and trolling can someone clarify for me: does the free Avios offer only apply to paid up front subscriptions? i.e. direct debits subscriptions will not get the offer.

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