Which hotel schemes let you earn points and credit for multiple rooms?

Two readers have emailed me recently about IHG’s new Accelerate promotion.  (If you are looking at where to book hotel stays over the Summer, Accelerate is the most generous offer for most people.)

Both wanted to know if it was possible to book multiple rooms at the same property on the same night and have them all count as qualifying nights for Accelerate.

I thought it was worth running through the policies of the major chains when you book multiple rooms.  Note that, in all cases:

All rooms must be booked in your name, and

You must occupy one of the rooms

IHG Rewards Club (Holiday Inn, HI Express, Crowne Plaza, InterContinental etc)

Let’s start with IHG Rewards Club, as that was what started this discussion in the first place.

Can you ‘qualifying nights’ credit for multiple rooms per night?  No

Can you earn points for multiple rooms per night?  ‘Yes’ in the US and Canada (maximum 9 rooms per night), ‘No’ elsewhere

The terms and conditions of IHG Rewards Club are here if you want to check the wording.  See clause 9.

When it comes to Accelerate, it is usually better to credit each room to a different IHG account anyway.  Accelerate usually offers a generous bonus for your first stay during each promotional period, so if you have multiple rooms you should credit each to a different IHG account.  You can be creative here – if you have one room for you and your partner and another for your kids, book a room each under your name and that of your partner.  The hotel won’t know who is sleeping in each room and your partner gets the credit for the 2nd room.


Starwood Preferred Guest (Sheraton, Westin, St Regis, W, Aloft, Luxury Collection etc)

Starwood has the most generous multiple nights policy if you are looking for stay credit.

Can you ‘qualifying nights’ credit for multiple rooms per night?  Yes, up to three rooms per night

Can you earn points for multiple rooms per night?  Yes, up to three rooms per night

The SPG terms and conditions are here.  See clause 2.1.

This can be a very easy of earning elite status with Starwood, which you can now match into Marriott Rewards status.  It is also an easy way of picking up nights if you are struggling to requalify – book yourself three rooms for a weekend at one of Sheraton hotels at Heathrow (often as low as £45 per room per night) and you’re sorted.

Sheraton Gateway Toronto

Hilton Honors (Hilton, Conrad, Hampton, Doubletree, Waldorf-Astoria etc)

Hilton Honors has a decent policy but you need to be aware of the small print:

Can you ‘qualifying nights’ credit for multiple rooms per night?  No

Can you earn points for multiple rooms per night?  Yes, up to two rooms per night, but ONLY if the bills for the two rooms are merged into one bill at check-out.  This only applies if you earn points from your stay – if you earn airline miles instead, you can only earn these on one room.

The Hilton Honors terms and conditions are here.  See clause 5 under ‘Accrual of Points’.

I came a cropper here a couple of years ago at an Embassy Suites, because the hotel had already prepared the bills the night before and I forgot to merge them.  Whilst my name was on both rooms I only received points for one of them.  Luckily the Hilton contact centre took pity on me and credited the additional points, but you shouldn’t rely on this.

JW Marriott Venice main building

Marriott Rewards  (Marriott, Moxy, Renaissance, Delta, The Ritz-Carlton etc)

This is what Marriott Rewards offers:

Can you ‘qualifying nights’ credit for multiple rooms per night?  No

Can you earn points for multiple rooms per night?  Yes, up to three rooms per night

The Marriott Rewards terms and conditions are here.  Click on ‘Earn Points’ to bring up the relevant section – it is in Clause 1.

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge

Club Carlson  (Radisson, Park Inn, Park Plaza)

Club Carlson has an indentical policy to Marriott Rewards:

Can you ‘qualifying nights’ credit for multiple rooms per night?  No

Can you earn points for multiple rooms per night?  Yes, up to three rooms per night.  Note that the rules say “credit for multiple rooms must be requested at or before the time of check-in”.

You can clarify this in the Club Carlson terms and conditions here under Clause 3 / a / i.

Hyatt Regency Churchill

World of Hyatt (Andaz, Hyatt branded chains)

World of Hyatt also has the same rules:

Can you ‘qualifying nights’ credit for multiple rooms per night?  No

Can you earn points for multiple rooms per night?  Yes, up to three rooms per night

The World of Hyatt terms and conditions are here.  See clause 1.8.


Starwood Preferred Guest is the only programme where you can earn status more quickly via qualifying nights, or trigger night-based bonuses, by booking multiple rooms.

Of course, for programmes where you can also earn status via earning base points, you would still get nearer the next tier by merging multiple rooms into one bill.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Swiped says:

    This Hilton one is quite timely – I recently checked-out of a property where a number of my colleauges had also been staying. They told me the bill had been settled by my employer and as a result I would not get any points or stay credits! Even the incidentals I charged to my room and did pay for at check-out are not reflected on my account…

    It’s a little odd though as there were more than two rooms booked by the company so I don’t see how they could have merged all of them onto a single folio.

    It has cheesed me off though, given the current Hilton promotions

  2. OT- How long does it usually take for a registration and initial transfer from Amex MR to Club Carlson?

    Amex say 14 days but I’m curious whether that is a conservative estimate.

    • Wally1976 says:

      I did this a few weeks ago, it took about a week if I remember correctly.

      • Good, thanks. I have a redemption in mind that is two weeks away, so I’m hoping it will still be available when the points show up.

  3. Melvin says:

    Does anyone have any experience of the same rules governing Melia properties?

    I am about to book two rooms and could split between between myself and my wife if necessary.

    • vindaloo says:

      Also Accor?

      • Dave R says:

        The last time that I booked multiple (2) rooms with Accor, around 2 years ago, I got points for both rooms, and they aslo both counted towards my target for the promotion they were running.

        • EwanG says:

          I’ve a more recent stay than Dave R (Feb 2017) and my experience is the same:

          2 rooms booked in my name
          Only one room counted towards retaining/upgrading status for number of stays & nights
          Both rooms gave full points
          Both rooms counted towards promo target

          Although they were booked together the hotel invoiced them separately which might have helped with the promo!

        • Sussex Bantam says:

          I did exactly this last night. Will report back when the points post.

    • Robbie says:

      Melia allows points to be earned on two rooms only if one room is for Children under 18. The T&C’s from when I signed up recently say (Unfortunately in Spanish)


      Basically in English it says – A maximum of two rooms in the same stay, one must be the account holder and the second is for his children who must be minors.

      • Melvin says:

        Cheers Robbie.

        Whilst I am travelling with my children, we are staying in a multi-room suite. The second booking is for adults only so it sounds like I will have to use my wife’s account.

        • Melvin says:

          Slightly OT. Melia’s website(s) have been driving me slightly crazy and I’ve just figured out why. I logged a query with Melia rewards (over the phone because I cannot locate an email address anywhere). They responded and said I could check the ticket for updates at http://www.meliarewards.com. When clicking this link, my machine always directs me to https://www.melia.com/ but the interface on this page is flaky and there is no way to check your logged queries.
          I have now discovered that I need to use https://www1.melia.com instead.

          Hopefully this info will spare someone else the frustration that I have been having.

  4. Well you learn something new every day.
    I have Spire ambassador and have 2 rooms for 3 nights at an Intercon coming up. I did not know or realise that only one night would qualify though I did know only one room would get an upgrade.
    I have a similar issue at Hilton in 2 weeks time as a Diamond member.
    In both instances I can credit the second room to my wife and with Hilton can now transfer the points however it might be better to merge as I am diamond and the 3x points offer is proving very lucrative.
    For me I am finding that IHG is not what it used to be. Yes my acceleratevtargets were easy with a couple of cheap mattress runs but Spire is pointless and pretty worthless. Diamond / gold Hilton is far more valuable as upgrades are guaranteed, breakfast is guaranteed and the hotels are generally better.
    My diamond challenge was 8 stays before July. I had 3 booked and my wife has been able to switch 2 business trip bookings to me and still stay herself, one of which was 16 nights in the USA @ 3 times points. I then did 3 nights back to back at two local Hiltons over Easter. These were mattress runs at less than £50 a night. Money easily recouped via free breakfast and lounge access till March 2019.

    • Hilton Diamond/Gold upgrades are not guaranteed, they are subject to availability at check in. The exact wording from the T’s & C’s:

      “All upgrades are granted on a space-available basis for the entire stay, as determined at the time of arrival.”

      • Alex W says:

        I agree Hilton still better upgrades than IHG though (except IC Ambassador which is Guaranteed upgrade).

  5. Douglas Soper says:

    I recently had three rooms booked at a holiday inn express as separate bookings for an overnight stay. All three earned points for stay from IHG,

  6. gourouni says:

    Last year i booked 2 rooms in my name for me and some friends at a HIX in cardiff. I earned points( but not qualifying nights) for both! YMMV, but it looks like at least in some cases you might get points for more than 1 room

  7. I’ve earned points for multiple rooms on multiple occasions with IHG in the UK (as recently as earlier this year IIRC).

  8. I contacted IHG via their online chatroom and checked before I booked that a ‘points and cash’ room plus a cash booking and purchased breakfast on same night would both qualify for multiple items on Accelerate. The agent confirmed online and so I could produce the transcript if it was not credited as such. It turned out that multiple rooms are not usually allowed (as you say Rob) but because I was told otherwise they quickly updated the record and ALL of my Accelerate targets were met with the two rooms booked that night. Customer Service is alive and well it seems, the small print is just as hard for the agents to decipher as it is for the customer!

    • Irons80 says:

      O/T £100 off £800 emirates spend on my Amex
      Hurry though – only 3,000 cardholders can apply!

  9. James says:

    Nuts. Recently booked 3 rooms at an IHG near Gatwick for a family stay before an early flight.
    Didn’t expect the other 2 rooms to count towards accelerate but I did expect to get some points.
    Not the end of the world but a shame.
    The other family members won’t stay at IHG properties enough to make use of any paltry amount of points they’d earn for this one stay so its not worth even registering them 🙁

  10. AndyGWP says:

    OT – wasn’t sure where to drop it but here is as good as anywhere I guess?

    The Hilton credit card (spend £750 in 90 days)

    Where does the voucher appear? I’ve spent the required amount, but no sign of a voucher anywhere – but not sure where to look!

    • Genghis says:

      You get an email with the details. We waited a week or so but others have reported it taking quite a bit longer.

    • I have just done that, the emails go out on Monday afternoons after the £750 spend has appeared on the card.

    • AndyGWP says:

      Thanks both 🙂

  11. It also shows somewhere in you Hilton account as well I believe. I haven’t checked yet.

  12. Slightly O/T – I have booked the Marriot in the picture above using Amex FHR. How do I credit the stays and get the points? I can’t enter my Marriot account number on the booking on-line – should I call Amex Travel, Marriot or just get done at check-in? Thanks

    • You can do it at check in. If you have status and want to improve your upgrade chances, just drop the hotel an email in advance and ask them to add it to the reservation.

  13. Adrian says:

    O/T amex travel. I was excited for about 5 minutes this morning noticing that there was a £50 off £200 appeared on my wife’s plat card.
    I went on to the site looked up a flight for September (internal Air NZ flight), as we are going to NZ with QR, amex travel for the 2 of us £273, ANZ £110! Daylight robbery.
    Questions for Rob and the regs:
    Are they always like this and I just shouldn’t bother? (I’ve never used them before)
    Is the spend cumulative (would I be better off booking some rfs flights with them or will I have the same issues there?)
    I did look at a Hilton Hotel in Queensland and that was £13 a night more and I presume no status benefit which makes it a no-go for hotels also

    Is there a “good way” to use the statement credit?

    Thanks guys/gals

    • Brian says:

      Amex Travel are often more expensive than booking direct – they seem not to have the basic fares, including with BA, so if that’s what you’d be booking, then it works out as more expensive. Might still be worth using them for the £50 discount, though – you might be able to get checked-luggage fare for the same price as HBO that way. They are also more expensive for Flybe, I have noticed. That being said, they are generally the same price for Lufthansa, so it obviously varies.

      Yes, the spend is cumulative – but you can’t book a RFS flight with them!! Have to do that via BA or Avios.

      Car hire or experiences??

      • Roger says:

        While I am not here to defend Amex Travel, just to add my experience.
        I booked a flight via Amex Travel it was something like £245 on Expedia and airline’s website directly, but it was £10 cheaper on Amex Travel plus I got £50 off.

        I agree about hotel booking, most are more expensive so it probably does not make sense, but surely if you are booking flights might just want to check and compare.

        • Sussex Bantam says:

          I just booked flights on TAAP and the Amex Travel flights were £100 cheaper (£25 per ticket) than booking direct – plus no credit card charge !

        • Sussex Bantam says:

          TAP not TAAP…

        • Yeah i had a similar experience to you Rob. I always check them just in case. You may as well as it doesnt take long. I managed to get flights to new york that were 20 quid cheaper than anywhere on momondo/skyscanner. This was the last time amex offers had a £50 rebate, so saved even more. Plus triple points for paying on gold card.

    • For internal NZ flights you’re normally much better booking on their local site than any international ones – https://grabaseat.co.nz/ – seats not released as far in advance but some superb deals!

  14. Genghis says:

    OT. Apologies all but I’d like some hotels advice. Currently pulling together a general plan for our Scotland trip. Does anyone have any experience of the below hotels?

    – Courtyard by Marriott Glasgow Airport (I have Marriott Gold but will probably book on hotels.com as I think the return (cash back and hotels.com rewards) is better and I believe the hotel will still honour status benefits – not that I don’t think there are any?)

    – Holiday Inn : Glasgow – City Ctr Theatreland (Seems a bargain on points at 20k a night over the weekend). Any experience of any Spire Elites on points bookings?

    – The Glasshouse in Edinburgh. Cash rates seem quite competitive and so thinking of booking on hotels.com (and like above think I will still receive status benefits (mainly looking at breakfast). Does anyone have any experience as a Marriott Gold?

    • Hi G,

      Sorry not stayed at any of these.

      Was at the Hilton Glasgow just this weekend, friendly staff & decent exec lounge, its my goto hotel for Glasgow.

      I booked 2 rooms, we only stayed 1 night, but our friends 2 nights, I got points for all rooms, got 15k+ HH in total with current offers… They were also pretty happy my status getting them an upgraded exec room for both nights, think I got this treatment as I’d paid for an exec room in the hope of an upgrade to a suite which didn’t happen due to availability.

      Check out LoyaltyLobby YouTube channel for the Glasshouse.

      • We normally stay in the HIX THeatreland which is right next door to the HI – it’s a bog standard HIX and you don’t get any upgrades for Spire Elite. We use it for Accelerate bookings – they are always busy as they are right in the centre of Glasgow.

    • Do let us know when you’re up if interested in meeting for some drinks – there seem to be a few of us HfPers in the East of Scotland 🙂

  15. I recently booked 2 rooms for 5 days under my name with a CC property in the UK. I did not show up myself but I got points for the entire order as well as for other spend the guests had and paid for themselves. I also received 10 days and 2 stays toward status.

  16. barry cutters says:

    Use IHG for your own room, and hotels.com for others

  17. Especially good when they are have a double rewards promotion on.

    • Perhaps I should have proof-read that before posting! Anyway, managed to get a free night on a short multiple room trip this way.

  18. Jason says:

    OT any tricks to add club carlson a/c to Amex rewards, getting the same error as Starwoods!