Bits: great Qatar Airways / HFP competition coming, 1200 Avios for £15 & FREE Now TV!

News in brief:

Head for Points launches a great Qatar Airways competition on Monday

Starting on Monday ….. you can win two flights, to pretty much anywhere, with Qatar Airways and Head for Points!

We have partnered with Qatar Airways to offer a fantastic new competition.  One Head for Points reader will win two tickets to (almost) anywhere on the Qatar Airways network.

The tickets are Economy class, but Qatar Airways will annotate them so that you will receive an upgrade to Business class at check-in if seats are available.  The ‘not guaranteed’ nature of this upgrade means that you may want to think more carefully about where you choose to go, but if Economy is not a problem then the world is pretty much open to you, including much of Australia and New Zealand.

The competition will only take 10 seconds to enter, so don’t miss out – make sure you take a look at HFP next week.

Qatar A350

Get 1,200 Avios with a £15 NOW TV Box

(EDIT: now out of stock but they are available in-store looking at the comments)

Last week I mentioned a £25 NOW TV box at Tesco Direct which came with 500 Clubcard points (worth 1,200 Avios or 1,250 Virgin Flying Club miles).

Tesco Direct has now slashed the price of the box to £15.  This makes it a VERY attractive offer – you get 1,200 Avios and a NOW TV box for £15 which could be resold on eBay or used by yourself, with the benefit of a generous Sky Movies or Sky Entertainment package with each box.

NOW TV is very similar to Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick, connecting to your broadband and streaming content to your TV.  There are three versions, each of which comes with a different free gift:

Full details are in this Shopper Points article.  The offer ends 24th May although I expect it to go out of stock quickly at this price.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. yetyom says:

    The £15 ones are already out of stock!

  2. Is there some kind of secret way people find out about these offers!
    Gone already

  3. ANDREW says:

    06:00 20th May and already out of stock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Steve says:

      The offer started on Thursday so it’s now out of stock. It may come back in stock before it ends.

  4. At 8pm last night both £15 boxes were OOS online, I don’t see the point of covering an item nobody can get their hands online.

  5. I hope a good deal comes before July….we have full sky in the living room…my inlaws are visiting and they have requested to have golf and cricket in their (spare) bedroom! So I am sweating at prospect of not being able to meet their demands. Any ideas anyone?

    • the real harry1 says:

      not sure if you have Sky Q already? – I recently threatened to leave (on the phone) and they offered me a Q box for free, installation £20, plus reduced my sub by £13/ month – all for committing to another 18 months

      • Thanks Harry….but I threatened to leave 6 months ago and they gave me full package for 75% off. So unfortunately I can’t threaten them again.
        The inlaws are here for a week…not willing to pay for multiroom for that. But I might end up being the daughter in law who denied them the comforts of sky sports in their bedroom. No pressure!

        • And they gave me £100 credit. I guess we win some and loose some…..

      • I sent our Q box back and reverted to the old system. We had it for a month and still could not get around the new layout, there is just simple stuff that the old system did very well that the new one doesn’t do, and the mini box in the bedroom would disconnect every night so had to reboot it.

        • AGREED!!! Isn’t SkyQ rubbish!!

        • It absolutely blows my mind that you can’t add a favourite channel list or at least customise the order they appear in.

          So many remote clicks to get to ch4 and food channel.

        • Ch4 HD that is

    • Brian says:

      I would suggest telling them to book a hotel…

      • Lol…. I will definitely be creating enemies then!

      • Or book one for them, saves on mortgage, a house extension and is a nice treat whilst giving everyone plenty of breathing space…

        Oh and you get points too! 🙂

    • Fenny says:

      Now TV Box and a week Sports pass. Buy the passes as cards (Currys etc) rather than as an online subscription.

      If you can’t find a cheap box, I’m sure someone here has a spare (I do!) they will flog you without a pass or bonus points.

    • I certainly have. But they have nothing to do with Sky, golf or cricket.

  6. I know somebody who bought 32 Now TV boxes last night – I blame him for the sell-out!

    • Genghis says:

      Cue comments about people being selfish and that they should leave some scraps for the smaller fish? 🙂

    • The boxes are outdated also, you can’t sideload with plex these versions only the newer 2017 models.

      • Interesting, didn’t know sideloading was possible – I just went for the Roku box itself. Plex + QNAP NAS is fantastic 🙂

  7. Steve R says:

    they are also available in store

    • Correct, type in your postcode and it will provide you with availability at local level. However, there’s no guarantee the store will have the same offer as Tesco direct.

  8. Steve R says:

    Offer definitely available in store as I bought one yesterday

  9. OT: what are the correct/successful contacts for virgin to chase the non posted 13500 points for virgin black cc sign up in clubhouse? I have only received 18500.

    • Peter K says:

      I chased via MBNA who sent me a letter (not email) saying they’d contacted Virgin America they’d be posted within 2 weeks. It actually 5 weeks. Virgin were useless. I did not get a reply from their CS until about 4 weeks AFTER they had posted saying they were going to look into it but have noticed they’d already been added!!

  10. Peter K says:

    While this upcoming Qatar competition​ has merit, it does seem a bit stingey. Somehow the PR people seem to have missed​ the target audience of this site. I’m sure there will be lots of entries but not by those they really want to woo, those who only want to fly business and would pay for it.
    I’m not saying I don’t/wouldn’t fly economy, it’s just that this does not excite me and generate good PR/vibes on the same way business seats or even premium economy would.

    • Deciding whether you enter is a bit like who you will vote for in the upcoming election – personally, I don’t mind a competition ‘for the many and not the few’!

    • I agree and we have had discussions with Qatar Airways about this over the last fortnight. At the same time, it is a £1,000+ prize and we know many readers will value it.

      Qatar isn’t getting anything out of this – they haven’t even asked for the email addresses of entrants. It is really a ‘thank you’ to us for promoting their sale fares.

      It isn’t being organised by the marketing / PR team, as it happens. It is something my usual contact there has arranged.

      • The Original Nick says:

        Nice one Rob!

      • Rob – I will be entering, would even be willing to fly Econ to NZ, thanks for running..

        ps Any chance the Econ flights could marked “Upgradable with Avios?” 😉

      • Henry Larsen says:

        Will this (also) be for UK residents only?

        • Yes because the flight must depart the UK.

        • Henry Larsen says:

          Sorry, that’s an excuse not a reason. (As if non-UK residents can’t organise a positioning flight … )

  11. I can understand comments re competition being “off”, but there is a a large chunk (I imagine!) of readers/followers of this blog who travel in Y regularly and trips in J, etc are a treat.

    I will be entering – thanks Rob + team.

    • Fenny says:


      • Graeme says:

        agreed.. travel economy, stay luxury, that works for me. Obviously I’d rather do both but hey ho..

    • Peter K says:

      I fly economy, with business a treat, as well. However having down to Oz and LA in the past in

      • Peter K says:

        *having flown Oz and LA (direct) in the past in economy I would rather avoid doing so against if I could.

        I’m not saying it’s a bad prize or competition, and as it’s not from the Qatar PR team it’s real coup for this site, but it does not excite me. The really nice hotel I’d have extra money I could spend on (saved from not buying the flights) would do, but the flying experience wouldn’t.

        • I tend to agree.

          Another suggestion would be a free companion first/biz seat for someone paying full fare in same class.

          Good luck to those applying !! 🙂

        • Fenny says:

          I travel alone, so 2 flights mean nothing to me. But I’m going to enter, because one flight means something to me. You don’t have to enter.

        • Peter K says:

          Quite true I don’t have to enter. And actually I won’t. Not because I’m posh but because my wife hates flying long haul now. I will recommend several friends enter however as they will really benefit if they win. If that brings more attention to HfP then that’s a good thing 🙂

  12. FreddieTheFrog says:

    Bought a NOW TV box on the previous (£25) Tesco Direct deal and pretty happy with it.

    Setup was straightforward and we are currently caning the Sky Movies package 🙂

    Assuming I remember to cancel in time, I will come out even if not slighly ahead…

    • the real harry1 says:

      you can cancel now to avoid any further cost – & you’ll be able to continue watching until the month runs out

      NowTV are pretty good that way

      they gave me a free month of Sky Sports when I had a minor problem with a 1 Day pass

  13. PaulW says:

    Will the winner earn points Rob 😉 thanks for arranging.

  14. Clive says:

    Hope you keep it open all week Rob as I am away until Thursday so won’t be able to enter until then. 🙁

  15. Moktar says:

    OT: Used my second free lounge club access at Amsterdam Schipol last week along with a guest. Been charged £15 on my gold card account. I thought one guest is allowed free. Should I contact amex or lounge club for refund?

    • Free guest is only with PP through Amex Plat AFAIK. My understanding was that PRG lounge passes were always one visit only – so you had to use two if bringing a guest. No harm in a polite email to Amex though, they might be willing to waive it.

      • Peter K says:

        As above, the two free accesses you get with the lounge club pass the AMEX Gold card is for one person on two occasions, or two people on one occasion.

    • Nothing to contact them about I’m afraid. You were correctly charged.

  16. barnaby100 says:

    The 3 month entertainment ones are back in stock.

  17. out of stock

  18. Gin and Tonic Please says:

    The Now TV boxes are back in stock. 🙂