Bits: free in-flight books and magazines with Amazon Prime, Hilton Asia-Pacific flash sale

News in brief:

Free books and magazines with Amazon Prime

If you are looking for reading material for your next long-haul flight, you will be interested in the latest perk that Amazon Prime has added to its list of services – Prime Reading.

With Prime Reading you can download 1,000 books and 40 magazines – the latest issues – for free.  The magazine selection looks pretty decent with Vogue and Wired being just two of the magazines I’m personally interested in (YMMV).

All you need to access the titles is a Kindle or the Kindle app on an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

If you aren’t an Amazon Prime member yet, you can sign up here for a free 30-day trial.  You can take a look at the full selection of books and magazines included in Prime Reading here.

Millennium Hilton Bangkok

Hilton running a ‘40% off’ APAC flash sale

Hilton is currently running an Asia-Pacific flash sale.  Discounts offer up to 40% off the Best Available Rate, although the sale rooms will be non refundable and require pre-payment.

Offers are focussed on the following countries:  Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Korea, Maldives, India, Sri Lanka and South East Asia.  The Millennium Hilton Bangkok is pictured above.

Note that China, Macau and Japan are excluded.

You need to book by Sunday night (well, 8am Monday morning to be precise) for travel before 31st December.

Full details are available via the Asia Pacific Hilton website here.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Anybody noticed any good deals for Aus/NZ? Got my QR AKL trip in Nov but Hiltons still look very expensive

    • Hingeless says:

      Auckland and Wellington don’t have enough hotels, so they are often expensive.

    • James says:

      Ive been looking for a Sydney hotel.. Its like London prices. Definitely wont be staying luxury there.

      • Hingeless says:

        Sydney can be cheap last minute, so keep it flexible

        • Sam Goss says:

          I decided in the end the Four Seasons was actually not bad value (relatively speaking to the other options) if you use a booking service and get an F&B credit etc.

          It’s a bit tired and not up to usual FS “hardware” standards, but a good location, great breakfast, fantastic staff and decent pool area

          Otherwise Club Carlson points weren’t looking a bad option if you have any spare Amex MRs

  2. Nathan says:

    Having stayed in the Bangkok hiltons numerous times I would recommend the sukhhnvit hilton for location ad it is also very pleasant. The millennium hilton is amazing, great skybar and lounge etc but it is a bit of a trek from anywhere!
    They do however offer a free boat across the river to the BTS station which is nearby!

    • The boat may be free but it still adds an hour to your travel time (because invariably you have just missed the boat when you get off the skytrain)

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      The Conrad is pretty decent too, especially the Exec lounge (and it’s very inexpensive). Slightly awkward location though for sightseeing.

      • The Original Nick. says:

        The Conrad shuttle bus takes you to the sky train along the road..

    • The Original Nick. says:

      Conrad Bangkok is my preference.

  3. Empers says:

    For those that don’t have Amazon Prime or don’t mind paying for a wider selection of magazines, I have found Readly (website, ios, Android) an excellent service. For £7.99 per month you get unlimited access to 2190 different magazine titles (and all back issues) for 5 users. It really is like having WH Smiths on the iPad, as I browse far more magazines than I would normally ever buy. The search function is amazing, before a recent trip to Seattle I ran a search for the city and got some great tips from a back issue of Tatler!! Try the free 30 day trial (for clarity, this is my referral code, it gets me free days if people subscribe). I genuinely love there app.

    Another option is joining your local library, often they have free downloads for a small selection of the latest magazines.

    • Sussex bantam says:

      +1 for readly. Very decent selection of magazines

    • +1 for joining your local library for free eMagazines (see the link in my name for the titles my service subscribes to)

  4. roger says:

    LHR T2 has John Lewis.
    Can I buy GC at JL and would that spend count towards my £150 spend for Heathrow Rewards new account?

  5. Nate1309 says:

    Hilton related, saw there latest Avios offer posted on loyalty lobby last night. 2000 bonus Avios per stay for your first 5 stays. Need your account to be set to points + miles. 10000 Avios not too shabby.

    • Sundar says:

      I have about 7 stays coming up in June. Would this be the best offer @10k avios along with the double-dipping with double/triple bonus base ? Or Would still points and points be better ? Usually use Avios for short-haul Europe flights and haven’t used Hilton for any redemption yet.

      • Genghis says:

        Depends on the value of your stays. On a one night stay points and miles prob a brainer. On longer stays need to do the math

    • Brighton Belle says:

      I looked at Hilton Singapore for November. Amex was offering better pricing than the Hilton sale by a wide margin. Using Hilton points was no better even paying for them in their recent 100% bonus. Can’t see why Singapore is so pricey.

    • But also a triple points for Diamonds going on and double points for everyone else. So for more expensive stays may be better to stick with that

      Not sure whether you can flip between them esp since sometimes whether you get points/points or points/miles depends on what the hotel pulled from your profile at the time of booking

      • Genghis says:

        I thought triple base points for Diamonds is irrespective of P&P or P&M?

        • Alex W says:

          The promos normally stack… don’t see why they wouldn’t this time.

      • There’s no issue – the points promos always stack.

        Remember my standard advice re setting your preferred airline on the website not being enough if you’ve changed it since making booking, need to confirm at hotel…

    • Alex W says:

      Just updated my spreadsheet… a £100 stay would get me £43 back, including credit card points.

      • Will look at this tomorrow. Can’t handle two complex articles in one day 🙂

      • Your spreadsheet?

        Might you benefit from getting out more?

        • Alex W says:

          So Mrs W would say. But she doesn’t complain when quaffing the champers in First etc 🙂

        • Genghis says:

          At least it’s not just me then that has proforma spreadsheets for calculating points from hotel stays that I then transfer to my other spreadsheet (essentially a list) and then tick off once received!

  6. Sorry for the OT, what’s the best way to get Tesco to refund the difference if an item goes down in price soon after purchase? I got it from an actual shop but its miles away so need the refund done over the phone/online.

    • Call up and complain, but I don’t see why you would be due a refund. Otherwise Tesco should be calling you up and asking for extra money every time you buy something just before the price goes up

      • Genghis says:

        If bought online you have a statutory right to return within 14 days. I guess to avoid you returning the item and reordering (and save the associated logistical costs). But OP bought in store and Tesco give 28 days IIRC.

        • Genghis says:

          Worth a go though

        • Tesco Direct has a policy that if the price drops in 28 days you can ring for the difference. This is handy when they put up the price in order to offer bonus Clubcard points then drop it immediately afterwards!

    • Genghis says:

      Erm. The phone

  7. If anyone has a university email address (including staff) then you can sign up for student price amazon prime (think its half price).

    You also get free microsoft office

    • Genghis says:

      No need for a student email address. A student card will suffice.

      • My wife has had the NUS extra card for years. Just go their site and put in any old uni and course. It used to cost £12 a year but they do a 3 year one now for £30

        • They ask for a student email address as well during application. How do you get round that? I used to have one but can’t remember it.

        • Genghis says:
        • Sorry – I mean’t that the NUS extra card application asks for a student email address.

        • Genghis says:

          You sure? I got an NUS card when I was a trainee ICAEW student (listed as an official option) but did not have a address at the time.

        • Yes, just tried it. You put in your current e-mail address and then the first step asks for a valid student email which it tries to verify. The alternative is to pick the card up from the place you are studying at.

    • lev441 says:

      How do you get free microsoft office?

      • Through your uni – login to your email account (assuming they run Office 365) and you should be able to download your own copy)

    • I am a university lecturer and looked into this as a couple of colleagues told me about it. It is not as simple as that. You do need to be a student and you are asked what course you are studying. You could lie and with a university email address would probably be fine. However, I value my Amazon account too much to risk being banned for fraud, which I suspect would happen if they noticed!

  8. Sundar says:

    OT, Android Pay has an offer of £10 Costa gift card for using it for 5 times before 6 June.

  9. Slightly less OT than most in this thread…..but don’t Hilton usually run a series of flash sales? I’m looking for Americas and hoping that will follow in quick succession tot he Asia one? Any thoughts?

    • There is going to be a big EMEA Summer sale next month but not sure about the Americas – we only get visibility of EMEA stuff.

      • Is it likely to be beginning, mid, end of month…Rob?

        Also, any insight regarding a regular economy BA sale? (I believe there was one last June)


  10. Colin JE says:

    Thanks for the heads up about the Amazon Prime magazine readers. Fairly good range, for both men and women. I assume it works for the family, provided they’re registered to the ame address, in the same way as the free shipping does?

    Agree re the Readly offer, especially as the range of mags is wider, but as I’m already a Prime member that’ll do nicely in the meanwhile. I might have a look at the Readly offer next time I’m about to go on holiday.

  11. OT but about HH. I have booked 5 nights with points with 5th night being free. My hotel seems a reasonable price in £s. If I book 2 additional nights will I get points for those? Also if I do Points and Money and book all 7 nights using some points and some £, which would be a better strategy re more points? I have read before that if some nights are through points and some paid, you get no points. I am the one with Diamond status so I can’t book some nights in my partner’s name as he is only Silver in case someone suggests I check out. I do want the bookings linked so we hopefully get to keep the room.

    • You’re right. Hilton has a nasty little programme rule which says if you combine points nights and cash nights in the same stay, you don’t earn points for the cash nights. This is not always imposed but it is the rule and it does happen.

      Book 2 nights in your partners name. As long as those nights are at the end of the stay, they won’t cause you any trouble unless the hotel is 100% full. They also won’t make you physically check out.

      • I remember it from previously but I thought that was meant to have changed with the new system of points vs money slider, given you now earn points on the cash component?

    • Charlie says:

      If you add paid nights to a reward stay with no ‘check-out’ in between it will combine to one stay and you get no points.

      Could you not book a night in your name for cash and diamond benefits, book one in partner’s name (forcing you to theoretically check-out, but not physically), and then do the reward stay? It’s likely they’ll leave you in the same room if you tell them at check-in, but you’ll get points for the first night at least.

      Or of course reverse it so the paid ones come after the reward stay.

  12. Thanks Rob and Charlie. Won’t I be given a better room if paid nights come first? If i do the free nights first, am thinking they won’t offer a really good upgrade. I might do what Charlie said and book the second paid night under my partner’s name. I could try and get the points on my account though if any are offered.

    • The Diamond should get a better room irrespective of cash or points unless a hotel has a bad reputation for treating points stays badly.

  13. Seychelles and Mauritius on sale too….noticed that while searching today

  14. the real harry1 says:

    blimmin’ BA seat booking! (tomorrow off to place in the sun yee hah!)

    so far I have logged in numerous times, seen limited options changing & eventually got the 3 kids up from the toilet row to row 10

    I’m in a window seat further down & was hoping for a free Exit seat tomorrow – they look to be all taken

    rotten system seems to want to place you in the worst seats in the hope you’ll pay for a better one

    • the real harry1 says:

      as in – we got given 4 toilet seats when I checked in early! I hate those toilet seats 🙂

      • the real harry1 says:

        let’s hope the patented Harry system of getting a free Exit seat works tomorrow! lol

        of course I pinched it off CWS 🙂

  15. Sally Graham says:

    Is there an easy way of seeing if goods are supplied AND shipped by Amazon? I’ve tried to use the discount AMEX16SWP on a number of purchases only to find out before payment that although fulfilled by Amazon the goods are not sold by them?