Which BA Club Europe routes earn 160 tier points return?

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Which British Airways Club Europe routes offer 160 tier points for a return flight?

I often get emails from readers who say “I need XXX tier points in the next few weeks to reach British Airways Bronze / Silver / Gold status – how can I do it?”.

If you need to earn a small number of tier points – between 80 and 160 – the easiest way is a weekend break to one of the few destinations flown by British Airways which offer 160 tier points return in Club Europe.

This is twice as many tier points as the usual Club Europe return which earns 80.

On some routes, you won’t pay much more for a 160 tier point route than you would for one with 80 tier points.

New BA short haul seat 1

Here are the routes which I know currently offer 160 tier points return in Club Europe.  I may have missed some – if so, please post in the comments and I will update the list.  Tallinn is not on the list even though Helsinki is 80 tier points each way.

Remember that, as well as earning the required number of tier points, you need to have flown four segments (ie two return flights) on cash tickets on British Airways planes.  You cannot earn status purely by flying on British Airways partner airlines.

The price next to each city was the lowest fare showing on Wednesday in the Low Fare Finder for Club Europe over the next 12 months.

(EDITS:  Catania and Heraklion added)

  • Athens (£434)
  • Algiers (£554)
  • Bucharest (£380)
  • Catania (£272)
  • Chania (£620)
  • Corfu (£512)
  • Dalaman (£470)
  • Fuerteventura (£340)
  • Gran Canaria (£380)
  • Helsinki (£396 – Finnair from Manchester / Edinburgh also earns 160)
  • Heraklion / Crete (£472)
  • Istanbul (£300)
  • Kalamata (£478)
  • Kiev (£474)
  • Kos (£508)
  • Lanzarote (£340)
  • Larnaca (£370)
  • Madeira / Funchal (£272)
  • Malaga (ONLY from Manchester and Birmingham, London shows 40 tier points each way)
  • Malta (£270)
  • Marrakech (£292)
  • Mykonos (£534 – cheaper from Manchester)
  • Palma (ONLY from Edinburgh)
  • Paphos (£370)
  • Reykjavik (£334)
  • Rhodes (£482)
  • Santorini (£640)
  • Sofia (£382)
  • St Petersburg (£398)
  • Tenerife (£342)
  • Thessaloniki (£282)
  • Tirana (£582)

Catania, Istanbul, Malta, Madeira, Marrakech and Thessaloniki are the stand-out bargains at £300 or less return.  The Manchester to Mykonos service was selling for £209 return at one point, but with only one flight per week – and those cheap seats quickly taken – you are unlikely to find that price.  The same goes for the Manchester / Birmingham to Malaga and Edinburgh – Palma services.

This list is more about convenience than price, however.  After all, you could easily spend £400 on two return flights to Amsterdam over two different weekends which would be cheaper than many of the places above.  This list is for someone who needs up to 160 tier points and wants to achieve it in one go whilst visiting somewhere different – and, in Winter, somewhere warm!

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  1. Slightly off topic but on the subject of BA and their computer systems.

    I work oil and gas industry and my employer send me to destinations world wide. My tickets are always arranged though a travel agency and always the cheapest possible economy fares. What I have noticed though is that almost every major airline (KLM, Air France, Air Canada, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways etc) always allows me the option to upgrade to business class (if seats available). This option appears at time of check in online or at the airport. I always try to upgrade when the flights our 8 hours plus and using my own money of course.

    British Airways doesn’t allow this online if the ticket was originally booked through a travel agency as our tickets always are. It surprises me since we can pay for selected seats etc, but the upgrade to business feature doesn’t work. I hope one day BA computer systems will eventually allow us to upgrade online when the ticket was booked through an agency,


    • felicia says:

      yes BA does. to club europe usually 100 quid or euros. long haul you have to ask but usually they do. best part is they give you all the tier points and avios of the upgraded class

      • how do you go about that? I ask at the airport?

        • Andy S says:

          I have done this in the past by asking at the checkin desk. If there is availability. In the past the extra tier points haven’t posted automatically but they get added when contacting the helpline with the new ticket number

        • Thanks for the replys. I’m off to Moscow this evening and the BA check in desk upgraded me. Happy days.

      • Chris Cannon says:

        Only on paid upgrades however. If they bump you anyway you retain the tier points of the paid ticket 🙁

    • Are there any connections (e.g. to ABZ? 😉 ) or are these just point-to-point flights from LHR? The BA POUG system only works with direct flights.

  2. RussellH says:

    Just seen that IAG shares are up 1.5% – the second highest riser in the FTSE100!

    • RussellH says:

      And 2 mins later up 1.55%, but now only in fifth place.

      It is a mad, mad, mad world. I suppose that we maybe blame Trump’s inability to grasp that CO2 absorbs heat radiation!

      • Or even his ability to grasp that given Paris was completely not binding by international law that china could have been playing the ultimate game by signing up with no intention of lowering emmisions in the hope the rest of the worlds energy prices would make their industry unable to compete with china while china sold them their solar panels.

        The only way the Paris accord can work is of not compliant countries have compulsory trade tariffs places on their energy intensive exports.

  3. Eli Gold says:

    I recently used an avios upgrade voucher to book a club europe seat for august.
    I had to book it on the phone.
    on my BA account it’s showing that i’m earning Tier points for the flight. will I really get these points? it does it just show them but I don’t really get them.

    • Genghis says:

      It has been known for people using GUFs to get TPs and avios… Not heard of Lloyds upgrade vouchers though.

    • Andrew says:

      Most of the flights I’ve booked through both with and without the Lloyds voucher initially show as earning tier points. Within a day or two they update and the tier points and avios disappear.

    • Has your flight ticketed yet? When I made my recent Lloyds booking it initially showed as earning TP/Avios. Within 24h they had properly applied the voucher (it’s a manual process) and issued an eTicket. Once the eTicket was issued the Avios/TP dropped to zero. You can see on Checkmytrip or Myflights as to whether your booking has an eTicket with it or not (will start with 125- for BA tickets)

  4. Missing Skiathos (JSI) from LCY

  5. That’s interesting – thank you

  6. Richard says:

    Does anyone know how to find out which routes BA flies from LHR not LGW? As I’ve always struggled to find it easily on the BA website, always resort to just trying to book a flight for each destination and wondered if anyone knows a short cut.

  7. Highland Traveller says:

    I know it is niche, but from the Scottish Highlands, LSI/WIC etc can get 320 tier points return on those routes! If you do loganair/BA codeshare to Edin (an additional 80 points return for the loganair leg) and then on to LHR etc from there (EG LCA). However, need to book a bit in advance to get any kind of sensible price

  8. Aviator says:

    Love the photo

  9. I know this questions is being asked a lot so please forgive me for asking again: I need only 115TP to get my first ever Gold status, but my year ends on the 8th June (22nd with possible extension). Is there a way to get these 115TP for less than 300£ (not keen to pay more than that as don’t see Gold that much better than Silver). I tried to search Iberia website per advise of FTalkers, but it is not the most user friendly site I’ve seen. Therefore, expertise of HfP readers will be very much appreciated!

    • Genghis says:

      What’s your home airport?

      • LHR and LGW. I thought flying to Spanish region in Business would be a good option (120TP) but could not find anything for a decent price..

        • Genghis says:

          I’ve found £319 with IB to BIO via MAD

        • Cheers, Genghis, very helpful! I also found few flights to BCN. Now a dilemma of whether Gold is worth £300 (+ hotel etc). First world problems…

        • Because of the soft landing to Silver next year, you will save money in the end.

        • Yes, soft landing may be useful. In my situation, however, I am likely to get 600 TP through work travel next year (which is not guaranteed, of course).

    • Got kids? Guaranteed Avios seats over half term etc for double Avios makes Gold a great deal.

      • Alex W says:

        More so than just paying cash a year in advance?

        • the real harry1 says:

          defeats the object of busting open a redemption @ short notice (for a cost)

        • the real harry1 says:

          having said that: I know our kids’ schools holiday calendars a year in advance so can always get flights @ normal Avios rates, T-355

          easy for us, with a place in the sun & 1 destination, I suppose

          complication being the partner with tight schedules etc

          more exotic destination aims would also complicate matters

        • Yes. 4 tickets to Salzburg, Innsbruck etc for skiing over February half term will be at least £1,500 (remember that you MUST travel on the Saturday out unless you want a curtailed holiday) even a year out. I just checked now – 8 months in advance – and 4 economy to Salzburg is £2,570 over half term, Sat to Sat. 72,000 Avios – using ‘double Avios’ to force open the seats – is a bargain by comparison.

          We book these exact seats, by the way.

        • Salzburg would have been a similar price, at T-355, as your quote today 😉
          Verona prices on those dates in Feb 17, for Feb 18, was between £5-600 in economy

        • Erico2875 says:

          Ryanair will get u there Sun to Sun for £232 each. (Family of 4 £928 )So take off £140 RFS and 72k avios is really only worth £788 and not £2430 as with BA. Still good value @ 1.1p per Avios

        • Ski hotels generally run Sat to Sat – you don’t get much flexibility – so you’re losing a day of your holiday (and you would need to pay for the Saturday night). Chunky luggage bill on top with FR too.

  10. I’m looking at a fully refundable UK domestic in club europe – £640 in ‘D’ class.
    Is such a fare *truly* hassle free fully refundable before outbound departure?

    • I think you lose the £5 card fee.

      • Is there not a wee trick (using Ukraine or something) to avoid paying the £5 fee in the first place? Also, is the fee payable if using BA Amex card?

        • Genghis says:

          Yes (the mouse just slips and you select Ukraine as the card country) and yes

  11. Karen says:

    Just checked a few flights to TFS in December. Despite being logged in (BA Silve), I can only see the amont of Avios I will get for the flight. How/where do I find out the amount of tier points I will get without actually booking the flight?

  12. Chris says:

    I’m really struggling to find a 160 Tier Points run in June/July for a reasonable price (under £300, LHR or LGW). Any route suggestions?

  13. Related, avios redemptions from BHX are 50% off the avios price. Must book before June 30th for travel up to November 25th. Florence, Ibiza, Malaga, Palma Majorca available.

  14. Prins Polo says:

    Is Finnair correct? I remember someone on flyertalk saying that only BA gives 80 TPs on SH+ routes – with other carriers it’s always 40 (?)

    • Yes, probably because it is a codeshare. The BA tier point calculator works for partner airlines too so you can check.

  15. O/T – Where do people recommend as a long haul destination for using the BA 241 voucher coupled with a couple of Hilton VISA reward vouchers?

    • Rudolph says:


      • Thanks Rudolph – I agree, and am fortunate to have already been. While I would not be unhappy to return, I’m curious about other long haul locations with a good Hilton property at the other end. Cheers again!

        • Genghis says:

          Conrad New York? Conrad HK? WA Shanghai?

        • Thanks Genghis, Been to NY x times but not a fan (anymore). Been to Shanghai & HK. Will keep looking! Not sure what KL, Singapore or even Thailand can offer in terms of quality Conrads or high end Hiltons

        • Genghis says:

          We stayed in KL DT end of April and whilst v cheap (10k HHs) and a suite upgrade, we weren’t impressed. There were serious staff shortages. It’s also not the place to use a free night voucher! 3* TA review left.

          We also stayed at the Conrad Singapore in April. I wasn’t that impressed overall 3* TA review left.

          We were impressed with the Conrad Bali but at only 50k HHs probably not the “best value” for a free night voucher. But 5* TA review left.

          The Conrad Ko Samui does look great per @awanderlusttraveller’s recommendation, but seems awfully overpriced if you’re tagging on a cash night.

        • Interesting and sorry to hear re Conrad Singapore – I’ve always had really excellent treatment there (and never bothered having lunch after their rather extensive breakfast buffet!)

        • Genghis says:

          @Alan. It wasn’t bad, just not a 5* experience. Dated rooms, restaurant and lounge heaving at breakfast (I wouldn’t describe it as “extensive” or tasty), lounge heaving for afternoon tea and “cocktails” (booze choice very limited), no help with luggage on check in, told “upgraded room” but no different to room booked, not even on a higher floor or with a better view. We also stayed at the Intercontinental in Singapore and really enjoyed our stay there. 5* TA review left for that.

        • Interesting – last there a couple of years ago and it was much better than that and I had some really nice corner suite upgrades. By comparison I’ve only stayed in a couple of ICs recently (Wellington and San Francisco), both of which were decidedly underwhelming! Ah well, the fun of travel!

        • awanderlusttraveller says:

          Conrad Koh Samui, you can squeeze in other places in Thailand, KL or Singapore on the same trip too, with Airasia flights

  16. OT: But recently flew on AA metal from JFK to ORD in what was advertised as “First” however, only received TP’s + Avios for CW (i.e. BA Biz) – is there any merit in me arguing for TP’s of what should have been in first? (i.e. receiving 60 vs 40)? – I’m on the verge of actually hitting gold this year after only being silver for 3 years so every little helps me :))

    • Scallder says:

      This got changed a little while back so you now get the Avios and TP of business (because that’s what it really is rather than first!)

      On the flip side redemptions in the US now only cost 2x economy for ‘first’ rather than the 3x they used to

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