Excellent Avios / Virgin and Tesco deal – act NOW for very cheap miles

(EDIT: Tesco appears to have pulled this offer from its website, even though it was meant to run until late June.)

Tesco Direct has launched an exceptional new promotion on HP printer inks.

This is so generous that I cannot imagine it lasting long and may even be an error.

You receive 1,000 Tesco Clubcard points for every HP printer ink you buy.  Those points convert into 2,400 Avios or 2,500 Virgin Atlantic miles.

The cheapest ink in stock is £12!

Even if you throw the inks in the bin, you are only paying 0.5p per Avios point and a little less for the Virgin miles.  However, these inks sell perfectly well on eBay so you should be able to recoup much of your £12!

You can combine this offer with ‘money off’ discount codes, eg £10 off £75, which show on the individual ink pages online. Your miles will get even cheaper.

You even get FREE ‘click and collect’ delivery to your nearest Tesco store.

HP Inks

BE CAREFUL.   Remember that Tesco caps Clubcard accounts at 30,000 points per quarter.  They have also been known to remove points for ‘excessive’ buying, although as these inks are consumables they would be on sticky ground here.

I recommend ordering sooner rather than later.

The list of inks available is here on the Tesco site.

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  1. Disappointed/nowrattherhappy says:

    Just as a little update – called Tesco who confirmed my order was cancelled due to lack of stock. So I said well I’m pretty disappointed as I had ordered due to the bonus… “Ah – yes – well that’s no problem…we can honor the club card points and I’ll also credit you the £10 discount so you won’t lose that benefit when you re-order elsewhere!!” So – long story short – I have 6,000 Club Card points (posted this morning) and a tenner for my efforts – and no ink to sell! THANK YOU ROB – I owe you! 🙂

  2. Dave R says:

    Anyone selling 302 cartridges cheap?

  3. haimish says:

    i think liz ordered ones which weren’t part of the deal. i’d be kicking myself if i did that.
    nevermind, always a next time!

  4. James says:

    I have 3 orders just been delivered to my click and collect point. None of the points have posted to my clubcard account – ordered sunday morning. I sent clubcard an email and was phoned back to say that because of the promotional points being added that it can take up to 6 weeks to post? Obviously from the posts here that is not true, what should I do?

    • James says:

      Sorry to bump this comment. But anyone able to shed some light on the process and what I should do?

      • Genghis says:

        What do your email confirms say re points?

        • James says:

          They show the base points plus the expected bonus points (6000 per order).

          I have not received either the base points or bonus points on to the clubcard – all orders have been picked up.

        • Genghis says:

          Not sure what can be done. Call again and offer to send the confirmation email to them saying that the points did not go on.

          The promo points should go on straight away. I wouldn’t risk waiting 6 weeks, not getting any points and holding ink that you don’t really want…

        • Suhail says:

          The same thing has happened to me. Have 3 orders (8k bonus per order and 132 base points per order). Neither has shown up on my clubcard account. After speaking to Tesco they have told me that the base points should appear immediately and the promo points will appear a week before the August statement. I had confirmed if this was definitely the case and they had stated there should be no reason why it wouldn’t be added.

          I am still skeptical about this. I don’t want to risk holding on to ink for so long with no guarantee of the points and then having issues with returning the ink should the points not be added.

          I guess will just have to wait and hope for the best….

        • That is simply not true. That is the default line you are given by the call centre to get you off the phone whenever you call with a missing points query. Unless the deal specifically says it will work this way – and this never happens with Direct – the points are not going to post.

        • Suhail says:


          Tesco have now called me back to inform me that they will not be honoring the promotion for the 3 orders as they deem it to be ‘a business transaction’. They have told me that they will only honor the promotion for one of my orders (i.e 8,000 points) and not the other two orders.

        • Genghis says:

          “a business transaction”? Is it not possible for an individual to stock up on ink when such a good deal is around? Poor excuse

        • Mark LLL says:

          May I suggest you check that Tesco Direct have the right Tesco Clubcard number for you. Sounds simple but my account details seem to have suffered a glitch.

          I have collected my ink cartridges, wish I hadn’t.
          No bonus points, no base points.
          I only ordered six cartriges and I will use them so no great loss.

          This follows no points at all from (now ended) promotion on buying fifty pounds worth of branded gift cards (Tesco Direct again). I chased this with CS but just wasted my time.

          Finally today delved deep in T Direct my card details- seems they have a completely different card number 🙁
          I know I entered the correct card details when I registered.

  5. The offer is now back up, but sadly it looks like someone may have added an extra zero the 1st time around, as its now 100 club card points