500 free miles INSTANTLY when you download the Miles & More app

Until 30th September Miles & More – the Lufthansa, SWISS etc programme – is giving out 500 bonus miles for everyone who downloads their app and logs in for the first time.

500 Miles & More miles won’t get you a ticket in Lufthansa First Class, but they will get you a tiny bit closer.

lufthansa miles and more 500 bonus miles app

Earning the 500 bonus miles is really as straight forward as it sounds – that is if you already have an account.  I signed up for a new one which took me 10 minutes due to phone number and postcode format problems and continuously choosing usernames that were already taken!

How to get the 500 bonus miles

The offer is outlined on the Miles & More website here.

Open the App Store or Google Play, search for Miles & More and download the app.


Once downloaded, enter your login details and the 500 bonus miles will show immediately in your account. That’s it.


If you missed Rob’s review of the Lufthansa First Class service from Frankfurt to New York you can find it here – although you’ll need another 87,000 miles on top of these 500 free miles to redeem for that …..

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  1. HiDeHi says:

    Does not seem to extend the lifetime of my miles unfortunately 🙁

  2. Cool…. App installed, miles posted, app deleted.

    I only had a whopping six miles in there due to a recent redemption!

  3. OT: mentioned Monday about Virgin Trains East Coast replacing their booking engine. The new site doesn’t offer the ability to reserve cycle spaces and have a number of other bugs. So I’ve put together a guide to where to buy rail tickets: http://saveecrewards.co.uk/review/where-book-train-travel-online

    Summary: there’s not one perfect site. CrossCountry doesn’t charge the £10 admin fee for changing advance tickets, GWR/TPE gives Nectar points on all rail travel and does cycle reservations, Chiltern does cycle reservations and oddly is the only place where you can get VTEC catering vouchers…

    • Re Cross Country, If I booked a fully refundable advance ticket and needed to cancel can this be done free of admin fees.


      • I’m not sure about that. I’ll check.

        I know Southern allows this if you set the option to collect from station but choose to cancel before you collect them.


        • Aeronaut says:

          Southern’s ‘Money Back Guarantee’ *only* applies to so called ‘walk up’ tickets (Anytime, Off-peak etc), *not* to Advance tickets.

          Advance tickets can be amended (for a fee… or fee-free with XC), but are and always have been non-refundable.

      • I asked and XC still charge the admin fee as standard for cancellations. So Southern is your best bet if you anticipate the need to cancel.

        What a mess all these options are.

        I also know Southern is one of the operators that doesn’t link your card to your ticket collection so you can use any card to collect from the machine.

        As some like the extra security of needing to use the payment card when collecting and others want other people to collect it I did suggest that VTEC put a ‘Will the cardholder be the one collecting the tickets’ option if you selected collect at station, but they didn’t even get the basics right.

        • Aeronaut says:

          “I also know Southern is one of the operators that doesn’t link your card to your ticket collection so you can use any card to collect from the machine.”

          I’d be very careful about offering a definitive pronouncement on the issue of same/different card collection – this can change at the click of a switch, or more accurately a database flag.

          Also it’s possible that different people have different settings on their accounts with train ticket retailers – e.g. if a customer lost their card, their account may have been changed to ‘any card’ collection for all past and future purchases, rather than just one specific transaction.

          I understand one way to guarantee any card collection is to use one of the train ticket sites that offers PayPal as a payment method, but I haven’t done this myself yet.

    • Aeronaut says:

      Crosscountry’s ‘no admin fee’ for changes for Advance tickets, a recent innovation of theirs, is something I’ve found very handy a few times now. It’s worth noting this only works for bookings made through their website, *not* their app, and you need to be logged in to your account at the time of the original ticket purchase.

      Full info here:

  4. Johnny says:

    I had already downloaded the app before. All I did was sign up for the newsletter and they gave me my 500 points.

  5. OT – I noticed yesterday my BA exec account had downgraded to blue even though the dates had changed to show that my bronze membership had been extended by two years after being caught in the May bank holiday delays.

    Might be worth checking your accounts.

    I’m due to book seats tomorrow at 7 days so need to get this resolved with BA today.

    • I’ve spoken to exec club who have apologised but said it’ll take 5-7 days to change it back – I need to book seats tomorrow!

      They’ve said they see if there’s a work around and call me back later today – why don’t I feel confident I’ll hear from them?!?

      • Nick M says:

        Try calling the Newcastle number? They are usually very helpful and should be able to pre-allocate seats if you ask nicely/explain the situation

    • I’ve just logged into my husbands and my 7 year old daughters accounts and his has also downgraded but hers hasn’t.

      I can see the seat booking option through her account too so maybe I’ll be able to book them on her bronze status tomorrow.

  6. BA-Flyer says:

    OT – I have the Black and White Virgin Atlantic MBNA cards. The white one has triggered the Premium Economy upgrade voucher, and it’s in my VA account but not redeemed. Can I safely cancel the white card?

    • I reckon yes but never done this myself.

    • Yes you can – vouchers are valid for 12 months and sit on your account regardless of whether you still have the credit cards.

  7. There is also a newsletter you can register for which gives you 500 free miles.

    Though it says they are not instant and will get credited within a week.

    There will be a link in your M&M profile page.

  8. Mickey says:

    I have downloaded the app and got the points – is there any way i can transfer the points to my United account?

    • Nope. You can booked United flights with M&M miles, but you can’t transfer them. Same for vast majority of airline schemes (main exception I can think of being Virgin Australia/Singapore Airlines partnership)

  9. wayne sam says:

    Great 500 easy points + 500 more from subscribing to their newsletter. So 1000 miles in 5 minutes. Thks.

    • How’d you managed the 2X 500? I got the 500 for the first time download; opted for the newsletter (from Lufty and Austrian Airlines) but no additional points :-(. Can you enlighten pls? Thanks

  10. Mickey says:

    Thanks – i instantly got the other 500 miles for subscribing to their newsletter

    • Sadly if you’ve ever signed up for the newsletter it seems to be a one-time offer.

      Would be great if a decent sign-up offer came back again on their credit card!

      • Mark LLL says:

        Yes, kicking myself I didn’t apply for the UK Amex/Visa card pair set, back in December when the offer was 10k Miles (currently 1.5k) Can’t remember if there was a spend threshold.

  11. Mark LLL says:

    Thanks Anika, I installed a Miles and More app using Aptoid (There may be more than one app out there)

    I did not get any points, perhaps because I had the Lufthansa app previously – already uninstalled that to free up some space.

    • Mark LLL says:

      Ok, I have it worked through now for Miles and More app – note: this is for Android:

      Don’t use Aptoide to get the app – it has version 1.1.1
      Do use Playstore – to get version 1.5.0

      Thought I’d blown it because I rushed in too quickly and installed the ver 1.1.1 on my android phone using Aptoide.

      However, after deleting that version I was able to get ver 1.5.0 from Google Playstore -Used my PC to install on my phone.

      Got the 500 points 🙂

      • I don’t quite follow why not just install directly from the Play Store in the first place? Took me all of 2 min to install, login, check miles there, uninstall!

        • Mark LLL says:

          I’m living on the Isle of Man. More pertinently, my mobile Android device is registered on the phone network on the Island, and therefore is treated as foreign by the likes of Google Playstore, which means it is barred from downloading some apps.

          It was a bit of a rigmarole to get the Tesco PayQwiq app for instance:

          Playstore flat out refused. My first workaround is usually Aptoide, which did let me download and install PQ but even then it would only do that over WiFi in Starbucks – apparently my mobile phone is less foreign while logged in to Starbucks WiFi.

          I linked my Tesco Clubcard account and a bank debit card but the PQ app still insisted on knowing my UK address – Isle of Man is not an option.
          Oops! I ‘accidentally’ selected Isle of Wight as my location.

          Used the PQ app to pay for shopping in Tesco. The payment worked, but no points, not even base points. I later found out I have a new Tesco Clubcard account. Can’t really explain that, I suppose my fiddling with the PQ app had triggered the creation of a new Cc account. Whatever happened it will have been my fault for circumventing the system.
          And yes, I should have delved into the PQ app to verify my Tesco account details were correct but I didn’t.

          Knock-on effect was losing out on Cc points from the recent Tesco Direct printer ink promotion.

        • Ahh OK, got you now. Just didn’t want other to think it was that tricky on Android – at least there are workarounds for the geographical restrictions as you say. I remember I had similar issues when in Oz for a year and still using my UK phone. I managed to download using a Java app (can’t remember the name now!) and sideload the APKs.

        • Genghis says:

          My wife seems to have been provided with a new clubcard number following the recent clubcard changes.

        • As was I.

        • Mark LLL says:

          Sorry, I’ve been at work last few hours. Thanks for the info. about clubcard account number changes. The plot thickens.

          Miles and More:
          Just want to say a big thank you to Rob and Anika because without the knowledge and tips published here on Head For Points I would not have any Miles and More points. Can’t quite believe I’ve got 16k now, without ever once having flown with the airlines.

          I’ll apply for the M and M Amex/Visa card set to stop points expiry, but am not hopeful of acceptance (The Hilton plat visa was refused because of my postcode).

          I was visiting Liverpool last month. As a last ditch effort to get the card I enquired at Hilton hotel. Staff did their level best over the phone to try to get an application in for me but without success.

  12. Richard says:

    Anyone know how to make the sign up accept a UK postcode? I’m entering it correctly but it won’t believe me!