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Update on the Amex / Amazon deal – points showing, gift cards OK, Prime OK, so jump in!

There was a huge response to my article on Monday about the fantastic new Amazon offer from American Express.

It is available for many – but not all – British Airways American Express, Amex Gold and Amex Platinum cardholders.

You will find this offer on the ‘Offers’ tab of your British Airways American Express / Amex Gold / Amex Platinum statement page online, or in the app.


There are a few versions.  You will hopefully see some combination of:

Get 500 / 1,000 Avios / Membership Rewards points when you spend £25 at before 19th September using your BA Amex / Amex Gold / Platinum card

It isn’t clear who gets what and you may have got nothing if you are very unlucky.

It is limited to the first 20,000 people to register so I recommend you sign up immediately.  You have until 19th September to make a purchase and have it post to your Amex account.

There was some confusion over the wording of the offer.  It said “purchases made with Market Place Sellers, Amazon Prime or subscriptions to Amazon Prime” do not count.  Secondary terms and conditions also implied that gift cards would not count, even though American Express has no idea what you bought.

I did a test purchase on my own Amazon account for a £25 gift card.  I AM an Amazon Prime customer.  Within 2 minutes of making the purchase I got an email from American Express saying “Congratulations, you have earned 500 bonus Avios – if your transaction meets the offer terms”.

The 500 bonus Avios have now posted to my account.  See below (click to enlarge):

Amex Amazon screenshot

This means:

gift card purchases do count

even Amazon Prime customers still earn the bonus on gift cards

This offer should be a no-brainer for qualifying BA Amex / Amex Gold / Amex Platinum cardholders, especially if you have the 1,000 points version.  £25 is a ludicrously low purchase limit for earning 1,000 Avios or Membership Rewards points.

As I found, purchases of Amazon e-gift cards count.  These can be bought online via this link and added to your personal Amazon account via this page.  The balance is used automatically on your next purchase.

If you making a purchase at Amazon, we are always grateful if you use our HFP Amazon link which is here (click) or use the gift card link above.  We earn a small commission on your purchase which helps keep us ticking over.  Thank you.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. In case the offers are missing from your cards, the offer IDs are:

    1000MR with £25 spend on Amazon:

    500 Avios with £25 spend on Amazon

    • Charlie says:


    • I think the rest of the URL is needed

    • Alex W says:

      Thanks but 🙁
      Unable to save offer at this time – please try again later

    • The Urbanite says:

      Thanks – added to my Gold Credit Card account!

    • Does anyone have the 1000 Avios URL?

    • What is the full URL please?

    • Needs to sourceId as well I believe

    • Thanks, Mark

    • BigDave says:


      hovered over the 500 one and copy and pasted the link and changed the offerid for the 1000 one and hit enter and hey presto have the 1000 one added to my green card

    • The ridiculous thing is that:
      1000 MR and 500 avios added to BAPP gets you… 1500 avios.
      (But 1000MR and 500 avios added to Plat still only gets you 1000MR;)

    • Thanks for this Mark, just managed to save both offers to both BAPP. Also managed to save to my SPG card as well. Not sure it will work on SPG as there won’t be a link to my avios account, but might try anyway!

      • That won’t matter if my Plat CC is anything to go by, should get equivalent value at a 1p/MR rate…

    • Juliet Soul says:

      Thank you, that’s amazing, it worked!
      Does anyone have the OfferID code for the 1000 Avios?
      Weirdly it added the Avios offer to my Amex Gold and the MR offer to my BA Amex (and the other ones too) even though they can’t earn Avios/MR points…

      • Yep, as already discussed you should get £5 (500MR) or £10 (1000MR)-worth of whatever programme it is 😉

  2. Hello
    Been lurking on the site for about a month now but not posted before. Enjoying reading all the articles and comments.
    I didn’t get the offer on both my gold card or BAPP card. Called amex but representative refused to add the offer. I did however add and redeem the Mulberry offer, spend £200 and get 3000MR points. Might try chat tonight if i can get on my laptop.

  3. I vote this the post of the day. I did not receive this offer on 2 Plats. I have not bothered to contact Amex for a few K Avios . Lots more ways to gain FF miles without this much effort, one just needs to do a little digging to find the real gems out there.

  4. 500 Avios? What’s that? £5? How much time have you people wasted on this?!!

    • About 90 seconds for 1000 points

    • Titus Adduxas says:

      30 seconds for 500 points – £600 an hour sounds a good rate good to me – it all adds up.

      • I value avios at around 0.5p, had to add a couple of cards and maybe it took me 10mins for 2500 avios = £75ph.

        Would have been nice to have given a 12hr shift! 🙂 .

        • the real harry1 says:

          took me a bit longer maybe 15 mins for 4000 points = £160/ hr

          I am obviously mgt, serf 🙂

        • OK Squills:

          Maybe you got up to £80/hr.

          However, we only have the 4 cards-responsible debt and all that! 🙂 .

  5. The 1,000 points posted this morning, nice and easy!

  6. Wife bought a £25 gift card on Tuesday with her gold card. Still no bonus showing 🙁

    • No loss though, apart from time, and assuming that you would spend anyway.

      Points will post.

    • Do you have 25 base MR points showing on your Amex statement? If you don’t have the base points showing you shouldn’t expect the bonus.

      • To be honest, I don’t know. Its my wife’s account. I’ll check when I get home. Cheers

    • The £25 gift card I bought on Monday just posted today in Amex statement and I received the 1,000 bonus MR points.

      I did NOT receive any email from Amex regarding the bonus points after making the purchase. But it seems to work anyway.

  7. IanMacK says:

    I’m still no clearer whether the offer has been loaded to my BAPP CC.
    I went through the LiveChat, completed the security tests and agent confirmed that the offer had been added.
    He refused to add to my wife’s supplementary card as he said that she needed to do the Chat herself and pass security … (???)
    Anyway, have been on my and looked at tab Offers / My Offers and only showing the previous Hyatt £50 offer which I have already redeemed.
    Any suggestions ??

    • Yes, write them a letter of complaint and withdraw your custom….consider small claims court?

      AMEX are so unfair, we deserve this bonus

      • IanMacK says:

        I have just been back on Chat with a different Amex agent.
        I explained the situation – offer confirmed by Chat earlier in the week but not visible on my Amex account offers.
        Agent checked and confirmed that the offer, although confirmed could not actually be added manually to my account. Hence it did not show. (And no contact from Amex to explain).
        Chat agent offered 500 Avios credit to my account, I said I’d rather have the offer to spend £25 and earn 1,000 Avios – not possible so accepted the 500 Avios.
        Reason given that the £25/1,000 Avios offer could not be added manually to my BAPP account is because I had not been solicited.
        NOT A SATISFACTORY EXPLANATION OR OUTCOME given other members’ experience as detailed above !!

        • IanMacK says:

          And don’t want to cut up card as the 2-4-1 is worth~170,000 Avios/£3,700

        • Genghis says:

          You do not have a right for offers to be added. I’d move on.

        • This is ridiculous. What other company would be expected to extend a targeted offer to all customers who ask for It?!

  8. In fact we are entitled!

  9. Hsergio10 says:

    I called the support 2 days ago and complained why i didn’t get that offer.They did even say that offer was for targeted customer.

    On top of that, there system issue on my online account ( email servicing not working at all, All emails were erased) so i wasn’t really happy about that

    Long story short , 1 day later 1K MR points posted

    Let’s just say I’m lucky. Next target Mulberry 3k MR points
    Thanks Rob

  10. Amex wouldn’t add the offer for me over chat either so exhausted both avenues. Given up. I’ve redeemed the Mulberry 3k MR offer though, just waiting for the points to post, goods will be delivered tomorrow amd looking forward it receiving them. Bonus is somehow managed to get my hands on sale items through the online store so got a lovely leather purse and 100% lambswool scarf for £251 including delivery charge.

  11. Hi Rob,
    I’m relatively new to your site having decided to start actively collecting Avios and really appreciate all your posts. I have checked Amex offers just now and had the 1000 membership points so clicked through your link to Amazon, purchased £25 e gift and within a minute had confirmati of the 1000 points. Easy! Thank you

  12. Hit the Amazon gift card scramble and bought a “small” Xmas present on the Mulberry site to trigger the Mulberry bonus.

    A useful nights work.

    • I’ve also bought two “small” Mulberry Christmas gifts using the offer. Looking forward to seeing my mum’s ans sister’s faces when they open their presents. Not bad really for £251 incl postage and packaging for two main Chistmas presents all sorted. Think I got lucky with the sale items. Tempted to keep them for myself but that would be naughty. I’ll enjoy the 3k points instead.

  13. Has anyone successfully received the bonus points/avios from the *supplementary* card spend? I’ve triggered the £25 spend on each (main card and supplementary card) but the bonus has only been applied for the main card spend – although the supplementary card does day the offer has been redeemed, just no actual bonus applied.

    • Same here, ive got the offer on 6 cards but only done 3 (2 main and one Supp). The points for both mains have both gone in, the supp shows as claimed and shows the £25 put only records 25 points. I called Amex and they said give it 5 days….hmmmmm

      • Thanks Bill – still no supplementary points/avios here – maybe keep this page updated if you hear anything? We’re definitely in the same boat!

  14. upperdeckplease says:

    Here’s what I got on my second visit to ‘Chat’ after not being able to get on it for 5 days as ‘live chat not availalble’, do others know if this is true?

    I apologize. However, It is a targetted offer extended to BA and MR card members who have not redeemed an Amex offer before or in 2017.

    • Just told my brother to go on chat to get this offer added. That’s the same reason he got. I believe it not to be true as I managed to get it added to my account and I redeemed a Heathrow money back offer maybe 3 weeks ago.

      I told him to come off chat and try another agent. This one said that Marketing may be sending out another round of offers as it doesn’t expire till later and that the offer cannot be added manually. He is currently telling her I got mine added manually.

      It’s escalated to the agent asking her manager. The answer is still – No, it can not be done.

      He also asked the agent why they were able to add it last week. Marketing error apparently….

  15. Just used this in conjunction with the Top Up offer, where you buy a gift card for yourself and get 1% bonus. Seems to have gone through OK. It’s only 25p on the £25 spend but every little helps!

  16. I purchased the £25 gift card straight away as I had 1000 Avios showing under my offers. Never got an email or the points………

    • Odd. Is the offer still showing under Saved Offers on your Amex statement? If so, ring Amex and ask why it didn’t trigger.

      (I’m assuming you did click Save To Card.)

      Literally hundreds of readers have done this now, including me twice, with no problems.

      • Terence Semmence says:

        Thanks Rob I’ll call them.
        Just checked my Amex app and I did save the offer and it’s showing as redeemed.