500-1000 bonus Avios or Amex points with £25 amazon.co.uk gift card purchase!

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A fantastic new Amazon offer has been launched by American Express.  It is available for many – but not all – British Airways American Express, Amex Gold and Amex Platinum cardholders.

You will find this offer on the ‘Offers’ tab of your British Airways American Express / Amex Gold / Amex Platinum statement page online, or in the app.


There are a few versions.  You will hopefully see some combination of:

Get 500 / 1,000 Avios / Membership Rewards points when you spend £25 at amazon.co.uk before 17th September using your BA Amex / Amex Gold / Platinum card

It isn’t clear who gets what and you may have got nothing if you are very unlucky.

It is limited to the first 30,000 people to register so I recommend you sign up immediately, although the limit does not seem to have been reached yet.  You have until 17th September to make a purchase and have it post to your Amex account.

There was some confusion over the wording of the offer.  It says “purchases made with Market Place Sellers, Amazon Prime or subscriptions to Amazon Prime” do not count.  Secondary terms and conditions also implied that gift cards would not count, even though American Express has no idea what you bought.

I did a test purchase on my own Amazon account for a £25 gift card.  I AM an Amazon Prime customer.  Within 2 minutes of making the purchase I got an email from American Express saying “Congratulations, you have earned 500 bonus Avios – if your transaction meets the offer terms”.

The 500 bonus Avios have now posted to my account.  See below (click to enlarge):

Amex Amazon screenshot

I have also repeated the process on my wife’s non-Prime account with the same result.

This means:

gift card purchases do count

even Amazon Prime customers still earn the bonus on gift cards

This offer should be a no-brainer for qualifying BA Amex / Amex Gold / Amex Platinum cardholders, especially if you have the 1,000 points version.  £25 is a ludicrously low purchase limit for earning 1,000 Avios or Membership Rewards points.

As I found, purchases of Amazon e-gift cards count.  These can be bought online via this link and added to your personal Amazon account via this page.  The balance is used automatically on your next purchase.

You obviously don’t need to purchase a gift card if you have a £25+ purchase you need to make.  However, to avoid any issues with ‘Market Place sellers’ and the like, the voucher seems the easiest way to go.

If you making a purchase at Amazon, we are always grateful if you use our HFP Amazon link which is here (click) or use the gift card link above.  We earn a small commission on your purchase which helps keep us ticking over.  Thank you.

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  1. I’ve had the offer put on supplementary cards (both Plat and BA Blue), however, while the offer has ‘triggered’ after £25 ‘proper’ Amazon spend, the points don’t show up on the primary card account.

  2. Is the copying of someone else’s code legit? I see you can do it but is there going to be ramifications for this? Amex is a big provider of the means to get free travel, hotels and money off perks. I don’t want to queer my pitch with them. What’s the consensus?

    • I won’t be writing an article on it, put it that way …..

    • I wouldn’t recommend copying a code from a non-household member. ie only select an offer from another account that you are also a supplementary cardholder on. I want to keep things sweet with Amex, hence why I haven’t shared any offerid numbers on here.

    • Hi Cate, forgive me, but what does your query mean? (copying others code) – Rob seems to know…but I have no idea, sorry!

      • Nothing to apologize for Geoff but Rob’s word (or lack) is good enough for me.

        • You need to remember that my FCA authorisation curbs what I can write about regarding exploiting loopholes offered by finance companies.

    • The offer code isn’t specific to your Amex card but personally I think we should try and keep things a little opaque rather than posting step by step guides, esp now Amex CS has gone downhill on the adding offers front and it’d be nice to avoid them recoding things to block this quirk of the system…

  3. Two hopefully helpful comments to those wondering why they’re not given all the Amex offers.

    First, this kind of marketing offer is normally supported (read: funded) wholly or mostly by the retailer, who will have a ‘target’ customer in mind. Amex will select these customers to serve the offer to, rather than risk opening it up to everyone and annoying the retailer.

    Second, marketing results best practice says that in order to show how effective your offer is, you need a ‘control group’, so some of your ‘selectees’ above will not be served the offer – basically they can then assess the spend by the offer group to see how it performs relative to the control.

    If Amex CS agents give offers out willy-nilly, the retailer gets annoyed, and ‘benefit analysis’ is inhibited.

    So annoying though it is, not every customer can have every offer.

  4. Timothy Arnold says:

    Hey all,

    Might already have been said but appears that the offer ends on the 17th rather than the 19th as the article suggests. I got 1000 MR offer on the Amex Plat.

    Save to Card to get 1,000 bonus Membership Rewards points on spend of £25+ online at Amazon by 17/09/17

    Spend must be billed to your Card account by 17 September 2017 to be eligible for this offer

  5. So annoying that the people paying high fees for their cards don’t get any priority over the free or quasi-free cards

    • Then you do it wrong if you cannot get money for value out of the perks of premium cards. Not necessary AmEx will earn more money on BAPP than a normal BA card. If played right one can get a lot more value out BAPP.

    • I do think Amex could offer a more compelling earning rate on the Plat. I like the benefits but put a lot of spend onto other cards not issued by them due to the poor ongoing earning rate.

  6. I got a congratulatory message by email like 10 days ago but no Avios so far…
    Has anyone else experienced the same? Who should be held responsible: Amazon, AMEX or BA?

    • Same for me, received the congratulatory email, when I bought the gift card 11th August
      ( and have since spent the gift card ) but no avios received as yet

      • the real harry1 says:

        I’ve had 3 success emails but no points so far – early days yet, it was only Monday – but the online Amex a/c says ‘redeemed’ in Offers (just checked 1 but I assume same for all)

        The people to call are Amex, but I’d give it a few days

        • Ok, let’s wait, perhaps until the next statement

        • I got 500 Avios today at last

          • Was this for a primary of supplementary card?

            Has anyone had success, without intervention of AmEx customer services, with a Supp receiving the points for this, or the 500 points available with the “everyday spend” offer? [I think it the retailers were WH Smith / Shell / Post Office / Ocado]

          • Primary

          • the real harry1 says:

            our 3x 1000 points posted fine (Amazon) – 1 a/c was a supp

            but the 500 points from Post Office didn’t – it was contactless – no success email and the deal is sitting there unredeemed

            I had a hopeless agent called Jeff on chat this morning who said sit tight they’ll post in time – obviously not so that’s another wasted 15 mins tomorrow etc

      • I bought real stuff! A book and some garden supplies from Amazon itself (not third parties)

      • Received the 1000 avios into my account today!

  7. Nicholas Lee says:

    Hi there,

    I just wanted to see if you had any idea why the Amazon 500/1000 deal on Ecards didn’t work on either my BA Amex, or my Gold Rewards Amex.
    Also, Do you do any personal one on one services?



  8. Just used the £15 offer code, details are here. Valid till 31st october 2017. First 33k customers


    • the real harry1 says:

      FYI, rule 9 doesn’t seem to apply

      9. Limit one promotion code per Membership Rewards eligible card.

      back in December, when the rest of us used this promotion, it was possible to use the same Amex card on multiple Amazon a/cs – you might want to give it a try if you have more than 1 family a/c

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