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How to maximise your Avios earning when flying with BA airline partners

It seems strange, but British Airways Executive Club and Iberia Plus do not have the same earning rates for oneworld partner flights.  This means that, in some cases, it is preferable to credit a cash flight on a specific airline to Iberia Plus rather than to British Airways.

This article provides a full list of these cases, and it is worth referring back to it when you find yourself booked on a oneworld airline partner.

You need to be clear about two caveats, however:

If you credit a flight to Iberia Plus and not British Airways Executive Club, you obviously will not earn BA tier points.  If tier points are important, credit to BA irrespective of miles earned.

If you have British Airways status, the status bonus you receive when flying American Airlines or Japan Airlines closes the gap between the earning rates.  You do not get a status bonus on the other carriers listed below.

Remember that it is easy to transfer Avios from Iberia Plus to British Airways, using the ‘Combine My Avios’ function on either website.  An Iberia account must be 90 days old before you can transfer in or out.

You may need to check with your travel agent – or use an app such as MyFlights – to discover the exact underlying ticket bucket for your flight.

The % figure in the list below refers to the proportion of the miles flown which will be earned for that particular flight.  So, in the first example, a 1000 mile flight in Economy (sub-class G) on American Airlines earns 500 Avios in Iberia Plus but only 250 Avios in British Airways Executive Club.

American Airlines:

Economy – G, S earn 50% in IB (25% BA)

Cathay Pacific:

Economy – K, L, M, V earn 50% in IB (25% BA), H earns 100% in BA (50% in IB)


Economy – S, N earn 50% in IB (25% BA), H earns 100% IB (70% BA)

Japan Airlines:

Economy – K earns 70% in IB (50% BA)

Business – I earns 125% in BA (70% IB)


Economy – V, X, S, N earns 50% in IB (25% BA)

Premium Economy – W earns 110% in BA (100% IB)


Economy – M earns 50% in BA (25% in IB)


Economy – K, L, M, S, V earns 50% in IB (25% in BA)


Economy – T earns 50% in IB (25% in BA)

Royal Jordanian:

Economy – P, K, R, M, V earn 50% in IB (25% in BA), H earns 100% in IB (25% in BA)


Economy – M, R, T, L, V, S earn 50% in IB (25%in BA), K earns 100% in BA (50% in IB)

Sri Lankan:

Economy – V, S, N earn 50% in IB (25% in BA), B, P, H, K, W, M, E earn 100% in IB (50% in BA), L, R earns 100% in IB (25% in BA)

In addition, remember that you earn Avios in British Airways Executive Club with:

Aer Lingus

Alaska Airlines


and you can earn Avios in Iberia Plus with:

Interjet (Mexico)

TACA (Latin America)

Royal Air Maroc


Binter (Canaries)

Avianca (restrictions apply)

LEVEL (the new IAG long-haul low cost airline)


Air Nostrum

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Very helpful summary. Personally benefitting from my Sri Lankan Y flights at present. It does take about 10 days for the flights to post into Iberia, so not as instant as BAEC.

    Will be referring to this guide quite a bit in future.

  2. Do you still get all the status benefits when crediting to the “wrong” programme? Or would you need to show your physical ba silver/gold card at check in/the lounge to get the benefits if crediting to Iberia?

    • Officially I suspect no – however I used my BA Bronze to get business class check in at Heathrow and Colombo (where OW Ruby doesn’t even get business class checkin) so no harm giving it a wave. They didn’t change the FF number in the booking.

      Suspect something like lounge access or fasttrack may be trickier tho, as there is probably a direct cost involved whereas our bags would have to be checked in anyway, we just jumped the queue

  3. Alan Williams says:

    Worth checking but I don’t think you earn anything with LAN Peru.

    Isn’t LAN LATAM now?

  4. & FlyBE – but it is revenue based.

  5. Slightly Tangential: MyFlights app – still no plans for Android launch?

    Link for iOS folks..

  6. Concerto says:

    AUH-LHR a week ago in Club World: my pal credited to Iberia and got almost 1,000 more Avios than me. Not sure how that works, but they probably calculate the distance differently.

  7. Baracus says:

    Rob, you may want to make a correction to the Cathay Pacific earning, you have H bucket earning 25% and 100% with BA!

  8. Re Qantas economy – does the higher earn rate in Iberia also apply to Emirates codeshares?

    • Michael C says:

      This! If I were looking at LHR-BKK with Emirates in business, is my best bet for earning points via Qantas with my Iberia Plus?

      • i dont think the dxb-bkk leg can be on a qantas codeshare?

        if you fly emirates you should get alaska miles…

        • I wouldn’t want to guess how Iberia treats Emirates flights with Qantas flight numbers. We know BA will credit them ok.

  9. Cleanshoes says:

    Do Qatar W bucket tickets also trigger 50% via Iberia instead of 25% via BA?

  10. Patrick says:

    A question for those in the know. A recently flew a last minute economy flight with AA from LHR – ORD in selling class K purchased through AA which cost about £1400

    I credited the miles and TP to my BA account.

    For both legs I received 1977 avios and 35 TP’s

    On the return I was offered upgrade to buisness at online check in for $410 US which I took however I still only received the same TP and avios as the first economy leg.

    Is this correct ?

    • I experienced the same problem when I upgraded to First on a flight from ATL to MIA last year.

      • This is down to AA. Some airlines upgrade your ticket class if you upgrade at check in (like BA) but others just change your seat and treat it as an operational upgrade.

  11. OT (But this seems the busy thread of the day)

    As with many of us, who have a shiny new luggage tag, I’m waiting for the 1,000 points opening offer from Rolling Luggage, Instead BA was credited with 40points this morning, has anyone seen the 1,000 yet?


    • Amanda Hayes says:

      Same for me , I just had the base avios added this morning no 1000 points 🙁

      • Today is the 28th day for me so I will be chasing again. I suspect foul play.

        • I had to contact them as one of my orders hadn’t arrived, they said the avios would be added on day 28.

  12. So to earn the 30 tier points I need by Feb for silver, in the cheapest way, I need to fly BA and using the bucket guide referred to above and the tier point table, identify the bucket and route that gets minimum 30 tier points?

    • A regular Club Europe flight will be 40TPs so CE one way and Euro Traveller the other will get you enough points. You could look at a redemption for the economy leg but cheapest CE fares usually require a return. Should be doable for £150ish if you’re flexible on dates and destinations. Domestics don’t have a Saturday night rule so can be done in a day, otherwise a cheeky citybreak could work…

      Or if you have stuff booked in economy an online upgrade offer might appear, or ask at the airport – both give CE tier points and will be £60-80 for domestic and the short European routes.

      • Many thanks.

      • I too am only 10 points from Silver (I am flying SriLankan at Christmas so will have to credit to BA to get the points)
        I was thinking about sending a cheeky e-mail to BA to see if they would gift me 10 so I can get in the lounge with my Mrs on Christmas day. (Slim chance I know but nothing to lose)

        • Good luck! You’ve got more chance than I have!

        • Ben just do a hbo flight in country to visit some old aunt or uncle and you have silver and family good Will!

  13. OT: Flying blue offering status match to Airberlin statuses if people want to jump… it’s in german but translation through chrome reads OK

  14. Random question- is Qatar now checking through baggage to final destination where the last leg is on a separate ticket (with a one world partner)? I know Cathay does it now but not sure about Qatar. Thanks!

  15. Scottydogg says:

    We flew Royal Jordanian from LHR to BKK via OMN return in August . We put in our BAEC numbers when booking , when we got back i checked it a few weeks later and the Avios had not been credited , i followed the link in the BAEC to claim missing Avios from partner airlines , filled in the forms and then had to fax them over with proof of flights .
    I got an email back yesterday to say that this is not enough information and that we need to provide ticket stubs as proof , as the flights were in August i never thought to keep them ! (does anyone keep their ticket stubs ??)

    Anyone ever had this happen and any advice , i thought this would just credit automatically , i’m half thinking to just give up on it and whether its worth the hassle !

    • Search flyertalk

    • You should always keep the stubs till the flights credit. I’ve had issues with QR and IB in the past. If you search through FT (as already advised) – look for missing QR points in BAEC or something like that -you will see there is a BA liaison person – can’t remember the name off hand. I asked for help twice and the matter was sorted out both times quickly. So yes keep your stubs.

      • If by ‘ticket stub’ you mean boarding pass (BA has been exclusively e-tickets for a decade now so paper tickets are long dead) then yes, I have every one since I started flying BA. It’s quite a collection 🙂

  16. OT: How can I transfer Amex MR to my ANA (All Nippon) account?

    • I assume they are a Starwood partner, that is likely to be the best route. Assuming you move chunks of 40,000 Amex, you’re going 40,000 Amex to 20,000 SPG to 25,000 ANA due to the 5k bonus for moving 20,000 SPG at once.

      • wow – that’s an amazing devaluation of Amex MR

        • If you want ANA, why not transfer to Virgin and book via Flying Club, assuming (and this is a big assumption) that FC has the same availability as ANA offers its own members?