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Bits: 500 Avios from Deliveroo, interesting flight auctions, £25 off SWISS to Geneva

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News in brief:

500 Avios from Deliveroo offer extended

The launch offer to promote the new Avios / Deliveroo partnership has been extended.  The deal was due to end on 30th September but will now run until 31st May 2018.

If you have never ordered food from Deliveroo before, you will receive 500 Avios points with your first order of £15 or more.

If you have registered with Deliveroo before, you could always open a new account via someone else in your household who has a BA or account …..

This is how the deal works:

  1. Download the Deliveroo app or visit the
  2. When placing your order use the promotional code AVIOSUK on checkout
  3. Deliveroo will send you a promotional code within 30 days of your order
  4. Visit and enter your promotional code to claim your Avios

Further details can be found on here.

There is no longer any offer for existing customers – the only people who can benefit from this deal are new Deliveroo clients.

Deliveroo Avios offer

Interesting flight auctions including the last Brussels Airlines Avro flight

Regular readers will know that I was down at the Austrian Airlines maintenance base in Vienna for a tour recently.  It was part of a wider 3-day mix of weird and wonderful airline and hotel events I attended organised by the US MegaDO group.

Following the tour, the group has put together a number of auction items from the sponsors of the trip.  Anyone can bid on these, irrespective of whether they went on the event or not.  All proceeds go to charity.

As you can see here, auction items include:

A VIP tour of Austrian’s facilities at Vienna Airport, including maintenance, crew training, and airport facilities – current bid $500

1 long-haul Business Class ticket on Austrian Airlines (which has a very impressive Business Class including an on-board chef) – current bid $1,650

2 long-haul tickets as above – current bid $3,050

2 long-haul Business Class tickets on Brussels Airlines – current bid $2,250

Most interesting if you are in the ‘aviation fan’ category is this:

Two seats on the last Brussels Airlines Avro flight (a round-trip from Brussels to Geneva) on October 28th, including a participation in the festivities, and an opportunity to go behind the scenes.  The current bid for this is $500.

Auctions end on 25th October apart from the Avro flight which ends on 20th October.  You can bid here.

£25 off SWISS flights to Geneva

SWISS is offering £25 off flights from London Heathrow, City or Gatwick to Geneva.

You need to book via the SWISS website here and use promo code SWISSUKLONGVA17.

You must book by the end of 2017 for travel by the end of April 2018.  A minimum fare of £95 is needed for the code to work.

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  • Anna says:

    Early OT, apologies. I don’t know how it is in other regions but checking the redemption “taxes” for long haul flights next summer I discovered BA are now adding a whopping £700 for a family of 4 for connecting flights from MAN to LHR. This is the equivalent of the full cash price, but with no avios or tier points awarded!

    So if you have to connect from MAN to a long haul flight, your choices are:
    Pay £700 extra for the privilege of checking your luggage all the way through, but get no avios or tier points;
    Pay £700 for separate connecting flights, get the avios and tier points but collect and re-check your luggage or;
    Book separate RFS flights at 36,000 plus £140, and collect and re-check your luggage.

    Yet another reason to only use BA if you are getting stellar value from your avios and 2 4 1 voucher!

    • Anna says:

      I forgot to add, that’s just for ET plus WT seats! (Also the train isn’t a viable option for a family of four with hold luggage).

      • Drav says:

        first class on virgin west coast? will have tons of space for hold luggage

        • Anna says:

          It’s carting it between stations that’s the problem!

        • Drav says:

          even if you got to euston and caught a black cab *shudder* to paddington, then got the heathrow express *shudder*, it would probably be worth the hundreds of pounds in savings

        • John says:

          Flying from MAN and connecting at LHR (at least on the return) is its own *shudder*.

          The only problem with the HEx is the high price, so if you’re actually saving money by using HEx then you should enjoy it! In 14 months’ time this will no longer matter!

        • Jimmy says:

          what happens in 14 months time?

    • Eric the half a bee says:

      Have you tried clicking through to the final page? I thought the same as you when making a redemption last week, but when I progressed to the final screen the quoted price dropped dramatically.

    • Alan says:

      Was this price maintained when you clicked through to the final page, Anna? As I mentioned a day or two ago in the comments I’m not seeing anything like as high a premium coming from EDI – was only about £18 for recent trip to US where friend was coming form LHR and I was connecting from EDI. We were on the same long-haul CW flights, I was on CE for connection.

    • TripRep says:

      Rob, if this is consistent and valid upto the last booking page it sounds good fodder for an article….

      ie Are BA pax from the outer districts travelling via the capital effectively funding BA’s additional liability insurance for EU261 obligations?

      • Genghis says:

        Another Betteridge’s headline?

        • TripRep says:

          G – 😀

          I’m going to try a couple of dummy bookings, if it does indeed drop at the end it still begs the question/headline…

          “Why is BA flight pricing inconsistent during the booking process”?

      • Rob says:

        Does this not fall away when you click through to the payment page?

        • Anna says:

          Just tried – it does drop but still over £300 extra. That’s really odd, though, are they trying to put people off booking connecting flights by showing higher prices at the enquiry stage?

          • Alan says:

            Have you tried it from any other airports? Definitely never seen as large a difference as that from EDI as long a single progressed to final booking page.

        • Jimmy says:

          It’s just woefully crap IT – trust me

  • Wally1976 says:

    Completely OT but went into Tesco yesterday and they seem to be bringing back the fuel saver in some form. They were offering 10p a litre off fuel with a £60+ spend on the shop. Don’t know if this was a store specific offer our more general.

    • mark2 says:

      I received an email about this offer yesterday.
      I had just bought two Tesco £50 gift cards at Esso/Tesco Express and used them separately at Tesco to but John Lewis gift cards.
      Timing is everything!

      • the real harry1 says:

        indeed! I spent 2x £200 @ Tesco yesterday – but unfortunately it was at the tobacco kiosk, the only till in store that is programmed to not spit out the 10p off/ litre coupons

        good job I’m already getting the Amex / Esso statement credit as that is a much better discount

        2x £200 in Tesco? – today (17th October) being your last chance to get the £12 bonus for Christmas Saver deal

        • Alan says:

          Indeed, although too late if you haven’t already switched your collection option – I switched mine just after midnight UK time Sun AM and couldn’t use it that evening in store, was fine when I tried again Mon evening.

        • Temp says:

          Totally confused on this savers scheme… It’s not clear to me from tesco website what your current clubcard vouchers are converted to? Just new clubcard vouchers and a bonus? If so, would I be able to use the new vouchers to transfer to avios/FC etc?

          Sorry for dumbness on this!

        • Genghis says:

          Normal clubcard points earned = normal vouchers = spend as you wish, inc avios
          £200 top up = Tesco spend only
          £12 bonus = Tesco spend only

        • Temp says:

          Got it!… Seems like nothing to lose really (if you spend at tesco anyway). Thanks Genghis

        • JamesB says:

          @Temp, except the time you spend earning £12 if you did not otherwise plan on going to Tesco today. Different story if you are passing one anyway.

        • Temp says:

          Ha, yes there is that! Even though my local is only 5 mins away, I will never get back the time I went there solely to find 3v cards… I think I managed to bag maybe just 4 and probably made around 40 trips! Never felt so pathetic.

        • Temp says:

          Further to this, I do marvel at how I sometimes lose sense of how much my own time is worth when it comes to points. When I used to travel for business I cared not a jot (and let many just expire), but when it stopped I found myself considering allsorts just to maintain my balances. And often, if I was offered the same value in cash I would have no interest. So odd.

        • the real harry1 says:

          deadline is midnight 19th October so you still have time, confirmed by Customer Services

    • Alex W says:

      Dammit, I filled up at Tesco on Sunday!

  • N says:

    Another OT – do marriott redemption stays count towards status?

    Also do marriott redemption stays count towards status in a status challenge?

    • Stu_N says:

      Excellent spot, thanks TripRep. Just checked a flexible booking, current price is €60 less than when booked. Can hopefully double up on Triple Avios and the existing Double Honors Points promo.

      They are practically paying me to stay. (Well, not quite but close!).

      • TripRep says:

        No probs, looks like BA are now promoting this by email too. And the registration page has been corrected to show end Jan ’18 (was showing end Dec)

    • Jimmy says:

      worthwhile on reward stays? (am guessing probably not if little ancillary spend)

  • Asp says:

    Marriott O/T – anyone a regular guest know if you can view your ‘current’ stay in your online account? And roughly how long after checkout do points post?

    • Genghis says:

      Current stays show in the app so should show in your online account. For one of my recent stays, points posted day after check out.

      • Asp says:

        Thanks Genghis – is there a tab in the app for ‘current’, I only see ‘upcoming’ and ‘cancelled’ in my app even though I checked in last night for a week.

  • Michael says:

    I never got the avios from Deliveroo (as an existing customer) the last time round. Nor did any of my friends. I understood that there was meant to be a code that you were emailed once you hit the £100 spend, but this never arrived.

    • Rob says:

      It still isn’t 30 days from the end of the offer (30 Sep) …. might still arrive..

      • New Card says:

        Just as a data point – I got mine, and actually got a new set of avios for each multiple of £100 spent during the time period.

        (If anything, it made me realise how much we had been frittering away on unhealthy delivery food……)

  • mark1980 says:

    OT re SPG and Marriott merger. I know nobody has a crystal ball but the general consensus seems to be this will go live at the start of 2019. I am looking at an SPG redemption for 2019 when Ive had another couple of churns of the card next year. Anyone any idea if it will allow me to do this around this time next year i.e. will SPG redemptions still be bookable pre-merger with their current points value for dates in 2019 post-merger?

    • Jonny says:

      My guess is that you will be able to – but is only a guess.
      SPG seems to be good at announcing programme changes with reasonable time before the change itself comes into effect.

      • Jonny says:

        to add to this – when SPG announce their annual category changes, you can still book to “lock in” the old rate

  • Liz says:

    OT: Update on closing the Tesco Premiem Credit Card. Just phoned Tesco Bank as the 5000 bonus pts have not appeared in our Clubcard account – no surprises there. Have been told they will appear 45 days after the anniversary date. Told him I don’t want to pay the 2nd year fee of £150. He wanted to charge me 49p for 1 day fee which I had to fight to get waived. Told them you can’t charge me a 2nd year fee when they haven’t given me the bonus from the first year. He was insistant that they had every right to charge me the fee. He has confirmed via his Manager that it was ok to cancel the card today and that the pts will post. I have his name and staff ID along with his managers and the date and time I made the call. Diaried for 1st Dec.

    • JamesB says:

      Apologies for staying OT, Liz did you call Hilton regarding gold status from April from amex platinum? Just curious if you got same story as me which was consistent with Matts reported experience.

      • Liz says:

        Not yet James been away for a few days, home today, away tomorrow again then again next week. It’s on my ‘to do list’. I did receive a glossy Hilton/Platinum ‘Reward yourself with a Complimentsry night’ brochure which mentions my Gold Status even though I am still showing Diamond so I am assuming so. Didn’t get anything for hubby’s account tho.

        • Liz says:

          On to online chat – account is just showing Diamond to March 2018 – she is a bit clueless about the complimentary Gold status beyond that date. Receiving the brochure from HH implies they have done something but maybe me having Diamond status has superseded it – she now says I will get the Gold status in April if the card is still active. I will be taking out another Platinum card in April next year anyway before our Oz trip so will do it again then. Don’t have any planned HH stays booked for next year so far.

        • JamesB says:

          Thanks Liz, similar strategy here. I plan to do Gold then hopefully platinum upgrade so np even if it doesn’t come through. I have a tour in mind too that will likely satisfy a diamond status challenge if I can get one. No glossy broshure for me. A lot of colour coming out in the trees in Tunnel Valley on Sunday so might be nice option close to home for your van if nothing planned for next weekend.

        • Liz says:

          Not been out in the van since July – we have been so crazy busy. Bought a new car (unplanned) so had to delay our van trip last month to get a new tow bar fitted. Heading to caravan show in Birmingham this week and staying with friends down that way then heading up the A9 next week in the van!

    • John says:

      Pay the 49p and complain, then you’ll get £20 in compo

    • John says:

      oh and, funny thing about Tesco CC, they “write off” small balances owed if under £1. If you clear a statement in full, then spend 99p or less, you won’t need to pay it back.

      So in theory that 49p would never be collected from your DD, if that’s how it works. Someone with time on their hands could probably get a free £11.88 per year from Tesco, though your account might get closed if they notice

      • johnny_c-l says:

        I took out the CC when they had the 1,000 clubcard points offer, spent £1, got the points and closed the card. They wrote off the £1 in this instance too.

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